What is the top 5 of worst places to have sex

Have you wondered if you could spice up your sex life? One of the best ways is to change the place you usually have sex. But change is not always a good thing. Especially when it comes to the decision to get naked on one of the next five places.

1. Your parents’ house

One of the worst places to have sex. Just think – your mum and dad are just a few meters away from you and the last thing you want to happen is one of them to enter the room. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 28 years old – they will always think that privacy is something that does not apply to them.

2. Airplane toilet

We could easily blame the movies for teasing us with sex on the plane.  But it’s not that amazing as it looks. It’s tight, and only if you’re in First Class on an expensive aircraft, you would be able to fit both of you together in the toilet. If the crew doesn’t spot you and tell you to go back to your seats… giggling. If somehow you manage to get to the place – you really don’t have space or the time to do it – even the quickie one. Very soon someone will knock on the door to disturb you.

3. At a club 



High levels of alcohol in your blood may give you and your date some naughty ideas for the nearest toilet. But let’s face it – you don’t want to get so intimate in a place like that. That toilet had never been properly cleaned, and that’s very easy to see. It’s been used at least 100 times before you entered it.. just for that specific night. And it’s so tight that sooner or later your hands or intimate parts will touch something that shouldn’t. And the memories will stay with you forever.

4. Sex on the beach



Although there are some options to make it work, sex on the beach is not the best thing to do when on vacation. Particularly in an Islamic country. It’s illegal, and you may get imprisoned. If not that – you would probably get a lot of the unpleasant sand touch on your privates. It’s not as enjoyable as you think.

5. In the changing rooms



No matter the passion, the lights and the fact you might get caught, the idea is wrong. Because.. you will get caught and your cheeks will be blushed of the shame. Besides – it’s always too quiet in these places, and you will be easily heard by the old lady that’s trying a new top in the room next to yours.



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