Stress And Intimacy – Could They Exist Together?

Are you too stressed to have sex? Well, did you know that when you’re stressed the best cure is to have sex?

Ok, one by one…

We can’t avoid it. It’s like a small mouse that keeps running around, looking for the holes in our mind to start eating our time, health and happiness. So when it comes to sex and intimacy, there is nothing more discouraging than stress. We don’t feel sexy, we don’t have the mood for it, and we can’t be bothered about it at all.

But what is stress?

We live in a world where the word “stress” is more stressful than everything else. It keeps showing here and there, and once you’re in the trap, the way out gets harder and harder. It’s that tension and pressure we feel whenever something is not going well, and your body starts to respond to the things around us in an unpleasant way.

stress-intimacy-your_sex_lifeWork, traffic, kids, money, bills, weather… so many opportunities to be stressed every day. So when we finally make our way to the bed, the last thing we can imagine is having sex. It’s not because we don’t love our partner, it’s not because we’re getting old or something else. It’s simply because we feel stressed and that lowers the levels of our sex drive.

And intimacy is not only sex, and it’s more important than you can imagine.

Instead of explaining how stress affects intimacy, I would like to tell you how intimacy affects stress. Are you ready? It reduces it!

Wow-effect, isn’t it? Being intimate with your partner will help you reduce the tension. The orgasm will release endorphins which are known as the hormone of happiness. And happiness is all we need. It will help you to have a different look at the things around. It will make you smile and less depressed about problems you can’t solve.

Avoiding sex will bring loneliness in your life.

Even if you’re in a relationship and you love your partner, not having the intimacy with him or she will make you feel lonely. Nobody likes that. With the time it will make you unhappy, and you will close yourself to the other person. And all started because you were too stressed.

But how to do it if you’re not in the mood for it?

your_sex_life-intimacy_and_stressNobody asks you to force yourself to have sex with your partner. If you don’t want it – don’t do it! But intimacy is not only sex. Sex is just a part of it, and I can say it’s just a small percent of it.

A long hug and kiss is a good start of few minutes cuddling with your loved one. It will help you feel close to each other and will make you smile. I guarantee you that. Watching a film together, holding your hands when you walk outside, waking up the other with a kiss… These are just a few of many acts that will help you feel intimate with the other. It will show that even if you’re stressed and not in a mood, you still love him or her.

One of the reasons to feel stressed – lack of communication

Feeling that we have the world on our shoulders is one more reason to feel stressed. Having a long conversation with your partner, sharing your thoughts and worries will help you not only to solve some of the problems. It will make you two more connected and united. Feeling the support of your loved one is an aphrodisiac as well. So who knows what good things can a  problem brings to the bedroom, right?



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