Make your love life even better with these sexy surprises for him


There is not even one man out there that wouldn’t enjoy the ideas I give you below. To be in love and have fun in the bed with your partner could be even more exciting now.

With the time we usually need a little bit more inspiration and different type of moves in the relationship, so check out these awesome and sexy surprises you can implement in your relationship with the man you love.


“Sexy Surprises for Him” – A bath together

almost a classic from the movies. But there’s a reason for that. Bath and shower times are usually something personal. Therefore if you share it with someone special, it will make it memorable for both of you. It’s sexy, it’s relaxing, but it’s spicing up as well as promising to proceed the fun in the bedroom – clean and ready to get dirty again! Or just stay in the bathroom and try out the sound effects… 😉

How about making the bath even more sensual with adding aromatherapy bath bombs that will relax your minds and bodies. Have a look at this Gift Set by Sky Organics Huge Bath Bombs Kit to get some sexy ideas.

“Sexy Surprises for Him” – Sexting

so famous in a world of technology. Sexting is the “no panties” type of messages to that will keep your man’s mind busy for the rest of the day. It is an exciting sexy surprise for him because he can only enjoy it from distance but his thoughts are… all over you!

Send the message in the morning or few hours before he finishes work – just give him time to create naughty and sweaty scenarios in his head about what you two will do after he gets home. 

I’ve got a very beautiful 14-days’ routine for the two fo you that includes ways to spice up your relationship. Don’t miss to check it out. I bet you’ll love it more than him…


Entertain him with this sexy surprise!

Lapdance or striptease on Monday evening will give an amazingly good start of the week, don’t you think? Treat yourself to a sexy lingerie and keep it in secret for the dance. Why not something like that one?

It will double the surprise for him and will make him feel like he’s living a dream.

And that will be the truth as there is not a single man out there who wouldn’t enjoy entertainment like that.

And if that’s not enough…

“Sexy Surprises for Him” – Change the place tonight

We all know where is the place you usually make love.

It’s the same place where the other 98% of the couples usually make it.

But what if next time you get inspired and feel hot, you change the bedroom with some of the other rooms in the house. I can promise, your man will never again just pass through the kitchen emotionless if you give him few loud memories connected with the dining table and the chairs.

sex_surprises-sex_ideasChange the time you have sex

You go to work; he goes to work. You both get home, have dinner and make love. After that, you go to sleep.

Am I right?

Try to surprise your partner in the morning – at this time you’re usually more relaxed, and your mind is clear and ready for new experiences.

Or wake up in the middle of the night and just gently start to kiss and touch your man – he will be wide awake for fun in a few seconds. The sleep after that will be even better.

How about planning a sexy weekend away? Check my FREE Guide to the Perfect Dirty Weekend Away

“Sexy Surprises for Him”Spend a day in the bed

Every woman will enjoy that one.

All day in the bed.

No tasks to do in the house, no shopping and no cooking.

Order some food or buy and cook something the day before that. To cuddle all day with your loved one is so amazing, you will want to make it a tradition. Watch movies, sleep, have sex and have some food – do what you like, but it should be relaxing, shared with the other and in the bed.

The cherry…?

Wait for him ready for the fun

You know what time he’s supposed to come home. Make sure he’s coming alone and prepare yourself in sexy lingerie. You can buy or make few paper arrows and put them on the way from the front door to the bedroom. It will put a smile on his face, and by the time he gets to the bed, he will be on your wave.

Need more sexy surprises for him? I haven’t finished with them yet. Hop over this post for more ways to surprise him tonight.





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  1. Hendrina Negodhi

    I’m getting married in august , so these information is helping me , I want my husband an I to have the best sex ever , thank you

    1. Wedding in August sounds lovely, Hendrina 🙂 Wish both of you lost of love and amazing intimacy. Thank you for your comment.


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