How to initiate sex with your partner in a romantic way


When it comes to initiating sex the men are always at the top of the list. Even though it seems like they’re ready for it all the time, let me tell you something.

If you want your partner to think WOW for you – initiate sex next time you feel the drive.

For the men, it’s normal to be the leaders when it’s about intimating the feelings, but at the same time, it doesn’t make it less challenging.

We, the women, often think it’s not a problem for our loved ones to ask for love and they’re used to be rejected or not. It’s like they don’t mind which one will it be.

Well, the truth is a bit different.

Men don’t think “Well, I’ll just try again tomorrow.” every time the women of their life pushes them away. For the men intimacy in the bed is as much important as intimacy outside the bed for the women.


Your man likes to feel wanted as much as you do.

And that means he wants you to ask for sex as much as he wants it. Well, at least once in a while, then.

If you’ve never initiated sex with your boyfriend or husband you’ve lost one of the best facial expressions ever – the surprise, the feel of flattering and the realisation his woman wants HIM now! It will make you feel hot and will bring your relationship to the next level.

But why don’t women initiate sex?


There are many reasons for that and every woman is a different combination of them. You may recognise yourself below.

Some women feel too shy about something like that. It’s centuries of culture that teaches us how much the women just answer to the men’s needs. They don’t initiate anything. So feeling free and opened to express our sexual desire is something new, less than 100 years old. And if you think – well, I’m only 32 years old – it’s stuck in your genes, babe. You have to fight it.

Or many women were raised with a similar idea – sex is something man want. Fortunately, we live in different times now but what’s left in your head from your earliest years is hard to ignore.


initiating sex-intimate-sex_ideasFear of rejection. Tough one. As sensitive as women are, it’s understandable to be afraid of rejection. Initiating sex carries some per cent of that risk. Feeling vulnerable while asking for intimacy is scary, and many women prefer not to go there.

No time to ask for it. If your man wants to make love to you almost all the time it is difficult to be the first to ask for it. You may feel tired or even seeing yourself more as a sexual object in the other’s eyes. Well, everyone has a different sex drive and if you’re a younger couple that explains half of it. By the time the thing should get calmer, and you’ll have your chance.

Why you should act when you feel the urge


Let’s not lie to ourselves. There are often moments when you want to make love to your partner. The fact you don’t ask and don’t initiate it doesn’t change it. If you love your partner, you want to be intimate with him.

Even if we’re used to the thought that the men are the people of action at the end of the day, it still doesn’t mean you cannot put an end to that tradition.

It will spice up your relationship. A lot. When men were asked about the sexiest things a woman could do in a relationship, initiating sex is in the top three of the list.


It will bring another side of you out. Even you may be surprised by yourself and the confidence you feel at the end.

Romantic ways to initiate sex with your partner


Be as direct as possible but don’t go over the edge. Romantic is about revealing the things layer by layer.

Men cannot read minds; you know that, right? So when making The Hint for sex do it in a way He will understand it. Many women only think they are initiating something and when their partner doesn’t do anything about it, they feel offended. Later on, it turns out the poor guy didn’t have any idea he was offered passion between the sheets. Do it in a way that’s soft and naughty, but it’s not directly getting to the point.

Deep kiss that says it right how it is

kiss-initiating_sex-sex-ideasYou know what I mean. It’s not the kiss for good night or the one you give him before he goes to work. It’s the kiss that blows his mind off. A deep one, sensual, romantic and hot.



After the kiss, it comes to the touch. Put your body as close as possible to his and hug him tightly. No way to be misunderstood. If he’s too surprised and doesn’t know how to react, get his hands and put them.. well, wherever you want them.



Send him a text message that tells him that it’s going to be a long night for the two of you and you don’t accept excuses. Then send him another one later with information about what you’ll do to him or a picture of what you’ll wear for the evening. How about a photo of your perfume with the text that’s the only thing you’ll have on you tonight? That will keep his mind occupied with you for the rest of the day.



Lead the way


lead_the_way-initiating_sex-sex_ideasLeave him a  note at the front door that says it was a long day for you without him, and you’re waiting for in the bedroom… alone. Or put some notes on the way to the room and give him instructions to undress one layer of clothes next to each note. That will bring him in the bed ready for you. And I can bet all the layers will be left on the first note…

Bath together


bath_together-sex_ideas-initiating_sexHaving a bath together it doesn’t mean you want to scrub his back and he knows it. Even though it is a fun way to initiate the moment by asking him to help you wash some hard to reach parts of your body… Romantic enough?

In the middle of the night

He wouldn’t expect it, honestly. Choose a night when you’re both off on the next day. Find a way to wake up yourself (btw drinking too much water before you go to sleep is a natural alarm if you don’t want to use your phone), and start kissing him and touching him. He will be awake in just a few seconds and will remember the night long after that.

The morning after…

Is it hard for him to wake up in the morning? Does he hit the snooze button at least five times before he goes out of the bed? That’s the perfect opportunity for you! When the first alarm goes off, cuddle for a minute with him, and then just undress under the sheets. He wouldn’t need more alarms this morning, believe me.

Romantic dinner

dinner-initiating_sex-sex_ideasImagine how you cook his favourite meal, pour the wine into the crystal glasses and light the candles.

If you have a fireplace in the house – now is the moment for it. Turn off the lights, go on the tick carpet or blanket on the floor and before you start eating the food have a sip of wine. Now tell him you didn’t have time to prepare a dessert, so you kindly offer yourself instead. How long do you think it will get him to finish his meal?


Be creative. Be positive. Love yourself and love him. These two thoughts are the only ones you need to pick your perfect romantic idea to initiate sex. Or to create your own one. Please, share it with us.



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