9 Good Habits to Increase Your Sex Drive – Boost Your Libido

When looking for ways to increase your sex drive, focus first on your habits. We know, life is a chain of everyday actions, which depend on our habits. The way we feel is often just a habit.

Implementing good habits will increase your sex drive no matter how low it is. There is no exception. 


7 Romantic Ideas For Him In The Bed – Surprise Your Man

One of the best romantic ideas for him in the bed starts long before you get to the bed. Prepare your man from the morning with some small hints of what’s to expect when he gets home…Create a tradition on the Sundays to walk in your home only with a big T-shirt and no panties…


Romantic Weekend Ideas – The Perfect Dirty Weekend Away Guide

When it comes to romantic weekend ideas, all we can think about is a dirty weekend away. So, I’ve prepared a detailed guide for a perfect, enjoyable, intimate dirty weekend away. The perfect weekend away with your partner is about you two enjoying each other’s company,…


Top 8 Of The Best Games For Couples On Amazon

Have you ever played sex games with your partner? You’ve probably thought about playing naughty, but which are the best games for couples?You wouldn’t want to choose something that’s not going to give you the experience you aim for. Why would you look for games for couples?



How often do you have sex? Does your happiness depend on the frequency you and your partner satisfy each other in the bed? Does your salary define your sex life? Let me try to answer these and some more questions.


Want To Talk Dirty To Your Man And Wow Him? Start Here!

If you know how to talk dirty to your man… he is a happy man. Talking dirty is popular nowadays. Yet, it is not going to be your Friday-night-out-with-the-girls topic. That’s why I want to give you the dirty talk tips you crave to follow so you can WOW your guy

10 Old But Gold Secrets To Feel Sexy Again Even If You Aren’t In A Mood

To be sexy and to feel sexy is the word that brings images of sweaty beach models in luxury lingerie, biting lips or fingers… something you think you will never be. And you are right! Because…To feel and look sexy is so far away from perfect body and underwear that costs half of your mortgage.



When it comes to initiating sex the men are always on the top of the list. Even though it seems like they’re ready for it all the time, let me tell you something. If you want your partner to think WOW for you – initiate sex next time you feel the drive.