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Why He Disappeared Review – Is It Useful To You? Book Review

Why He Disappeared Review. Is this book going to help you find the love of your life or maybe even get your ex back?


Why He Disappeared Review Book Review FreeThis Why He Disappeared review will give you detailed answers to every question you might have regarding Evan Marc Katz’s book.

To make it easier for you to find the answers, I will divide the review into a few sections. Feel free to jump to the Review part you prefer by clicking one of the links in the Review Plan below.


1. About the Author – Evan Marc Katz – personal and professional life


2. About the book – Why He Disappearedpages, price, bonuses


3. Detailed Why He Disappeared Review, following the list below


  • Author’s style of writing – what you might like/don’t like about it
  • What does it promise to deliver?
  • Who is Why He Disappeared for? – a profile of the ideal reader – don’t buy it if you don’t fit here
  • Sneak peak of the things that are helpful to you.
  • Things I cannot agree with
  • Aha!” moments in the book
  • Level of Uniqueness – With all free information on the web, is there anything in the book that you cannot find for free?
  • Favourite quotes –perfect for your Facebook page

1. About the Author of Why He Disappeared – Evan Marc Katz – personal and professional life


  • Claimed as a “serial cheater” by CNN, the author of Why He Disappeared – Evan Marc Katz has more than 300 dates behind his back.
  • He started his career on the coaching field by answering phone calls at an online dating site.
  • His unhappy love life and the lack of success in finding true love (his words) are his inspiration to help other people get better in dating. As you might guess – when someone knows their stuff, success is just a natural flow.
  • Some of his books are: “I can’t believe I’m buying this book. A commonsense guide to successful internet dating”, “Why you’re single”, “Believe in Love” and “Why He Disappeared” (of course!).
  • He’s happily married now and has two children.
  • On his blog, he shares that his wife is his muse and he teaches women how to connect with men by simply describing the things she does, because “whatever she does, it works.”


2. About the book – Why He Disappeared


The book was written in 2010.


It’s in a PDF format – 133 pages.

Price – $37 (current promotion – May 2018)

Money Back GuaranteeAvailable

Average time to read – 2 hours (if you don’t take breaks for water) and 3 and a half if you actually want to learn how to do the whole “dating thing” in the described way.

Package: The book itself is not the only thing you get when making the purchase.

It comes in a PDF format. However, you also get the Audio version with the voices of Evan Marc Katz and his wife.

An Audio Classes

  • What you should look for in a man – 60 minutes long
  • How to empathize with men – 60 minutes long
  • Understanding Men and Commitment – 60 minutes long
  • How to be the woman of his dreams – 75 minutes long
  • Overcoming Negativity – Focus coaching – 70 minutes long

This Review is on the book “Why He Disappeared” ONLY and does not include a review of the other products. 

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3. Detailed Why He Disappeared Review


Author’s style of writing – what you might like/don’t like about it

Evan Marc Katz writes in an informal language – you can almost hear him in your head. He does it intentionally because he wants to create a personal relationship with you. While scrolling the pages, you don’t feel like reading a book, but taking a written course, that’s specialised for you.

Although, Why He Disappeared is focused on the women in a dating phase, he is very strict about the profile of the reader.


Who is Why He Disappeared for? A profile of the ideal reader


Don’t buy if you don’t fit here!

If you are the ideal reader of this book, you are:

  • A woman in their 30s, 40s or 50s.
  • You have a successful career
  • You have a strong personality and are independent
  • You might have a divorce behind your back and/or children to look after.
  • You are happy with being single but still looking for love
  • You’ve got high values in life and sometimes feel like people around you struggle keeping up with your pace in life
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, the more you try to pick the right guy and make him value you the way you are, the earlier he disappears.


The Book is Divided into Three Main Sections:

  • Why He Disappeared After Your Date
  • Why He Disappeared During Your Courtship
  • Why He Disappeared From Your Relationship


Why He Disappeared Review book review
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What does Why He Disappeared promise to deliver?


“Why He Disappeared” sounds like a place you will find out why your ex-boyfriend disappeared. While in some ways you might find the answer to that question, the book doesn’t go over past relationships and understanding them.

Instead, Evan offers you to rethink them, take mental notes and then forget about them. The focus of the book is on your future dates – from how to get to the point to be invited on a date to how to seal the deal and create a relationship with the man you date.

As per his words, Why He Disappeared should give a perspective of the way men think and act. Following the purposes of this Why He Disappeared Book Review, I cannot tell you the secrets from it.

However, I can tell you which ones of your questions will definitely get answers:


  • What is the most important thing for men on a first date?
  • How to create a first impression that could lead to a second date?
  • What is the checklist to avoiding the type of guys who usually disappear?
  • What is your mistake to push men away? Is it your mistake at all?
  • What is the real reason men avoid successful and independent women?
  • Is there a checklist to follow when you want to make a man feel special? And why would I need it?
  • How to recognise boyfriend material vs playboy?
  • What is a Type A male, do you want/need him and how to attract him?
  • What to do when you don’t know where you stand in his world?
  • What to do with the bill on the first dates? – a few action steps that actually surprised me with their simplicity
  • What is “unacceptable” and what is “accepting the unacceptable”? How to make a difference when to send a guy on his way home or to accept him the way he is?
  • Is there such thing as double standards in the relationship between a man and a woman, and what to do about it?


answers why he disappeared review


Questions you will not get answers to:


  • How to get my ex back?
  • Why my ex-boyfriend disappeared? In fact, why all of my exes disappeared?
  • How to change a man and make him like it? – I know many women want answers to that questions, you will not find it this book


What I agree/disagree with in Why He Disappeared


I agree – Pros of the book

  • I felt like Evan was talking personally to me. That made me relaxed while reading. It’s always a good sign when you can feel the connection with the writer.
  • I agree with his main concept behind Why He Disappeared. After finally having a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a man, it’s very easy for me to understand why Evan is right about making the first connection with a man by simply focusing more on the moment and less on the future.
  • He gives tons of examples which helped me recognise myself in at least few of the situations from my past. Therefore, if you had an awkward experience with a guy you liked, you will probably find a close example in the book with a proper explanation.
  • Evan is definitely honest about men. So, he doesn’t hide the fact that many men are just “unworthy” to think and worry about. I didn’t have the feeling he defends men and claims women as the wrong ones, which surprised me.
  • He focuses on what is “efficient or inefficient” instead of “right and wrong”. That shows maturity and professionalism – both essential to write a book like Why He Disappeared.
  • I like that he insists on the fact that women should act a little bit more feminine in a relationship if they want the man to hold on to his masculinity. And that has nothing to do with discrimination or weakness of the females.
  • I am a strong supporter of the idea that neither I cannot change anyone, even the man I love. What I can change is myself, but in a comfortable and desired way that leads me to a better version of myself. Why He Disappeared gives a clear path to how to make slight changes in yourself to feel better with a man and make him feel better around you.
  • There were more than just a few “Aha” – moments of enlightenment for me. Well, that was a pleasant surprise.


Get Instant Access to the Why He Disappeared


I disagree – Cons of the book


  • The introduction of the book is a little bit longer than needed, and I felt like I had to go through loads of pages before getting to the main point. The main body text starts at page 23.
  • I probably needed information on how to see the early signs of a “disappearing” man – he provided some, but a few more wouldn’t hurt
  • The last part of the book (Why He Disappeared During Your Relationship) is as important as the first one (Why He Disappeared After Your Date) but was shorter. Full of useful information, but would love to read a bit more on the subject.
  • His vision of when it’s ok to start having sex with the man is a little bit arguable. He agrees the first intercourse has to be at a point when the woman feels comfortable and sure about the guy’s intentions (only after he ticked the boxes from the boyfriend behaviour’s checklist). However, after that, he says it’s not ok to ask for a man to wait too long (so which pace should I follow – mine or his?).


Level of Uniqueness of Why He Disappeared – Review


The main reason you read this Book Review is to find out if the information in Why He Disappeared is helpful, useful and unique. No one would like to spend their money on something they can get for free.

Level of uniqueness in the book – 80%

Yes, the book has very useful and helpful information. In conclusion, most of the ideas, the actions steps and the simple psychology explanations you will not be able to find them for free on the web. It offers a different perspective of why you could end up as a victim of a “disappearing” type of guys. Also, are you a victim at all or it’s something you have full responsibility for?

Favourite Quotes from Why He Disappeared – Perfect for Facebook

“Men change because they want to change, not because you want them to change.” Page 19, chapter: Change: Why Can’t Everybody Else Do It Instead?
“The traits you value most in men are probably not the same traits a man values in you.” Page 26, chapter: Perception Is Reality
“By letting go of control of the small things you get to win the big ones…” Page 32, chapter” If You Can Tell a Man What To Do, He’s Not Really a Man.
“Make a man feel good about taking you out once, and he’ll probably want to take you out again and again.” Page 57 chapter: Forgive the Ignorance
“There is utterly no correlation between what a man says on a date and what he feels in his heart.” Page 65, chapter: Okay, Okay, I Get IT. But Then Why Was He So Nice To Me?

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18 Important Questions to Ask a Guy on a First Date to Know Him Better

Who said you could not find out much about someone from only one date?


Are there any questions to ask a guy on a first date that will give you some essential information about the person he is?

Oh, yes, there are.

Are you tired of dating the wrong men? Do you feel that people pretend to be something they’re not on the first dates?  Well, not anymore!

The usual, ordinary questions don’t give you the information you need.

His workplace and the biggest dream don’t say too much about him as a person. You need to know more! Faster!

But at the same time, you shouldn’t look and sound creepy and scare him away.

I’ve got the PERFECT SELECTION of 18 questions to ask a guy on the first date. They will give you the information you need before deciding to go for a second date.

These are not just bunch of dull questions to ask a guy on a first date, but HIDDEN PSHYHOLOYCAL TRIGGERS for him to open up in a way the typical questions wouldn’t do it.

Every one of these questions will give you more information about him than you ever imagined you could receive for one date.



MORE IMPORTANTLY, these questions will create a connection between the two of you. Creating a connection with him on the first date is something very rare and will make his affection for you even stronger.


If you’d like to save these 18 questions to ask a guy on the first date for later, download them from here.


18 Questions to ask a guy on a first date


1. How is your week going so far?


questions-to-ask-guy-first-dateWhy should you ask that? Everyone knows that on the first date he’ll be asked many questions, and there’s nothing wrong in that. The thing is, that as you know, people are not always honest about things. But if you ask your questions at the very beginning, before you sit down for the dinner or coffee, it’ll sound more than normal, just a starter of a chat. But the way he sees his regular week is the way he sees his life. 

The answer will tell you if he’s a positive personality or positivity is not part of his Monday to Friday routine. 

2. When was the last time you had a really good fun?


Why would you ask that? We all see “fun” as different activities. For you, this could be a night out with friends and lots of alcohol, and for him, this could be a day out, hiking. Defining what’s “fun” for the other will point you if “your fun” fits his.


3. Do you love what you do?


Why? You don’t have to be a scientist to know that people that do what they love are happier than people that hate what they do. They are positive, fun to be around, supportive and loving. If he doesn’t love what he does, the next question will get you to the next level.

4. What is the work of your dreams?


Why? You will not find a happy person that doesn’t work towards his dreams. Unless his idea is to live on Mars, I don’t think there are many other reasons not to pursue what we love in life. If he dreams to work something different than what he already does, then ask him what his plan to achieve it is. Not everyone is blessed doing that they love, but it is a choice to walk always, step by step, toward the life we want to live. Standard question, deep meaning and helps him to open up to you.


5. What is your first childhood memory?


Why would you ask that? One of the important questions to ask a guy on a first date is about his childhood memories. But the first one will give you more information than any other. The first memory defines our biggest fears or our biggest values. My first childhood memory is the moment when my parents split, and I had to leave my mother’s place to live with my father. You see, that shows fear of abandonment I fight almost all of my life. The things that shake us during our first years of life tells a lot about us today.

6. Do you have a family tradition you loved back in the days and would like to implement in your family one day?


This question will show you what his values are about family, what his perfect image of a family is. The things that were important to him in the past and he still remembers will show you the depth of his family goals.

Do you like these questions to ask a guy on a first date? Do you want to have them on your device just in case you want to use them? Download all of them from here!


7. If you had to chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be?


Even if it sounds like an ordinary question, that one will tell you not only where he wants to live if he had a choice. The most important thing is that we have the option to live everywhere. And we should make that choice every day. Even for you, my dear, if you want to live in Spain, but you’re somewhere in Australia, make plans and make a move. Is it not as easy as I think? Think again. If we are not happy where we are, and our heart tells us to go somewhere else, it’s because there something’s waiting for us to make a move.

8. How would a perfect day look like for you?


Another simple question to ask a guy on a first date. Your perfect days might not match, but your dreams of perfection should be at least close one to another.


9. What annoys you the most about your life?


A little tricky question to ask him on a first date, be sure you’re comfortable with each other before approaching the subject.

However, it’s another chance to see if he has a positive vision of his life. The things that annoy us could be something small and funny, or something important we fight with. The way he sees those annoying things is the way he sees the negative part of life. Is he getting frustrated while talking? Or he just prefers to not to think about what annoys him? Useful information for you and there’s no right answer to that.

Related post: TOP 12 TURN OFFS FOR GUYS

10. What is the thing you would never compromise with in life?


It’s not about relationships; it’s about life. All those questions to ask a guy on a first date are meant to give you a few glimpses of his inner self. You have things you would never compromise with as well. Well, what a better time to find out his. He will ask you the same, I’m sure, so be clear about yours.

11. What are the things you would never compromise within a relationship?


Your heart was broken. Probably more than once. If you’ve read my 10 tips for a first date if you’re looking for a serious relationship, then you know you should have at least 3 things to never compromise with. Those are the things, you overlooked in your previous relationships and got you to an unfortunate end. Ask for his and if he asks you back, don’t be afraid to share the information.

12. What is the things in your life you’re the proudest of?


Did he overthink before answering that one? Is it hard for him pick one thing or it’s hard to find at least one? Is he happy with something material he bought, a place he visited? Or maybe proud of something he created by himself? It could be as well something he did for others… That is one of the most important questions to ask a guy on a first date. The things we are proud of, we want to repeat. How bright his future is, depends on what he’s proud of.

Like the questions but don’t have time to read them all? Save all 18 questions to ask a guy on a first date on your device for later.


13. What is the worst first date you’ve ever been on?


One of the tricky questions to ask a guy on a first date, and it’s up to you how you see the answer. Having fun with ridiculous dates is something you should probably save for later in the relationship. If he’s opened to discuss other people’s embarrassing moments on a first date with you, maybe he’s not so respectful as he should be. You wouldn’t want someone to share details from your first dates in the past, so why not to expect the same?

14. How many social media platforms do you use?


Why should you ask that? Seems innocent question but if you’re not a social media person and he uses at least seven platforms, at some point, you’ll feel you share him on Facebook. On the other hand, if you’re both in love with Instagram and SnapChat, that’s the modern image of a perfect relationship nowadays.


15. What was the last thing that melted your heart?


Ok, cheese question, but it’s an excellent opener to share something that impressed him. What touches his heart is vital if you want to touch it as well.

16. What is your favourite weekend activity and how often do you do it?


It’s a perfect question to compare your favourite things to do during the weekends. However, just because your date loves skydiving it doesn’t mean he does it every weekend, so relax if you prefer to spend the day under a blanket. But, his favourite weekend activity could be two packs of beer and football games from Friday afternoon up till Sunday evening, and this is hardly something you could enjoy watching every weekend.

17. What was the hardest decision you’ve ever made?


Soul touching question to ask a guy on a first date. If he feels comfortable with you, he will share it. However, if he’s not into answering that one, you could share your experience without forcing him to do the same. He will most likely change his decision before the end of the evening.


18. What was the most important thing that happened in your life for the last six months?


… except the fact he met you, but you don’t have to say that ;). It matters to know what’s his life direction. If nothing has changed for the last half year in his life, probably he’s happy with his life. But if he already gave the impression he’s not so happy, then he had at least six months to change it. Chances are – he won’t change anything for the next six as well.

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Psst, save these questions to ask a guy on a first date. You never know when you’ll run out of ideas what to ask. Be prepared so you don’t feel awkward.



“Is She Using Me?” Q & A 10 Signs She’s Using You

Behaviour that should whisper “She’s using you!” in your ear

If you asked yourself the question “Is she using me?” more than twice this week, I don’t really have to know much more about your relationship. Yes, my friend, she is using you, and I can show you how.

I’ve got ten proofs she’s using you, and you can see it today. However, if you have a question, I didn’t answer in this article, you can always fill the contact form, and I will get back to you asap. Oh, and if you liked this article, subscribe to our blog, so you can get more insights how to maintain a healthy relationship

…or how to recognise an unhealthy one. Because if she’s using you, there’s nothing healthy in what’s happening around you two.

Be aware!

When a man asks himself if a woman uses him, he often refers to the material part of life – money, car, holidays, dinners… However, not every woman will use you to buy her expensive jewellery. Some women can actually use you emotionally, and you don’t even realise it. But while money can be quickly earned, emotions are hard to overcome. If she’s using you emotionally, it will hurt more. Therefore, as early you answer “Is she using me?” as better for your heart.

“Is she using me if she’s a bit distanced?”

is-she-using-me-questions (1)

Distance in a relationship is normal at the beginning. Just because you kissed each other, it doesn’t mean she’ll share all of her secrets with you. But if she’s like the Ice Queen around you, and you feel like you have to earn her smile, then something’s wrong. This might be a very hard-to-recognise sign of manipulation. And she manipulates you because she needs you for something. Manipulation is woman’s best friend when she needs you to do something for her.

When a woman’s too distant, but she still claims she’s into you then she’s probably trying to use you for something. Look around and see what she often refers to, when you ask her why she’s a bit distant. If she always points out the same reason and leaves an open door for you to fix her problem, she’s using you.



“I never seem to say or do the right things. Is that a sign she’s using me?”

It’s true that women often like to hear specific things, and like to be treated in a specific way. However, the beauty of real love is the way the other let you express yourself, your feelings, your thought, in the way you want.

If you feel like she’s never happy with what you say or do, it is a sign she’s using you. How to know it for sure?

Some women will never be happy with you because they see that if you feel guilty about the way you express yourself, they gain something. It might be a dinner out, weekend for two somewhere, helping her with a personal matter, etc. If that’s your case – run, she’s using you.



“I always listen to her and her problems, but when I talk about mine, it’s like she’s doesn’t even hear me. Is she using me?”

You’re on the right track! She may not want you to buy her expensive things, or take her out for dinners. But she needs you because you listen to her four-hours speech about her daddy issues, how much her boss hates her, and why her BFF is never there for her when she needs her the most.

Yep, you got the point here, right? She needs someone to listen to her constantly. Probably her friends are tired of her nagging and pessimistic vision of life, so she’s looking for someone to replace them.

At the beginning you will think you finally met someone that’s not afraid to open up to you, at the time, you’ll realise the conversations with her are always about her. You never get the chance to discuss your day, experiences, problems, unless they’re connected to her.

That’s a very hidden sign she’s using you emotionally, so keep it in mind.

“She’s always so into my work and what I do, that it feels weird. Is she using me?”

If she’s more interested in what you do than who you are, she’s definitely on a mission for something, and it’s not your heart.

The reason she could ask you many questions about what you do could be because you work something she’s familiar with. However, if her interest has nothing to do with her hobby, something smells there.

She’s probably trying to find out if you make lots of money, or if you could help her grow at her workplace (if it’s related). Keep your eyes open if her questions about your job are more than the questions about you.


“She always prefers to go out instead of staying in. She says it because she’s extrovert, but I don’t think it’s complete truth.”

And you’re right! Extroverts like to go out, but they’re are just as normal human beings as the introverts.  Her problem is not that she needs to be among many people. Her problem is she a) she has no money to go out by herself, or b) she likes you more when she doesn’t have to talk to you.

I know it’s harsh, but every couple has moments when they prefer to stay alone, enjoy and get to know each other. If your “together” moments are always out, with other people, she’s using for something.

If you are the one that always pays, she’s using you for money. Next time you decide to go out together, ask her if she’ll be alright to cover the expenses as you’re a bit short on money this week. If every time you were the ATM of the evening, she should be more than alright to take the role for once. If she does it, then see if she’s a bit cold toward you, or she keeps distance. That will tell you if she’s using you.

However, she might not use you only for money if she always insists on going out instead of staying in. If you know people she wants to meet, or you’re popular in your area, she could use you to show off. Unfortunately, it happens often.


“I feel like a Supermen with her but in the wrong way. It’s like she always needs me for something even if it’s not for money. Is she using me?”

shes-using-you-proofs (1)She is using you. Of course, a healthy relationship is based not only on excellent communication but on the fact you can trust the other will help you when you’re in need. But if she always needs something – to give her a ride, to fix her car, washing machine, coffee machine, etc. … well, you feel used, don’t you?

Those type of constant need of help is unhealthy. She uses you to complete the tasks she doesn’t want to complete, and that’s not nice. We are all adults and should be able to handle our lives before we start sharing them with others. Although to people should help each other, when you’re filling your time fixing and doing things instead of her, something’s not quite right.


“She doesn’t get along with my friends and family. That’s disturbing, I know, but is it a sign she uses me for something?”

People around you (friends and family) will always wish you the best. They want you to be with someone that will appreciate you and love you the way they do. While you might be a bit distracted by your feelings for her, they are not. Therefore, it’s easy for them to spot dishonesty in the girl you date. Guess what, she knows it!

A girl who wants to have you in her life and to be part of yours will always want to see and get to know your friends and family. And I say this as a woman who’s been on the other side – we always want to fit and connect with people around the person we care about.

So, you already know the answer why she doesn’t get along with your friends – she doesn’t want them to see she’s actually using you for something.


“How is it possible to find out if she’s using me if she’s never with me. She spends more time with her friends than me.”

She’s not serious about your relationship; ergo the girl you date is using you. If she calls you only when she’s out of options for the evening, or when she’s in a “sexy mood” then she’s using you. You might as well enjoy the no-strings-attached situation because you’re in one of them.

“We are together for a while now, but I still feel like I don’t know her. What could be the reason for that? Is she using me?”

One of the reasons this girl’s still a bit stranger to you is because she doesn’t want to let you in her personal life and space. Even if she was hurt in the past, every relationship has to be a new beginning with hope and trust for something better.

If after weeks and months of dating, you cannot find out what type of person you date, it’s because she hides it. She’s actively using you for something, and you don’t see it. Have a look around and try to follow the logic, not the feelings. I know it might hurt, but better now than later.

“Every time something doesn’t happen her way she goes crazy. I don’t understand why is all the drama…Is she using me?”

Women…! We are not very hard to understand, but we could be hard to comprehend when we want.

Going crazy over small things she didn’t get you to do for her, picking on you for every single time you didn’t please her in some way is a smile manipulation, my friend. And following the logic from above – manipulation comes with one purpose – to use you.

The best way to find out if she’s playing with you is just not to do what she wants you to do. If you made your choice in a particular situation and believed that’s the best for you two, then stick with it. Try to talk over it, see her point of view and if you’re still not OK going her way, don’t. We all have the right to chose, and no one should take it way. That means you cannot take her choice away as well.

If she’s always emotional there’s nothing wrong, but it’s not easy to live with Drama Queen and chances are – she’s using you.

Have a question regarding “Is she using me?” Q & A or other relationship/dating problem? Feel the contact form here.

8 Secrets to Help You Finally Move On after a Breakup

Finding a way how to move on after a breakup is a hard and long process.

Just a little bit less than two years ago I was crying on my bed, feeling miserable, depressed, lonely, worthless and scared. I thought nothing and no one could make me happy anymore, and even though I was the one that ended the relationship, I thought “I will never love someone that way again.” Today I can say the same, but I would like to add more to it – I’ll never love someone that way again and thank God for that!”

Fast forward, and I am engaged to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and I know the difference between “love” and “Love”.

love and Love – this is why you’d want to know how to move on after a breakup

The first type of “love” is when we experience it within ourselves. During that process, we project, our hopes, dreams, visions and goals into the other but everything happens inside of us.

We love the version of the person we see in our head, not the one that stands in front of us. You know what I mean. It’s that type of love when after a while you turn and say “He/she has changed.”

No, no one’s changed, it’s just you who took your first proper look at the other and realised you have only one thing in common – the mutual denial to see each other the way you ARE.


And by saying that I don’t mean how bad/evil the other is, but how different you two are. The passion’s gone, and reality settles in your life. And that’s the moment of truth.

At the same time “Love” happens not only within us but everywhere around us as well. Suddenly you start finding gentleness, softness, power, strength, connection, kindness, trust, new levels of communication and feelings rising from both of you.

You have the “proofs” how real the things are, and everyone around you starts benefiting from your Love. It’s Love you give and receive with the same intensity. It surprises you, melts you, inspires you, and powers you.


But not right now.


how-to-move-on-love-breakupRight now you feel scared that another relationship died from your hand. You feel hopeless and believe you won’t find anyone to love you the way you know you should be loved.

However, deep down in you, a small voice tells you everything will come into place one day. Don’t shut its mouth with proofs how worthless you are, but listen to it and hold on tight to the things it says.


There is no one right way on how to move on after a breakup. Every time you leave someone behind, in your past, there’s a new, unique way to move on with your life.

Anyway, there are things you could always do to bring back your inner peaceI’ve got a free e-book for you that could guide you through the whole process of getting over a breakup.

However, there’s always something more to be said and something more to be done.

We fight with several demons in ourselves when moving on after a breakup. So my goal is to show you the ways to transform the sorrow into strength using the following simple steps. If you liked that article make sure you subscribe to my website so you can be notified when I release another secret how to find Love.

Here are the 8 secrets on how to move on after a break up:

  • Let go of your biggest fears – how to move on by releasing our fears
  • Leave your feel of worthlessness in the past
  • Stop asking yourself “Why me?” – how to transform the negative  “Why me?” into the positive “I am grateful it’s me…”
  • Release the guilt – how to move on after a breakup with no guilt in us
  • Build new You from the ash
  • Create new memories – how to move on after a breakup by celebrating the breakup
  • Find new Love
  • Stay who you are!

Let go of your biggest fears


Your fears right now are those:

– You’ll never love the way you did in the last relationship.

– There’s no one for you out there, and your experience proves it.

– You’ll never feel something as strong and amazing as the bond you had with that person.

– The time goes by, and you are still alone.

– The biological clock is ticking its way through your life, and you are incapable to stop it.

Release those fears. They serve you no good. They depress you and take your focus away from the major thing – moving on after the breakup.

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How to move on after a breakup by releasing fears…

Fear’s favourite food is your negative thoughts. Fear loves you when you spend your free time thinking about the past or the future.

There’s a saying that if you feel depressed, you’re stuck in the past, and if you suffer from anxiety, then you overthink about the future.

Which one is yours? Maybe both?

The best way to move on after the breakup is to realise that there’s nothing wrong with you. Yes, you will never feel that way again, and that’s good because the way you did in that relationship was unhealthy. That same system left you in your current condition.


No matter if you gave everything from yourself, you gave it to the wrong person, and that’s unhealthy. So be grateful you’ll never have to go through it again. Something much better is on its way to your heart.

Leave your feel of worthlessness in the past


get-over-breakup-moving-onAlong with the fear you’ll never love that way again comes the feeling of worthless. It’s when you think you don’t deserve true love, because of what happened in the past. That same feel hurts your confidence and stops you from moving on after a breakup.

One after another, your relationships failed. Every time you thought you’d learned your lesson, but yet, you proved yourself wrong for the countless time.

But remember this:

You don’t need to win every time. You need to win only once.

And that’s the beauty of Love. I don’t say there’s only one love for everyone on this Earth, but I assume that not every time you thought you love, you actually did.

Self-worth doesn’t come from your past and what’ve done in it, but it’s what you feel deep down in you – the part you haven’t let go out yet.


The thought you are worthless came long before you two broke up. It appeared when you closed your eyes in front of the first problem you saw. You choose to ignore it because you lacked belief it should be solved. You decide to stay quite when you had to speak out!

But you are worthy, and the fact you’re free from an unhealthy relationship is your first step of accepting it.

I talk a lot about unhealthy relationships and how to recognise it in my free e-book How to get over a breakup fast. Make sure you take a look at it.

Stop asking yourself “Why me?”


To learn how to move on after a breakup, you should avoid the “Why me?” mood. It’s a common mistake to start asking yourself why you are the last one from your friends without a soul mate or why all the bad things always happen to you.

One of the most amazing things in life is that we could quickly transform something negative into positive by changing the “Why me?” to “I am grateful it’s me.”

“Why I always have to be alone” could become “I am grateful I am alone instead of being with someone that doesn’t appreciate me/respect me/love me for who I am.”

“Why am I the only one that didn’t see what’s going on?” sounds much better if it’s “I am grateful I found out what was going on now because Now I am sure we are not good for each other.”

“Why should I always struggle with finding true love?” is actually “I am grateful I struggle with my love life instead of some other aspect of it, like health, loss of a family member or even having a home.”

“Why me?” exaggerates your situation and instead of focusing on the real size of the problem it takes your focus away and creates a drama.

Moving on after a breakup is a long, sometimes painful process, and a broken heart could need years to recover. But accepting what happened is your first step to mend it.

Release the guilt


“Well, maybe if I didn’t do that, then this wouldn’t happen…” is your favourite game right now, isn’t it?

Years ago I visited a psychologist (you can read more about it in my post Law of attraction and Love), and the best thing I learned from my sessions with her was that:

“We did what we did because at that moment we thought it was the best thing we could do.”

As simple as that!

Even if it was your fault for breaking up with your ex, blaming yourself does not improve your state.

Forgive yourself for what you did!

Forgive yourself for what you didn’t do!

Forgive yourself for what happened!

And move on!

Guilt is like a disease. It eats you alive, destroys your dreams, stops you from reaching the happiness. The feel of guilt could chase you long after the relationship ended. There’s always something small you know you did wrong. But you are a human. And even though that’s not an excuse, it is a starting point for something bigger.

You live to learn! You learn from experience! Experience never comes without mistakes! But the key to getting the lesson is to transform those mistakes into an experience. If you don’t do that, the mistake is going to be just that – a mistake. Nothing more and nothing less.

So learn from your mistakes and release the guilt.

Forgive yourself.

Build new You from the ash


Once you let go of the fears, hug your worth and release the guilt, the real moving on after a breakup starts. The worst is behind you, but the hardest is yet to come.

The New You has to be born/created. And it has nothing to do with a drastic change. No!

It’s about sticking with the person you really are. The person you ignored in your unhealthy relationship. The person you have the potential and most of all – deserve to be.

People say that to love the others; you should love yourself first. And I can tell you it’s true. It took me almost 30 years to be the person I am happy with. And probably will take another 30 to evolve into what my heart tells me I could be. But I took the first step, and it’s… awesome!

Take your time. Listen to yourself. Don’t get distracted by what other people tell you to be. Everyone speaks to you with love, but they see the world only through their eyes. It’s time for you to start using yours as well.


How to move on after a breakup if you don’t actually move on with Yourself? Change your mind state to something better. That is going to be your secret recipe for a successful love life.

Create new memories


how-to-move-on-after-a-breakupYou will enjoy that one. Moving on after a breakup takes time. And while everyone knows that, nobody actually tells you what to do in that time, am I right?

I talk a lot about what to do while getting over a breakup in my free e-book but let me scratch the surface here as well.

Create new moments. With yourself. With your friends. With your family. Watch movies you’ve always loved, no matter if it’s going to be your 345th time. Go to places you’ve never been before but always wanted to visit. Throw a party and call it “The celebration of The End”.

Once, a month after someone broke up with me and I spent that month drowning myself in tears, sorrow and “why me?” moments drama hours (daily!), I decided to put an end to it. So I bought a chocolate box, and on my next day at work I asked my colleagues to enjoy them and celebrate with me “one month of freedom from someone that didn’t appreciate me”. Believe it or not, it worked, and I still remember that chocolate box, even almost seven years later.


You could go higher than that and throw a party honouring your new state in life. Make new memories. Enjoy them!

Find new Love


The best part of all “how to move on after a breakup” is that one. This Love will be your first one, and it will last forever.

The Love for yourself.

Please, don’t roll your eyes (I know you did it 😉 ).

Somewhere there, between the party-celebration of the New You, the forgiveness and the days full of trust for a future you create for yourself, you will fall in love.

You will fall in love with your new life, your newly discovered strength and your potential.

And that’s the best part of the moving on. Because once you experience this Love, you will know precisely how to recognise the other Love. There’s an amazing collaboration I and few other bloggers did on How to recognise if someone is a boyfriend material you could check out here.

You will recognise when someone sees just a reflection of you in his/her head, and someone who tries to unleash the power in you.

Stay who you are


Now you know how to move on after a breakup.

Just stay who you are – the only person that could make you happy is you, no matter if that sounds like an old cliché.

And then, you could share your happiness with the other’s happiness. But you cannot create his/her happiness. We always design it by ourselves. And that’s what makes it so unique, so rare and so true.

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If you’d like to have my free e-book HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP FAST click the link below.



How To Answer to the Mixed Signals From a Guy You Like

Your problems and my solutions on how to deal with mixed signals from a guy you like


Katy and John were introduced to each other by their friends. It was Saturday night, in the local club. Katy felt the attraction the moment she saw John. He was tall, fun and obviously the Alfa of the group. They danced, laughed, became friends on Facebook and started chatting on the very next day.


John kept talking about how they have to go out on a date one day, but he was too busy to find a free day. They saw each other again one week later, in the same club, with the same people around them. Everything was amazing, they had lots of fun and talked about going out on a date. Again.

But nothing happened. Again.

Although it was clear he likes her and she likes him, Katy felt a bit weird about the situation. They were chatting, showing affection every time they saw each other, he was texting her often, but nothing was moving forward. After few weeks of club-dating, they had sex and Katy thought that was it – they are finally together, officially.

Sadly, that was only in her head.

He didn’t have any time to go on dates, but he was assuring her he needs a good girl like her in his life and he’s happy he met her.

He was happy he met her, but their next three dates were again in the club, with the whole group around them, not alone, as she imagined it should be at the beginning… So she didn’t know what’s going on, what his feelings were, and why what he says and what he does didn’t match.

Does that story sound familiar to you? Add or remove few aspects, but this is classic “he’s using you” story, full of “mixed signals from a guy you like”. Katy read his intentions wrong, John gave her false mixed signals, and no one was happy at the end of it.



Here, at Doctor For Love, I try to give you the simplest small truths about love, how to find it and realise it is love; how to keep it and how to embrace it. If you like this article make sure you subscribe to us when you see the chance to do it.

So, let’s talk about mixed signals from a guy you like and what to do about them.


  • How do the “mixed signals from a guy you like” look like? The short version of how it should be…
  • You are more than capable of sending him away but how to be sure you’re not missing out on a chance of a fulfilling relationship?
  • You’re in a dilemma if he’s worth the game or you should proceed with your life.
  • You are unsure how to end this and keep the good vibes between the two of you.
  • What if his mixed signals are mixed only to you? What if he just doesn’t know how to show his feelings?
  • What if you are the one that sends the mixed signals? Have you thought of that option?
  • Are those “just friends” signals? You are not sure if he likes you or he’s

How do the “mixed signals from a guy you like” look like? The short version of how it should be.


guy you like mixed signalsWell, you saw some of the mixed signals you could get from the guy you fancy. Let’s add a few more:

  • He texts you but then he doesn’t answer after you reply? For hours…
  • Is he going hot and cold with you since like forever?
  • He’s telling you he’s not ready for a relationship but yet, he flirts with you?
  • He saw you’re moving your attention toward someone else and immediately started flirting again with you…
  • He tells you he doesn’t feel like having a relationship now but maybe…

Yep, if you recognised yourself into one or more of those situations – you are in a situation with mixed signals from a guy you like. Welcome, and I hope you don’t stick around for too long…

The fact you’re reading this article tells me you care about this guy and you wonder what to do.

Should you just send him home to grow up and come back when he’s man enough to admit his true intentions?

Should you keep the game going until one of you gets tired?

Should you confront and ask him what is it that he wants from you?

The simple truth:

He’s giving you mixed signals because he’s just not into you the way you want him to be


Need proofs?

Example 1 He knows you want a relationship, but he’s not into that. Still, he likes you physically and knows if he admits it, he won’t get anything. That’s why he sends you mixed signals to create the illusion of a possible relationship. That was the case with Katy and John.

Example 2 Although he’s telling you he’s not ready for a relationship, he’s still flirting with you, and he’s more than happy going forward if you offer warm bed tonight. He probably has few other “options” around him, and he’s running a contest.

Example 3 He didn’t text you for weeks, and now he did. You answered, and he didn’t reply for the next few hours or so. He’s trying his options. He wants to know if you’re still available.

Example 4 The moment you turned toward someone else he decided he’s going to flirt with you again? No, he didn’t realise how amazing you are after he lost you. He just likes the challenge to win you back. Believe me; there’s nothing personal there.


Did you notice the pattern? There’s similarity in every example.


mixed signals man you likeYou and he want different things. Unlike you, he knows that, and that’s the reason he prefers to confuse you until he gets what he needs.

It’s really simple with how the things could go without mixed signals. Here’s the short version:

Boy likes a girl. Girl likes a boy. They show it to each other, and they go on a date. After the date, the girl still likes the boy, and the boy still likes the girl. They are going forward with another date, and if everything is still mutual at some point, they start a relationship.

The more extended version is to understand that you have worth and you know it, right? Assuming you said yes to that, take a moment to think if you’re worthy and he knows it, would he give you mixed signals?

Isn’t it more logical to just not miss his chance with you while he still has it?

Moreover, if he’s worthy, would he give you mixed signals, or he’ll do what has to be done to make it clear?

I mean, really, we live in the 21st century, the era of the technology, the open mind, the open relationships, the open communication… How about to go toward open feelings as well?

When exactly messing around with someone’s mind and sending mixed signals became acceptable and something we should spend hours thinking about it, Google it, asking friends what to do and how to read those signals…

when you already know the answer…

He’s just not into you the way you want him to!

mixed signals datingYou’ve had relationships before. You know when someone likes you he should do something about it.


You are more than capable of sending him away but how to be sure you’re not missing out on a chance of a fulfilling relationship?


Well, sending him away makes you miss out on another month or so of mixed signals and few hours weekly spent to decode his every action.

By not sending him away you’re missing out on a chance to meet someone who knows he wants a relationship. So when you give him your phone number, he won’t use it once a week just to check “how’s it going ;p”.

You’re in a dilemma if he’s worth the game or you should proceed with your life.


If you are aware, all this is a game, and you enjoy it – go on. At least now both of you are having fun. Use the opportunity to sharpen your flirting skills, enjoy it and don’t take it seriously.

You are unsure how to end this and keep the good vibes between the two of you.


Well, let me be honest with you. You cannot keep the good vibes unless you play the game. But no one said you should be rude and tell him it’s time to grow up. He’ll get the hint sooner or later. All you have to do is to just put him into the friend zone with one or two sentences, and this will cool him down.

mixed signals couples dating

Here you are – two examples how to deal with the mixed signals from a guy you like when you want to put him in his place with a smile.

“I’m very happy I’ve got a friend like you always to make me laugh. Thank you.”  will tell him that you don’t think of him as a dating/relationship/sex option.

“You’re an amazing guy. Let’s find you a decent girl to date.” is another cold shower that will tell him he doesn’t have a chance with you anymore.


Mixed signals from a guy you like that are exceptions to the rules…


What if his mixed signals are mixed only to you? What if he just doesn’t know how to show his feelings?


There’s a difference between a guy that openly flirts with you and goes no further and a guy that throws some shy sentences here and there, and you’re getting mad he doesn’t go further.

Yes, some guys are shy. Just because he’s a man, it doesn’t automatically make him a confident flirting machine to convince girls to go out with him.

Very often good guy tries to show his affection toward a girl, but he doesn’t go all the way and leaves her wondering what’s going on.


You could look at his body language.

mixed signals problems datingHe may get a bit more nervous when he talks to you. He may even speak less to you, but yet, he’s always watching you. To find out more, try to have a small chat with him, just the two of you, or open a conversation in one of the social media. Send him something funny on Messenger and see how it will proceed. When he doesn’t look into your eyes, it may be easier for him to open himself and to show you the affection you think you see.

What if you are the one that sends the mixed signals? Have you thought of that option?


I bet you didn’t. Too often women believe we sent the right message to the men we like (yes, me including), only to find out we were misunderstood. And it happens not only with someone we’ve just met but after that, in our relationships as well.

If you feel shy to show affection but getting frustrated by his “hot and cold” attitude, revise your actions. It could be you the one that plays the game.

Be more clear about the feelings you’ve got. Smile at him more, talk to him a little bit more. That would encourage him to make the step and ask you out.


Are those “just friends” signals? You are not sure if he likes you or not.


Yep, “just friends” signals exist. And they are not signals the other sends but a behaviour you interpreted wrong. So after all, those mixed signals from a guy you like might not be present at all.

Some guys are very polite with women. They show attention, listen to them and want to help. They are gentlemen and women around them love the way they’re treated. But all that doesn’t make him into you, nor his actions are mixed signals.

You think and probably feel flattered by the way he treats you, but he’s polite and friendly. Look more carefully if he’s actually flirting with you or he cares a lot about the people around him.

Those are the ways to deal with the mixed signals from a guy you like. If you enjoyed this article share it on your social media (psst, he may see it and get the hint to do something or else…). Subscribe to us so you can be notified when the next awesome content is out.


30 things to do on a first date night

When you have to think of first date ideas, usually it all comes to the perfect coffee/dinner/restaurant circle. And even if they’re classic choices for a reason, there are many more things you could do on your first date.

Actually at least 30 other first date ideas! Apparently, on Reddit, you could find many opinions on everything. Including what to do on a first date. Besides the restaurant and the local bar, there are tons of other things you could choose or just add to the restaurant and the bar.


Would you like to know why you should choose one of those places for a first date?


• most of them won’t cost you more than the dinner and the movie together

• you get to do something while talking, so if you run out of topics at some point you could always bring the attention back to the activity

• you see the other person in a different light – doing something that may be challenging

• there’s a good chance the person you date to remember for life that date, just because you made an effort to think of something different

• the previous point leads to the fact that the other will be impressed by the fact you’re different than the average




So here they are.



30 first date ideas – things to do on a first date


They are in alphabetical order as all of them are so amazing that I didn’t know how to categorise them.



first_date_ideas-arcadeToo weird way to start a relationship? Not really. Playing arcade games is just a fun way to try your luck, and you can always make flirty jokes how both of you are working your chance – with the game and each other, of course. That is a fun activity for a first date or just something added to the drinks or coffee you have.



Go to a ballet. It’s classy, and it’s soul-touching. An amazingly smart way to make the first impression. Every girl wanted to be a ballerina back in the time, so going to a ballet show will impress her more than you think.

Behind the scene tour in the local zoo


That is a fantastic way to spend the day out, get to know each other and experience something entirely different. You have a chance to feed the animals (no the tigers, of course) and to bring different emotions between the two of you. Besides that, it’s a very challenging and melts the heart at the same time.






Out with a boat. If the weather is beautiful and warm, going out with a boat would be such a pleasure for both of you. You could hire a small boat for the two of you, have a light snack in the middle of the lake, and enjoy the sun. You could, as well, go on a mini cruise with a big boat. Most activities offer food and drinks so that you can enjoy yourselves. The approximate time is one and a half up to two hours. What a perfect first date!



I bet you know about that one. Believe it or not, many people haven’t been on a bowling first date. So, if you have, it doesn’t mean the person you will date had as well. Bowling allows you to do something while you talk, you bring the challenge side of the other out, and there’s a lot of jokes as well.

Breakfast Together


breakfast-first_date_ideasWho said that the first date should always be in the evening or the late afternoon? An early breakfast in small café, the smell of fresh coffee beans, the foam on the top of the hot cup with coffee, some orange juice and freshly baked pastries… A calm, peaceful way to start the day – relaxed and ready to discover a new love.

Brewery Visit


The brewery could be a fun place to visit on a first date. If you get a brewery tour, it usually includes much more than just a few talks about beer and a pint or two of it. You could learn new things about beer making, have a taste of the fresh liquid, grab a bite in the restaurant and chat a lot. It’s different, it’s fun, and brings smiles on the face. Just be sure your date likes beer!



Carting is an entertaining way to spend your first date. It adds adrenalin, it’s challenging and guys, have mercy if you want a second date, and don’t get offended if you lose. If you think you cannot really talk when carting – you’re right. But it’s an unexpected way to start the first date. At the same time, it will bring a few new topics to the drink after that.






Nope, that’s not a weird place in the shape of a coin. It means you could flip a coin. Tails – left, heads – right. After that, you just go in the direction the coin shows you and see where you’ll end up. It is a bit risky as there’s always a chance to end at some boring place. But it’s different and could bring something new to your lives.

Comedy Show


Another fun way to laugh. The best part – it’s not you the person that makes the jokes. A comedy show in a local club is innovative first date idea, although you cannot really talk too much. But when the show is over, you’ll be relaxed and ready to get to know each other.

Cooking Lesson


What a better way to impress her with your food… or the food someone else is telling you how to cook. Anyway, a cooking lesson would be a very fun way to do something different; you get to eat what you’ve just cooked and compare skills. It’s a finger-licking good idea.



Going to dance on a first date would be a very close-to-each-other experience. However, it’s fun and please, stay away from the local clubs. You could go to swing dancing, salsa lesson, or anything else you know the other would enjoy. Shake it, baby!

Drive-in movie


I know I said “no movie” but you’ll love that idea. The attractive part of that first date idea is that you’re in the car. You could bring food with you, chat without disturbing the other around, and even make out if the things get too good. If it did get too personal – share the movie you watched!

Escape Room


That one could be enjoyable if you do it right. An escape room is a game. You two are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and play different games to be able to get out. Approximate time – 90 minutes. The biggest catch about that choice for a first date is that you have to be 100% sure you date is into such things. Ask her/him is they would like that game at least the day before your date, if not even earlier. Don’t make it as a surprise, because you may end up surprisingly alone… in less than 90 minutes.

Food Festival


food_festival-first-date-ideasA delicious way to spend few hours out. It will be interesting for both of you as you’ll get to taste lots of different dishes. A bonus if it’s an international kitchen you’ve never tried before. You will share a first time experience for the first time together, at your first date. You get the point, right?



If the weather allows it, hiking is a great way to spend few hours out. Clean air, a nice walk, fresh water, a picnic and sweet talk. Tell me that it doesn’t sound romantic.

Ice Skating


I think that one could go to the traditional first dates. But anyway, it’s romantic and happens not very often, so there’s still a big chance to impress with that idea. It could be one of the best first date ideas if it’s winter time and you add some hot chocolate after that. Almost like a Christmas fairytale.

Local Event


Unless you leave in a really small town, there’s always some local event happening near you. Could it a festival, a concert, a showroom or something else. Check your local event website to pick something.



Finding a nice mini-golf place is so easy nowadays. They are almost everywhere and offer a different experience. It could be a Jungle themed, Jurassic type, Pirate themed, cosmic themed and many more.



Now, that one is not for everyone. The reason is that many people wouldn’t feel interested in a walk in the museum unless it’s connected to their hobby or passion. But there are even more people that will enjoy it and believe that’s a fabulous first date idea. Make sure you know at least a little bit of the topic though. It would be nice to mention two or three facts somewhere there. Nothing too much.



picnic-first_date_ideasI know I already said it a few times, while combining with other activities. But a picnic is something you could add to almost everything. Even if you decide just to have some cheese and wine under the sun, it’s still impressive and different.







One of the best and impressive first date ideas is to visit a Planetarium. Even you’ve been there before – it will be as amazing as the first time. Stars, mesmerising views, photos, recreations and lots of information. Of course, you will enjoy it. And that’s an excellent choice for a first date if both of you wouldn’t enjoy the high levels of adrenalin from the other ideas.



Did you know that there are dog shelters that you could go and play with the puppies or even walk with them? Once you know your date is a dog lover and is not allergic, that will be the most heart melting experience you could choose.

Rock Climbing


Challenging. Lots of adrenalin. Fun. You want to make sure you know how to climb, and you’re able to help your date in they can’t. Otherwise, you risk climbing by yourself while the instructor is busy moving your date’s hands and legs.

Safari Park Trip


You could just jump in the car and go to a safari park nearby. A drive among predators would be an impressive way to spend the day. You’ll have many topics to go through, or you could choose to enjoy the views.



If you love adventures and high adrenalin experiences – there’s nothing better than that. But you want to make sure your date would love it as well. No matter if you’ve done it before – it will still be scary and exciting. Enjoy the views!




Walk on the beach and picnic

walk-beach-couple-first-dateIf the weather allows it and you live near the seaside – have a walk on the beach. Make a small fire (nothing risky though), share a bottle of wine or just warm coffee. You could chat and snack for hours, and the sound of the waves will be the most romantic music for the evening.

Wine Tasting

I have no idea why I didn’t put this on the top of the list… Wine tasting. Should I repeat it? Wine tasting… Yes, I love wine. As well as almost everyone else. So, tasting the wine, the aroma and the dark or golden colours… add some cheese and grape… wine tasting!!!

Quiz Night

In almost every bar or pub there’s a Trivia night with quizzes and prizes. Going on quiz night at your first date could bring the best out of you, it’s a chance to see how smart you two are, and you get to have the drink and some food as well. Enjoy!


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