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8 Secrets to Help You Finally Move On after a Breakup

Finding a way how to move on after a breakup is a hard and long process.

Just a little bit less than two years ago I was crying on my bed, feeling miserable, depressed, lonely, worthless and scared. I thought nothing and no one could make me happy anymore, and even though I was the one that ended the relationship, I thought “I will never love someone that way again.” Today I can say the same, but I would like to add more to it – I’ll never love someone that way again and thank God for that!”

Fast forward, and I am engaged to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and I know the difference between “love” and “Love”.

love and Love – this is why you’d want to know how to move on after a breakup

The first type of “love” is when we experience it within ourselves. During that process, we project, our hopes, dreams, visions and goals into the other but everything happens inside of us.

We love the version of the person we see in our head, not the one that stands in front of us. You know what I mean. It’s that type of love when after a while you turn and say “He/she has changed.”

No, no one’s changed, it’s just you who took your first proper look at the other and realised you have only one thing in common – the mutual denial to see each other the way you ARE.


And by saying that I don’t mean how bad/evil the other is, but how different you two are. The passion’s gone, and reality settles in your life. And that’s the moment of truth.

At the same time “Love” happens not only within us but everywhere around us as well. Suddenly you start finding gentleness, softness, power, strength, connection, kindness, trust, new levels of communication and feelings rising from both of you.

You have the “proofs” how real the things are, and everyone around you starts benefiting from your Love. It’s Love you give and receive with the same intensity. It surprises you, melts you, inspires you, and powers you.


But not right now.


how-to-move-on-love-breakupRight now you feel scared that another relationship died from your hand. You feel hopeless and believe you won’t find anyone to love you the way you know you should be loved.

However, deep down in you, a small voice tells you everything will come into place one day. Don’t shut its mouth with proofs how worthless you are, but listen to it and hold on tight to the things it says.


There is no one right way on how to move on after a breakup. Every time you leave someone behind, in your past, there’s a new, unique way to move on with your life.

Anyway, there are things you could always do to bring back your inner peaceI’ve got a free e-book for you that could guide you through the whole process of getting over a breakup.

However, there’s always something more to be said and something more to be done.

We fight with several demons in ourselves when moving on after a breakup. So my goal is to show you the ways to transform the sorrow into strength using the following simple steps. If you liked that article make sure you subscribe to my website so you can be notified when I release another secret how to find Love.

Here are the 8 secrets on how to move on after a break up:

  • Let go of your biggest fears – how to move on by releasing our fears
  • Leave your feel of worthlessness in the past
  • Stop asking yourself “Why me?” – how to transform the negative  “Why me?” into the positive “I am grateful it’s me…”
  • Release the guilt – how to move on after a breakup with no guilt in us
  • Build new You from the ash
  • Create new memories – how to move on after a breakup by celebrating the breakup
  • Find new Love
  • Stay who you are!

Let go of your biggest fears


Your fears right now are those:

– You’ll never love the way you did in the last relationship.

– There’s no one for you out there, and your experience proves it.

– You’ll never feel something as strong and amazing as the bond you had with that person.

– The time goes by, and you are still alone.

– The biological clock is ticking its way through your life, and you are incapable to stop it.

Release those fears. They serve you no good. They depress you and take your focus away from the major thing – moving on after the breakup.

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How to move on after a breakup by releasing fears…

Fear’s favourite food is your negative thoughts. Fear loves you when you spend your free time thinking about the past or the future.

There’s a saying that if you feel depressed, you’re stuck in the past, and if you suffer from anxiety, then you overthink about the future.

Which one is yours? Maybe both?

The best way to move on after the breakup is to realise that there’s nothing wrong with you. Yes, you will never feel that way again, and that’s good because the way you did in that relationship was unhealthy. That same system left you in your current condition.


No matter if you gave everything from yourself, you gave it to the wrong person, and that’s unhealthy. So be grateful you’ll never have to go through it again. Something much better is on its way to your heart.

Leave your feel of worthlessness in the past


get-over-breakup-moving-onAlong with the fear you’ll never love that way again comes the feeling of worthless. It’s when you think you don’t deserve true love, because of what happened in the past. That same feel hurts your confidence and stops you from moving on after a breakup.

One after another, your relationships failed. Every time you thought you’d learned your lesson, but yet, you proved yourself wrong for the countless time.

But remember this:

You don’t need to win every time. You need to win only once.

And that’s the beauty of Love. I don’t say there’s only one love for everyone on this Earth, but I assume that not every time you thought you love, you actually did.

Self-worth doesn’t come from your past and what’ve done in it, but it’s what you feel deep down in you – the part you haven’t let go out yet.


The thought you are worthless came long before you two broke up. It appeared when you closed your eyes in front of the first problem you saw. You choose to ignore it because you lacked belief it should be solved. You decide to stay quite when you had to speak out!

But you are worthy, and the fact you’re free from an unhealthy relationship is your first step of accepting it.

I talk a lot about unhealthy relationships and how to recognise it in my free e-book How to get over a breakup fast. Make sure you take a look at it.

Stop asking yourself “Why me?”


To learn how to move on after a breakup, you should avoid the “Why me?” mood. It’s a common mistake to start asking yourself why you are the last one from your friends without a soul mate or why all the bad things always happen to you.

One of the most amazing things in life is that we could quickly transform something negative into positive by changing the “Why me?” to “I am grateful it’s me.”

“Why I always have to be alone” could become “I am grateful I am alone instead of being with someone that doesn’t appreciate me/respect me/love me for who I am.”

“Why am I the only one that didn’t see what’s going on?” sounds much better if it’s “I am grateful I found out what was going on now because Now I am sure we are not good for each other.”

“Why should I always struggle with finding true love?” is actually “I am grateful I struggle with my love life instead of some other aspect of it, like health, loss of a family member or even having a home.”

“Why me?” exaggerates your situation and instead of focusing on the real size of the problem it takes your focus away and creates a drama.

Moving on after a breakup is a long, sometimes painful process, and a broken heart could need years to recover. But accepting what happened is your first step to mend it.

Release the guilt


“Well, maybe if I didn’t do that, then this wouldn’t happen…” is your favourite game right now, isn’t it?

Years ago I visited a psychologist (you can read more about it in my post Law of attraction and Love), and the best thing I learned from my sessions with her was that:

“We did what we did because at that moment we thought it was the best thing we could do.”

As simple as that!

Even if it was your fault for breaking up with your ex, blaming yourself does not improve your state.

Forgive yourself for what you did!

Forgive yourself for what you didn’t do!

Forgive yourself for what happened!

And move on!

Guilt is like a disease. It eats you alive, destroys your dreams, stops you from reaching the happiness. The feel of guilt could chase you long after the relationship ended. There’s always something small you know you did wrong. But you are a human. And even though that’s not an excuse, it is a starting point for something bigger.

You live to learn! You learn from experience! Experience never comes without mistakes! But the key to getting the lesson is to transform those mistakes into an experience. If you don’t do that, the mistake is going to be just that – a mistake. Nothing more and nothing less.

So learn from your mistakes and release the guilt.

Forgive yourself.

Build new You from the ash


Once you let go of the fears, hug your worth and release the guilt, the real moving on after a breakup starts. The worst is behind you, but the hardest is yet to come.

The New You has to be born/created. And it has nothing to do with a drastic change. No!

It’s about sticking with the person you really are. The person you ignored in your unhealthy relationship. The person you have the potential and most of all – deserve to be.

People say that to love the others; you should love yourself first. And I can tell you it’s true. It took me almost 30 years to be the person I am happy with. And probably will take another 30 to evolve into what my heart tells me I could be. But I took the first step, and it’s… awesome!

Take your time. Listen to yourself. Don’t get distracted by what other people tell you to be. Everyone speaks to you with love, but they see the world only through their eyes. It’s time for you to start using yours as well.


How to move on after a breakup if you don’t actually move on with Yourself? Change your mind state to something better. That is going to be your secret recipe for a successful love life.

Create new memories


how-to-move-on-after-a-breakupYou will enjoy that one. Moving on after a breakup takes time. And while everyone knows that, nobody actually tells you what to do in that time, am I right?

I talk a lot about what to do while getting over a breakup in my free e-book but let me scratch the surface here as well.

Create new moments. With yourself. With your friends. With your family. Watch movies you’ve always loved, no matter if it’s going to be your 345th time. Go to places you’ve never been before but always wanted to visit. Throw a party and call it “The celebration of The End”.

Once, a month after someone broke up with me and I spent that month drowning myself in tears, sorrow and “why me?” moments drama hours (daily!), I decided to put an end to it. So I bought a chocolate box, and on my next day at work I asked my colleagues to enjoy them and celebrate with me “one month of freedom from someone that didn’t appreciate me”. Believe it or not, it worked, and I still remember that chocolate box, even almost seven years later.


You could go higher than that and throw a party honouring your new state in life. Make new memories. Enjoy them!

Find new Love


The best part of all “how to move on after a breakup” is that one. This Love will be your first one, and it will last forever.

The Love for yourself.

Please, don’t roll your eyes (I know you did it 😉 ).

Somewhere there, between the party-celebration of the New You, the forgiveness and the days full of trust for a future you create for yourself, you will fall in love.

You will fall in love with your new life, your newly discovered strength and your potential.

And that’s the best part of the moving on. Because once you experience this Love, you will know precisely how to recognise the other Love. There’s an amazing collaboration I and few other bloggers did on How to recognise if someone is a boyfriend material you could check out here.

You will recognise when someone sees just a reflection of you in his/her head, and someone who tries to unleash the power in you.

Stay who you are


Now you know how to move on after a breakup.

Just stay who you are – the only person that could make you happy is you, no matter if that sounds like an old cliché.

And then, you could share your happiness with the other’s happiness. But you cannot create his/her happiness. We always design it by ourselves. And that’s what makes it so unique, so rare and so true.

If you enjoyed my article on how to move on after a breakup, there’s a lot more coming in the future, so scroll and subscribe to be notified when another love secret is revealed. Please share with others if you believe that content is awesome. 

If you’d like to have my free e-book HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP FAST click the link below.




Can you manifest love?


Is it possible to manifest love? Is there a wish list that you could fill with specific characteristics and hand it to the Universe to make it true? Do we get what we think about, fear of or we get what we deserve? Is the Law Of Attraction a secret that everybody knows about but only a few are aware how to use it?


So many questions and even more answers. Let’s dig into the Law Of Attraction and relationships, and find out if you could manifest love today.




That’s the first misunderstanding of the Law. We live in a world where everything comes to us in instant form. We want shoes – we go and buy them or even better – we purchase them online, and they come in a few days. We want food – we order it, and the doorbell rings in less than an hour. We want to speak to someone – we call him in the same second we want it to happen. We need information – just to open internet and in a matter of minutes we get it.


We need, we want – we get it! Today!





That is the 21st century. The “instant century” where everything comes the moment you wish for it to happen.



Then why it doesn’t work like that with the Law of Attraction? Why do we keep wishing that fulfilling relationship and we don’t get it? Is the Law of Attraction just a money-making-machine?


My answers? Yes! And no!


The Law of Attraction is a successful money-making machine. At the same time, it’s the most powerful making-dreams-come-true machine too.


How is that even possible?


At the end of 2014, I went to a psychologist. I needed to know what is my problem with men and why I was jumping from one life-sucking meaningless relationship to another. I knew the problem was in me, but I didn’t know what it was.




At the end of one of the sessions, the psychologist asked me to write on a piece of paper what man I would like to meet one day, and what features he would have. I was supposed to write as many characteristics as possible.


On the next session I hand her the list, she read it and then she just tore it and threw it in the bin while I was looking at her shocked. I spend hours writing that list because I wanted to write exactly what I want and didn’t want to leave any doubt about “my man’s personality”.


She told me that she just needed a proof I don’t want something that didn’t exist. The man I wanted lives somewhere out there, she said, but I was to forget what I wrote and focus on making myself happy.


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What happened next?



I was almost offended that she threw my perfect man in the bin but what she didn’t know was that I had the same list at home – the not-so-tidy-version of it, but I had it. So when I went back home, I took the small pieces of paper and put it on my board. I didn’t know I was creating a vision board. I was putting on it everything that I liked, photos of my family, poems, etc.


Two years later after many, many personal struggles, after losing myself and not only myself, I found that man. We are from different countries and met in a third one. But when we went home last summer I saw that board and the pieces of paper were still there. I read them and guess what – he matches everything and beyond.


Fin out some of my secrets on HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP FAST!


To me, the Law of Attraction works. But there are some specifics that not many people tell us about.


Probably to sell something better you have to make it sound like it’s the most natural thing ever! It’s like life is an easy puzzle we have to solve. But it’s not.


Some people’s life is an easy puzzle – they just feel what’s the right thing to do or manifest.


But to many life is 5000-pieces puzzle and it takes almost forever to connect it. To make it easier when it’s obvious that is not is like grabbing only ten of those 5000 pieces and trying to make it work.


So, here’s what I found out about the Law of Attraction and how it worked for me.


Manifesting love today!


Again back to the point about the instant results we expect. The Universe, God or whatever power you believe is out there is not a Mac Drive. We cannot go somewhere, shout what we want and wait for it to be prepared in a matter of minutes or days. Or even months.


It takes time. It takes time for the things to go in a way for you to meet the right person, the one you dream of. It takes time not only to reach each other physically but mentally and spiritually as well. It takes time even to become that person the other is going to appreciate and love.





If I had met my partner back in 2014, I was going to love him and appreciate him, but I guarantee it wouldn’t be on the level I appreciate him now. My love expectations had changed so much but what I really did was to start loving and caring about myself more than before. Much more than before.


“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless how many times you have failed in the past.”

Napoleon Hill



I really like that quote of Napoleon Hill, and I think it tells us more of the Law of Attraction than just what we read. If the idea is like a seed we conceive in our mind, then just like every other seed it will need care. We have to provide the conditions for it to grow and give us its fruits.




Once we have the dream, we have to create possibilities for it to happen. Yes, we create them. If we want to eat we have to cook first, isn’t it? If we’re cold and want to feel warm – we have to put some more clothes or turn the heating on. If we’re going to meet someone new, we have to go out, and that creates the possibility to meet him.


No one is going to knock on the door claiming to be the person you dreamt of. You have to go out there and create the situations that may give you the chance to meet that one person.


Have faith


As a consequence of the fact we want everything ASAP, we tend to lose faith too early.


Faith is a reliable and powerful weapon in the devastating situations life offers us. It’s stronger than hope but cannot live without it.


Faith is to know that the sun is somewhere there behind the clouds, even if we don’t see it.


Faith is waiting patiently for that sun to come out while preparing the sandals to wear them when it happens.




Not all the 100%


It’s not always exactly what we want – full match. But the best part? It’s more.


For example, when making that list, I imagined my partner and me to live in the home I have in my country, walking out for work together from that particular flat. Coming back in the evening and having dinner in that specific kitchen. Of course, it didn’t happen like that. Not only we don’t live in that flat – we don’t live in the country. And we don’t go to work together as I work from home. But it’s better than I imagined.


It’s better because having the person that truly loves me gave me the chance to chase another dream – being a writer.


You have to find your way to manifest love


Almost all of the Law of Attraction preachers would tell you how important is to visualise the things you want. You have to sit on the sofa, close your eyes and spend 15 minutes every day envisioning romantic walks, kisses and passionate moments.


If it works for you – perfect, keep it going. But it didn’t work for me.


Some people feel their plans never work if they share them with someone. Others believe that they achieve everything only after they talk through it with a close friend or their partner. Some people make every dream come true the moment they start imagining that same situation over and over again.


And at the end – there are people that none of those things above work for them.


We are all different. Therefore we cannot expect the same formula to work for everyone.


I’m going back to what worked for me – writing. How many times did I mention writing here? Too many?



Yes, because that’s just my thing. When I write, I feel the magic of leaving everything behind me and focusing on what I write. No matter if it’s an article, an email, in the diary or on a Christmas Card. I want it to be how I feel and believe it. Everything that comes out of my fingers onto the white sheet comes from the heart – good or bad.


They say the secret to making the Law of Attraction to work for you is feeling. You attract what you feel. And it’s so true. It’s not everything but definitely cannot go without it. That’s why it works for me when I write. I’ve spent months visualising this and that. I just don’t feel like it’s worth it to me.


So, if visualising is not your thing either – find what it is.


Is it writing? Is it a vision board with vivid pictures? Is it making an album full of photos, poems, stories? Is it talking with someone that understands and supports you? Or you may need a bucket of play-doh to create small scenes of you and your dream person in the park, on the plain, in a restaurant? Be creative and dig until you find what it is.


And then be ready to pay the price


Nothing comes for free in this world. Not everything costs money, and probably that’s the sad part.


Be ready for the situations that will prepare you to be the person you see next to your perfect partner.


Be ready to wait for years while life meets your paths. Be prepared to get lost in a foreign city, to go through the panic and meet your love when asking the first person to direct you to your hotel. Be ready to crash your car so you can find your love on the bed next to yours in the hospital. Be prepared to get divorced and raising your child as a single parent so you can meet your love while he or she, going through the same path, is picking their child from the same nursery. Be ready to get your heart broken so you can find the strength to say no to anything else but the best for you.


Be ready to pay the price – small or a big one. But I can guarantee – it’s worth it.


When the right time comes: 8 SIGNS HE WANTS TO MARRY YOU SOMEDAY


Please, let me know what you think about the Law of Attraction and if it works for you. Share experience no matter if you attracted love or a motorcycle and no matter if you attracted something unusual or something not so fantastic about your life.


The simple truth, the “victim personality” and whose fault it is to cry night after night?

All the answers and right questions to find your way out of pain.

Life may be tough sometimes. And love hurts. None of these is big news. Spending months or years with someone and after that losing him is a painful challenge. And even if you haven’t been together for so long it doesn’t mean it is not painful.

Why does love hurt?

I will answer to that as quick as possible just in case you’re looking for the short version of the article.

I found my answer just a year ago, and it was the most painful realisation in my life.

Love hurts because it is not love.

Did you understand what I mean?

Love hurts because it is not love.

So: If it hurts it is not love


Because: If it’s love it doesn’t hurt!

Simple truth! The realisations that it was not real love is what causes us the pain.

why_love_hurt-looking_for_loveFor the ones that want to know more about it – keep reading.

So why do we feel like we cannot live without the other person in our life even if he/she makes our life miserable?

How to make ourselves leave that relationship? And how to not go back?


Stephen Chbosky says:

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

And that’s almost half of the information you need to know to answer your questions. Any questions.

We often like to blame the obstacles or the people around us for everything that happens.

“I’m not in a high position because my boss hates me.”

“I can’t afford myself to go on a fancy holiday because I have to pay bills and my salary is rubbish.”

“I couldn’t go out on Friday night because nobody called me. My friends abounded me!”

“I can’t have a meaningful relationship because all girls are after my money.”

“All men want me only for sex.”

I can go like that for long!

The model is “I can’t…do/have/go/make/achieve…. because something/someone stops me from it/is on my way to it.”

I call this “The victim personality”.

None of the people that have that type of thinking would actually believe that has the “victim personality”. But putting the responsibility for your life decisions and actions in someone else’s hands is what leads you to the part “I couldn’t do it because of something that was out my control.”

When things go wrong, we like to blame anything or anyone else but us. And that type of behaving is causing us two things:

First – we have the perfect excuse why our life is not the way we want it.

Second – On a subconscious level it gives us the false feeling of satisfaction that not us but someone else destroyed our life.

How convenient is that!

I may sound a bit harsh, but if I were not harsh on myself, I wouldn’t realise something fundamental. Something that you should understand as well. ASAP.

It is my fault!

I have the stupid job I hate because I signed the contract and agreed to work for that company.

I don’t have money to go on a fancy holiday because I spend all of my money on clothes/shoes/video games/alcohol…

I don’t have the higher position because I spend at least 30% of my time at work on my phone or chatting with the colleagues.

My boss doesn’t like me because he probably heard from someone how much I don’t like him and think he’s a lazy, fat bag full of…

All girls are after my money because I prefer to show off how much I earn instead of focusing on conversations that will give us the chance to get to know each other’s intentions.

All men want me only for sex because I think that the only relationship I deserve is based on the body, not on the mind and heart.

It is my fault for everything. No matter the state of my life right now, today, I  am the reason to be as it is.

Every single decision led me to this moment, today. It was me. Even when I was following others’ advice. It was my decision to follow them. It was my fault.

You know what the first part of solving the problem is, right? To admit you have a problem. 

So why love hurts? Or.. why we get to a state of a relationship that causes us pain?

love_hurts-looking_for_loveWe spend months or years in a relationship that obviously doesn’t make us happy, and at the end, we blame the other for wasting our time.

It’s all because we don’t like to blame ourselves for anything.

The signs that person was not for you were there from the first date. Or the second one. You just refused to admit that. There was something you heard, noticed, felt and choose not to pay attention to.

You were too nervous to introduce that person to your parents because you know they won’t like him/her. Because they wouldn’t ignore the things, you would.

You thought your friends are jealous of your happiness and that’s the reason for them to step away from you shortly after they met your new partner.

You choose not to listen to your inner voice and not going one step further in the relationship. 

It was there!

The way out of the pain was there.

Our society teaches us that love comes with pain and we should fight for our happiness. We should prove to everyone how amazing we feel about this person. And after the nerves, the fights, the tears, the millions of compromises.. after the war with ourselves and the world, the “happily ever after” will come.

No need to torture yourself.

No need for tears. Well,  only if they’re tears of joy.

Because love doesn’t hurt.

Love will give you the soothing feeling of peace with yourself and with the world around you.

It will make you believe in yourself and the other without the urge to fight for it.

You will not want to speak with your besties for hours about every single move he did last night. Because the prove, he loves you will be so obvious to you.

Dr Seuss says:

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams.”

And that is the other half you need to answer your questions.



“What are the most powerful words in this universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself.”  Karen Salsamsohn

Again: 30 and alone? So what!!!

Even if you try to deny it, we live in a world, where we’re slaves of the stereotypes more than want to admit.

Still overall today we’re freer to be and to do what we want more than any time before in the history of humankind. Both things argue each other but are very simple to understand.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because of your grandparents, parents, friends or just an affirmation you choose to believe in, it looks like if you’re still single at the age of 30, that means you’re a failure… 

Just keep reading, please…

So what happens in a woman’s soul when she wakes up one morning with that single thought in her mind: You are alone! You don’t have what to transfer from your 20’s into your 30’s! Nothing but a career you don’t like and enjoy. Nothing but a few pale blue memories of love that didn’t happen.

Well, that would be the most depressing way of thinking, and it’s not going to help you get anywhere. But I want to tell you something:

So what?!


So what if you’re still single?! That is not going to make you less person, less friend or less woman.

So what if you have to spend Friday night with friends in the cinema instead of in a restaurant with someone special?They will make you laugh because they probably know you better than anyone else.

So what if you have to enjoy the holiday by yourself or with your best friend? That will give you the freedom to express yourself loud and will make you feel even younger.


So what if on your day off the most exciting moment is when you sit next to the window with a book in your hands and you read till the sun goes down? That will make your soul rich, and your mind will be grateful for it.

Do you know why you’re still alone?

The reason to be still alone is that you made that choice not just once or twice.

You’ve made that choice when you decided to accept nothing more than the best for you. The best of life, the best of love and the best you could deserve.


You made that choice when decided to look after yourself and not to depend on someone else to do it. Or when you had to choose if you’re going to do it for someone else instead.

You made that choice when you realise that you don’t want too much from the person next to you. So the problem at the end was not what you asked for but what the other was not ready to give.

You made that choice when you decided to ask for the usual things from the person that is going to be willing to give them. And he exists. You just haven’t met him yet.

And more…

looking_for_love-single_30The reason you’re alone is that you demand respect and kindness. And you’re more than willing to give them in return.

The reason you’re single is that you choose to follow your dreams, whatever they are. Because you want to give the support but not to do the other’s job to achieve his goals.

The reasons you’re alone is because you had to learn many lessons during the last few years. They happened so you can prepare your mind and heart for the person that’s going to win them. And he will.

The reason you’re alone is not that you’re selfish and don’t want to think about the other. But because you want someone to think about you as well.

The reason you’re alone is not that you’ve missed your chances but because they haven’t come yet.

The reason you’re on your own is that you want it to be that way. And you prefer to share the precious life moments with yourself instead of giving them away to someone that is not going to appreciate them.

So you’re alone? So what?!

Enjoy life as its meaning is much more than you think it is.

Life is a blessing, a lesson and love. Love to the people around you but more important – love yourself. That is the most valuable lesson you should learn. The only person that has ever been always by your side and will always be is you.

Louise Hay says: “Remember, you have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving yourself and see what happens.”

Stop thinking how awful the situation is, start telling yourself that everything that happens is the best that could happen to you.

It is not selfish to think first about yourself; it is necessary to do so. It is not rude to refuse to follow everyone’s pattern; it’s freedom. It is not love if you don’t feel it in every cell of your body, it’s a lie.

You’re single because you’re not ready to stop being alone. And you still learn how to search, how to love, how to live. So live!

Live that beautiful life and enjoy every second of it as it never going to repeat itself.

Allow yourself to find the meaning of every day. Be grateful for each one of them.Be inspired to see what happens in the next second. Be part of your life here and be present 100% of the time as all we’ve got is today.

So you’re single? So what?!

5 Must-Dos on How to Impress a Man

How to impress a man and get him like you

It may not sound very polite but let’s face it – to find yourself a date, you have to be able to attract the others and impress them as well.

It sounds almost like a product on the market, right?

Ok, I agree to disagree!

But still…

The Internet is full of useful and useless ideas on how to impress a man. However, there are only 5 Must-Dos you should never ignore if you want to be successful. Check them out below.

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Be attractive


Before you run away…

…there’s something you’re missing on that point.

It is not the most important thing in a relationship, but how you look is a leading part of getting a date.


Don’t misunderstand me – 17 layers of makeup are the last thing I would recommend to you. But for a successful self-marketing, you will have to take care of yourself. Clean skin, perfect eyebrows and haircut every other month are necessary to look good.

However, to be attractive is not always makeup and lipstick, I hope you know that!


Men are attracted to the way you talk, and your lips move, the way you react to what they say. They are attracted to weird places on your neck, to the way you brush your hair or the way you stretch yourself. 


Because you don’t overthink when you do those things. You are natural. Simply said – you are You and that impresses men.

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Knowing what you really want is the key to impressing a man.

how to impress a man

If you want to impress a man you should be able to impress yourself first!

What do I mean? Are you looking for having fun with someone because you’re not in a mood for something serious? Or maybe you’re looking for that special person that you can settle down with? Or something in the middle? Knowing the state of your life that you’re in right now will help you to spot the people you need in it. 

Men are attracted to you the most when what you want matches what they want.

Don’t ignore your feelings and follow your needs. Be at peace with yourself and the things you want, so you can be able to enjoy meeting new people and impressing them.

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Do you feel happy with yourself? How can you impress a man with your life if you are not happy with it?


Do you feel satisfied by your everyday life?

Do you enjoy spending time with yourself?

Are you proud of what you’ve done?

To be able to impress a man you should be impressed by yourself too.

Be honest, though. There’s no one around you – think over your assets and ask yourself – What’s the best thing in my life? and Could I bring more of it in my life?

To benefit from the time with someone else you should be able to be alone as well.

You have to be confident about who you are and the life you have. You should be aware of what you want to happen and to live with the belief that is going to happen.

Then you can sit on the other side of the table, and you can enjoy the other person’s company.

If you have doubts about yourself, you will not be able to relax and focus on the things that matter.  And he won’t be impressed by you.

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Are you over your ex?

looking_for_love-datingAre you over him? Feeling ready to focus on someone else is important not only for you but for the person you’re going to meet as well. Give yourself the time you need to prepare mentally and emotionally for the next relationship.

When you want to impress a man, your focus should be on him. Every thought of your ex and comparing him with your date will drive you insane.

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You have to be curious about him. How to impress a man with your curiosity?

You are on a date with this guy because you feel the attraction, you like him and would like to impress him.

The best technique you could ever use is your curiosity towards him.

No one can ignore the fact that he’s interesting to someone.

Be curious to find out things about him and be ready to share thoughts and ideas. Smile and enjoy yourself, and the energy around you will be so positive that no one can resist it.

Be the best version of yourself, and he won’t be able to resist you.

That is how you will enjoy dating and who knows – somewhere there, you may find someone special, no matter if you’re looking for him or not.

If you want to make the most out of the first date make sure you look at FIRST DATE TIPS IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP.

What are your secrets to impress a man? Share them in the comments below.


So tell me what you want, what you really really want.. to find yourself?


Every relationship adviser will start his speech with this question and will want you to answer it honestly. I would like to do the same, but I’m sure you will just keep reading before you answer. So that’s why I would like to explain why it’s so important to find yourself before you go into a relationship.

still_single-looking_for_love-find_yourselfStarting a new relationship takes the focus of our attention on the other person. The first few months are the time we get to know the new source of positive emotions in our life. We want to know everything about him or her, what they like and how to produce more of what they like around them… And what about us? We leave our personality in the other person’s hands. And there’s almost nothing wrong with it. But are you aware what kind of person you leave in the other’s hands?

To know and find yourself is not about the food you like and the style you’ve got.

It’s about being present and honest about the great and worst of you.

And to not be ashamed to admit in front of yourself the mistakes you’ve had in the past. It is also to realise that you will have more of them in the future.

At the same time, you must congratulate yourself and be proud of the success you’ve achieved. And you should definitely believe that the best is yet to come.

Are you satisfied with your job and how do you see yourself in the next six months?

Yes – six months. Everybody knows what they want to do in 6 years time, but knowing that the change has to be done in the next few months is quite stressful, isn’t it? That means you should start today or at least this week to consider the way of happening. It means as well that you must be honest with yourself and to admit if the change is possible. And most of the times if you can’t do it in the next six months or at least to do the first steps or two, it is not going to happen in 6 years either.

Painful? True? I agree with both.

Now let’s focus on the way of getting to know yourself. How do you get to know someone? With questions and open communication of course. We like to talk all the time about communication with the other person and not enough about the one with our inner self. So this is what you should proceed with – make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and switch off the phone. You’ve got a job to do.


Ask yourself questions that no one asked you before.

find_yourself-looking_for_loveTry to be extremely honest – nobody can hear you.

Find out what you are and what you want to be in this world. Realise what kind of relationship you’ve had in the past and what was wrong. Do you have too high standards that nobody can achieve? Or you go for people that are not on your level, and you expect them to change by the magic of love? What is it that you deserve and the most important thing – why do you owe it to yourself? Do you feel ready for the relationship you want? Because – just to want a six pack abs is not enough to have them. It’s the same in a relationship. Takes more than just “I want it!!!”


Remember the answers and help yourself become the best version of yourself. That is the only way to be ready for a real relationship that will match perfectly with your best self.

So this is an article with more questions than answers, I guess, but the answers are in your head. So I would like to repeat myself – tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

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