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Romantic Weekend Ideas – The Perfect Dirty Weekend Away Guide

Step by step to a mind-blowing dirty weekend away

When it comes to romantic weekend ideas, all we can think about is a dirty weekend away. By saying “dirty weekend away” though, I don’t mean two days of sex marathon that ends up with you and your partner hating your intimate parts… just because it was all about sex, sex and more sex.

The perfect weekend away with your partner is about you two enjoying each other’s company, have lot’s of sex (that’s the point, right?) but combine the erotic part with fun and relax. 

So, I’ve prepared a detailed guide for a perfect, enjoyable, intimate dirty weekend away.


It all starts with the destination

If in your mind “dirty weekend away destination” includes a suspicious hotel at the end of the motorway – forget about it. Pick a place that offers spa treatments, pool and sauna. We’ll talk about it later when we get to the action steps.

Choose an area with a park nearby, but not too many places to visit – the point of the dirty weekend is to spend it doing naughty things, not sightseeing.

The room

romantic-weekend-away-dirty-ideasAsk for a room with a bathtub in the bathroom when you make the reservation. If you want to go crazy, if you have an anniversary, or want to feel special, ask for the bridal sweet, it usually comes with a bath in the room or the bathroom. Order a bottle of wine or champagne with two glasses to wait for you on arrival. 

The spa

One of the best romantic ideas is to book massages for both of you on Saturday noon time. Ask what the visiting time for the pool area and the other spa facilities is.

Dinner time

This is all up to you. You could book a table for dinner in the restaurant. Alternatively, you could just enjoy the food in your room. There’s are many ways to do that; we’ll get to them later.

Romantic weekend ideas action steps for a dirty weekend away.

Friday afternoon – check-in

Check-in in the hotel, get familiar with the facilities, take half an hour to explore them. You can find more things to include in your naughty weekend plans. Keep the evening simple – you’ve been at work all day, you’ve probably driven to the place at least an hour, you’re tired. Take your time to unwind, relax, get into that weekend mood. 

Have dinner in the restaurant, or somewhere nearby, in the area. Go to bed early enough, so you can be fresh and ready for the Saturday. If you want to start with the intimate part – do as you like. However, don’t feel pressured to just start with it because it’s a sex-weekend. 




Wake up early enough to have time to start the day in a mind-blowing way. 

Now, when I said to choose a room with a bathtub, you probably thought about candles and evening glasses of champagne with aroma bubbles. Nope!

Although, keep the bubbles! Start your Saturday with a beautiful bath experience. Hop in the bathtub together right after you wake up. Give each other a nice back rub (yeah, you know what I mean) and make love. Your bodies are so relaxed after the good night sleep that this morning sex will be one of the best experiences from this weekend.

Enjoy breakfast after that. You could go to the restaurant, or you could order it in the room. Can you imagine yourself laying in the bed, having a warm croissant with a selection of fresh fruits and cappuccino? What an amazing morning. 


A dirty weekend away after breakfast

Ok, so the morning is gone. You officially started the sex marathon.

So, why not have a short walk after breakfast in the park nearby? Make it no longer than an hour – hey, you’ve got sex to do! Don’t distract yourself too much.  

Go back to the room and enjoy each other one more time before proceeding with the spa-bookings. Now is the time to have the massages, jump into the pool and sweat in the sauna. Spear a good two hours for these activities. 

By the end of these two hours, you’ll be relaxed, with a red face and huge smile.

You might feel a bit lazy but tease each other’s bodies for a while. Don’t get to the intercourse at least for half hour. The foreplay will get you creative. Bring toys with you, ask each other how you like it. It’s a good time to choose one of these sex games for couples and slowly build up the foreplay to exploding sex with intense orgasms. 

Don’t forget to eat – you need your strength for the rest of the day. Believe me, that’s just the start of it.

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Roleplay, sex fantasies, dirty mind

Well, as we call it a dirty weekend away, let’s make it as dirty as possible.

Pick a role play game – bring some naughty costumes, dress up, go into the characters and play the game to the very end.

Share some sex fantasies and make them come true. Spend the afternoon in exploring each other’s limits, minds and bodies. 

Everyone has a different sex drive, so if at some point you reach your limitations for the day, don’t get angry on yourself. The romantic weekends away are about you about connecting with your partner, spending time together and enjoying every bit of it. It’s not only about sex and penetration. 

Tease every other part of the other’s body but the genitals. Cuddle, kiss and talk a lot. Watch a movie, take a nap or drink a coffee. Relax and refresh yourself with another bath or just take a shower.

End the day in a proper way

You’ve got few romantic weekend ideas here as well. 

Option one

If you’re in a playful mood, make it a “blind date”. Pretend you don’t know each other. One of you goes to the bar and orders a drink. The other comes and starts flirting. Play it cool and use your imagination. Really get into the role that you don’t know the other. Then one of you offers the key for the room to the other and leaves. I bet you know what to do next. It’s wild, it’s passionate, and it’s fun. 


Option two. 

Order the dinner in the room. Pick a nice white wine or champagne, fruits and more chocolate or honey. I know, your parents never allowed you to play with the food, but tonight is an exception. Eat the chocolate and fruits from each other’s bodies. Order only one dessert and offer it as a prize to one of you that brings the other to orgasm first. 

Option three.

Choose a game to play. It’s not even necessary to be a sex game. Order pizza and beer. Watch a movie or favourite TV show. Laugh. Have sex. The charm in this simple evening is in the relaxation and being yourself. Of course, you can always spice it up with hot sex under the shower with the rule to be as quiet as possible. Whoever loses owns the other one more orgasm. You’re very welcome for the idea.


Sunday – last hours of the dirty sex away and more romantic weekend ideas

I’m sure you liked the Saturday’s romantic weekend ideas, but we’re far from finishing the weekend. 

Sunday morning sleep as much as you want. Make an arrangement from the previous night – whoever wakes up first has to go down on the other. I already told you how amazing the morning sex is. The best part here is that your bodies still remember the Saturday’s naughty hours. 

Enjoy breakfast in the room or the restaurant. If you have time to go one more time to the spa – do it. Take the maximum from the morning. 


On the way home talk about sex. Choose a place in your home you’ve never had sex before. Tease each other talking about what you’d do to the other. The moment you enter the house, just leave everything as it is and do exactly what you talked about. Is it going to be the kitchen plot? The hallway? Next to the window, so there’s always a chance someone to see you? Bring out the best of you and finish the dirty weekend away in a proper way.

I hope you enjoy my detailed Guide to a perfect dirty weekend away. Expect soon more romantic weekend ideas to come. Subscribe to our blog to be notified when this happens. Stay naughty!  



Have you ever played sex games with your partner?


You’ve probably thought about playing naughty, but which are the best games for couples?You wouldn’t want to choose something that’s not going to give you the experience you aim for.

Why would you look for games for couples?

sex-best_games_for_couples-intimateWay too often the couples tend to get into a daily routine that doesn’t always suit the relationship. That means you have time and power for everything else in your life – work, traffic, shopping, cooking, watching TV, children, in-laws… The list would be too long, and probably you’ll still have something to add to it.


So when we get to the bed we have two options:

  • We go to sleep almost immediately, totally exhausted by the day behind us, and ignore the little voice in our heads, that there’s something we could do to help the situation.
  • We decide to listen to that little voice and go for sex with our partner, but mostly because the last time we did it was embarrassingly long time ago, or we just want to try to reconnect with our partner more physically.


As you may assume by now, both scenes tell you how wrong that is, so if you feel like I am describing you, I have good news.

Sex games for couples are your way out of the situation you don’t know how to go out of. The biggest benefits that those games give you as follows:

  • Something new, something exciting – we all love new things, no matter how big or small the package is, we always unwrap it with the excitement of a child. Can you imagine your feelings while unwrapping a package with a game you will play in the bed?
  • Something new, something exciting – did I already say that? Well, here’s a new meaning to it. The intimate play in your bed is most likely something you already know how it goes from the very beginning. And there’s nothing wrong in that, just sometimes the predictable things are not very exciting, are they?
  • Ideas you’d never think of – amazingly good thing about the games made for couples, is that someone else put the effort to find a way you and your partner to enjoy each other’s bodies in the most pleasurable way. How weirdly wonderful that is!
  • Excuses to try something new – if your partner is a bit shy and doesn’t share fantasies very often, but is willing to give a try to everything you suggest – that’s the biggest reason to order a game and give it a night or two.


  • Spice up the love life – a new game will give you more ideas what to do tonight in the bed even you already tried everything that came into your mind since you’re together. I bet there’re at least ten things you’ve never tried from each game.
  • Reconnect with your loved one – going back to the everyday life sometimes is a challenge to stay connected with your partner, even if your love is stronger than ever. A new game to implement in your intimate life is just one of the many other ways to reconnect again. But I can guarantee you it will be the most memorable one!



These 8 of the best games for couples are your way to the long forgotten victory

Sex is fun! A pleasure we all enjoy.

Well, some people enjoy it more than others.


And that’s why I decided to give you the top 10 of the best games for couples you can find on Amazon.

So here they are! Have a look at them (by clicking on the photos), and choose the perfect one for the two of you.


This naughty pack of games is an actual library full of 400 cards, dice, audible timer and instruction sheet. Can you imagine that there are 400 different ways to enjoy the activity we merely named sex?Roleplaying intimate talks, colour coding… that’s just a small part of what you’ll find in that box. Enjoy it!




Foreplay cards with ideas how to spice the things up before the actual sex. Be open-minded and non-judgmental about trying these new things. Explore yourself and your partner with the aim to find new ways and levels of pleasure. In that game, both of you collect cards, and the winner gets the right to implement his cards when giving and receiving pleasure.


As Cosmo says: “naughty spin on the classic Truth or Dear”. Unisex questions you can play out and decide – “Truth” you can’t tell or “Dear” you’re overexcited about. It’s fun and different way to start foreplay with your partner. Give it a go!


What a fantastic idea for the next month or just the next 30 days. An intimate challenge/idea for every day of the month. These sexual activities are perfect for you if you want to boost your sex life as fast as possible. Now that is what I call best games for couples… can you handle them?



The sex in the bedroom is boring… according to these Author – Ava Cadell. Instead, she gives you lots of ideas where the sex wouldn’t be boring at all. On top of that once you try some suggestions you’ll never look at the kitchen or the food (or the bathroom, or the… everywhere!), the same way; and the way you talk to each other will ultimately change… for something more… naughty! Just check the reviews.



Have a new look at the oral sex, implement new techniques, and give each other an experience out of this world. Thi little game for couples has five new ways to give oral pleasure for each of the partners. Tell me if you liked it 😉


I love this book’s message. Sex should be messy, dirty, loud and shameless. It should be a mix or roleplays, fantasies, sex toys, dirty talk and everything around. The Author – Amber Cole, is certified sex coach, so she knows what she’s talking about. In this small book, you will find everything you need for the greatest sex with your partner… tonight!

One more time – Cosmo is going naughty and offer us a Little BIG BOOK of sex games for couples. And there’s a bonus – 7 days position challenge. My challenge to you? Try to finish it before these seven days expire.


So, do you think those are the best games for couples? Have you tried some of them or maybe you and your partner create your own games? Share with us.



Dirty talk do’s and don’ts


If you know how to talk dirty to your man… he is a happy man. Talking dirty is popular nowadays. Yet, it is not going to be your Friday-night-out-with-the-girls topic. That’s why I want to give you the dirty talk tips you crave to follow so you can WOW your guy.

Dirty talk and the relationship

Even if naughty talks are not part of your usual sex routine, you may want to consider adding it. And here’s why:

  • If you’re still at the beginning of the relationship learning how to talk dirty to your man will help him discover exactly what you like and how you like it.
  • I can guarantee that 99.999999% of the men are going crazy over women talking dirty next to their ears. They just can’t help it.
  • Dirty talk is like an acting – you can go into the naughty role and use it as a bridge to open your intimate self and help him get to know you better.
  • It’s always a nice spice to add to your sex life even if you’re together since the beginning of the time.
  • It’s fun that leads to even more fun.


Establish what you like and accept, and what you don’t

Just like every other game in this world, learning how to talk dirty to your man has to have rules. Establish these rules before you even open your mouth.

First for yourself. Start with finding out what you like to hear and what you don’t like to hear. Make a list in your mind of all the dirty phrases or words you really don’t enjoy hearing. That is important not to ruin the fun in the hottest moment in bed.

If some words or actions make you uncomfortable, “trashy”, “cheap” or just don’t feel right, don’t think even for a second to try them.

Talk to him. After you make the do’s and don’ts clear to yourself, it’s time to talk to your man. It’s always a good idea to ask if the other would enjoy something new in bed before it actually happens. Share your new ideas, and ask him to give his opinion on it. Be honest, so you don’t get surprised at the middle of the action.


Dirty talk ideas. “How to talk dirty to your man” Pro Version

Tell me how many of these ideas you can fit in the next one month.

Share when you feel you want him. No matter if it’s in the morning, in the middle of the night (that’s one of their fantasies by the way), or during your lunch break. If you are thinking about your man, let him know.



Sext him. We live in a technology world so use it in your favour. Send him a dirty text message even if he’s in the other room. He will come with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face.


Ask him if he can guess the colour of your underwear. You know that will work, right? Just do it in a moment he cannot check it immediately. I can bet wherever you are – he won’t be able to have even one normal conversation till you leave the place.

Share your plans with him like it’s a weather talk. Illustrate exactly what you want to do to him. Be honest, be clear, be descriptive. After that – follow your own plan.


Say how you feel while you’re having sex. Share your feelings while you’re in the middle of the action. Explain how sensitive/wet/turned on you feel. Use short sentences – 2-3 words every few minutes.


Remind him how amazing it was last time you did it. Even better – if you want a second round few minutes after the first one,  just tell him it’s been a long time since you had sex, and you need him really bad. Then watch his face while he realises what you just said.

Ask him to check if you’re ready for him and then grab his hand and put it in your pants.

Reverse the same thing. Start rubbing his man’s parts, and while doing that, explain you want to check if he’s ready for you. Of course, he will be… only in a few seconds time.

Leave a dirty talk note in his wallet. You may write on it that the at the moment he reads that note, you’re getting wet while thinking of him.


Remember that time when… feel the gap with one of your favourite sex experience together, and describe it as detailed as possible. You get extra points if you whisper it close to his ear while touching yourself.


How to talk dirty to your man if you’re a shy girl

Not everyone can do it as easy as it sounds, right? And that’s totally fine. So if you are shy even to encourage him what to do in the bed while making love, this is for you. By the way – the encouraging part – girl, that’s a dirty talk too. You see, you’re halfway there already, and you didn’t know it.


Here are some tips for you, my shy flower.

Start with something innocent. Nobody asks you to go pro in it from the beginning. Push your limits but make sure you feel comfortable with what comes out of your mouth. Your dirty phrases at the beginning may be something almost “clean”.

  • “I can’t wait to touch you tonight.” – his imagination will limit the touching zones very fast.dirty_talk_ideas-intimate-sex_ideas
  • “I am waiting for you, babe.” – believe me; he knows exactly what you are waiting for.
  • “Can you guess what we would be doing right now if we were alone/together?” – in case you like texting more than talking, that’s a sexy example.
  • “Tell me what you want me to do to you.” – in this way the ball is actually in his hands but still – you started it, and he knows it.
  • Everything from the tips above, you think you will feel comfortable with.

The most important thing to learn how to talk dirty to your man is to follow what feels right for you. Remember – your man likes you to have fun, to feel sexy and to be comfortable with the situation. All that makes him proud of himself and encourages him to sharpen his skills. Can you guess who would benefit the most of it?



How to initiate sex with your partner in a romantic way


When it comes to initiating sex the men are always at the top of the list. Even though it seems like they’re ready for it all the time, let me tell you something.

If you want your partner to think WOW for you – initiate sex next time you feel the drive.

For the men, it’s normal to be the leaders when it’s about intimating the feelings, but at the same time, it doesn’t make it less challenging.

We, the women, often think it’s not a problem for our loved ones to ask for love and they’re used to be rejected or not. It’s like they don’t mind which one will it be.

Well, the truth is a bit different.

Men don’t think “Well, I’ll just try again tomorrow.” every time the women of their life pushes them away. For the men intimacy in the bed is as much important as intimacy outside the bed for the women.


Your man likes to feel wanted as much as you do.

And that means he wants you to ask for sex as much as he wants it. Well, at least once in a while, then.


If you’ve never initiated sex with your boyfriend or husband you’ve lost one of the best facial expressions ever – the surprise, the feel of flattering and the realisation his woman wants HIM now! It will make you feel hot and will bring your relationship to the next level.

But why don’t women initiate sex?


There are many reasons for that and every woman is a different combination of them. You may recognise yourself below.


Some women feel too shy about something like that. It’s centuries of culture that teaches us how much the women just answer to the men’s needs. They don’t initiate anything. So feeling free and opened to express our sexual desire is something new, less than 100 years old. And if you think – well, I’m only 32 years old – it’s stuck in your genes, babe. You have to fight it.

Or many women were raised with a similar idea – sex is something man want. Fortunately, we live in different times now but what’s left in your head from your earliest years is hard to ignore.


initiating sex-intimate-sex_ideasFear of rejection. Tough one. As sensitive as women are, it’s understandable to be afraid of rejection. Initiating sex carries some per cent of that risk. Feeling vulnerable while asking for intimacy is scary, and many women prefer not to go there.

No time to ask for it. If your man wants to make love to you almost all the time it is difficult to be the first to ask for it. You may feel tired or even seeing yourself more as a sexual object in the other’s eyes. Well, everyone has a different sex drive and if you’re a younger couple that explains half of it. By the time the thing should get calmer, and you’ll have your chance.

Why you should act when you feel the urge


Let’s not lie to ourselves. There are often moments when you want to make love to your partner. The fact you don’t ask and don’t initiate it doesn’t change it. If you love your partner, you want to be intimate with him.

Even if we’re used to the thought that the men are the people of action at the end of the day, it still doesn’t mean you cannot put an end to that tradition.

It will spice up your relationship. A lot. When men were asked about the sexiest things a woman could do in a relationship, initiating sex is in the top three of the list.


It will bring another side of you out. Even you may be surprised by yourself and the confidence you feel at the end.

Romantic ways to initiate sex with your partner


Be as direct as possible but don’t go over the edge. Romantic is about revealing the things layer by layer.

Men cannot read minds; you know that, right? So when making The Hint for sex do it in a way He will understand it. Many women only think they are initiating something and when their partner doesn’t do anything about it, they feel offended. Later on, it turns out the poor guy didn’t have any idea he was offered passion between the sheets. Do it in a way that’s soft and naughty, but it’s not directly getting to the point.

Deep kiss that says it right how it is

kiss-initiating_sex-sex-ideasYou know what I mean. It’s not the kiss for good night or the one you give him before he goes to work. It’s the kiss that blows his mind off. A deep one, sensual, romantic and hot.



After the kiss, it comes to the touch. Put your body as close as possible to his and hug him tightly. No way to be misunderstood. If he’s too surprised and doesn’t know how to react, get his hands and put them.. well, wherever you want them.



Send him a text message that tells him that it’s going to be a long night for the two of you and you don’t accept excuses. Then send him another one later with information about what you’ll do to him or a picture of what you’ll wear for the evening. How about a photo of your perfume with the text that’s the only thing you’ll have on you tonight? That will keep his mind occupied with you for the rest of the day.



Lead the way


lead_the_way-initiating_sex-sex_ideasLeave him a  note at the front door that says it was a long day for you without him, and you’re waiting for in the bedroom… alone. Or put some notes on the way to the room and give him instructions to undress one layer of clothes next to each note. That will bring him in the bed ready for you. And I can bet all the layers will be left on the first note…

Bath together


bath_together-sex_ideas-initiating_sexHaving a bath together it doesn’t mean you want to scrub his back and he knows it. Even though it is a fun way to initiate the moment by asking him to help you wash some hard to reach parts of your body… Romantic enough?

In the middle of the night

He wouldn’t expect it, honestly. Choose a night when you’re both off on the next day. Find a way to wake up yourself (btw drinking too much water before you go to sleep is a natural alarm if you don’t want to use your phone), and start kissing him and touching him. He will be awake in just a few seconds and will remember the night long after that.

The morning after…

Is it hard for him to wake up in the morning? Does he hit the snooze button at least five times before he goes out of the bed? That’s the perfect opportunity for you! When the first alarm goes off, cuddle for a minute with him, and then just undress under the sheets. He wouldn’t need more alarms this morning, believe me.

Romantic dinner

dinner-initiating_sex-sex_ideasImagine how you cook his favourite meal, pour the wine into the crystal glasses and light the candles.

If you have a fireplace in the house – now is the moment for it. Turn off the lights, go on the tick carpet or blanket on the floor and before you start eating the food have a sip of wine. Now tell him you didn’t have time to prepare a dessert, so you kindly offer yourself instead. How long do you think it will get him to finish his meal?


Be creative. Be positive. Love yourself and love him. These two thoughts are the only ones you need to pick your perfect romantic idea to initiate sex. Or to create your own one. Please, share it with us.



What to eat for a better love life?


Love and food! The most desired things in this world. And why not. Even I could spend my days making love between delicious meals. Day after day… So why not to combine one pleasure with the other? Especially when there are so many foods for better sex.

Both food and sex were connected so tight since ancient times. The word aphrodisiac itself comes from the Ancient Goddess of the Beauty, Love, and Sexual attraction – Aphrodite. As well, back in the time, people used to pay a lot more attention to the ways to boost their sexuality. It looks like they knew how to have fun better than us. After that, with the invasion of the monotheistic religions, the importance of the sexual pleasure became more hidden. Luckily, nowadays we start again to increase our knowledge on those subjects.

There are many foods for better sex that you can enjoy every day. Some of them are more popular than others. I would like to start with the naughtiest one.




Meet the testicle tree!!!

The Aztecs used to name the avocado tree testicle tree as the avocados grow in pairs and the shape is similar to the men’s testicles.

At the same time, the avocado is full of folic acid and vitamin B6 – both responsible for increasing the men’s hormones. Some studies say that only one avocado a day will help you to “dance” between the sheets all night. The most popular use of the avocado is in salads, on sandwiches or just like that, as a side dish with some black pepper and lemon.





Your sex drive could go crazy with some spinach in your diet


One of the essential minerals your body needs to feel healthy, full of energy and naughty – all at the same time – is zinc.


The deficiency of zinc could cause loss of libido. Well, spinach is full of it. Spinach is full of 3-carbinol as well, which is responsible for lowering the producing of estrogens. Low levels of estrogens mean more testosterone. And those are a guarantee for an overwhelming sex drive. So, the choice of spinach salad with some lemon and carrots will set your mood in the right way for both of you.


Dark Chocolate


For a night full of passion…


If you need food that instantly talks for a night full of passion – there it is. Why is it so good as food for better sex? The chocolate increases the blood flow to all vessels, including the sexual organs. More blood – better chance for orgasm for women, and better sensitivity for both partners. The dark chocolate boosts the energy levels very high and gives the fascinating feeling of euphoria. I can bet you that just a few minutes after your mouth was full of silky chocolate heaven, you will feel ready to roll.




can you imagine these strawberries with some dark chocolate…. this is how magic happens


Try to guess if I put the strawberries intentionally right after the dark chocolate… Both of them act like a bomb to your body. What a better way to combine two of the most popular foods for better sex. The fact that the strawberries are a natural antioxidant is well known. The antioxidants help you feel young and healthy. The Vitamin C in that small red fruit increases the blood flow, and I already told you what happens to you when the blood flows all over your body.  It’s time for fun.




This is one of the sexiest fruit ever.


This is one of the sexiest fruit ever.


Do you know why? The seeds of the fig are a symbol of fertility and the leaves – of the modesty. When a fig is cut in half and put in the palm of man’s hand, it reminds him of the woman’s intimate.. fruit. It was Cleopatra’s favourites food ever. Or that’s what the legends say. Anyhow, the figs are rich in fibres, antioxidants and potassium. Try them with some honey and feel free to observe them inyour palm, I know you want to…




Let’s Get Naughty!!!…


It’s another naughty fruit from all the foods for better sex.

We’ll put aside all the images of bananas that came up in your mind, and we’ll say that the reason for its popularity doesn’t come only from the shape. It’s full of B vitamins and potassium. Potassium improves the strength, and that helps for more intensive and powerful orgasms. As I already see how you can’t wait to go to the shop, I will be short – it contains chelating minerals which enhance the men’s libido. Go now, but don’t forget to buy…




Want to be Cleopatra?


Talking for Cleopatra – the legends say that one of the Mark Anthony’s ways to set up the fire between the two of them was to offer grape to the Beauty Queen. And there’s a reason why. The grape is a natural antioxidant, has a free radical-fighting effect and has the leading role in producing wine – is there even one romantic scene in your mind that doesn’t include a glass of wine around you? Some of the researchers show that we can put the grape on the same scale with the chocolate as an aphrodisiac. Bring it on!




Natural Viagra just under your roof….


Pomegranate fruit and juice is proven to be one of the best foods for better sex. They increase the testosterone’s levels in both men and women. Some people even call it “natural viagra”. It lowers the high blood pressure and the stress level as well. And when you’re not so stressed, you’re more able to enjoy a better love life.




This is for you, ladies


A significant source of potassium (remember that one?), Vitamin A, C and E, the cherry is one sweet temptation. Its sensible mouth juicing aroma is well known in the pleasure industry – you can buy candles, oils and condoms with a cherry flavour almost everywhere. The sweet fruit activates woman’s sexuality slightly more than the man’s. You could use it in many ways – as a dessert before the main action or as part of the game – just put some of the sweet juice around your nipples, moisten the lips, and he won’t be able to resist even a second more.




Favourite aphrodisiac to many


The last of the fruit’s list of foods for better sex. It’s more than 90% water, but the rest of that sweet fantasy is full with phytonutrient citrulline, which product is an amino acid – it relaxes the blood vessels and all that improves the blood flow. Check the chocolate part to see what a better blood flow could do for you in the bed.




Healthy is sexy


It’s time for some seafood.The salmon is one of the best choices you could make when cooking food for better sex. It’s rich in dopamine, and that is famously linked to motivation, attention and sexual pleasure. It is a source of testosterone – the hormone of the sexual drive and desire, and phenethylamine which is boosting the feeling of bliss and happiness.




Casanova Style


One of the most famous aphrodisiac foods ever. Giacomo Casanova – the great lover of 18th-century claims in his memoirs that had almost 50 oysters for breakfast every morning. It’s a surprise that they still exist if that was true… Anyway, the oysters are proven to be an aphrodisiac, especially if they are raw.  Oysters contain amino-acid, and that increases the testosterone’s production level.

Herbs as foods for a better sex

Nobody could deny that the herbs give the taste of the food. So why not – the taste of love as well? Here is a list of herbs you may want to add to your food and will spice up your sex mood.




Heat up your body


What ginger does it to warm up your body, speeds up the heart rate and your body feels like is doing sex. Well, ginger is not that good to replace sex, but it makes you think about it, and that’s why is one of the best foods for better sex. If you wonder how to cook it – it could go on almost everything – soups, pasta, biscuits. Just check online for some ginger recipes.





I know how it sounds, but despite the smell, garlic is an amazingly powerful aphrodisiac. The effect is similar to the ginger’s one. If you’re too bothered by the smell, you could cook it. Once it goes through the fire, the smell disappears.




That smell…


When sprinkled on some hot chocolate, milk or coffee, cinnamon is the ultimate aphrodisiac and stays with proud in the list of foods for better sex. It has a fantastic smell, levels the blood sugar and warms up your body. Now, imagine it’s cold winter, the snow covers half of the window and the fire in the fireplace makes your house to look like a fairytale. Who would ignore the urge of the body to celebrate moments like this? Exactly!




It is a herb if you add it to your pasta, but you could call it an ingredient for a salad as well. Arugula is rich in Vitamin A and C and is known all the from ancient Egypt to nowadays as an aphrodisiac. Don’t miss to try it.



Everything spicy is an impressive part of the foods for better sex. Why? Well, it makes you feel hot! Chilli peppers for examples are one of the best ways to spice up your food. They increase the blood flow, force the brain to release endorphins, and that makes you feel terrific. Your skin blushes and your lips get swollen a bit. All that gives you some hot thoughts and sends your mind and body between the sheets.


Seeds and nuts as foods for better sex


Nuts are full of nitric acid, and that helps the blood vessels to relax which makes the blood flow to increase. They keep your energy levels high, and it’s believed they support stronger orgasms and increase the erection of males. Almonds, walnuts, pine nuts – everything you fancy – just have them.

From the seed family, the best choice is the chia seeds. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and help to pump your blood through all of your vessels. You could sprinkle on your milk, smoothie, any breakfast or you may want to find a lovely recipe for a chia pudding (it’s easier than it sounds).

So here are almost all of the foods for better sex. Those aphrodisiacs will help your body and mind to release the chemicals you need for a better experience in the bed. As well with that, they’ll give you fabulous ideas for how to prepare your romantic evening meal so you can fully enjoy sex.


What is the top 5 of worst places to have sex

Have you wondered if you could spice up your sex life? One of the best ways is to change the place you usually have sex. But change is not always a good thing. Especially when it comes to the decision to get naked on one of the next five places.

Your parents’ house

One of the worst places to have sex. Just think – your mum and dad are just a few meters away from you and the last thing you want to happen is one of them to enter the room. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 28 years old – they will always think that privacy is something that does not apply to them.

Airplane toilet

We could easily blame the movies for teasing us with sex on the plane.  But it’s not that amazing as it looks. It’s tight, and only if you’re in First Class on an expensive aircraft, you would be able to fit both of you together in the toilet. If the crew doesn’t spot you and tell you to go back to your seats… giggling. If somehow you manage to get to the place – you really don’t have space or the time to do it – even the quickie one. Very soon someone will knock on the door to disturb you.

At a club 



High levels of alcohol in your blood may give you and your date some naughty ideas for the nearest toilet. But let’s face it – you don’t want to get so intimate in a place like that. That toilet had never been properly cleaned, and that’s very easy to see. It’s been used at least 100 times before you entered it.. just for that specific night. And it’s so tight that sooner or later your hands or intimate parts will touch something that shouldn’t. And the memories will stay with you forever.

Sex on the beach




Although there are some options to make it work, sex on the beach is not the best thing to do when on vacation. Particularly in an Islamic country. It’s illegal, and you may get imprisoned. If not that – you would probably get a lot of the unpleasant sand touch on your privates. It’s not as enjoyable as you think.

In the changing rooms



No matter the passion, the lights and the fact you might get caught, the idea is wrong. Because.. you will get caught and your cheeks will be blushed of the shame. Besides – it’s always too quiet in these places, and you will be easily heard by the old lady that’s trying a new top in the room next to yours.



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