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7 Romantic Ideas For Him In The Bed – Surprise Your Man

7 Bedroom surprises and romantic ideas for him in the bed to drive him crazy about you.

These romantic ideas for him on the bed are a perfect part two of my other post 7 Sex Surprises For Him which is still one of the most popular posts on the website. I guess every woman needs a bit of inspiration once in a while so you can boost up the sex life between the two of you.

Each one of the bedroom surprises for your man is simple to follow but bring this extra spice on the boring Friday evenings. If you liked this post, subscribe to our blog so you can be notified when a new awesome idea is out.

Once you’ve done all the subscription part, let’s jump to the useful bedroom ideas to WOW him tonight.


1. Striptease

Well, that’s not a secret – men love a good lap dance. The idea of their woman dancing slowly around them, getting off her clothes off layer by layer is a dream. Every woman should try it at least once. Do you feel uncomfortable? Remember that your guy will be so amazed by your idea, confidence and the fact you decided to reward him in that way, that the last thing he’ll think about is how you move. If you need some extra push – here’s a video of Carmen Electra’s detailed course to simple but very sexy lap dance routines you can choose. I can tell from experience – they work!

2. Send him Small Hints Every Few Hours

romantic-ideas-for-him-in-the-bed-sex-surpriseOne of the best romantic ideas for him in the bed starts long before you get to the bed. Prepare your man from the morning with some small hints of what’s to expect when he gets home. If you go through the 14 Days/Mornings to a perfect relationship, you will see on Day 11 how to start with a sexy photo in the morning. But don’t stop there. During the day send him few texts what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you. I don’t think he’ll be able to work too much the day, but hey, he’ll catch up with you in the evening.

3. Be The Boss

Men are strong, they like to be leaders and the alpha of the family. But when it comes to the bed – that’s the perfect place for them to surrender. They love it when you take the things in your hands. You can tie him and do whatever you want with him. You can give him exact instructions on how to touch you, kiss you and how to make love to you. Whatever you choose – he’ll be thrilled by this bedroom surprise.



4. Sunday morning – sexy morning

Create a tradition on the Sundays to walk in your home only with a big T-shirt and no panties. A big T-shirt will hide your intimate parts, but every move you make will give him a small glimpse of what’s there…and this will drive him crazy. That’s one of the best ways to surprise your man because it shows him you’re not so innocent even if you like you are.

5. Garter belt under your work clothes

My personal favourite form all of the romantic ideas for him in the bed… and starts out of bed, again. Secretly order one of these mind-blowing garter belts and wear it under your work clothes. When you come home in the evening, and your man hugs you and start placing his hands all over you, he’ll notice something’s extra there. Imagine his face when he discovers what it is – priceless.


6. Allow him to own you

There are many ways to surprise your man but to allow him to do whatever he wants, with no boundaries, is the best romantic idea for the bed. Men love to play with toys, no matter the toy – they love to experiment, try how it works, to push here and there to see the reactions.. be that toy. Allow him to do whatever he dreams to do with you and this will be a gift he’ll remember forever. 



7. Wait for him

One of the cutest romantic ideas for him in the bed happens exactly in the bed. It’s just a normal evening, nothing unusual. You’ve been to work; he’s been to work too. You yawn for a few times, kiss him good night and go to sleep. He comes after a while, assured you’re sleeping and he doesn’t expect anything to happen. He comes in the bed, hugs you and BOOM! You’re naked! You are not only awake but are waiting for him ready for the action. Now will be the time for a proper “Good night!”. Thank me later!


So that is my latest portion of romantic ideas for him in the bed. Hope you choose one or more of them and enjoy these bedroom surprises for your man … with him! Hey, I bet you’ll have more fun waiting for each one of them to happen. Stay sexy, stay in love!


Does your family’s happiness depend on how often you have sex?


How often do you have sex? Does your happiness depend on the frequency you and your partner satisfy each other in the bed? Does your salary define your sex life? Let me try to answer these and some more questions.


It is common to connect our happiness with how often we have sex with our partner. However “often” for some people may be three times a week, while for someone else it could be every other day.




So could we tell that as often we have sex as happier we will feel?


There are many studies regarding sexual behaviour and its effects on the personality. One of them – done from Society for Personality and Social Psychology, was made with the help of more than 30 000 Americans and lasted for 40 years. It tells us that:



The couples that reported they’re in the happiest time of their life have sex once a week!how_often_sex-intimate-couple-bed



Clearly, jumping into the bed once a week with the intention to enjoy your spouse will not solve your other problems. But it will reduce the stress levels. Moreover, the intimate connection will remind you the love you share. At the same time experiencing an orgasm will release endorphins and boost your happiness level.


Our sex drive and how everything around us defines it


Our sex drive varies during the years and at the same time changes if we’re stressed, ill or just tired. And while the stress and the tiredness may not have anything to do with our partner, the intimate relationship is the first to feel the effects.


However, you cannot force intimacy when you don’t feel the need of sexual experience. But what if you actually want to have sex more often, but you’re constantly bombarded with other things such as work, stress, children, in-laws and the age?




Well, schedule it!


Could we schedule our sexual activities and plan how often to have sex?


As weird as it sounds, scheduling the sex with your partner could help you in developing a routine regarding your intimate life.


Putting “Sex” on your To-Do list will make magic to you. Especially if you like to follow the small points in your journal.


It will give you the security that Yes, you have time for it. Moreover, when you know, there’s another episode of your favourite series, scheduling sex right after it will give it an extra hint when you see the end of the show.





So I have to have sex once a week, and that will make me happy?!


The studies say that the couples that reported they feel happy together usually have sex once a how_often_do_you_have_sex-intimacyweek. That’s an average number. At the time they don’t claim that the fact they make love once a week with their partner is the reason to be happy.


So no, if you skip a week or two this month and feel naughty 12 times next month, it won’t boost or ruin your happiness.


So what are you trying to say with all these random facts?


How often you have sex will not solve your relationship problems nor boost your personal happiness.


You shouldn’t wonder if having sex three times per month means your relationship dies.


The frequency of the intimate fun activities you and your partner have is more than perfect as long as you’re both satisfies with it.


No research could or will tell you – yes, personally you, what is normal or should you do or not do something about your sex life.




If you feel doubts about your significant one’s satisfaction choose an appropriate time and have a conversation about it. The same technique applies if your sex life doesn’t match your needs.


In conclusion, don’t be depressed by statistics as they show what’s average. Everything around “average” is what makes average exist.


So, “How often do you have sex?” should change to:


Does how often you have sex makes you happy?


Understanding the men


Sex, sex and everything around it… you may say! Moreover, even though you are partially right, it is not only that! We, the women often find out in the middle of a conversation with our men that they find us sexy and attractive in many ways. Even when we do something, we would never consider as sexy. However, they do. We asked, and they answered – What do guys find is hot in their girls? Then we made a list of the 20 most attractive, hot and sexy things we do every day and they love us for that. Some of them we knew about and others – we had no idea they might go to the “sexy” column.




20: A healthy way of life every day


I know! Who would think that your healthy diet may be sexy or attractive? However, guys like to see that the woman can take care of her health. That would automatically mean that being with her makes his life healthier as well. A woman that knows what’s good for his body is something rear nowadays. With all the fast/junk food/ready meals options out there healthy and delicious dinner is fresh, impressive and attractive. On top of that, on subconscious level healthy woman increases the chances for healthier and happier children – which is always important, right?


19: To actually eat


I am not messing around with you! To go out to a restaurant with girls that need a half hour to pick the meal she wants to eat just because everything has too much fat or will make her waist wider with 0.06sm is annoying. Having healthy eating habits has nothing to do with counting calories. So having a girl that can sit at dinner time and eat with obvious pleaser, enjoying the meal and the company, is precious and sexy. Hey, that is what men say, so… when is dinner time?



18: To be gentle


Leaving the world of food and coming to something really pleasurable and enjoyable – to be gentle. Not only to him but with everything around you – while you are playing with the children, folding clothes or talking to your best friend. Guys notice the pace, the gentle touch, look, tone, the care in your eyes, even when you don’t see it. That is what makes us sexy, attractive, desirable. It makes us women.



17: Nice skin is essential




Ok, you know that! Moreover, because you know it you have got the five different creams in your makeup bag and the three rubbing gels in the bathroom. Plus.. everything else around it. But just because the guys said it, we had to repeat it! Soft skin makes men wonder how on earth is possible to exist something so amazing in touch; it brings the vision of touching you in the bed, it makes their hands flying towards you every single time you pass them… It’s just unbelievable how much they like it.



16: Small boobs are allowed


Boobs and men! It feels like if there’s something that doesn’t exist in this world – that’s a man that doesn’t like boobs. Everything else is possible but that!  But the thing is that most women believe man love big boobs while research proves that actually, men prefer smaller once. So instead of thinking how to resize our bras by implants, better to accept ourselves the way we are and be happy with it.


15: No makeup policy


First – it will save you money and second: you will look sexy for your guy. Majority of men prefer their girl to look a natural as possible. It is not attractive to touch her face and after that their hands to sparkle because of the glitter in the powder. No one says “No!” to the makeup but as natural as possible as often as possible is the best match. Your man loves you because of many things, but it’s rear to find a guy that’s in love because his girlfriend looks good with makeup. Loving yourself the way you are, it’s not going with no mascara all year round, but it doesn’t mean 15 layers of eyeshadows as well.


14: To be enthusiastic


No one is talking about becoming a jumping doll. But looking and feeling enthusiastic about the things in life is attractive and many men consider it sexy as well. The power of spreading positive energy comes with enthusiasm you show for everything. Passion, commitment and positivity – the main strings of enthusiasm, drag your men’s eyes toward you. So show out that energy, girls! Your loved ones see it and love it. (we asked …)!


13: Haircare


There are not many men that don’t pay attention to a woman’s hair. And they certainly don’t notice split ends or different colour as much as we think them. But the softness of a healthy and well-maintained hair is considered as sexy and attractive part of a woman. Men like to go through their girls’ hair, they like its fresh smell, and they love to be tickled by it in the bed. So don’t be traumatised he did not notice you’ve changed the colour – he still notices how amazing your hair is.


12: A smile brings another smile




The smile and the laugh are expressions of happiness and joy. One of the top sexy and attractive things for men is to see a happy woman. No makeup or hairstylist could bring the great vibes a laughing happy girl could. It’s just mesmerising how the men cannot take their eyes off a happy woman. It makes them smile and feel good as well. Being able to have fun is important to the men. It means self-love and acceptance. Moreover, nobody likes grumpy or worried faces, no matter what. So, just be happy! It makes him happy too.


11: Smart is not a shameful disease


Yes, there are men in this world that feel like smart women bring only headaches or are afraid of being fooled by them. But actually, the majority of men prefer smart. Smart is sexy! The pink dolls you’re so worried about and want to look like them, are nothing more but a trophy men show around and then put back on the shelf. A serious relationship that will fulfil their desire is with smart girls. With the time n a relationship or marriage, we all get to a point when we need a nice talk, advice, support or just someone to stay quiet with. And I do not know if you’re aware of that but even to know when to stay in silence and when to talk requires a brain. Be happy you have it!


10: Your lips are his dream




“Her lips are like living fire” W. Somerset Maugham said. The lips are the most sexual organ that a woman could expose. The men love the softness, the taste, the bite of the girls’ lips. They love everything about them for many reasons. The women’s lips kiss them, tells them words of love, they are the frame of every smile and brings promises for sexual pleasure as well. Dear girls, look after your lips and use them wise as believe it or not – they are one of your sweet advantages in this world.

9: To initiate sex


Yes, we got to that part finally! No way to skip it. Men love when their other half initiate the sex. It turns them on, it makes them feel desired and sexy. And everybody loves that! There are many ways to initiate sex even if you’re a bit shy for one or another reason. You could find amazing ideas here or if you want to know what makes him crazy in the bed – there’s some info here. Just don’t forget to let us know how it went.


8: When they ask for help


Surprising, isn’t it? Somehow we’re not suppose to ask for help because it makes us look weak. But on the other hand they want us to ask them for it? Make up your mind, gentlemen! Let’s make it as simple as possible – when you can do something alone just do it. But if you need help with something – ask! It is not going to make you weak but it will make him feel useful, respected and a bit more… hm, a man! They are the strong half of the relationship and it’s called partnership as well. And that mean to help each other in any step – from taking down the curtains to sharing fears and worries. It doesn’t sound sexy but it’s very attractive.


7: Surprise him tonight… and tomorrow




I don’t refer only to the sex part, although it’s important to keep the sexuality on high level by surprising him once in a while. But not every gesture should lead you to the bedroom adventures. Men say they feel attracted to their loved ones when they surprise them with anything. It could be his favourite meal, a planned night out, new socks or a hat, help with some tasks or even simple motivation to keep going. Anything that takes you out of your way and shows them you think about them. It’s attractive! It’s sexy!


6: Who’s the boss?


No, I played with the words again.


I won’t ask you to go and tell him he’s your boss. Probably the opposite… Let me explain before I lose your attention. Many men believe that when the girl’s acting a little bit bossy is very sexy. It’s connected to the confidence, plus adding some sexual fantasies, and there’s the answer to why it’s sexy. But don’t mix the sweet, little bossy with the arrogant, selfish and showing too much ego bossiness. And not all the time because it’ll look creepy.


5: Stretching yourself




When you wake up in the morning, and those first stretches in the bed wake up your mind and body it feels good, isn’t it? Well, it feels good to your men as well! Men think it’s so sexy when a girl stretches herself. Hands in the air or touching the neck, the back… some skin here and there – unintentional of course. That drives them crazy and wakes up not only their mind…! (the answer is your homework).


4: Small touches


You cook, and he passes behind you touching your waste or whatever he’s used to touching on you… and you feel loved. You like the attention and the feeling of closeness. Well, it works the other way around too. Men think it’s very sexy when their girl touch them accidentally or not. It could be the shoulder, the back, the hand or anywhere else – it brings your touch straight to his head. They feel your love; they know you think about them, and that’s attractive and sexy.


3: Girl on a mission


You know what you want in life, and you walk toward it every day. Not everyone does that. So it’s different, it’s something unique, and that’s why it’s sexy. As well as confidence and bossiness, having a clear vision what you want in life is so attractive to men. It’s rear to find someone that knows what he or she wants from life. So once you see it out there – it’s hard to step away and not embrace it.


2: Passion or hobby


The hobby is a passion, right? Going into the moment and forgetting about time and people… yes, it’s a passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s knitting, dancing, paper craft or collecting leafs – the hobby is your unique passion. It makes your eyes glowing and looks like magic that only you understand. Now, you see why the men put it on the list of the sexiest and hottest things, right?


1: To be confident


You may roll your eyes about that one, but confidence is sexy. A confident woman looks different – she walks with a straight back, she moves with certainty, she looks at the others’ eyes with the knowledge she is beautiful, smart and deserves everything bright in this world. And that, my ladies, is irresistible and sexy! So, have a good look in the mirror and finally allow yourself to realise how incredible, kind, beautiful woman you are. And you deserve to be proud of it.



Woman’s orgasm is a mystery sometimes. Or not so much. Many women feel misunderstood from their partners when it comes to the pleasure part of the relationship. There are some facts about The Big O which are good for the men to know.


It is not necessary to have an orgasm every time


Probably that is the part where many men feel like they don’t do enough for their girl if she cannot get to orgasm every time they make love. It would be amazing if that could happen but the fact is it doesn’t. At least not to every woman.


“No orgasm” doesn’t mean “no pleasure”. Don’t think your girl didn’t enjoy the sex with you. She may feel equally amazing with and without the big finish.


It doesn’t have to be loud every time


Another thing many men miss out is that if the girl doesn’t scream and shout she didn’t actually have an orgasm. Yes, sometimes she may make deep scratches on your back and all the neighbours to hear exactly how amazing she feels. It is not necessary to be like that every time though. And that doesn’t make it less amazing.



If something works once it doesn’t mean it will work always


orgasm_secrets-sex_ideasIf your partner gets to the finish line more often in one position, it is not to say that this is the O-position. The orgasm depends on many things, and the position is just one of them. Don’t be surprised if she cannot have it every time in that particular pose.



 The foreplay helps a lot


We all have those moments when the only thing we want is to get to the business straight away. But the foreplay is more important for the ladies than men believe. Soft music, dimmed lights, long kisses, sensible touches – it doesn’t matter how long it could take or which one it will be. Make it part of the game. Many times a man can enjoy the foreplay even more than the women. Just light up the fire!


Use lubricant


Sometimes the only thing that can ruin the orgasm is the dry skin. Use lubricant when having sex with your partner. It will give the extra sensitivity she may need. On top of that, it will prevent the irritating skin after few pleasurable rounds.



sex on the beach – does it worth it

 I would be surprised if there are more than ten sex bucket lists on this planet that don’t include “sex on the beach” in them as a place to get naughty with your partner.

It’s summer hot; it’s risky and definitely sweaty, so it’s normal the thought to cross your mind.

The fact that you might get caught is one of the top reasons that make sex on the beach so attractive for the couples. Many people feel that extra adrenalin doze in their vanes when there is a risk to be seen.

It makes the love life a bit different. Having sex on the beach can add a missing spice in your intimate relationship with your partner. After a while in every relationship could come a time when the bed is not so attractive and fun anymore. So changing the place may be helpful keeping the fire between the two of you.

And it is something you will remember for life, no matter how and what happened.


how_to_sex_on_the_beach-sex_ideasYou may keep the secret for yourself or to share with your besties. In both cases, it’s going to stay in your head for a lot longer than just a week or two.

I have to repeat myself, but although it is fun, you might be caught! And in that order, it’s better to be informed if it’s highly illegal to have sex on the beach in the country you’re in. Because you if in some places, you may get just a fine and a giggle, but in other’s, you may get arrested or even imprisoned. In Dubai, you can go to jail for three to six months. I get it doesn’t sound romantic to search for the law, but at least you’ll know how high the risk is.

The soft yellow sand you enjoy during the sunbath is not going to be so soft if it gets to your intimate parts when the action is on. And on top of that, it may cause you an infection so bear that in mind.

But if you’re enthusiastic enough here are some tips how to make the sex on the beach more hot and pleasant. Just like in the movies.


Be prepared.

It’s not the most romantic and sensitive thing ever but do a small research of the place. Find a spot that is not very easy to see, and it’s isolated from the crowdie places.

sex_on_the_beach-sex_ideasGet a towel with you or even better – a light blanket. You will be able to use it to cover yourself in case someone decides to interrupt the naughty game. And it’s going to keep the sand away. The fun is going to end at the same moment when you feel it in places you prefer not to.

Because of the same reason choose positions that allow you to be away from the sand. Like the Doggystyle for example. Keep your voices down no matter how loud you want to express your feelings. It’s good if you don’t use sun cream as it may cause infection.


What about the sex in the water?

You can have a go on that as well if you want. It will be much easier than you think. On the one hand, there is no sand, so half of your problems are gone. On the other – even if there are some people around, the water will give you privacy. The minus is you cannot use a lubricant under the water. And it may wash away the natural juices woman produces during sex. You don’t have many options for the position, but the water makes the bodies lighter, so it’s going to be easier to move. The use of condoms is a bad idea, so it’s good if you’re with someone you know and trust.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how and where you decide to do it. Just have fun, enjoy the moment and be safe.



What do you think men like and what they really do like in the bed

When we talk about man and woman in the bed, it’s easy to tell what would men like – action and more action. Women often see men as human beans that are quite easy to satisfy in bed. This is not so far from the truth, I agree.  But there are some things we forget about the stronger half of the relationship. A small online research showed that the following points are the most appreciated from men things women could do.

Talking about appreciation – this is one of the things we – women, often forget about. Let’s be honest – we like to be told if we are good at something. Especially in bed. It is the same with the other gender. A man likes to know when he is on the right way to make his woman happy between the sheets. So don’t be shy – share the emotion with you; he can’t read your mind.

Expressing yourself. Nobody tells you to scream as loud as like someone is trying to kill you. But to breathe heavily, moan and if it comes so right that you want to scream – to do it, is something that turns men on. And there is nothing that can make them less excited if you look bored and he’s not even sure if you see that he’s trying to do something down there.


Men like you to be…

.. open to new things. I think you would agree that sex life has to be spiced up from time to time.


 Some people are alright with using just three or four poses during sex. But most of us want something new and different once in a while.

That will keep the fire burning. Ask for your man’s fantasies and share yours. Be open-minded. Try not to judge as that would make the other person feel uncomfortable, and he may get even offended. Talk and create new scenarios from your fantasies.

Say what you want!  Imagine this– man and woman in the bed. He is trying to make her happy for the last 20 minutes. In the same time, she’s wondering why he doesn’t touch her like she wants. Well, as I mentioned above – he can’t read your mind. If you like something show it somehow. You can gently tell him every time he does something you like. You can do even better – take his hand and show him exactly how and where to touch.

Ask for it! That is one of the most common wishes men have. Your man wants to see and feel that you want him. It is exciting and turns him on when you initiate the evening fun in the bed. Your enthusiasm shows you’re into him, you like to be with him, and you’re enjoying sex with him as much as he enjoys it with you. So be brave and go for him. Now!

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