Your Sex Life


9 Good Habits to Increase Your Sex Drive – Boost Your Libido

When looking for ways to increase your sex drive, focus first on your habits. We know, life is a chain of everyday actions, which depend on our habits. The way we feel is often just a habit.

Implementing good habits will increase your sex drive no matter how low it is. There is no exception. 

10 Old But Gold Secrets To Feel Sexy Again Even If You Aren’t In A Mood

To be sexy and to feel sexy is the word that brings images of sweaty beach models in luxury lingerie, biting lips or fingers… something you think you will never be. And you are right! Because…To feel and look sexy is so far away from perfect body and underwear that costs half of your mortgage.


Solo Sex? Oh! Yes, Please! 5 Reasons It’s A Must!

We have to admit it – almost every woman masturbates. If you don’t – you have to try it ASAP. You’ll love it. But while you’re on the self-pleasuring wave you don’t usually think why you do it, right?



Well, you’ve got an idea how to do it, it is not such a secret what goes on between the sheet. One night hook up is something that almost every man has done. Many women as well either had it or want to try it. What are the main rules of having sex for one night so you can fully enjoy it?



“It’s new! It’s interesting! It’s modern! Let’s try it!” Those are the thoughts of most of the people that get into the “friends with benefits” relationship. Many people even watch the famous movie for instructions how and what should they do. Smart? I don’t think so!


Stress And Intimacy – Could They Exist Together?

We live in a world where the word “stress” is more stressful than everything else. It keeps showing here and there, and once you’re in the trap, the way out gets harder and harder. It’s that tension and pressure we feel whenever something is not going well…


Best Health Benefits Of Having Hot and Steamy Sex!

Having fun between the sheets is incredible, and the fact that it’s healthy makes it even better. Many studies proved that having sex on a regular base can benefit your life on levels you haven’t even thought about.