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The Main Keys To a Successful Marriage – Researchers’ Said It!

Your marriage won’t make you happy!


Asking what are the main keys to a successful marriage is the first step to actually improving your marriage. Because, honestly, many people just live their days as a married couple with no care about changing something.

We’re used to the line “You cannot change the other.” but that’s not the whole sentence and you’re about to find out why.

If you expect some action steps below, I am about to disappoint you. There are some action steps that we can call main keys to improve your marriage but this is not the idea of this article.

This article is an inspiration to just for once imagine our marriage not as a whole thing, but as two different people, and focusing on one of them – you!


There are many ways to improve your marriage but none of them will work until you understand something crucial and important. 


Your marriage won’t make you happy!

key-happy-marriage-love-couple-kissI was reading about 18 studies regarding happiness and marriage. Almost all of them lasted for at least a decade. They started before the participant got married and proceeded for years after that with those who stayed married. The main goal was not only to find the keys to a successful marriage but to find out if getting married actually makes us happier.

I will spear you the long story behind the studies. You don’t need to know all about happiness before and after the wedding, increasing and decreasing of the life and relationship satisfaction. What you need to know is the following:


Our happiness doesn’t increase after the wedding. 

Moreover, it decreases with the years. 

The same applies to relationship satisfaction and life satisfaction.


As the author Bella DePaulo says later, there is no way to measure people’s happiness’ level based on being married or not.

And there’s a very good reason for that:

Our level of happiness depends on ourselves, not on our marital status.

We cannot take the couple Sharon and Dave (sample names), and say they’re happier because they’re married. The only way to find that out is to compare them to Sharon and Dave as singles… which is impossible, of course.

So, while everyone tells you that marriage is just a paper and cannot make you happier, there’s a catch everyone’s missing.

People that usually say it are those already married and realised they still got the same problems. The security marriage promises is a false fold we cover our eyes with.

Marriage cannot make you happier because “marriage” is not something that enters your life and fixes everything with a magic wand.

Your spouse cannot make you happier. Their job is not to create your happiness. Neither is yours. 

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Both of you have to share the happiness and build it yourselves.

This doesn’t mean that each one of you is fighting alone for his happiness. If you felt miserable before you met your partner, had a moment of happiness, and then decided to get married, chances are – you will feel miserable again. It is your responsibility, not your spouse’s.


The keys to a happy marriage that everyone knows about


– communication;

– respect;

– appreciation;

– kindness;

– fair fights;

– admiration;

– care;

– small gestures.

All of those are the main keys to a successful marriage. And there’s nothing wrong with them…

Unless that all of them are actions we do for the other.

And while I agree that no relationship nor marriage could survive without those things, I have to list them again but as actions toward ourselves.


Have you ever thought that the only way you can make your spouse happy is if you are happy?

You can talk to your partner for hours but never talk to yourself. And that will lead you to miscommunication with yourself, misunderstanding and internal conflict.

You can respect your partner every single minute of your life, but ignore your needs, feelings and emotions all the time. Every sign of disrespect to yourself will sooner or later make you anxious and depressed.

Admiring your spouse is an amazing gesture of a loving spouse, but find the things you admire in yourself too. Putting only the other on the pedestal will leave you down, under that pedestal. Never look down to yourself. Be up there, with your loved one.

Appreciate the person you share your life with, but appreciate yourself as well. You are the one that chose this amazing person to marry. You are the other half of the equation. The key to a successful marriage is appreciating the marriage as a whole made of two parts – you and your loved one.

Kindness to the other is kindness first to yourself. Hurting yourself hurts the people around you. Whatever you put out there, you accept it for yourself too.

Fair fights is another way to happy marriage. But when it’s about internal conflict with yourself, do you still fight fair? When unhappy with yourself, do you recall every other “stupidity” you did in the past? DO you separate the current problem from everything else, or look for the cause years back?


Small gestures will impress your partner. However, do you gift yourself with small gestures as often as you gift your partner? Because yes, they are small gifts we deserve as much as the other.

When you show care for your spouse, do you involve yourself as well? Do you take the time to recharge, relax, refresh your mind and body? How can you look after someone else if you are not used to looking after yourself?


So the keys to a successful marriage are to focus on our own happiness and well being. 

Your spouse can only love you the way you are, but if you don’t love yourself, you cannot enjoy their love either.

Only when you’ve learned how to receive love, happiness, appreciation, kindness from yourself, you can give them back.

As simple as that!

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Romantic Messages for My Husband – 50 Days Challenge

Tell him you love him with this “Romantic Messages for My Husband”  Challenge below.

Why would you want to complete this Romantic Messages for My Husband Challenge?

Life can be a blessing when you share it with someone that loves you, and you love him back. Many times you might find yourself just wondering how lucky you are having exactly this person in your life.

romantic-messages-for-husbandIn moments like that, you wish to find the best words to tell him how much you appreciate his presence in your life. In fact, maybe just a few years ago you didn’t believe it’s possible to meet someone that understands you, feels you and supports you the way your husband does.

I offer you these Romantic Messages for My Husband – they are for your husband, so don’t miss a day to let him know your love for him is strong and his love for you inspires your days.

Create your own, very private habit to let him know every day for the next 50 days what he means to you.

You will see in this article only 20 of those 50 messages. The truth is I got inspired so much while writing all the 50 romantic messages for a husband that decided to create a printable you can download and do a couple of things with it:

  • you can save it on your phone and simply send your loved one a message a day;
  • you could print the messages and cut out each one of them and hide them in your husband’s wallet/jacket/phone case…

Your love messages might be the only thing that makes him smile on the working desk this morning. Don’t miss your chance to create happiness for both of you.

Enjoy and share with others to aspire and motivate them to … love.

1.Calling myself Your Wife is the best title I could ever dream of having. I love you, babe!

2.I woke up this morning and felt your body next to mine. You are my reason to love my reality more than my dreams.


4.Life had been hard on us in the past, but the best part of our reality is not that we overcame the struggles, but that we overcame them together and they made our love even more unique.


5.My life thought me that when I have something precious I should appreciate it every single day and send love to it. I send you my love because you are the most precious thing I have.

6.I love our crazy weekend mornings when we do silly things, and we laugh at ourselves. I just can’t get enough of them, and I thought you should know it. Love you!


7.Your kisses chased away every pain that I had in my life, and your love brought the biggest happiness I’ve ever experienced. I love you!

8.They say we should always count blessings. I always start with You. I love you!

50 of romantic-messages-husband-love

10.People love us so much not because we’re nice people but because we’re an awesome couple!

11.I know that sometimes I forget to tell you how much I love you but actually, the truth is my love doesn’t just exist, it grows for you every. Single. Day.

12.I never want to lose the magic I feel when you look me in the eyes and tell me I am your girl.

13.You hear my words even when I don’t speak. You feel my pain even when I hide it. You love me even when I don’t love myself. And that makes you the most amazing person I’ve ever met.

15.Your dreams are my dreams now because my dreams came true – I met you. I love you, my hubby!

16.The best thing about the two of us that we grow stronger while having so much fun just being together. I love you!

17.You are my mentor, and you are my psychologist. You are my lover, and you are my friend. You are my pain-relief, and you are my inspiration. You are my support, and you are my strongest weakness. You are my husband, and you are my life. I love you.

18.In moments like that words are weak. But my kisses will fill the gap between my words and my feelings. I love you!

20.My mission in life is to make you as happy as you make me. I’m joking, my mission is to tease you, but I do want to make you happy too 😉 I love you, babe!


Download the full list of 50 Romantic Messages for My Husband by clicking the image below:



Marriage Lesson 101: Get ready for it!

Do you need some marriage advice for newlyweds?


Saying Yes to the woman/man of your life is one of the most amazing feelings ever. It’s like a huge victory in the fight to find and keep true love. But the walk on the aisle shows only the first few steps in life where you will face much more than you did till now.




In moments like that, we need some advice. Being recently married couple could be overwhelming, exciting and at the same time – hard. Some questions come into your head soon after The Day, if not immediately.


  • Is the wedding the end of the struggles or the beginning?
  • How can I stop myself from forgetting how amazing I feel today?
  • How can I sustain the love, the intimacy and the understanding we shower each other with?
  • How could we find the secret to our happiness, even when life gets hard on us?


To answer those and other questions of yours, I made a list of the best marriage advice for newlyweds. For you!








Often, after the wedding, many couples tend to forget there’s still a lot of work to be done. Actually, the action never stops and the best part – you will enjoy it. Communication is essential for any relationship. However, the communication with your new spouse should be priority number 1. That is the reason “Communicate” to be my first advice for newlyweds.


  • Never lose a chance to sit down and talk about life, dreams, plans, feelings, hopes.


You do remember your first dates, don’t you? You were talking for hours and hours and felt like there’s so much more to talk about. Bring back that feeling. Focus on revealing more and more of the other’s soul. Communicate!


Marriage advice for newlyweds “Keep dating.”


advice_for_newlyweds-marriageEven before the wedding, many couples forget to date. If you live together long before the actual wedding, it’s likely you don’t date anymore.


But is it possible to date someone you live together with?


Absolutely! Who said dating is only when two people see each other while they live separately.


You could put on your best shirt, she could dress in a cute skirt, and both of you could go on a coffee, romantic dinner. Just be present that this is a date!


Work as a team


When problems occur remember one crucial thing:


  • It’s you and your partner against the problem, not against each other.


The problems will come and go. No newlyweds are speared of having them. But in the first months and years, you will find that many times your opinions are different.


There’s never only one solution to the problem. So, if it’s solved, why bother to be your way.





  • There are many things in life you shouldn’t compromise with. And much more you should.


Compromising is not allowing the other to do or have what he/she wants. Compromising is realising that if something makes the love of your life happy, you should keep your opinion to yourself.


So what if you chose Chinese instead of an Italian restaurant to have dinner? Next time it’ll be Italian.


So what if the curtains are in white instead of light peach? Change them in a year time when you’re both tired of looking at the white ones.


So what if you have to watch a show you don’t like, but your spouse loves?  Record your show and watch it later or the weekend.




Keep everything between the two of you


  • Nobody feels your love the way you two do.



One of the best advice for newlyweds that you could get is to keep everything between the two of you. I know, when you’re out with your best friend, it’s so easy to share your recent problem.


But hold it for a while.


You love your spouse unconditionally, and you’re aware this problem will go away. But your best friend will remember the fact you don’t feel happy, and you have problems. Depending on how you put the question, it may even look like something horrific happens.


Keep the things between the two of you and don’t give anyone chance to say even a single word that would hurt the other’s feelings. Marriage is something personal. Keep it that way.


Marriage advice for newlyweds “Don’t live two separate lives”


Soon after the wedding, life goes back to the routine. Work, food, TV, out with friends, football-weekend, cleaning, planning to clean… the circle is there.


Escape from that routine. Once in a while – escape from it. Share moments together. Not just the sleeping in one bed and the sex from time to time. Find a way to create little moments for both of you – a walk out in the shops (even if you don’t buy anything), in the park, afternoon coffee in some small cafe. Be creative. It’s not necessary to spend money. Being together is necessary.


Get clear on finances on time


Let’s talk about money. No way you didn’t ask yourself some questions regarding the financial part of the marriage. Usually, this is a conversation you should’ve had before the wedding. But if you didn’t – have it as soon as possible.


  • Money is non-romantic part of the marriage, but it sure can create romantic moments.


  1. Have a plan how to spend your money.
  2. Decide if you’ll have joined account or everything will go in two separate ones.
  3. Chose a monthly saving plan and try to stick with it.
  4. Cover your debts and stay away from new ones.
  5. Be respectful of the things your new wife/husband is used to spend money on every month. As long as your finances cover your bills and the saving plan is going well, you shouldn’t worry if your spouse has an expensive hobby.




Fight fair


You didn’t think you won’t fight, did you? The problem with the fight between the new husband and wife is that often we try the other’s boundaries. We chose to push so we can provoke reactions and see what’s going on. And that’s not fair.


Fighting fair is not to see how far the other will go. Neither to swallow your pride in the name of a quiet day is a solution. It’s about talking about the current problem, listening to the other’s words and trying to see why what he/she says is vital to him.


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You shouldn’t even get to the wedding day if there’s no trust between the of you.

However, don’t allow that trust to slip away during the hard moments. Trust is not only the belief that your loved one is faithful to you, but trust is to let him/her lead you through things you’ve got less knowledge about. Trust is to believe that sharing thoughts that disturb you, is the best way to see if there’s something to worry about. Knowing that the other loves you and everything he/she does, is because of that love – that is trust.


The hardest to put in action – advice for newlyweds “Forgive!”


No one is perfect. If you expect to be forgiven, you have to forgive as well. No marriage could survive if there’s no forgiveness.


Be proud of each other


  • Point out the small wins. Celebrate them.


Show your spouse how good he/she did something. Appreciate the qualities the other has, and make sure you say it out loud. Everyone loves to hear he’s done something well. It’s one of the strongest ways to motivate each other to keep doing what you’re doing.


“Set goals” advice for newlyweds


advice_for_newlyweds-marriage-couple-winsIt may not be a mortgage in the first year after the wedding. But it’s advice for newlyweds you need to focus on.

Usually, the first year after the wedding day is all about emotions, to settle in the new role as a spouse… Goals are somewhere there, in the future and you’ve got the idea of something, but it’s just not the right time. Yes, it is! Setting a goal will unite you (remember the “work as a team” advice for newlyweds?) and give you a path to walk toward. Make it something small – a holiday, trip to somewhere, or buying something for the house. Stay inspired.


Show love


This advice for newlyweds is for the last place but is probably the most important.


  • Showing love is not saved only for the dating, or just for the months before the wedding. Showing love is the most significant part that leads to “till death tear us apart“.


Making breakfast for your spouse every morning, kiss on the neck, touch on the shoulder, smile before you go to sleep… To show love is the cheapest thing ever and yet, sometimes it costs us everything. Show love.


Two signs you need to improve your financial culture


Household finances have always been a topic hard to talk about. That is why learning to master your family budgeting is so important.

Could bad financial situation ruin your marriage? Well, it definitely won’t make it easier and many times – yes, it could.

Is good money managing going to save your marriage? It depends on the situation but many times – yes, it may actually save it.

Let’s talk about the reasons you need to be present with your family money.

  • It gives you the full picture of what happens with your money as a family.
  • It unites you to work in the name of a goal that benefits both of you.
  • Gives you a different life perspective – you will find a whole new world out there.
  • Learning from your mistakes will open your eyes and teach you that financial planning is crucial for your better future.
  • You will feel a new type of closeness, even if you are together for more than a decade.
  • Saving money will make you proud of each other. As a result, your self-esteem will grow bigger, and that causes the disease called “happiness”.

If you like this article subscribe to our website so you can be notified of the publishing of my book about family budgeting. My experience in working in banks for ten years thought me a lot about money (mainly what not to do with them…), and I can’t wait to share them with you. The book will be out before the end of March (2018) and will include money hacks, saving tips, budget planners with instructions how to use them and much more. Happy reading!

Update (01.04.18): The Money Organiser Bundle is ready for you. Click here to get it!



How to start family budgeting

If you don’t have any experience in money tracking or setting a budget up, it may feel overwhelming at the beginning. But I have a surprise for you:

It sounds so scary because of the terminology. Actually, it’s very simple.

Start with a goal

Why do you need home budgeting?balance-master-money-family_budgeting

What is your first and most important goal?


It could be paying off a mortgage, saving for education, a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, move to different city or country, start a business. Whatever it is. Write it somewhere you can see it every day. That will help you keep the focus on what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Have a talk

I know that you may wish to get straight to the point but in “family budgeting” the keyword is “family”. You are both in this. If you don’t have experience or you’re used to spending money like there’s no tomorrow, the support of the other is essential.


Both you and your spouse should motivate and encourage each other. Things may get messy at some point. I talk about the moments when he may want a new PC Game, and you really need those high pink hills you saw the other day. In those moments you need the love of your life to bring you down to earth and stick the list with the goal in your face.

Step 1

You cannot track money you don’t see

You want to know where your money goes. That is why you should keep track on your spending for a month or two. After that, you can go for developing a financial plan for your family budget.

If you want to speed a little bit the process, open your bank accounts’ statements and go through the last two months. See if you can find out where your majority of the money goes.

That will be the moment of truth.

Most families believe that they don’t overspend and know exactly what happens with their money. Yet, when they look at the statement for the last month, it takes just a few minutes to realise that’s not even close to the reality.

In my experience, I saw this so many times that it stopped surprising me at some point.

If you want to shake someone and bring him down to earth – show them their bank account statement!

Two signs you need to improve your financial culture

  • In some weird and supernatural way, you always seem to spend more than you make.
  • You’ve done your math (twice… at least), and still have no idea where your money goes.

I can hear your thoughts:

“Ok, so this is the salary, these are the credit cards, the groceries (I think), and the insurances. Oh, that’s the dinner on Saturday… this is… it’s… What the f***k are these £136.85 for? And those £99.99?! Unbelievable!”

Please, let me know if your thoughts are different – it would be like seeing very rear new species

So now what?!

Ok, so you’ve got the bank statement, you have the pen and the paper, you’ve got the shocked and confused face. Now what?!

Chose a template




You need to decide if you will use paper or digital device.


  • Apps – There are many useful apps you can install on your phone to keep track on your money. Just have a look at your App Store.
  • Excel – A popular way is to create your own Excel Table. The best thing about it is that you decide what to put as more important and less important columns.
  • Digital Planners – The web is full of templates for household budgeting you can download and customise according to your needs.


  • You can use a big agenda and make it more personal – as an example, you could put a family photo of you and your spouse since your last vacation – happy and full of life. That will help you visualise your goals and stay motivated. Plus, it makes the “family budgeting” more “family” – rich.
  • Get a readymade paper Planner if you feel unsure how to set up your own.

I think that most people get scared of planning and family budgeting because of the complicated planners out there. The average person doesn’t really know how to use all the 296 cells on the budget planners, and that’s more than normal. I cannot find their purpose either. That’s why I like me & my BIG ideas, Happy Planner (the photo has a link to it). The first thing you notice is the clean design – nothing is too much and has everything you need. On top of that, it has these cute motivational quotes I think are the inspirational push you may need when opening it.


After all, it doesn’t matter which type of financial planning you chose.The real deal is what you write in it and how you use that information in your life.


Step 2

Separate the incomings and the outgoings

Even though it’s always easy to track the incomings, you want to write them too. Sometimes they may vary and the record will help you in future planning.

The outgoings you could separate in a few columns. I like to name each category in a different but personalised way:

  • Household outgoings – the mortgage (or rent), the monthly utility bills, home and car insurances, transportation. These outgoings tend to stay almost the same every month, so it’s effortless to track them.
  • Ready-Steady-Go outgoings – that category includes every amount of money that you want to get rid of – loans, credit cards, student’s loans, the money you borrowed from friends, etc.
  • “Keep us alive” outgoings – groceries, money spent on your health, even health insurances.
  • “Keep us happy” outgoings – in that category you want to put TV service (yes, the TV exist to keep you happy not alive or awake!), phone bills, Internet, Netflix, clothes – everything you can survive without but anyway you won’t give them up.
  • “Sweet Temptation” outgoings – don’t get too excited over that one. It includes everything that doesn’t answer to the other criteria  – movie-money, dinners out, going to the pub/bar after work, a pack of doughnuts in the lunch break, etc.

Add more categories if you have more monthly expenses. After that name them in a way that suits the idea, and add them to your planner.

Family Budgeting is not only writing down incomings and outgoings

Although writing everything down is a rule Number 1 – it is not enough.

Now you need a plan what to do with everything you’ve just found out about your money and where they go.

Here are some tips on how to improve your money situation in the family.

See what’s unnecessary and cut it off. If you have Cable TV but spend most of your time on family_budgeting-household_financesNetflix, you may be paying for something you don’t need. That could be a fitness membership, phone plans you never fully use or something else. Cut it off as you don’t really need it. Now, this is what I call mastering the family budgeting.

Pay off the debts as fast as you can. Start with the money you owe to friends and other family members. After that proceed with the credit cards and leave the loans and mortgage for the end. Use the money you just saved from the previous tip and invest them in your future financial freedom.

Save. Save as much as you can. Open a saving account and deposit every month. Even if it’s something small. Consistency will develop the habit of saving. As the time goes by the amount will grow. As well as your smile.

Stay away from everything that led you to the position you’re in right now. Clearly, if you need a “save my money and life” plan, something about your money habits is wrong. The whole process I just described will help you find it out. Once you identify it – kill it! Change your habits and your life will change after that.

Family Budgeting “Stay Focused” plan

Your primary focus should stay on few things:

  • Your goal – the thing you want to achieve, buy, the place you want to visit, the business you want money-planning-celebrate-marriage-family_budgetingto start – it’s your motivation, so never allow yourself to forget it.
  • Start small – your first month should encourage you not the opposite. Setting up goals too high will lower your self-esteem and eventually discourage you. So start with something small but still challenging so you can taste the win at the end of the month.
  • Celebrate the wins – Celebrate that small win. You finally saved something? Celebrate! (not with the money you saved, of course!) Did you pay a debt off? Celebrate! That will boost your motivation and will encourage you to keep up the excellent work.
  • Discipline – the other name of “stay focused”. Discipline is more than necessary every time you want to overspend, every time you want to add to the household service you may not need, every time you see a cake you know it will ruin your health and teeth, but you want it.


Question: I am curious about your goals and what your reason to reach out to family budgeting is. So let me know about it in the comments below, I would love to get inspired by you.


Make the new 2018 The Best Year for the two of you

The new year is just around the corner, and it promises to be the best for the two of you. These new year’s resolutions for couples will help you get there. I know you like to have something good to look forward to in the new year. And I am sure you already have a bunch of good things.

But how about another nine?

Setting up the right vibe for the new year is essential. The new beginning gives you a choice to change something, to improve your life and to be a better version of yourself. Nothing could fit in this better than those nine new year’s resolutions for couples.

Start Something New Together

new years resolution together


Being independent in the relationship and having separate goals, hobbies and moments are very important. But all around the web, I can see encouraging articles to focus on having an almost independent life than the other. And what about the life together? If you don’t live together yet, there are many things you do by yourself. So why not set a new year resolution to start something new together. New for both of you. Like dancing classes, fitness routine or exploring new hobby together.

Something new that you two do together will give you so much more than a few more hours together. It will put both of you in a unique situation, equally inexperienced, ready to challenge yourself and the other. It will make the bond stronger.

Go To A Place You’ve Never Been Before

new years resolutions place love relationship



What could be a better resolution as a couple for the new year than visiting a new exciting place you’ve never been before. It could be anywhere in the world or your own country. The only condition is that both of you have never visited, but you want to. Check the tickets early enough to guarantee yourself the cheapest option and circle the date on the calendar. Now that is what I call a good thing to look forward to.

Have More Sex

Relationship resolutions sex intimacy



Ok, I lied… There is something better to look forward to in the new year. It’s when you set up that particular resolution, of course. Have more sex! Just have more sex! Enjoy the other more than you did this year. Forget about the stress, forget about the bills, the way your mean boss looked at you last week or the cloudy weather outside. Just kiss your partner, cuddle a bit and do it. It is what makes you two so special – the bond you create, the most intimate moments you share, the feelings you make a reality.

Make At Least One Of The Other’s Dreams Come True

dream new years resolutions coupe marriage



Each one of you has dreams.Make at least one of them come true. Resolution number four is about supporting the other, watching him or she grows and having the satisfaction you’re part of it. The best thing you can do for your partner is to help them achieve their dreams. It could be a new position at work, new freelance project, education or just being consistent in a hobby he or she loves. Motivate your loved one and guess what – you will feel motivated as well for your own dreams.

Work On Improving Your Relationship

improve relationship new years resolution



The perfect relationship is the imperfect one that each one of the partners loves those imperfections.But when there’s something that bothers both of you, and you agree it has to be solved – do it in the new year. Don’t delay it, don’t close your eyes in front of it. You feel you don’t communicate enough? Make more time for conversations. You think you hurt each other when you argue? Work on how to fight fair. The trust between the two of you is weak? Learn to trust each other step by step. The relationship is something we created and chose to have every single day. And every single day is a new opportunity to either improve it or destroy it. Make your choice today.

Have More Fun

relationship couple new years resolutions(1)



As we grow, we leave the child in us somewhere far away in the corners of our hearts.We stuff its mouth with promises how we’re going to have fun later, tomorrow, next week… Until one day we don’t feel the need to have fun at all. How boring could an adulthood be! Don’t go there. Have more fun. Together as a couple! Go out and play in the snow, splash in the puddles (unless … shoes!), bite the other’s nose or go hiking. As long as you have fun, it doesn’t matter how big or small the activity will be. Trough the laugh we make new friendships, bonding the old ones and open our hearts to the people. Laugh, have fun, enjoy!


Surprise Each Other More

surprise relationship marriage resolutions



This new year’s resolution will challenge you a lot.Especially if you’re a bit hard in surprises. But it’s learnable, believe me. And the fact that it’s a challenge is what makes the resolution profitable for you. Surprise each other often. More often than you expect it. Think of ways to make the other’s brows jump up when you surprise them. A freshly cooked meal with wine and candles on Wednesday evening will surprise him. Coffee in the bed on Sunday morning will surprise her. It doesn’t have to cost money, but it will make you a winner. I promise!

Motivate Each Other To Break A Bad Habit

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As unique and perfect in our imperfections we are, there are things we could do better in this life, aren’t there?Chose one or more habits you want to break in the new year. Smoking? Too much time on the phone? Not enough healthy meals in the week? Don’t you spend enough time with your parents? Whatever it is – decide to break it. And ask for the other’s support. It’s like having a life coach, but you don’t pay for it. Leave in the other’s hands how to motivate you and stay motivated. And of course – do the same in return. Evolve together with this new year’s resolution for couples.

Tell Each Other You Love Each Other Every Night

It should be number one new year’s resolution for couples, but I decided to be the last one. It’s because I hope I don’t have to tell you about it. It shouldn’t be new year’s resolution, but it should be “since we found out we love each other” resolution. Well, at the beginning of the relationship is very easy to say it all the time – so exciting and new. So special. In the time we start to just skip it once in a while – of course, he knows you love him! Well, yea, but it doesn’t hurt if you say it, right?

And just the sound of it – even though he knows it, will make him smile, will feel something warm and soft in his heart. He will feel the love. The best thing before you go to sleep as a couple is to remind each other you love each other.

No matter the day, no matter the stress, the fun, the sex, the travels, the bad and the good – it all starts with you and the other… in love.

So how many of those new year’s resolutions for couples did you implement in your life and what else do you think it should be on the list? Share with me.


Your man is a hero – small things we forget about 

Today I would like to write about something different. Every day I listen to only complaints from women. They complain from their husbands or boyfriends, and all it happens is that more they complain, more reasons for a complaint they find. So I want to say to all women in relationships or married: See, your man is a hero!

Your man is a hero because he goes to work every day to provide food for his family. And he actually doesn’t  complain about it. Only women like to do it. He even may go on two jobs or to work more than 10 or 12 hours and still doesn’t says a word.

Your man is a hero because he can fight the monsters under your son’s bed. And he always wins. With a sense of humour… Or he reads bedtime stories to your little girl and kisses her good night. Every evening. And still, he has some more kisses for the women of his life – you.

Your man is a hero because he can repair almost everything in the house. He can open the lid of a jar, and he can install the washing machine. He would carry the bags all the way from the shop to your house and wouldn’t moan about it.

Your man is a hero because he can drive for hours on the motorway with the kids – screaming and fighting each other, at the back of the car. And he does it with a smile on his face. Even if your smile is packed somewhere with the shoes in the luggage.


Your man is a hero because he was not afraid to put a ring on your finger and to claim you as his partner. He was not afraid to go into a serious relationship. He proves to you every day he loves you, and he’s proud of his choice in life.

Your man is a hero because he supports you in your plans for future. He encourages you to follow your dreams, motivates you and he’s your biggest fan in everything you do.

Your man is your hero because he’s your children’s hero. They have someone to spin them in the air while they’re laughing as loud as they can. They have someone to ask for things you said No about. And they have someone to show them what respect is.

Your man is your hero because he can coop with your moods every week. And he can kiss and hug you even when you feel like you’ve been hit by a train. And he loves to do it.


Your man is a hero because he’s really not into the romantic things in this world, but he’s trying. For you. Or he is romantic and brings tears of joy to your eyes with small gestures. And he remembers most of the important dates in your relationship.

Your man is a hero because he is your choice. Because you decided to spend your life with him. Because no matter what he is trying his best to make his family happy. Appreciate him and show off with him instead of complaining about the small meaningless things in life.


Do it before he becomes someone else’s hero.


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