Marriage Problems


Most Common Reasons for Divorce According to the Studies

However, for years and years, some of the most common reasons for divorce stay the same. Maybe there’s something crucial that the psychologists cannot identify yet.  Maybe we cannot be changed. Maybe we don’t want to change. Love and marriage are still considered a blessing, but …


3 Action Steps to Take When Your Husband Ignores You

He intentionally ignores you, you know that. He works too much, hides behind his meetings and friends, or claims he needs time to relax and kills the next four hours in front of the computer or TV. In this article, I will explain to you not only Why this happens but What To Do when your husband ignores you, TODAY!

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Financially Unstable Husband – Help Him to Help Yourself

Living with financially unstable husband can be overwhelming, stressful and depressing. The situation leaves you – the wife, to think about bills, rent or mortgage, the education of the children, the grocery shopping and paying off debts you both took.


How To Know if Your Marriage Is Really Over? Is It Too Late To Save It?

There are times when you can save your marriage and times when you know there’s nothing left to be done. But how to find out in which situation you are, right now? Today! When the emotions are so high that your anger, disappointment and frustration could provide energy to charge half city…


Top 7 Of The Worst Marriage Mistakes Women Do

And somewhere there, between the “What should I do for dinner” and “Did you pay the bills” questions, one day we find ourselves lost in the meaning of being married. We start asking each other what happened and who did what.



Nobody gets married with the expectations to divorce after that. But somehow many couples that say ”I do” to each other, actually end up divorced in the next few years. Here are the top 7 reasons for divorce that lead them to the unhappy end of the fairy tale.


Marriage Counselling – Could It Save Your Family And Life?

Marriage counselling becomes more and more popular in the last years, and the debates on the benefits of it are all over the internet. Most of the people that are satisfied or not with their therapy are making significant statements based only on their experience. But what is couples counselling?