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8 Insanely Obvious Reasons Men Pull Away From You

Men are pulling away because you are pushing them away?


I have a question for you:

How come every decent man you met on this Earth happened to be insecure, immature or scared by your female power?

Is it really SO hard to find and keep the right guy?

Let me answer the last one: No, it’s not!

Disclaimer: Harsh words here, love! Read only if you are ready to face the truth why men pull away from you.


To understand better what happens when men pull away, I would like to tell you a very familiar story…


A story about my friend – Jenny.

when men pull away

Insanely obvious reasons why men pull away

Jenny has a master degree in the desired field. She has the perfect job as an office manager in a big company as well. She is a good-looking, smart and ambitious young lady. And she is hungry for the love of the perfect man. 


The perfect guy would be at least as smart as she is. He would be as ambitious and successful in what he does. He would have a good sense of humour and will see that Jenny is his perfect match very early in the relationship. Probably even in the first few dates. They will laugh, share stories and views of how life should be. One day they will both drive away towards the sunset with the “Just Married” sign on their car.

Sounds lovely, right?


Jenny believed that her success gives her the right to be picky with men. I would agree with that! After all, she has to find that decent, nice guy who will accept all the love she has to give, right? 

And why would it be different? 

A smart, successful woman Is looking for a smart, successful man. Just tick all the boxes and walk me to the altar…


But life’s weird…

Jenny had a problem finding that successful man with the smart look and the good sense of humour. There’s plenty fish in the sea; he should be somewhere there, she thought.

Date after date and relationship after relationship, but nothing happened.

The good and smart men were running away. The ones that were staying were doing it because they were not as successful and smart as they pretended to be.

Do you know Jenny? A small confession…


Jenny is not a real person. It’s a profile of the certain type of behaviour I explained.

I have at least few friends that could be Jenny right now. Sadly, I was one of them as well.

Do you have Jenny’s profile too?

Well, welcome then.

Let me tell you what happens when men pull away. 

Why they disappear?

You are pushing them away! 

Yes, girl, you are pushing men away every single time there’s someone you really like and get to the first few dates. 

And it will be my pleasure to tell you how.

Insanely obvious signs you are pushing men away


Ok, how can I prove you are the reason men pull away?

Let’s say you got the perfect “Jenny” profile base:

– you are smart

– you are successful at what you do, and you totally love it

– you are busy, and you love that too

– you know you are “a good catch” and don’t feel the need to prove it – why would you show off, he is the one that has to impress you.

– you are independent and don’t need anyone to take care of you

– you are happy with your single life, but of course, you want love too

– you perfectly know what you want in life

– …and you perfectly know what you want in a man

but when you start dating someone that matches all that… somehow he pulls away and slowly disappears

Yep, he pulls away because you push him away.


And has nothing to do with the fact that men are scared by strong and independent smart women. Nothing!

How’s that?

Well, there’s not even one smart guy on this Earth that would appreciate, value and marry a woman that doesn’t make him laugh and is not successful and happy with what she does.

So, where’s the problem then?

How come you ARE that type of a woman, and you date that type of men, but none of them sticks around long enough so you could seal the deal?

The tough love comes, so now’s the time to decide if you need it.

You think he pulls away but actually, he just needs a retreat… and then you go mad… and then he really pulls away!


Should I explain more?

You date for three weeks. Everything looks great, you’re both having the time of your lives. Until the point when one day he declines your invitation to go out on Saturday. He doesn’t really explain why. He says he needs time…!

“He needs TIME!”..?

That’s your code word for “he pulls away, I’ll never see him again. I did something wrong!

You like him, so you ask what’s wrong. He explains that nothing’s wrong but he is not in a mood to go out this weekend…

Of course, something’s wrong!

So you keep asking, you even send an apology message, just in case you did something wrong. You spend the next few days going through a mini-nightmare…

By the end of the weekend, you either had sent him hundreds of texts trying to find out what’s wrong… Or even better – you already decided that if he’s able to disappear so easily and for so long, he’s not worth your attention. It’s obvious he cannot commit to something more serious.

When he calls you or text you on Monday morning, you are already miles away from the person you were last week. He doesn’t seem upset or doesn’t indicate what happened during the weekend and that drives you insane…

Do you recognise yourself somewhere in this story?

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He pulled away but he didn’t pull away


I strongly recommend you have a look at Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus book by John Grey. It’s like a Bible for relationships. How would it help you understand the situation from our story above?

When men pull away, very often they just need a day or two off, sometimes – even a few hours. They need to meet with themselves, to think over a problem, to relax or just to be alone for a while. Nothing’s wrong with him or his feelings towards you. He just needs some time alone.

Very often that’s what men do after they realise their feelings for you are getting stronger. It’s like regrouping of their inner self…

That need for them to be alone you could feel when you want to stay home and read a book in he bed with a cup of hot chocolate.

But a man will never share their feelings in that way.


He will tell you he is not in a mood for anything for the next hour/day/weekend and will leave you hanging in the air, not knowing what happens.

If he says the same thing to another man or hears it from another man, everything will be fine – no one will ask any more questions. They understand each other.

He believes saying a short sentence should make the things clear to you too.

But he doesn’t understand the women… as well as you don’t really understand the men.

You need the long explanation, but he’s not used giving it and he doesn’t see the point of giving it.

However, when he closes himself in that “cave” of his (more about it in the book I mentioned), he really needs that “alone time”. After he had it, he will come back to you.

The same “alone time” you don’t give him or make him feel sorry about later on.

And that’s what pushes him away.

You are in a hurry to show him how amazing you are but instead, you are pushing him away


I know, he has to be aware of what he deals with. 

He has to know that you have goals and dreams, and you are not on a hunt for a man to look after you. 

He has to know you can handle yourself and you are happy where you are.

Yes, that’s true.

But he doesn’t have to know all that on the first date. Not even on the second one.

Let him find this out in a normal pace, during the courtship. Don’t throw in his face every single achievement you had for the last 15 years. He will pull away not because you are too good but because you are choking him with all that awesomeness. It would look like you love yourself a little bit too much. Maybe you could be perfectly happy all by yourself then…

He feels like a part of an investigation, and that pushes him away


I know, I’ve said a few times that you have to know what you’re dealing with. But asking him a question after question will do no good to you.

Dedicating every single date on the mission to get to know him as much as possible will make it weird. 

First, if he loves to talk about himself, you will be drowned into the topic after topic and learn too much too fast will take the thrill away. 

And if he doesn’t like to talk too much, your constant questions will violate his personal space, and he will disappear very fast.

Have a look at these innocent questions you could ask on the first dates and he won’t feel investigated.

You don’t engage too much with him, and he pulls away


It’s hard to imagine that a man could pull away because he didn’t get enough attention during the first few dates.

I mean, you agreed to go out with him. Few times. You went on the date ready to listen and talk. You didn’t act needy or insecure. You laughed at his jokes and let him express himself in the way he wants.

Nothing wrong so far.

However, how much did you engage yourself into this date? 

How many times did you check your phone while he was talking?

How many times did you think about the office and how to solve the latest problem at work?

Did you have a moment when you felt too tired to be on another date that could end unhappily?

Were you 100% there, with him?

You see what I mean? 

Men are human beings.

Just like us, women. They feel, and they have intuition as well. Maybe not as strong as ours, but everyone knows when they’ve been ignored. Even for a few minutes. And no one likes that. 

No wonder he pulled away. You are tired of pointless dates but if you’re going to do it – do it well, girl. Be present. Involve yourself.

Looking for a commitment too fast makes men pull away


I know you are tired of spending the weekends alone or in the club with friends.

You need warmth and understanding. You need support and gentle but strong presence from a man by your side.

You date someone few times and you already have thoughts of romantic weekends away, meeting family and relatives, creating mutual friendships…

I was you once… ok, more than once.

I thought that the moment I realise I want that man in my life and he reacts well to my signals – it’s all set. 

It’s not.

And that’s how I was pushing men away in the past.

Like it or not, men need more time to comprehend their feelings. Too fast ends badly for both of you. 

A woman could fall in love with a guy, have a relationship with him for a week and then cry for a month after they break up.

We are so emotional. We are full of passion we want to spread and the moment we find someone willing to accept it… we drown him in it. 

We are months ahead in our thoughts.

But men like to go through each step and make sure that they understand you and most importantly – you respect and accept them as they are.

Therefore, going too serious too fast will push men away. They need more time. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We are just different. We comprehend information and emotions in different ways. And that’s what makes the relationships so vivid and amazing. To be the same is boring.

Projecting your visions of life onto him will push him away


“All women deserve the same rights as men.” 

“All men seem to have a problem with committing to a woman.”

You have a list of 54 things you want to do in the next four years and don’t mind sharing all of them with him.

Life is hard and your battles worth telling them on the very first dates…

I respect everything. I agree with all of it.

But going so strong at the very beginning of your courtship won’t lead you to the next date.

Your visions of the world deserve respect and explanation. They are amazing when the person on the other side knows you and understands you. And all of it would sound much more like a conversation and less like a shooting gun in his head.

Be respectful to him and be respectful to yourself – he might not see your point of view simply because you are not giving him the time to see it.

You are pushing men away because you try to change them


Recently I did a review on a book that was dealing with the same problem you have – why men pull away and why they disappear? 

I read something fascinating in it regarding “accepting the unacceptable” and the real “unacceptable” things in men. 

You see, there are things you will never accept in this world about a man. And that’s more than ok. I encourage you to find those things, list them on a piece of paper and never lose it. It could be an alcohol addiction, even smoking (depends on your views), a certain attitude, even certain views of life and culture.

However, there are things that are unacceptable, but you could accept them. They are harmless and don’t change the person in from of you. They just come with him and make him less attractive but more human. This could be manners on the table, even smoking (as I said – views), messiness or lack of cooking abilities… You could accept all that. It’s a choice which will affect your life but won’t drastically change it. You don’t like these things but if you could put up with them – do it.

Deciding if the man in front of you is worth it or not should be based on what’s “acceptable” and what’s “acceptably unacceptable”.

If you want to know more about that topic as well as why men disappear from your life, you could have a look at the review I did on Evan Marc Katz’ book Why He Disappeared. If you feel the connection between you and my “Jenny” profile, Why He Disappeared is a perfect match for you.

You are not sure if he’s worth it and he has to prove himself


I completely support you in this one.

No one deserves too much trust and after so many years of disappointment, it’s logical to have doubts, to be a little bit cold and unreachable…

Way too many times your heart was broken and your soul was used by the wrong men.

On the other hand, you would never go out again with someone that really doesn’t believe you and honestly, they show you have to work hard for their trust… and you just met them. In that situation you will be the one that will pull away, right?

So think of it like that: He doesn’t understand why you are suspicious towards him. You mentioned your heart was broken for more than a few times… But his heart was broken too. And yet, here you are, trying to send him signals he has to work on your trust. He didn’t even lose it, because you never had any trust in him.

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It’s devastating to trust and feel betrayed.

But your next love shouldn’t pay for the mistakes of your last love!

Or it will end before it even starts.

Did you recognise yourself in one of these situations?

Do you believe it’s still his fault to pull away?

Do you think men pull away because they are too scared of commitment with you?

If you didn’t recognise yourself in the situations – check this post about men pulling away in early stages of the relationship.

Help me understand your situation and help you backcomment below or subscribe to this blog and send me a message.


When a Woman Loves You She Will Do These 10 Things For You

10 Signs she loves you without saying it


How do you know she loves you? What are things you could expect to happen when a woman loves you? Does the woman next to you appreciates you and loves you or your relationship is just a lie? I’ll tell you the answers to all of those and many more questions. If you enjoyed this article, don’t miss the chance to subscribe to our blog. We promise to share more insights about love and relationships every single week.

Simply because she didn’t say yet, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. More disturbing – even if she says she loves you, it doesn’t mean she does. And it’s very simple to find out.

The problem many people have nowadays is not to find out if someone loves them or not, but to accept the truth.

Below, I will list top 10 of the thing that happens in your relationship when she loves you.

10 When a woman loves you, she listens to you

signs she loves you-2It’s not about sitting in front o you and simply listens to you. It’s about hearing what you have to say, interacting with you, asking questions, suggesting solutions to problems. Someone who really loves you will know how important it is to share your thoughts with her. That’s one of the best things when you’re in a fulfilling relationship – you don’t have to deal with anything alone. A simple conversation could give you the power and strength you needed today.

9 She tells you when you’re wrong

Do you believe that if you’re always right about everything? Well, I know your answer – no one’s perfect. So, an obvious sign she loves you is when she doesn’t keep it quiet when you’re wrong. We all do mistakes, we all have our flaws, and that’s fine. But if she just uses you and doesn’t really loves you, she will not tell you if you’re wrong, because she might think that would make the truth visible. However, someone who really loves you will not “leave you in the dark” by letting you believe you are always so perfect. And that’s a good thing. Why? Because of the next signs, she loves you:

8 When a woman loves you she pushes you to be more

You might have great potential to be a better person, to live better, to do better. How do you know she loves you? Well, she constantly motivates you to BE more. You feel like you can expand your real potential and you’ll have her support. In her eyes, there are no limits before you. And that’s not because she’s in love, but because she sees things even, you don’t see. That’s the beauty of true love.



7 When a woman loves you, she’s kind to you

It’s that type of kindness you feel toward someone who’s very close to your heart. It’s the kindness of care for your emotions, feelings and love. You know the difference between kindness and politeness, right? It’s all about the energy she sends towards you when talking, the care that never ends… sounds too perfect? Well, check the next one:

6 She will never allow you to mistreat her

Someone who really loves you will not be blind to that love. True love opens our eyes. She wants the same she offers – respect, kindness, care… simply love. That’s why a woman that loves you will never allow you to mistreat her. She will be open and honest about it when you misbehave and show disrespect. It might look like it’s easy to manipulate someone that loves you, but it’s not like that. When there’s disrespect, mistreat, manipulation, there’s no love in neither of the sides.


5 Someone who truly loves you will show care for you

when-a-woman-loves-you-2Words are huge power. However, sooner or later everyone’s word should turn into action. One of the most obvious sayings she loves you without saying it is when she shows care for you. She simply cares what you do, how you feel, she does small things for you that surprise you. For example, she might remind you of someone’s birthday, so you don’t forget it, she might make a launch for you, or just send you a motivational message at the beginning of a hard day.

4 When a woman loves you she respects you

We already talked about respect and love, but I have to point it out as it’s often underrated. Just because there’re no obvious signs of disrespect, it doesn’t mean there are no hidden ones. Make sure you have a look at those 10 signs of disrespect in a relationship, so you can be alerted if something’s wrong. If the girl you’re with loves you, she will respect you. Every day. No matter what. Even when you fight. Remember that.

3 She makes you feel like you’re not alone anymore

Very early in the relationships, we assume that we’re not alone and feel strong and powerful. However, not every time reality matches our inner perceptions. But when you are with someone that truly loves you, you just know you’re not alone. Not because she said it, but because she showed it. She’s next to you when you’re facing some difficulties. She makes you smile even in your saddest days. She is kind, and you simply know she’s always around for you.

2 She shows you’re her priority

The difference between a girl who likes you and a woman who loves is that the first one will care for you and you’ll be her priority, but she’ll never show it. The second one though, will not only show you’re her priority, but she’ll prove it every single day. To be her priority is not putting you before her family and friends, but doing everything with the thought of the relationship you have and the feelings you share. If there’s a family dinner, she will invite you to go with her. If she has to go out with her girlfriends, she’ll make sure you know about it.  No, she won’t ask you for permission, and you shouldn’t expect that. However, if you really need her, she’ll be there for you.

1 When a woman loves you she makes you smile

She just makes you smile. She’s not a walking clown, but she finds her way to communicate with you and make you smile. At least once. Because she believes that your happiness and your smile are as important as hers. So she makes you smile.

And if she does all of the things above – hold her and never let her go, my friend. Because this girl truly loves you, and you’ll never feel alone again as long as you’re together.



14 Days/Mornings to a Perfect Relationship – Challenge for Couples To Do

Would you like to improve your relationship only for 14 days with this relationship challenge for couples?

Oh, yes, that’s right – 14-day Relationship Challenge instead of 30 or even more. Are you in?

I thought you’d say Yes. Welcome, dear happy couple. Why do I assume you’re happy? Because you want to improve your relationship and that is the most important step.

Every couple needs a bit of inspiration, a little push in the right direction. I believe that most of the people in relationships simply forget to show love. It’s so easy to fall into the everyday routine of work-home-tv-sleep. They still love their partner, but just forgot that they have to show it.

In the list below, you will find 14 different things to do for the next 14 days. Psst, I’ve got them in a free printable as well, keep reading to find out how to get it. What’s so special about them?

All of them are only things you will do in the morning

We wake up, have a shower, coffee, dress, and we run out of the house, completely forgetting that the beginning of the day very often predicts the end of it as well.

So, following that concept, let’s assume you have an extra 5 minutes every morning to claim your love with one simple gesture.

Once you do all of the perfect relationship challenges for the next two weeks, you will ask me for more. And I have more, trust me.

Every relationship challenge is for free

To be happy is a free thing, you know? A healthy relationship is a matter of choice, not money. With just small exceptions, nothing from the list will cost you money.

You don’t need too much preparation

Showing love is part of the perfect relationship you want to have. And because love is for free, perfect-relationship-challengeand it comes from inside, you don’t need to prepare yourself too much with most of the tasks.

They are flexible

All of the tasks in this Perfect Relationship Challenge are flexible, which means you can swap the days around and nothing will change the magic of the challenge.

They work

I know from my own experience that these small gestures work. They bring back the magic between the two of you and add more love to your days.

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Free Printables

If you feel like you’ll forget to do it, I’ve got everything in a short Printable. You could have it around you to inspire you, or you could just save it on your phone and have a look at it when you wake up or the night before. As a bonus for you, I will send you 50 Romantic Messages for Your Husband, Free Printable. They are perfect for you even if you’re not married.

Tell me where you want me to send your 14-Day/Morning to a Perfect Relationship Challenge and the bonus printable by clicking here.

Monday Day 1 of Perfect Relationship Challenge

When you wake up, cuddle for a few minutes in the bed, hug your partner and kiss them on the neck or the forehead.

Tuesday Day 2

Make breakfast for your partner. Even if he/she doesn’t eat in the mornings – pack the breakfast in a box for later.

Wednesday Day 3 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Kiss him/her twice longer than usual before you go out to work or before he/she goes out.

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Thursday Day 4

Add a hug and a wish for the wonderful day.

Friday Day 5 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Few minutes before the hour when your partner has to start working, send a message where you explain how much you love and appreciate them. If you need inspiration, I’ve got 50 romantic messages for a husband for you, included in the printables. They’re perfect for you even if you’re not married – it’s all about love, isn’t it?

Saturday Day 6

After you wake up, ask your partner to stay in bed and to wait for you to invite them in the kitchen. Then, do pancakes, a favourite herb tea, strong coffee and cut some fruits. Arrange the table and then invite your partner to join you. Small tip: you could prepare the mix for the pancakes the previous evening, so it doesn’t take too long in the morning.

Sunday Day 7 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Wake up very, very early and surprise your partner with erotic massage. Enjoy each other in the quietest hours of the early morning – your bodies are relaxed after the sleep, and nothing of the daily stress has entered your heads yet.

Week 2

Monday Day 8

Wake up, cuddle with your partner and share at least one reason why you love to wake up next to him/her. Be honest and know, that it’s not necessary to be something big. It just has to come from your heart.

Tuesday Day 9 Perfect Relationship Challenge

If you take morning showers, jump under the shower together – nothing naughty behind the word “shower” (pssst, unless you have time for it 😉 ). Just enjoy the opportunity to touch each other’s naked bodies. Actually, the fact you don’t have time for more will make it even more exciting, because you know you could proceed with the next step after work.

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Wednesday Day 10

Prepare a small launch for your partner before he/she goes to work. Secretly wrap a small romantic love message in kitchen foil and place it on top, so he/she can see it the moment they open the box.

Thursday Day 11 Perfect Relationship Challenge

You will need a bit of preparation for this one. Make a sexy photo that you can send him/her.  It could be a sexy part of your body that your partner loves, or a live photo of you sending a kiss. If your partner leaves for work first, tell him/her to check their phone the moment they go into the car and send it after they shut the front door. If you leave the house first – send it after you go in the car, or you’re on the street on your way to work.

Friday Day 12

Set up the alarm 15-20 minutes earlier and enjoy morning sex. Intimacy just before work will make the day brighter, and it will prepare you for the weekend.

Saturday Day 13 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Do some breakfast and have it in the bed. Chose an animation to watch while enjoying the food. Drink some coffee and have sex after that.

Sunday Day 14

Be creative. This morning I leave it for you to make your own choice of a small morning ritual. You could combine some things from the previous days or implement your own idea. Everything is allowed, as long as it represents your love for the other.

Please, let me know if you liked this “14-Days/Morning to a Perfect Relationship” Challenge in the comments below and make sure you’ve downloaded it as well so it can inspire you every day to do something small but meaningful for the person you love.


Did you plan something romantic for this Valentine?

The year is 270 AC. A priest named Valentine is about to get executed. The reason? Love.

The most popular story about Valentine’s life is telling us how the love cannot be stopped to spread. In the 3rd Century, Emperor Claudius II was a pagan and created laws about what Christians were allowed to do. One of those laws was about the Roman soldiers. To make them utterly devoted to the Empire, he stopped them from marrying. But on secret Christian ceremonies priest Valentine began to marry them.

After he was found out and put in the jail, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. He wrote her a love letter in the last days before his execution and signed it “From your Valentine”.

This romantic story touches the hearts of the people and becomes the base of St. Valentine’s day celebration. A celebration of true love and deep feelings.

valentine's_day-story-relationship_goalsEven if at moments the day is commercialised, the importance of the meaning is so powerful and beautiful, that is almost impossible to stay emotionally passive on it.

How will you celebrate this year Valentine’s day? Are you running out of ideas?

I can offer you some.



The traditions are still romantic, maybe even more and more lately.

Flowers, chocolates and love cards are the basic of St. Valentine’s Day. There is no way your loved one not to expect flower, so you better get prepared for it. You can get her favourite flower or to stick with the classic red roses if you’re not sure what she likes. Glasses of sparkling champagne and dinner at the restaurant is one of the most popular ways to celebrate your love. You can go to a new restaurant and try a fresh international food – an experiment and different experience for both of you. That will add one more emotion for the evening.


If you need some gift ideas for your girlfriend, have a look at this post: 11 CUTE AND SEXY GIFT IDEAS FOR HER

DURING THE DAY – now that idea is worth to try

romantic_ideas-valentine's_day_ideasIf you want to make a nice surprise, you could spoil your girl at work or home with roses and Teddy bear. This will bring a smile on her face and will set the mood for the rest of the day.

If you’re preparing a surprise for the evening, you can send her a text message with the dress code, or a small hint about the surprise to make her more curious and excited about it.


DINNER AT HOME – romantic way to say “I love you.”

The idea is to prepare dinner for you two at home. Even if you live together, you can make the place to look romantic with some candles and a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace.

If you don’t like to cook usually, but you do it on this day, she will appreciate it, believe me. Glass of favourite wine, a single flower and soft music are a promising start of the evening for you two.

kiss-romantic_ideas-relationship_goalsYou could proceed the evening with a bath full of rose leaves and gentle fragrance. This sound like a night she will remember.



 Do you remember your first date? Where was it? What did you do?

A perfect way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day is to remind yourself how everything started.

Go to the same restaurant and reserve the same table. Buy flowers and order her favourite food. Rewrite your first evening or day together with the knowledge you already have. Talk about how your love grew from that day till now.

Remembering your first thoughts about her will bring more emotions, and she will do the same, trust me.


If you and your partner are outdoorsy, this is a brilliant idea for St. Valentine’s Day.dinner-valentines_day-romantic_ideas

You can bike together, have a nice home prepared meal on the meadow in the park, a small boat excursion or just a simple walk. If you like climbing mountains or water rafting you can do that as well. As long as you spend the time together and you’re both having fun and feel the pleasure of being with the other, it doesn’t matter where you are.


MARRIAGE PURPOSAL – The Top WOW Romantic Idea For St. Valentine’s Day

Now that is a way to remember that day, isn’t it?

If you have decided to purpose to your loved one, St. Valentine’s day is a very good and popular opportunity to do it. How you would do it depends on you. However, the celebration will last longer than just this day, and you will have one more reason to expect it. What else could make it more special for you?

After all St. Valentine’s Day is one more opportunity to claim your love to the other person.

Just remember that it shouldn’t be the only day you do it and being romantic in the ordinary days is even more romantic than on St. Valentine’s Day.

Steel your special moments during the rest of the year and enjoy to love and be loved.

Why Men Pull Away at the Early Stages of the Relationship?

Men pull away at the early stages for two reasons

They say it’s hard to understand women but honestly, men are even worse. Would you like to find out why men pull away at the early stages of the relationship when everything seems to go so well, and you feel the attraction? Let’s try to answer this question.

“Why men pull away” – The early stages story

So, you met! You felt the attraction. You went out on a first date, and everything was normal – nothing flashy, no stars and signs from above, but he is a decent guy, and you like him. Second date! Even third and fourth ones… At some point, you got into the bed together and enjoyed each other (loudly). On that stage, small stars started circling both of you. You were flying on pink clouds and giving the biggest smiles your faces could express. In conclusion, everything was looking like it was going in the most beautiful direction.

Phone calls, good-night photos, texts with hearts, kisses and puppies… The thought he might start pulling away doesn’t even cross your pinky mind.

“Why men pull away” The early stages story takes a wrong turn

why men pull away early stages relationshipUntil one day a loud alarm went off in your head and you realised HE IS pulling away. At the very beginning of that fairytale, he shook the magic dust off his shoes and slowly started walking toward the fire exit of your life!

What happened? Did you say or do something to push him away? How to stop him from leaving your life? Why men pull away at early stages?

That’s the very common situation; I described above. Meeting a nice guy that’s worth the effort is so rare that you panic. It is understandable.

When it comes to dating, life gives us too many options and not enough quality.

Therefore, when that quality, combined with passion and warmth, hits us, we urge ourselves to hold it tight. As a result of our fear to lose it, we change our behaviour. Unnoticeable for us. Noticeable for him. So he starts running away.

Men pull away at early stages for two reasons

Neediness and insecurity – your enemies and friends you often like to chat with. 

You might think that men pull away because women push the relationship to be serious at the very beginning of it.

Or they choke them with attention, phone calls, questions, hearts and cuddles. They try not to argue because it’s rude and may put them in an unpleasant light. They put the sexiest dresses just to show how stunning she is – in case he didn’t notice. Could that make him pull away?


Sometimes women ask for too much too soon. I, as a woman, would like to disagree with… However, I cannot. Because… been there, done that!

BUT, this is not the behaviour that makes men pull away at the early stages of the relationship.


It’s what’s behind that behaviour.

The first few dates and months of the love stories are the ones we try to find out as much as possible about the other. We search for small signs of what our life would look like if we chose to stay with that one person longer. How would a day go by? A conversation? An argument?

The truth behind his reasons to pull away

Often, when a man pulls away, it is not because of the fact you’ve texted him 18 times today, or your dress shows too much skin (or almost all of it). The fact he doesn’t like it is not because he’s jealous and wants to stop you from expressing yourself.

It’s what you reveal with all that.

why men pull away early stages storyInsecurity and neediness! It’s sad to see when someone is insecure about himself. And the best relationship killer is the neediness. When combined those two can guarantee you the end of it.

Trying harder to show how much you like him and appreciate his attention is not attractive. But you probably don’t even know if you do it. However, it pushes him away.

There are two types of behaviour at the beginning of every relationship.

The first one is when the woman tries to be liked by the man. She goes on a first date and puts her best dress, styles her hair and does her cocktail-makeup. She thinks of the way she speaks and controls almost everything that comes out of her mouth, just to be sure it sounds smart. She pays attention to the looks the guy gives her back and flatters him so he can feel the affection.

Second and third dates are nothing more but ways to prove how fun she is, and she’s looking for ways to make him feel wanted. His flowers are the most beautiful ones she’s ever received, and no one ever made her feel so open to express herself. Do you think he could pull away from a woman that showers him with so much attention?

The second type of behaviour is much more focused on her… again. But the difference is that the woman doesn’t try to show herself in the best possible way. She tries to find out if he’s worth to see her best possible side. If you’re that type of person you still put some cute clothes, the makeup is not more than the usual one, and you flatter him only for something you see essential. Your goal is to have fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

The second and the third date are a test not for your funny side, but a trial to understand how you feel in his company in various situations. Will he pull away from you?

If you want to know more about how to make him stay, and you recognise yourself in the descriptions above, I strongly recommend you to check Sherry Argov’s bestseller Why Men Marry Bitches.- A Guide for Women Who Are Too Nice. It will give you key insights on the topic.

Which one of these types is going to make him pull away?


!!! You see, the first type of women waits to be picked and approved while the second type is the one that picks and approve!!!

why men pull away early stages relationship problemsTo not sound like I know it all – I was the first type of women during every single of my previous relationships. Looking back now, I would have saved myself so much pain and time if I had dropped it early enough. And I adopted the second type only once. The result was finding out that the guy I was examine was the most amazing person I’ve ever met. And it led us to the got-engaged-moment less than a year after we met.  

By “picking him” I do not mean you to go out for a man-haunting. Nothing in your pre-date should be changed. What I mean is to stop thinking like a woman that “need to find a man”, “to make him like her as much as she likes him”, “to show him what he can gain”, and “to make him realise how amazing she is”. No!

All that is neediness and insecurity. And he will pull away sooner or later. If he doesn’t – then his goals are something different than having a quality relationship.

How to get to the lucky neediness-and-insecurity-free part and make him stay?

It’s the easiest thing ever.

Send in the bin your efforts to be the most beautiful, funniest and adorable woman he had ever met.

Stop wanting to be the best possible option that exists in his life.

Reverse the roles. Pretend you’re picking him.

For example, if you go to buy a dress, you would go with a checklist of what the dress should be like. And at the end, you’ll leave with the best one.

Do the same with men.

Stay strong for your happiness and find out if he indeed contains the qualities he claims to have. Breathe with the knowledge that you’re worth it, and you don’t need his attention all the time to feel happy.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t ask you to be ignorant and to test him every few minutes. Just have fun, relax, laugh and make mental notes of the way you truly feel around him.

why men pull away early stages reasonsOut with friends? Put the phone in your purse and if he texts you, ask him if it’s ok to chat later, as long as it’s not something important. Don’t run to the shop to buy green lingerie just because he briefly mentioned it’s his favourite colour. Don’t spend five hours in the kitchen making that French dish he once had in a restaurant 12 years ago and still remembers it. That would chase him away.

With short words – stay true to yourself. It’s been said so many times that no one pays attention to it anymore. He wouldn’t pull away from a woman who’s herself all the time.

Stay true to your happiness and your normal behaviour. Be real when you talk and don’t hide if you disagree with something. Say it at that exact moment, before you create the impression you’re alright with something you’re usually not.

He will not pull away

He will not pull away at the early stage because you’re free to talk what you think.

He will not pull away because you stay firm in your beliefs.

He will not pull away because you’re not afraid to keep some boundaries at an early stage.

And if he does pull away…

…Well, you saved yourself time.

Let me know if you agree with the article and share your experience with men pulling away for any reason.


how to get over breakup broken heart



Love does not always go according to our wishes.

Moreover, finding out how to get over a breakup may be harder than we expect.

It is like there’s no more sun outside and every single Instagram post or Facebook video is a knife in your heart, reminding you moments, promises and dreams…that didn’t happen.

Every quote that exists out there is a sad review of your love story.

Every smile or happy laugh sends you to places you used to be, and now you tend to spend the nights crying to stay in those places…

So, is it that how you are getting over your breakup?

Do you feel haunted by the memories of what you were and what you could have become?

Are you tired of talking over and over again with your friends? Or, maybe, they are tired of you?

Do you feel hopeless and most of all – lonely?

Because the most devastating thing after breaking up with someone is the feeling of loneliness that grabs you and chokes your nights.

So, you wonder what to do.

Science says that it takes up to 18 months to get over heartbreaking moments like that. Wow, 18 months!


Girl, I do not know about you, but I do not have 18 free months of my life to cry after someone that doesn’t deserve me.


how to get over breakup broken heart

Moreover, I never had! Like many other women, I had my breakups in the past. I got my heart broken few times but the last one…


Well, like many other women as well, I have a breakup in my past that indeed broke me down. It was one of those that change not only my present but my future and me, too.

The dark days of those months will always stay in my mind. As well as many things I wanted to do. But I managed to hold myself over the deep waters and as they say – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…!

Hold on!


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Something is wrong with that statement!

What doesn’t kill you may leave you down, at the bottom of your own shade, for too long as well. And just because you are physically alive, it does not make you happy, nor stronger. It makes you… well, you only exist.

To get over a breakup sometimes is easy.

However, sometimes it means to get over yourself, and everything you thought you were.

You can say you are stronger only after all the dirtiness goes out of your heart and soul.

Because to become stronger and to survive are two different things.

I want to help women to get stronger. Because nothing tastes better than the fresh air of power and freedom.


The only E-Book, friend and advice-source you will need in the difficult time of mending your broken heart.

HOW TO GET OVER A BREAKUP FAST is the change you need, gathered in more than 7000 words.

And it’s all for free.

It is not only an E-Book to forget your ex-partner. Actually, you will be surprised how much I do not talk about your ex.

Because he does not matter!

What matters is you! Your health, your mental happiness and that fresh air you so much need to breathe.

To get over a break up takes time, they say. However, nobody tells you what to do in that time.

I want to change that for you!

What will you find in that Free Book?

  • The basics of a relationship – self-check time to find out was it worth it to have that relationship
  • You have to be sure you did the right thing
  • The reason you really broke up
  • 10 Practical advice on how to stop the self-pity and what to do to feel amazing again
  • Bonus – The most powerful way to get better – faster than you can imagine
  • Links to free video resources to help you get where you want to be.
  • Motivational Quotes for you


Practical advice, personal experience, amazing sources and friend’s shoulder. All that comes with only one goal – to make you happy!

Use it!

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