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When a Woman Loves You She Will Do These 10 Things For You

10 Signs she loves you without saying it


How do you know she loves you? What are things you could expect to happen when a woman loves you? Does the woman next to you appreciates you and loves you or your relationship is just a lie? I’ll tell you the answers to all of those and many more questions. If you enjoyed this article, don’t miss the chance to subscribe to our blog. We promise to share more insights about love and relationships every single week.

Simply because she didn’t say yet, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. More disturbing – even if she says she loves you, it doesn’t mean she does. And it’s very simple to find out.

The problem many people have nowadays is not to find out if someone loves them or not, but to accept the truth.

Below, I will list top 10 of the thing that happens in your relationship when she loves you.

10 When a woman loves you, she listens to you

signs she loves you-2It’s not about sitting in front o you and simply listens to you. It’s about hearing what you have to say, interacting with you, asking questions, suggesting solutions to problems. Someone who really loves you will know how important it is to share your thoughts with her. That’s one of the best things when you’re in a fulfilling relationship – you don’t have to deal with anything alone. A simple conversation could give you the power and strength you needed today.

9 She tells you when you’re wrong

Do you believe that if you’re always right about everything? Well, I know your answer – no one’s perfect. So, an obvious sign she loves you is when she doesn’t keep it quiet when you’re wrong. We all do mistakes, we all have our flaws, and that’s fine. But if she just uses you and doesn’t really loves you, she will not tell you if you’re wrong, because she might think that would make the truth visible. However, someone who really loves you will not “leave you in the dark” by letting you believe you are always so perfect. And that’s a good thing. Why? Because of the next signs, she loves you:

8 When a woman loves you she pushes you to be more

You might have great potential to be a better person, to live better, to do better. How do you know she loves you? Well, she constantly motivates you to BE more. You feel like you can expand your real potential and you’ll have her support. In her eyes, there are no limits before you. And that’s not because she’s in love, but because she sees things even, you don’t see. That’s the beauty of true love.



7 When a woman loves you, she’s kind to you

It’s that type of kindness you feel toward someone who’s very close to your heart. It’s the kindness of care for your emotions, feelings and love. You know the difference between kindness and politeness, right? It’s all about the energy she sends towards you when talking, the care that never ends… sounds too perfect? Well, check the next one:

6 She will never allow you to mistreat her

Someone who really loves you will not be blind to that love. True love opens our eyes. She wants the same she offers – respect, kindness, care… simply love. That’s why a woman that loves you will never allow you to mistreat her. She will be open and honest about it when you misbehave and show disrespect. It might look like it’s easy to manipulate someone that loves you, but it’s not like that. When there’s disrespect, mistreat, manipulation, there’s no love in neither of the sides.


5 Someone who truly loves you will show care for you

when-a-woman-loves-you-2Words are huge power. However, sooner or later everyone’s word should turn into action. One of the most obvious sayings she loves you without saying it is when she shows care for you. She simply cares what you do, how you feel, she does small things for you that surprise you. For example, she might remind you of someone’s birthday, so you don’t forget it, she might make a launch for you, or just send you a motivational message at the beginning of a hard day.

4 When a woman loves you she respects you

We already talked about respect and love, but I have to point it out as it’s often underrated. Just because there’re no obvious signs of disrespect, it doesn’t mean there are no hidden ones. Make sure you have a look at those 10 signs of disrespect in a relationship, so you can be alerted if something’s wrong. If the girl you’re with loves you, she will respect you. Every day. No matter what. Even when you fight. Remember that.

3 She makes you feel like you’re not alone anymore

Very early in the relationships, we assume that we’re not alone and feel strong and powerful. However, not every time reality matches our inner perceptions. But when you are with someone that truly loves you, you just know you’re not alone. Not because she said it, but because she showed it. She’s next to you when you’re facing some difficulties. She makes you smile even in your saddest days. She is kind, and you simply know she’s always around for you.

2 She shows you’re her priority

The difference between a girl who likes you and a woman who loves is that the first one will care for you and you’ll be her priority, but she’ll never show it. The second one though, will not only show you’re her priority, but she’ll prove it every single day. To be her priority is not putting you before her family and friends, but doing everything with the thought of the relationship you have and the feelings you share. If there’s a family dinner, she will invite you to go with her. If she has to go out with her girlfriends, she’ll make sure you know about it.  No, she won’t ask you for permission, and you shouldn’t expect that. However, if you really need her, she’ll be there for you.

1 When a woman loves you she makes you smile

She just makes you smile. She’s not a walking clown, but she finds her way to communicate with you and make you smile. At least once. Because she believes that your happiness and your smile are as important as hers. So she makes you smile.

And if she does all of the things above – hold her and never let her go, my friend. Because this girl truly loves you, and you’ll never feel alone again as long as you’re together.



14 Days/Mornings to a Perfect Relationship – Challenge for Couples To Do

Would you like to improve your relationship only for 14 days with this relationship challenge for couples?

Oh, yes, that’s right – 14-day Relationship Challenge instead of 30 or even more. Are you in?

I thought you’d say Yes. Welcome, dear happy couple. Why do I assume you’re happy? Because you want to improve your relationship and that is the most important step.

Every couple needs a bit of inspiration, a little push in the right direction. I believe that most of the people in relationships simply forget to show love. It’s so easy to fall into the everyday routine of work-home-tv-sleep. They still love their partner, but just forgot that they have to show it.

In the list below, you will find 14 different things to do for the next 14 days. Psst, I’ve got them in a free printable as well, keep reading to find out how to get it. What’s so special about them?

All of them are only things you will do in the morning

We wake up, have a shower, coffee, dress, and we run out of the house, completely forgetting that the beginning of the day very often predicts the end of it as well.

So, following that concept, let’s assume you have an extra 5 minutes every morning to claim your love with one simple gesture.

Once you do all of the perfect relationship challenges for the next two weeks, you will ask me for more. And I have more, trust me.

Every relationship challenge is for free

To be happy is a free thing, you know? A healthy relationship is a matter of choice, not money. With just small exceptions, nothing from the list will cost you money.

You don’t need too much preparation

Showing love is part of the perfect relationship you want to have. And because love is for free, perfect-relationship-challengeand it comes from inside, you don’t need to prepare yourself too much with most of the tasks.

They are flexible

All of the tasks in this Perfect Relationship Challenge are flexible, which means you can swap the days around and nothing will change the magic of the challenge.

They work

I know from my own experience that these small gestures work. They bring back the magic between the two of you and add more love to your days.

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Free Printables

If you feel like you’ll forget to do it, I’ve got everything in a short Printable. You could have it around you to inspire you, or you could just save it on your phone and have a look at it when you wake up or the night before. As a bonus for you, I will send you 50 Romantic Messages for Your Husband, Free Printable. They are perfect for you even if you’re not married.

Tell me where you want me to send your 14-Day/Morning to a Perfect Relationship Challenge and the bonus printable by clicking here.

Monday Day 1 of Perfect Relationship Challenge

When you wake up, cuddle for a few minutes in the bed, hug your partner and kiss them on the neck or the forehead.

Tuesday Day 2

Make breakfast for your partner. Even if he/she doesn’t eat in the mornings – pack the breakfast in a box for later.

Wednesday Day 3 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Kiss him/her twice longer than usual before you go out to work or before he/she goes out.

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Thursday Day 4

Add a hug and a wish for the wonderful day.

Friday Day 5 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Few minutes before the hour when your partner has to start working, send a message where you explain how much you love and appreciate them. If you need inspiration, I’ve got 50 romantic messages for a husband for you, included in the printables. They’re perfect for you even if you’re not married – it’s all about love, isn’t it?

Saturday Day 6

After you wake up, ask your partner to stay in bed and to wait for you to invite them in the kitchen. Then, do pancakes, a favourite herb tea, strong coffee and cut some fruits. Arrange the table and then invite your partner to join you. Small tip: you could prepare the mix for the pancakes the previous evening, so it doesn’t take too long in the morning.

Sunday Day 7 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Wake up very, very early and surprise your partner with erotic massage. Enjoy each other in the quietest hours of the early morning – your bodies are relaxed after the sleep, and nothing of the daily stress has entered your heads yet.

Week 2

Monday Day 8

Wake up, cuddle with your partner and share at least one reason why you love to wake up next to him/her. Be honest and know, that it’s not necessary to be something big. It just has to come from your heart.

Tuesday Day 9 Perfect Relationship Challenge

If you take morning showers, jump under the shower together – nothing naughty behind the word “shower” (pssst, unless you have time for it 😉 ). Just enjoy the opportunity to touch each other’s naked bodies. Actually, the fact you don’t have time for more will make it even more exciting, because you know you could proceed with the next step after work.

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Wednesday Day 10

Prepare a small launch for your partner before he/she goes to work. Secretly wrap a small romantic love message in kitchen foil and place it on top, so he/she can see it the moment they open the box.

Thursday Day 11 Perfect Relationship Challenge

You will need a bit of preparation for this one. Make a sexy photo that you can send him/her.  It could be a sexy part of your body that your partner loves, or a live photo of you sending a kiss. If your partner leaves for work first, tell him/her to check their phone the moment they go into the car and send it after they shut the front door. If you leave the house first – send it after you go in the car, or you’re on the street on your way to work.

Friday Day 12

Set up the alarm 15-20 minutes earlier and enjoy morning sex. Intimacy just before work will make the day brighter, and it will prepare you for the weekend.

Saturday Day 13 Perfect Relationship Challenge

Do some breakfast and have it in the bed. Chose an animation to watch while enjoying the food. Drink some coffee and have sex after that.

Sunday Day 14

Be creative. This morning I leave it for you to make your own choice of a small morning ritual. You could combine some things from the previous days or implement your own idea. Everything is allowed, as long as it represents your love for the other.

Please, let me know if you liked this “14-Days/Morning to a Perfect Relationship” Challenge in the comments below and make sure you’ve downloaded it as well so it can inspire you every day to do something small but meaningful for the person you love.



Did you plan something romantic for this Valentine?

The year is 270 AC. A priest named Valentine is about to get executed. The reason? Love.

The most popular story about Valentine’s life is telling us how the love cannot be stopped to spread. In the 3rd Century, Emperor Claudius II was a pagan and created laws about what Christians were allowed to do. One of those laws was about the Roman soldiers. To make them utterly devoted to the Empire, he stopped them from marrying. But on secret Christian ceremonies priest Valentine began to marry them.

After he was found out and put in the jail, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. He wrote her a love letter in the last days before his execution and signed it “From your Valentine”.

This romantic story touches the hearts of the people and becomes the base of St. Valentine’s day celebration. A celebration of true love and deep feelings.

valentine's_day-story-relationship_goalsEven if at moments the day is commercialised, the importance of the meaning is so powerful and beautiful, that is almost impossible to stay emotionally passive on it.

How will you celebrate this year Valentine’s day? Are you running out of ideas?

I can offer you some.



The traditions are still romantic, maybe even more and more lately.

Flowers, chocolates and love cards are the basic of St. Valentine’s Day. There is no way your loved one not to expect flower, so you better get prepared for it. You can get her favourite flower or to stick with the classic red roses if you’re not sure what she likes. Glasses of sparkling champagne and dinner at the restaurant is one of the most popular ways to celebrate your love. You can go to a new restaurant and try a fresh international food – an experiment and different experience for both of you. That will add one more emotion for the evening.


If you need some gift ideas for your girlfriend, have a look at this post: 11 CUTE AND SEXY GIFT IDEAS FOR HER

DURING THE DAY – now that idea is worth to try

romantic_ideas-valentine's_day_ideasIf you want to make a nice surprise, you could spoil your girl at work or home with roses and Teddy bear. This will bring a smile on her face and will set the mood for the rest of the day.

If you’re preparing a surprise for the evening, you can send her a text message with the dress code, or a small hint about the surprise to make her more curious and excited about it.


DINNER AT HOME – romantic way to say “I love you.”

The idea is to prepare dinner for you two at home. Even if you live together, you can make the place to look romantic with some candles and a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace.

If you don’t like to cook usually, but you do it on this day, she will appreciate it, believe me. Glass of favourite wine, a single flower and soft music are a promising start of the evening for you two.

kiss-romantic_ideas-relationship_goalsYou could proceed the evening with a bath full of rose leaves and gentle fragrance. This sound like a night she will remember.



 Do you remember your first date? Where was it? What did you do?

A perfect way to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day is to remind yourself how everything started.

Go to the same restaurant and reserve the same table. Buy flowers and order her favourite food. Rewrite your first evening or day together with the knowledge you already have. Talk about how your love grew from that day till now.

Remembering your first thoughts about her will bring more emotions, and she will do the same, trust me.


If you and your partner are outdoorsy, this is a brilliant idea for St. Valentine’s Day.dinner-valentines_day-romantic_ideas

You can bike together, have a nice home prepared meal on the meadow in the park, a small boat excursion or just a simple walk. If you like climbing mountains or water rafting you can do that as well. As long as you spend the time together and you’re both having fun and feel the pleasure of being with the other, it doesn’t matter where you are.


MARRIAGE PURPOSAL – The Top WOW Romantic Idea For St. Valentine’s Day

Now that is a way to remember that day, isn’t it?

If you have decided to purpose to your loved one, St. Valentine’s day is a very good and popular opportunity to do it. How you would do it depends on you. However, the celebration will last longer than just this day, and you will have one more reason to expect it. What else could make it more special for you?

After all St. Valentine’s Day is one more opportunity to claim your love to the other person.

Just remember that it shouldn’t be the only day you do it and being romantic in the ordinary days is even more romantic than on St. Valentine’s Day.

Steel your special moments during the rest of the year and enjoy to love and be loved.


A storytime

Is it possible a fight to be fair? Tricky question. Every relationship has its moments. It’s always normal and kind of logical if two people live together to have some arguments from time to time. Well, sometimes is more often than we want it to be. 

Or it’s louder than we imagined it to be.

Are there any rules to follow when you fight with your partner?


Let’s say they’re not precisely rules, but if you go through them, you’ll notice they may save you lots of problems.

How to fight in a relationship is important because during the arguments we tend to do, say or think in a way that doesn’t serve the relationship very well. That’s why the following list with small tips how to fight fair is a perfect beginning to reducing the stress during your next battle.

The small fights have to stay small

love-fight-relationship_goalsYou know how you can start an argument about whose turn to hover the house was and get to the point why he doesn’t love you anymore.

The small fights have to stay small. I’m sure you don’t need the hustle of getting to a point where you forgot how everything started.

First – if the point of the argument is to get to something more significant – start with the critical issue that worries you.

And second – if you want it to be fair – keep it simple. Solve the problem without adding more to it.


How to fight fair in a relationship? Well, try to talk calmly

A married couple went to a wise man and asked him: “We love each other very much. But when we argue we yell at each other. Why that happens?”

The wise man said: “Love is when your hearts listen and talk to each other. Love lives in peace and harmony between the two hearts. When there’s an argument, there’s an offend as well. When we raise our voices, it’s because your hearts are trying to reach each other again. They feel like nobody hears them and that’s why you feel the urge to yell. So your heart can be heard by the other’s heart.”




angry-couple-love-relationship_goalsWhat happens when you raise your voice? The other follows you as well, doesn’t he? But if one of you keep the calm way of speaking chances are the other has to stay peaceful and quiet if he wants to hear something.

Make an agreement between the two of you to try not to yell while arguing. I know it’s hard, especially when you’re not used to it.


But work on it if you realise that the high frequency-talk is offending both of you and doesn’t solve anything.

Try this technique: stay close to each other and try to hold your hands while talking. Physical contact with the person you love will keep you calm. Your hearts will be close to each other, and you will feel the other’s presence, support and love. It’s really hard to raise your voice if you’re few centimetres away from your loved one.

Stay in the room

It’s a bit harsh that one. Everyone has a different way of going through an argument.

Many people prefer to close themselves, to go out of the room and to avoid the actual conversation.

Sometimes that’s the best way to do it. If you feel you’re too angry and will say something that would hurt the other – do it. Give it a time frame of 15 minutes or even half hour.But that’s it. Don’t leave the conversation for the next day, week or even for the-next-time-he-do-it-again. Unsolved problems grow into something way much more severe at the time. Talk and talk till both of you feel you’re understood. Find the decision and don’t leave it for later with the hope to fix by itself. It never works like that in a relationship.


Respect and be polite

upset-fight_fair-relationship goalsA young man asked his father: “Why am I so angry with my wife all the and how to fight it?”

His father told him to get a hammer and nails, and every time he argues with his wife and says a wrong word to pin a nail on the wooden door behind the house.

The boy did that. Whenever he argued with his partner and felt he said or did something offensive, he would go to the door, and he would pin a nail on it. After a while, there was no more place for pins, so he asked his father what to do now.

The old man told him to start removing the pins every time he does something good for his spouse.

The son did as he was told and started removing pins every time he would make his wife smile. Soon the door was empty again, and he went to his father. “So what now? Was that the secret? To start doing something good to fix the problems?”

“No.”, his father said and took him back to the door.

“Do you see the holes in the door after the pins were removed? Every hole is a word you said and offended the person your loved one. No matter you did something right – the gap will stay there.

Once you say something, it reaches the other’s soul and makes a hole in there. Even if you fix it – the memory of it will always stay.”

The person you really want to shake and scream at when you’re angry today is still the same person you will hug and say you love him tomorrow. So respect him as in any other part of your relationship. And I would say – respect him especially when you argue.


relationship_goals-fight_fair-coupleWords said in a moment of anger may hurt for years. And the memory will swim its way out from time to time, so make it as less painful as possible. How you treat your partner in an argument is essential, and you’re treated by the other can tell you a lot about him.

Keep it between the two of you

Involving other people in your fight wouldn’t lead you to anything good. Keep his family away, don’t talk against them, don’t blame them. It will leave a mark in the other’s eyes that you don’t like them. After that to start looking for guilt in your family is just a matter of time for him. Bringing others into the relationship fight will make it a war.

In the same way of thinking – nobody has to know that you fought a few days ago. So next time you go out with friends – spear them the story about his dirty socks and how fed up you felt with it… just before your period. At the end of the day – you will still love him, but your friends don’t see him with your eyes. So the reason they don’t like your loved one may be actually you.

Don’t go to sleep angry at each other

That’s one of the worst things you could do. Even if you need time to think about the problem you have.

fight_fair-couple-relationshipEspecially if it’s too serious – promise to each other to kiss goodnight and hug him. Often the problems come from the moments of loneliness, the miss of a touch or misunderstanding.

One day you may regret for the nights you went to sleep angry, and without telling him, you love him. Probably half of the problems could be solved after a good night sleep. On the morning, when you’re not tired, and the stress from work is gone, you may realise you’re not angry at each other at all, but you missed a whole night of your life together in pointless cold silence.

Remember you love each other

It’s really hard to hurt the other if you repeat to yourself you love him.


Try this technique next time you feel the urge to be the angriest creature this earth had seen.

Ask yourself how important the thing you want to fight for is on the life base of the next five years. How many small fights do you remember? All of them? I don’t think so. If you don’t remember them months or years later, why did you have them? Obviously, they were not as vast and life-changing as you though.

Try to realise the real importance of the fight. Pick your battles wisely because of not all them worth the stress, the anger and the disappointment in your hearts.


The best way to win her heart for life

What do women want?  Well, as a woman I will tell you the truth – we don’t really know. You think we’re impossible to handle sometimes, hard to understand and almost never happy with the situation around us. And guess what – most of the time you’re right.

But if that is difficult for you, can you imagine how it is for us? We are actually trapped to deal with ourselves 24/7.

Now that is a challenge.

But there is a secret that even we don’t know. We realise it with the years.. if we’re lucky enough to meet someone that is going to show it to us.

Practical advice “been there, done that”

girl-love-forever-relationship_goalsI learned that secret with the help of my partner, and it was almost mind-blowing for me. But I have to warn you – it’s hard to do what you have to do.

The most challenging part for a man is to deal with the woman’s “moods”.

Either is the stress from work, too many tasks around us, “those days of the month” or just “I have no idea what’s wrong with me”, it is hard to live with so many different moods every day. And it’s even more difficult for the woman, believe me.

If your girl is like most of the girls on this earth, she doesn’t really know how to coop with the stress. And there comes the problem.

She may be very happy with you. You may have everything else in your relationship – respect, communication, understanding, support. But then there are those moments of stress, anger towards the world around and too many nerves at one place.

So when something like that happens most of the people react impulsively.


If someone hurt you, you feel the need to hurt as well.

If someone shouts at you, you feel the need to shout as well.


If you feel the other’s anger, you accumulate it and produce it as well.

It’s a typical human reaction. And we experience it in every type of relationship we have – with our parents, friends, colleagues, even people we don’t know.

And that’s absolutely normal.. almost 

What do you think it happens when someone is nervous around you and start moaning about everything? Following the method above you will go on the same page, won’t you? And getting there you start an endless circle of angry emotions going around the two of you.

You get to a point where you tell yourself: “If you’re upset, I can be too.”; “If you act like that, I can do it too.”; “If you think you can shout without reason, that’s a good reason for me to yell as well.

What you really feel and what your subconscious thinks is: “I feel hurt that you shout at me or you’re unreasonably nervous. I don’t deserve that, and I take it personally. That’s why I feel the need to protest against it and to show you you’re wrong. And the best way to defend me is by reacting the same way as you, so you can see how it feels.

Or if you’re the usually calm person you may say as well: “You know what, when you feel better come, and we’ll talk”; “I don’t have time for these, deal with that/deal with yourself.”; “Tell me when I can communicate with you again.” And you walk out of the room.

But what if…?

relationship_goals-love_foreverWhat if you make her tea or coffee? What if you kiss and hug her? What if you say a joke, make her laugh few times? What if you ask her what she prefers to do now and let her do it? Or if she needs some time alone to give it to her. What if..?

What if you answer with … love?

You may think – I’m not going to look for a way to please her when she’s almost impossible to speak to.

But that is not you looking for a way to please her. That is you looking for a way to take her out of that mood, to release the pressure, to show care and love.

And you know what? Nobody can resist love.

In the beginning, she will be suspicious. She will wonder how is possible for you to react like that when she knows (and believe me – she knows), she’s on edge, upset and irrational. She may think something’s wrong with you. But she knows she’s the one that acts up.

And with the time she will get to the point “that man is doing something different than the others.” “He is different.”

You cut the chain of anger and stress, and show that there is another way as well. And she will appreciate it.

Once that happens she will know you’re different, you’re more than the others, you are worth it. And that’s the sweetest moment ever. Because that’s the moment, she will become yours fully – in love, ready to give all of her love to you.

If you want her to see that you’re different, you have to be different

It is the most common thing to see a man answering to the anger with anger. That is not normal, and it is not different.

To act like no one else, to do things that other men don’t – that is the challenge.


But once you get there you will be the winner. And the price is fantastic. You will see the change in her.

relationship_goals-love-understandingOnce she understands that you’re capable of transforming the bad emotions and stress into love, she will feel that transformation the moment she sees you. And you will be one of the few people around her that don’t make her feel guilty that she’s not in a mood.

Because we actually feel guilty that we’re moody.

We don’t like it. We just cannot control it all the time.

The world has fewer expectations towards us than we think. The biggest expectations come from ourselves. And we don’t always like or coop with ourselves.

But if you manage to do it, that makes you high in our eyes.

That makes you our hero.

And I’m not overreacting. That makes you the real man we look for. To be a real man is not about the charm you have, the money, the body.

It’s about how you can handle the woman next to you, her emotions, her being.

To help her to be the best version of herself, to be lovable, to be appreciated and give everything in return for the person that makes her feel like that.

So be different. Just be different.



Plus questions to ask yourself before taking the decision

Moving together is one of the most important decisions you will make in your relationship. It is like that because it’s the first of the “getting married having kids together forever” type of decisions.

It will be difficult for you to know if you want to spend your life with someone if you haven’t lived together for a while. I know that back in the days’ marriage was before the “live together” part but nowadays is much safer (and cheaper) to make the swap.

Why would you want to move in together?

Is there right and wrong in that situation? If you want to live together, I am sure you’ve got the reasons in your mind, and they sound fine… even if there are just excuses. So before I give you the starting points, let me tell you something.


move_in_together-relationship_goalsNobody can feel what you feel, and nobody knows you better than yourself. If everything looks against the rules, but you feel it right – do not hesitate. Take the step that makes you happy – no matter what it is.

Now let’s start with the questions…

How long are you together?

Most of the studies show that usually, couples wait between one and two years before they move in together. Anyway, it’s good to wait at least six months before you make the step. Why?

Three to six months is usually the “honeymoon” time in every relationship. In that time the chance to see that he or she is not the right for you is tiny. After The Big Thrill is gone, you will be “able to think again” and to make the decision based on logic, not on the unicorns you see in the other’s eyes.

What are your expectations?

Did you have The Talk?What does he or she want from the relationship? It is more than obvious that when two people live together, that will be a trial before the marriage.

If you hadn’t had the talk about how serious is this step, someone might be surprised later. Not in a pleasant way.


What are your reasons to move in together?

– financial?

 If you decided to move in together so you can save money, that wouldn’t be the best reason to do it. To save money on rent, house bills and travel is an excellent idea but shouldn’t be the measuring point for you. If the things don’t work out, it will be even more expensive to try to find a new place to move out.


– pleasing the others?

You’re 30-years old, and your parents, uncles, grandparents and the birds on the trees keep telling you it’s time to settle.

Pleasing the others is the best ways to be unhappy in everything you do.

time_move_together-relationship_goalsRemember – you will have to live with the other, to sleep next to him, having dinner after dinner every single evening, and you have to be happy while you do those things. You have to be happy, not the neighbours.

 – you’re long enough together, and it’s time to do so

That is another way of pleasing the others. Blindly following the rules is not going to benefit either of you.

Making the step to move in together is a decision you have to take because you feel it right, not because the time has come. Just because you’re together for a year and 12 hours, it doesn’t mean you have to jump in the other’s apartment and pretend that’s the most right thing ever. Rushing is the worst you can do and can destroy even the best relationship.

Feelings, feelings, feelings…questions?

What about the way you feel about the other person? Take a piece of paper and try to answer the following questions:

– Do you trust him/her?

– Can you be yourself with him/her?

– Do you feel relaxed and happy when together?

– Do you feel free to express your emotions in your way?

– Do you have to think twice before speaking for something important with the other?

 – Do you communicate well enough and can speak for everything?

– Do you match in the bed?

– How do you go through the difficult times – arguings, problems?

Can you rely on each other?

– Do you support each other to fulfil your dreams?

 – Do you feel his/her love beyond the words?

– Do you want the same things in future?

– Do you feel any pressure to move in together?


And finally – forget about the rules!

relationship_goals-move_in_togetherMany, many exceptions prove sometimes you have to ignore the rules and do what your heart tells you to do.

I have a friend that met someone in October, got engaged in March, married in July and two years later have a beautiful baby girl.

They are very happy together. I know a couple that was in a relationship for seven years before they take the decision to live together, and more than a decade later they are still together, happily married with two children. My boyfriend and I decided to move in together after three months of a relationship, and yes, we’re still at the beginning, but neither of us had even a second of regret that decision…

What I’m trying to tell you is that there is no guarantee your relationship will fail because you move in together too soon. Nobody will give you a guarantee for success after three years waiting.

Open your heart and do your best to feel the right decision. And after that go for it!

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