Monday Motivation

waterfall dream once upon a time (1)

The Waterfall … (Once Upon A Time… IV)

t was a sunny morning with a clear sky and fresh smell of grass in the air. The flowers were all around the meadow. The Dream and Hope found it many, many days ago, and decided to stay here. To wait. But The Heart didn’t come to find them so far.

Wisdom and Patience (Once Upon a Time…. part III)

– I’ve spent my whole life till now thinking that I don’t need to move from where I am. I thought I’m lucky because I had a friend – The Comfort Tree, and my pink wooden bench… But now I see that there’s so much out there, and I miss so many days to explore it and enjoy it.


The Right Direction (Once Upon a Time there was a Dream… 2)

– I come from my bench – The Dream noted – And I don’t remember you been there before. – I talk about The Heart, dummy. – Hope laughed. – The Heart?! That’s just a legend. No one remembers The Heart. – The Dream yawned and placed her head on a pile of soft, green leaves.

once upon time dream story hope

Once Upon A Time There Was a Dream

Once upon a time, there was a Dream. A small one. But her name was big – The Dream. She was sitting on a pink wooden bench in the park, just under a massive old tree. The tree’s branches were so heavy from the leaves that were hanging over the Dream’s head.



Be present. When you wake up, snuggled under the warm duvet – be present. Inhale the early morning darkness and listen to the nothingness of the hour. Move just a little bit, to notice the other’s body. Enjoy the feeling of having someone next to you. Be present. Stay for a moment or two, feel the fight …



I Don’t Want To Lose The Magic – Monday Motivation

It was already dark, and the lights of the car were the only ones to show us the end of our road. Kiss on my hand. Smile in the dark. Silence. We went out of the car and got closer to the edge. Cold wind. Fresh air. My chin started shaking. Warm kiss. Comforting hug.


Dear Diary…Monday Motivation

I met a guy today. He is tall. And his eyes are kind. He touched my hand.  And I am not ready. My heart still hasn’t decided to live or die. My eyes forgot to stop crying for the last two months. My hands don’t need other hands.


The Boring Brown Box

She opened the massive dark wooden door and entered the flat. The heat hugged her immediately, chasing the cold of winter streets away. The soft light in the hallway and the smell of her new vanilla aroma diffuser made her relax her shoulders for the first time today. She knew exactly what she needs.



“I am in a relationship” is wrong! We say “I am in a relationship” when asked about our relationship status. “In a relationship”    sounds right but maybe there’s a misunderstanding between language expression and the act of “being in a relationship”. Does all that sound too complicated and messy? I know! However, I am …