50 Cheap and Cute Date Night Ideas for Married Couples … And Not Only

26. Get a 1000 pieces puzzle and put it together for one night – choose a prize at the end if you manage to do it for a single night… a long night… But hey, just have fun.

27. Buy a few home design magazines, and with the help of scissors and glue create your dream home. A pool on the roof? Bring it on!

Date night ideas for married couples that want to go out


28. Take a walk around the furniture shops in the area – it’s fun, it’s romantic, boosts your imagination and creativity. Just don’t buy anything if you still want to keep the date “cheap”.

29. Date in the museum – many museums don’t have an entry tax, or it’s cheap if they have. The date night idea is a huge opportunity to learn something new and exciting.

30. Art Gallery – visit an Art Gallery and admire the fantastic way of thinking of the artists.

31. Bike together outside and even race – who has stronger legs?

32. Visit antic shops


They are huge inspiration places, doors to the past and I can honestly spend hours in them sometimes.

33. Arcade Games – it’s still cheap to go and play some arcade games. And it’s fun as well.

34. Winery tour – I know, it has to be in late afternoon rather than evening, but many wineries offer free tours and who can say No to a few sips of wine?

35. Picnic at evening time – you can either do that one in your home or go with the car to someplace where you can see the whole city in front of you and have a dinner-picnic there.

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36. Trivia date – a pub, a beer and a Quiz. Such a lovely date night idea for married couples that like to scratch their brains.

37. Go to a karaoke – if you don’t want to make it at home, then you just have to go to the karaoke club and sing it out loud.

38. Find a place under the stars and enjoy them. – Just don’t choose the cemetery, I don’t know why in the movies they always choose the cemetery, but I don’t want to give you this as an option…spooky

39. Go to a dance class together – even if it’s only once. You might like it.


40. Make your own photo-session – choose different places, change the facial expressions, experiment.

41. Play pool – and pick a prize for the winner.

42. Go to an Open Houses – it’s always interesting to see how other people have arranged their living space. Check with the local real-estate agencies for Showrooms and go to steal some ideas. 

43. Head to the beach and have dinner there – then go into the waters…naked. Try not to spend the night in the jail for that!

44. Go to an Open Mic Night – it’s usually cheap to attend an Open Mic Night somewhere, and you will have fun.

date-night-ideas-couples-married-car-love45. Go camping somewhere for the night – prepare the tent, the food and go into the woods.

46. Go camping … in the car…


Pick a place with no one around, then spend the night in the car – talking, snacking, kissing and touching… just like if you’re teenagers.

47. Role play – dress up, go to the bar/pub separately and pretend you don’t know each other. Then hook up for the night.


48. Visit a cheap shop with a $10 budget and buy something for the other – it has to be with a hint of a joke to the other.


49. Recreate your first date – was it a romantic dinner somewhere or just a walk in the city centre? Visit the place you had your first kiss and recreate it.

50. Sign up for a sport together – usually, the first lesson is for free or with a discount. 

Hope you liked my 50 cheap date night ideas for married couples. Share them with your spouse and choose one or more for the next month. If you’ve already done something even better, please share it with me in the comments below.

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