Well, you’ve got an idea how to do it, it is not such a secret what goes on between the sheet. One night hook up is something that almost every man has done. Many women as well either had it or want to try it. What are the main rules of having sex for one night so you can fully enjoy it?

Be honest

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship we have with the others. The honesty is there every time. In one-night-stand honesty is telling the other that this is actually a one-night hookup. I agree that some people don’t want to be honest about it because they may lose the opportunity to get laid. But telling what your real intentions are is a matter of self-confidence and …well,  it’s fair.



No to the flowers, the romantic stars in the eyes or the sweet talks. But totally yes to the respect and attention to the other’s needs. We are still people, and even if we never see the other again, we should respect him/her. That will make it a beautiful memory or at least won’t give us reasons to regret something.



one_night_hook_up-your_sex_lifeYou’ve seen not one or two films with one-night-stand. And the romantic, the pink air and the wedding bells at the end of the film are already in your head? You better take them out of there and bin them as fast as possible. Lower your expectations, or you will have regrets. When you’re with someone in the bed the first time is a little bit awkward, a little bit confusing and not so smashing. Well, almost always. But don’t think that you will be the exception. There are going to be some weird moments but be positive, and unless is some epic disaster (if it was – please, share with us), you should consider it as a mission completed.

Leave ASAP

When the job is done – just leave. That is a one-night hookup, but nobody actually wants you to stay for the all night. You will feel much better going to sleep in your bed at the end. If you’re already in your place, you can put this at the being honest part. If somehow the other person stays in your house till the morning – inform him that you will go out soon and need time to prepare.

Tell someone

Don’t forget about the security part of all situation. Never leave with a complete stranger without telling someone where you’re going. If during the flirt in the bar or the club (or wherever you met) you get the feeling that something is wrong just don’t go anywhere. Ask for a second date. That will give you time to think about it and to realise how safe the situation could be.

Protect yourself

If you don’t know about that part – let me be the first to tell you. Using protection when having sex with a stranger is THE must-do of one-night-stand. You never know the health or hygiene level of the other so do not take the risk of your health. You will thank yourself later for that.


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