Orgasm Secrets She Would Like You To Keep In Mind

Woman’s orgasm is a mystery sometimes. Or not so much. Many women feel misunderstood from their partners when it comes to the pleasure part of the relationship. There are some facts about The Big O which are good for the men to know.


It is not necessary to have an orgasm every time


Probably that is the part where many men feel like they don’t do enough for their girl if she cannot get to orgasm every time they make love. It would be amazing if that could happen but the fact is it doesn’t. At least not to every woman.


“No orgasm” doesn’t mean “no pleasure”. Don’t think your girl didn’t enjoy the sex with you. She may feel equally amazing with and without the big finish.


It doesn’t have to be loud every time


Another thing many men miss out is that if the girl doesn’t scream and shout she didn’t actually have an orgasm. Yes, sometimes she may make deep scratches on your back and all the neighbours to hear exactly how amazing she feels. It is not necessary to be like that every time though. And that doesn’t make it less amazing.


If something works once it doesn’t mean it will work always


orgasm_secrets-sex_ideasIf your partner gets to the finish line more often in one position, it is not to say that this is the O-position. The orgasm depends on many things, and the position is just one of them. Don’t be surprised if she cannot have it every time in that particular pose.


 The foreplay helps a lot


We all have those moments when the only thing we want is to get to the business straight away. But the foreplay is more important for the ladies than men believe. Soft music, dimmed lights, long kisses, sensible touches – it doesn’t matter how long it could take or which one it will be. Make it part of the game. Many times a man can enjoy the foreplay even more than the women. Just light up the fire!


Use lubricant


Sometimes the only thing that can ruin the orgasm is the dry skin. Use lubricant when having sex with your partner. It will give the extra sensitivity she may need. On top of that, it will prevent the irritating skin after few pleasurable rounds.



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