THE MOB cover

$16 091

This is the amount the average household owes on their credit cards.

18 Years 

This is how long it will take you to pay off those credit cards.


Is the percentage of people who expect to die in a debt.

Do these numbers sound scary to you?

They shouldn’t!


Because the difference between You and the statistic is that you fight not to be part of it.

And I intend to be by your side in this fight and help you win.

THE MOB Greats you!


The Money Organiser Bundle is the only legal MOB that could help you get rid of your loans, credit cards, car payments, overdraft and… keep your sanity at the same time.

THE MOB is a simple book full of practical pieces of advice, examples from life, templates to keep help you along the way, and motivation to stay focused.

Actually, it sounds too good to be true, and you could think for a moment I’m making it all up.


That’s because you are missing the main idea.

It is You who is doing the work.

It is You who is keeping the main key to your debt-free life.

It is You who is accountable to yourself.

I only show you the right steps, hold your hand along the way… but you do the steps.

Is This You?

  • You are struggling with the payments every month, always walking on the edge with the bills and the debts, not knowing how to change the things.
  • You have a decent job that should be enough to cover the bills and the debts, but somehow it doesn’t.
  • You have already tried everything to change the money game in your favour, but nothing worked.
  • You are curious if there are some other methods to help you reach your financial goals and see what debt-free means.
  • Every time you start following someone’s money advice, you end up frustrated and disappointed by yourself. You cannot keep up with all of the rules and this makes you crazy.

Let me tell you something you might have not noticed so far:

You work for your money, but your money doesn’t work for you.

Let me tell you another secret:

All we are thought at school (if even that) is how to earn money. No one wants to teach us how to spend them though. 

Actually, I lied!

There are some people who teach us how to spend money. Do you know who?

The marketing industry.

All of the ads you keep skipping here and there are designed to teach you how to spend your money (by buying do-it-all products, of course).

It’s time to put an end to this, don’t you think?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find out how to spend money in a way they will serve you?

Don’t you wish to open your online banking app and don’t see a minus in front of the numbers?

Wouldn’t it feel terrific to wake up one beautiful morning and breath the air of the debt-free life?

Well, my friend, it is terrific. And it is possible as well.

So, what is The MOB – The Money Organiser Bundle?

This Bundle is my personal experience after ten years of working in two big banks; going through the Financial Crisis in 2008 that left me without a job, and not missing out my chance to make my money work for me instead of the opposite.

I believe we can always do something to change our situation. As long as we try the chance to win is there. Do you believe in that as well?

Then The MOB is for you.

It comes with practical advice you can put into action today, plus Six Templates to help you through the process of taking the first steps to the financial freedom you’ve always dreamt of.

The Money Organiser Bundle includes:

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the mob included tips money saving tricks


I know that my job is to make you click the button and purchase my book. HOWEVER, I won’t lie to you, and before you do that, I would like to warn you that THE MOB requires a lot of work. This is not the usual 10-days-to-your-dream-life book. This is the it-works-if-you-work-it type of book, and nothing in it will benefit you unless you put the effort to make it happen. At the same time, I firmly believe, and I am confident that simply following my steps will give you the results you crave to see.