Top 8 Of The Best Romantic Games For Couples On Amazon

Have you ever played romantic games for couples with your partner?


You’ve probably thought about playing naughty, but which are the best romantic games for couples?

You wouldn’t want to choose something that’s not going to give you the experience you aim for, right?

Why a Few Romantic Games for Couples Could Save Your Relationship?

sex-best_games_for_couples-intimateWay too often we tend to get into a daily routine that doesn’t always suit the relationship.

That means you have time and power for everything else in your life – work, traffic, shopping, cooking, watching TV, children, in-laws… except for loving your partner.

When we get to the bed we have two options:

  • We go to sleep almost immediately, totally exhausted by the day behind us, and ignoring the little voice in our head, that there’s something we could do to help the situation.
  • We decide to listen to that little voice and go for a quickie with our partner, but mostly because the last time we did it was an embarrassingly long time ago, or we just want to try to reconnect with our partner once again.

If you could relate to any of these two options, the following romantic games for couples are the way to go.

Here’s what they’ll do for you:

  • Something new, something exciting – we all love new things. No matter how big or small the package is, we always unwrap it with the excitement of a child. Can you imagine your feelings while unwrapping a package with a game you will play in the bed?
  • Something new, something exciting – did I already say that? Well, here’s a new meaning to it. The intimate play in your bed is most likely something you already know how it goes from the very beginning. And there’s nothing wrong in that, just sometimes the predictable things are not very exciting, are they?
  • Ideas you’ve never thought about – the great thing about these romantic games for couples is that someone else put the effort to find a way you and your partner to enjoy each other’s bodies in the most pleasurable way. How weirdly wonderful that is!
  • Excuses to try something new – if your partner is a bit shy and doesn’t share fantasies very often, but is willing to give a try to everything you suggest – that’s the biggest reason to order a game and give it a night or two.
  • Spice up the love life – a new game will give you more ideas on what to do tonight in the bed even if you already tried everything that came into your mind since you’re together. I bet you’ll find at least ten things you’ve never tried from each game.
  • Reconnect with your loved one – A new naughty game to play is just one of the many other ways to reconnect again.

Top 8 of Best Romantic Games for Couples on Amazon

So here they are! Have a look at them, and choose the perfect one for the two of you.

Secret VII

This naughty pack of games is an actual library full of 400 cards, dice, audible timer and instruction sheet. Can you imagine that there are 400 different ways to enjoy the activity we merely named sex? Roleplaying, intimate talks, colour coding… that’s just a small part of what you’ll find in that box. Enjoy it!

Bedhind Closed Doors

Foreplay cards with ideas how to spice the things up before the actual intercourse. Be open-minded and non-judgmental about trying these new things. Explore yourself and your partner with the aim to find new ways and levels of pleasure. In that game, both of you collect cards, and the winner gets the right to implement his cards when giving and receiving pleasure. Try it now.

Cosmo’s Truth or Dare

As Cosmo says: “naughty spin on the classic Truth or Dear”. Unisex questions you can play out and decide – “Truth” you can’t tell or “Dare” you’re overexcited about. It’s fun and different way to start foreplay with your partner. Give it a go!


A Month of Sex


What a fantastic idea for the next month or just the next 30 days. An intimate challenge/idea for every day of the month. These activities are perfect for you if you want to boost your love life as fast as possible. Now that is what I call best games for couples… can you handle them?


The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games


The sex in the bedroom is boring… according to these Author – Ava Cadell. Instead, she gives you lots of ideas where it wouldn’t be boring at all. On top of that once you try some suggestions you’ll never look at the kitchen or the food (or the bathroom, or the… everywhere!), the same way; and the way you talk to each other will ultimately change… for something more… naughty! Just check the reviews.




If you love playing board games, this is the one to go for. It’s a total bestseller on Amazon, has over 400 ideas, 50 fantasies to choose from and will make you laugh and love even more. Definetally have a look at it now.

Sweaty Mess



I love this book’s message. Sex should be messy, dirty, loud and shameless. It should be a mix or roleplays, fantasies, sex toys, dirty talk and everything around. The Author – Amber Cole, is certified sex coach, so she knows what she’s talking about. In this small book, you will find everything you need for the greatest sex with your partner… tonight!

Little Big Book of Sex Games


One more time – Cosmo is going naughty and offer us a Little BIG BOOK of sex games for couples. And there’s a bonus – 7 days position challenge. My challenge to you? Try to finish it before these seven days expire. Wanna check it out?

So, do you think those are the best romantic games for couples? Have you tried some of them or maybe you and your partner create your own romantic games? Share in the comments.


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