Romantic Weekend Ideas – The Perfect Dirty Weekend Away Guide

Romantic weekend ideas action steps for a dirty weekend away.

Friday afternoon – check-in

Check-in in the hotel, get familiar with the facilities, take half an hour to explore them. You can find more things to include in your naughty weekend plans. Keep the evening simple – you’ve been at work all day, you’ve probably driven to the place at least an hour, you’re tired. Take your time to unwind, relax, get into that weekend mood. 

Have dinner in the restaurant, or somewhere nearby, in the area. Go to bed early enough, so you can be fresh and ready for the Saturday. If you want to start with the intimate part – do as you like. However, don’t feel pressured to just start with it because it’s a sex weekend. 

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dirty weekend away ideas




Wake up early enough to have time to start the day in a mind-blowing way. 

Now, when I said to choose a room with a bathtub, you probably thought about candles and evening glasses of champagne with aroma bubbles. Nope!

Although, keep the bubbles! Start your Saturday with a beautiful bath experience. Hop in the bathtub together right after you wake up. Give each other a nice back rub (yeah, you know what I mean) and make love. Your bodies are so relaxed after the good night sleep that this morning sex will be one of the best experiences from this weekend.

Enjoy breakfast after that. You could go to the restaurant, or you could order it in the room. Can you imagine yourself laying in the bed, having a warm croissant with a selection of fresh fruits and cappuccino? What an amazing morning. 


A dirty weekend away after breakfast

Ok, so the morning is gone. You officially started the sex marathon.

So, why not have a short walk after breakfast in the park nearby? Make it no longer than an hour – hey, you’ve got sex to do! Don’t distract yourself too much.  

Go back to the room and enjoy each other one more time before proceeding with the spa-bookings. Now is the time to have the massages, jump into the pool and sweat in the sauna. Spear a good two hours for these activities. 

By the end of these two hours, you’ll be relaxed, with a red face and huge smile.

You might feel a bit lazy but tease each other’s bodies for a while. Don’t get to the intercourse at least for half hour. The foreplay will get you creative. Bring toys with you, ask each other how you like it. It’s a good time to choose one of these sex games for couples and slowly build up the foreplay to exploding sex with intense orgasms. 

Don’t forget to eat – you need your strength for the rest of the day. Believe me, that’s just the start of it.

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Roleplay, sex fantasies, dirty mind

Well, as we call it a dirty weekend away, let’s make it as dirty as possible.

Pick a role play game – bring some naughty costumes, dress up, go into the characters and play the game to the very end.

Share some sex fantasies and make them come true. Spend the afternoon in exploring each other’s limits, minds and bodies. 

Everyone has a different sex drive, so if at some point you reach your limitations for the day, don’t get angry with yourself. The romantic weekends away are about you about connecting with your partner, spending time together and enjoying every bit of it. It’s not only about sex and penetration. 

Tease every other part of the other’s body but the genitals. Cuddle, kiss and talk a lot. Watch a movie, take a nap or drink a coffee. Relax and refresh yourself with another bath or just take a shower.

End the day in a proper way

You’ve got a few romantic weekend ideas here as well. 

Option one

If you’re in a playful mood, make it a “blind date”. Pretend you don’t know each other. One of you goes to the bar and orders a drink. The other comes and starts flirting. Play it cool and use your imagination. Really get into the role that you don’t know the other. Then one of you offers the key for the room to the other and leaves. I bet you know what to do next. It’s wild, it’s passionate, and it’s fun. 


Option two. 

Order the dinner in the room. Pick a nice white wine or champagne, fruits and more chocolate or honey. I know, your parents never allowed you to play with the food, but tonight is an exception. Eat the chocolate and fruits from each other’s bodies. Order only one dessert and offer it as a prize to one of you that brings the other to orgasm first. 

Option three.

Choose a game to play. It’s not even necessary to be a sex game. Order pizza and beer. Watch a movie or favourite TV show. Laugh. Have sex. The charm in this simple evening is in the relaxation and being yourself. Of course, you can always spice it up with hot sex under the shower with the rule to be as quiet as possible. Whoever loses owns the other one more orgasm. You’re very welcome for the idea.


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