10 Old But Gold Secrets To Feel Sexy Again Even If You Aren’t In A Mood

How to feel and look sexy

To be sexy and to feel sexy is the word that brings images of sweaty beach models in luxury lingerie, biting lips or fingers… something you think you will never be. And you are right!


To feel and look sexy is so far away from perfect body and underwear that costs half of your mortgage.

In fact, it has nothing to do with the size of your bra or the high of your heels. It all starts with how you feel. I’m sure, you have heard it so many times that you may wish to slap me in the face because I just repeat a cliché nobody likes.


In that case, it is good I am not around. So give me a chance to save myself and to change your vision on the matter. I would like to list few things down below that will boost the feel-sexy-even-gorgeous-today mood that usually slips away from you. Share with me if I’m right or wrong, or if you have got something more to add.

Take a shower

Warm water running over your body is the first step to feeling sexy. Why? It increases the blood flow to your body (especially if you chose it to be cooler) and it gives you the opportunity to “wash away” the bad self-thoughts and feelings. On top of that, you can add your shower gel with favourite fragrance, body scrub and maybe some hair removal (if needed). Going out of the shower, after all, is a great way to start your day, and more than a promising beginning of the “sexy you” we claim to reach. Feeling sexy is starting your sexy.

Put something crazy on

Pink scarf. Spider ring. Green glasses. Huge necklace. Put on something that’s unusual, takes you out of your comfort zone and brings the craziness out.

People are slaves of habits. That often includes the routes we take on the way home, the shops we go to, and the clothes we wear. Even the most cherished piece of clothing becomes unnoticeable for the eye when we wear it all the time. The worst thing ever? There’s more than 80%to reach for the same piece next time you wonder what to wear. That’s the habit!

Break it! To feel sexy is to feel different, challenged by yourself in every aspect, braking your imaginary rules and habits.

Crazy hat in the cold winter? Multi colourful bracelets at summer time? A top that reflects your personality? Bring them on, babe!

Your lingerie

Yes, I said something about the lingerie at the beginning but having few pieces of underwear that just scream sexy, is essential. No matter if you are with a partner or not, if you plan something hot for the night or not… Sexy lingerie is for you, your knowledge of what you wear will add frisky note your eyes and smile. Feeling sexy is wearing sexy.



Can you imagine yourself in the bathtub, the foam is all around you, the scent of lavender and magnolia around you tickles your nose. Few candles sparkle in your eyes and the only thing that makes noise is your Zen-breathing. Give yourself a second to try to imagine it. It would feel beautiful, peaceful.

Bring that feeling within yourself every time you need to add some sexiness to your day. The way you feel defines the way you look. And the way you think determines the way you feel. Following that logic, the fascinating, mind-blowing vision of your perfect spa should make you smile.

Something extra – it will make you crave for the experience so at evening time the only thing you’ll prepare after dinner is your favourite bath bomb. The circle is closed – you were dreaming of the experience, and now you have it. Now that’s a pleasurable way to feel and look sexy.



I bet you didn’t expect that one. Actually, the blood flow, the move of your body, the rhythm of the music, the beats… everything works in your favour.  Moving your body helps you to feel it, to touch it, to enjoy it. Dancing is sexy, and it does make you feel sexy.

Straighten your back

Your posture could lift you confidence or could bring it down. It is your choice. So try it now, while you’re reading this – just to see if I’m right:

Straighten your back, push the shoulders a little bit down and back, keep the head high and your eyes forward.

Your tummy became smaller, and your ladies were shaped better, did you notice that? Tell me that’s not sexy.

The right posture feels good, and we often forget how essential for the health it is. Keep in mind the feeling you just had – don’t you want to have it every single minute of your day?

Fake it till you make it

Not my favourite one but it does work. The benefits of fake till you bake it are more than obvious. Pretending you feel sexy and making an effort to look sexy will work from outside with the hope to bring inside as well. The good part? I actually work. Doing your hair today will be noticed by your partner, colleagues or friends. They will compliment you, and that will trigger the feel-sexy mood instantly.

But if you’re a little bit like me and prefer to feel it first before any attempt to fake it, here’s something for you:


Put lipstick on

Back on track with looking sexy.

“Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.” is one of my favourite quotes. It screams confidence, girl-power, fashion, sexy mood and victory all together.

There’s some magic in a woman with the right bright lipstick, isn’t there? Don’t forget to add it to your daily routine and enjoy the effect.


Change the perfume

Wearing the same perfume every day doesn’t have the same wow-affect on your mood every day. And as well with the clothes, very often we use the same fragrance all over again and again. I understand why many women stick with one aroma fragrance for years – I do it too. But now and then it’s nice and healthy to change it. Feeling the sweet, gentle smell on your clothes during the day helps your feminine personality to wake up.


It’s exactly the same with the rest of the aromatherapy you enjoy at home. And if you have not tried it till now – do it. Pick different fragrances and designs that please your eyes. Light them up and wait for the gentle smell to cover the air around you. Lifts the mood and inspires. The happy and inspired woman is sexy!

Let me know if you liked those nine ways to feel and look sexy even when you do not. Share with friends and don’t forget that the sexiness is always in you. Let’s wake it up.

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