365 Self-Development Ideas To Change Your Life | Part 7

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365 ways to change your life this year

Is it time to change your life?

How do you even change your life?

Do you wake up one morning and decide “That’s it! Today I will change my life!”?

Most likely not!

Yes, some decisions could change your life in a fraction of the second, but most of the time, changing our lives requires time and hard work.

And that’s where most of us fail as well. 

In this technology-rich world where anything could happen with the click of the mouse or with a tap of your finger, working hard and having the patience to wait for your life to change, is the real challenge.

Are you patient enough to work hard and wait for the results?

Here’s some food for thought: Time passes anyway. We cannot stop it, and we cannot reverse it. So, why not use all that’s left to make it a journey that’s worth the wait?

365 ways to change your life

How to change your life ideas to try
How to change your life ideas to try

If you’re new here, welcome! This post is part of a 12-month sequence that will change your life you let it. Every month I release a new portion of the 365 self-development ideas.

Why am I not publishing them at once?

Because if you receive all of the ideas at once, you will go through them for 15 minutes and forget you ever read them. 

Remember the lesson from above? It’s all about being patient and taking one step at a time.

All of the previous parts will be linked below this post, but you could also receive all of them in your email box by clicking here. 

This is Part 7 of the sequence, and because it’s the beginning of 2020, I believe it’s time to talk about organisation, planning and living our best life.

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Let’s dive into the January’s 31 self-development ideas that will change your life (if you let them do it).

31 Self-Development Ideas That Will Change Your Life 

Energised body, mind and soul
Energised body, mind and soul

1. Maintain energised mind and body. Do everything with enthusiasm. 

2. The moment you wake up, hold onto a good thought. Instead of telling yourself “Ugh, I’m so tired…” tell yourself “I actually feel good. Let’s crush this day!”

3. When going out of the door in the morning, tell yourself “What a wonderful day!”

4. Start a Quote Journal and write in it your favourite quotes. Refer to it when need inspiration.

5. Explore the benefits of minimalism and see if you could follow a few of the tips. I wouldn’t sleep on the floor or have only two spoons in the house, but I go to the shop with my own bags, and I do my best in reducing the waste in our house.

6. Have a No-Alcohol month. You won’t miss anything, I promise.

7. Use the Elsenhower Matrix to plan your tasks. (see chart below)

Elsenhower Matrix Technique to plan your days
Elsenhower Matrix Technique to plan your days

8. Try the Pomodoro Technique to manage your time. 

9. If you lack good spending habits, try paying cash for everything for a week or two. Physically giving away your money will make you think twice before you do it. 

10. Life happens right now!

Even while you read this post. Do you like it? Why? Why not? Journal about it and see if you have some useful ideas on what to do next.

Let go of regrets. Life hapens now.
Let go of regrets. Life happens now.

11. Stop complaining about things you don’t like about your life. In this way, you give them even more power. There are only two ways to go, and you know them well: If you don’t like something – change it. If you can’t: change yourself and adapt to the situation.

12. Learn how to be The Master of your thoughts and not the opposite. 

13. List all of the things you have, and you cannot buy with money.

14. Define the toxic people around you. Now would be the best time to exclude them from your life.

15. If you’re trying to implement a new habit, remember that the secret is persistence. To fully develop a new habit could take you two months. Are you stubborn enough to do it?

16. Between cleaning the house and having a cup of tea and a nice book, choose the latter.

17. Between cleaning the house and spending quality time with your family, choose the latter.

18. Start learning a new language. Don’t have enough time? 5 words a day is a great start.

19. For a toddler, success means learning how to hold a spoon. For an older man, success means waking up in the morning. We all have different interpretations of success – find yours and don’t compare it to your neighbours’ definition of success.

20. If you feel you’re better than the others around you, you’re on the wrong path.

Feed your soul with beautiful things
Feed your soul with beautiful things

21. Feed your soul with poetry every now and then.

22. Start noticing the patterns in your life, in your work, in your communication and relationship with others. 

23. You can never predict the future. Don’t act as if you know something bad’s going to happen. Instead, act as something good has already happened. 

24. Be a good example for your children. If you want to teach them something, show them you practice it. 

25. Isn’t it time to create your investment plan?

26. Sign up for dance classes – it will help you have fun and relax at the end of the day.

27. The right time to start doing something is Now. It will always be Now.

28. Start a Life Lessons Journal and write down every life lesson you’ve learnt so far. Explain why you feel that way. I guarantee you, one day you will love reading through it. 

29. Do you avoid doing something risky that might actually change your life and bring you personal success? Go for it. The worst thing that could happen is to learn another life lesson.

30. Read a chapter of an inspiring book every day. Open to a random page and see you could find your daily guidance.

31. Fix up your resume and look for another, higher-paid job. You know you deserve it. 

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If you’re serious about planning the best year ever and changing your life step-by-step, I recommend you use these tips in combination with this.

If you need some ideas on inspirational novels that aren’t self-help books (’cause we all get tired of them every once in a while), see this list of inspirational books.

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365 Self-development ideas to change your life

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  1. It was very nice and inspiring to read this article. Thank you so much for the points. I really enjoyed it. Also jotted down some points I need to follow now.
    Just that there are too many ads in-between.

    1. Hi Manji, I’m so happy you enjoyed my self-development tips. I’m sorry if the ads seem to be too many, I would like them to be less too, but they are part of my main income and really help me have the time to focus and produce valuable content for you. I hope you would understand why I have them.

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