Sex On The Beach Guide For Adventures Couples

sex on the beach – does it worth it

I would be surprised if there are more than ten sex bucket lists on this planet that don’t include “sex on the beach” as a place to get naughty at least once.

It’s hot, risky and definitely sweaty, so it’s normal the thought to cross your mind.

Mine too…

But let’s do the work first.

You might get caught while playing with your… partner, and this is one of the top reasons that make sex on the beach so attractive for couples. That extra adrenalin doze in the vanes is so attractive and addictive.

Your love life will be different from that day on. Feel bored lately in the bed? Sex on the beach could add a missing spice to that intimate relationship with your partner. Changing the place always helps you keep the fire between the two of you burning.

And it is something you will remember for life, no matter how and what happened.

Admit it; you secretly want to be one of those crazy sexy people that “had done it on the beach”.

No matter if you share it with your bestie or not.

how_to_sex_on_the_beach-sex_ideasIn both cases, it’s going to stay in your head for a lot longer than just a week or two.

The Law

I have to repeat myself – although it is fun, you might be caught! And in that order, it’s better to be informed if it’s highly illegal to have sex on the beach in the country you’re in.

Just to make it clear – at some places, you may get a fine and a giggle, but in other’s, you may get arrested or even imprisoned. In Dubai, you can go to jail for three to six months. Brrr…

Pff, it doesn’t sound romantic at all to search for the law, but at least you’ll know how high the risk is. You’d want it to be adrenalin-crazy, not stupid-crazy, right?

The Sand

The soft golden sand you enjoy during the sunbath is not going to be so soft if it gets to your intimate parts when the action is on.

On top of that, it may cause you an infection so bear that in mind.

Are you still here?

Do I sound like a grumpy old lady giving you lessons you don’t want to hear?

Sorry! Let’s switch to the fun part then…

Here are some tips on how to make the sex on the beach more hot and pleasant.

Just like in the movies.

Be Prepared.

I know, you’d rather want it to be spontaneous and passionate in-the-moment experience, but hear me out.

Find a spot that is not very easy to see, and it’s isolated from the crowdie places. After all, you would love to get to the end of the exercise.

sex_on_the_beach-sex_ideasGet a towel with you or even better – a light blanket (even a sheet works fine). You will be able to use it to cover yourself in case someone decides to interrupt the naughty game. And it’s going to keep the sand away.

Trust me; the fun is going to end at the same second you feel sand in places you prefer not to.

Because of the same reason choose positions that allow you to be away from the sand. Like the Doggystyle for example. Keep your voices down no matter how loud you want to express your feelings. It’s good if you don’t use sun cream as it may cause infection.

Positions perfect for the occasion


I already mentioned that above, but worth repeating. Doggystyle is one of the best sex-on-the-beach positions as it keeps you away from the sand. Plus, every woman knows the sensitivity of that position and every guy loves the view.


The woman is in charge of the situation when it comes to Cowgirl. She could move however she wants, dictates the pace and how deep to let the guy in. Again, keeps the sand away and gives you the desired pleasure.

Reverse Cowgirl

It’s the same as the Cowgirl, but the lady has to turn her face towards the guy’s legs. The new angle stimulates new points and pushes all the right buttons… everywhere.

Beach Ball

After all, you are on the beach, right? Use the big beach ball in a new, exciting way. The position is exactly like the Doggystyle, but the woman puts the beach ball under her tummy. It takes away the pressure from the hands and actually increases the chance to get to that G-spot somewhere there…

What about the sex in the water?

You can have a go on that as well.

It is much easier than you think.

On the one hand, there is no sand, so half of your problems are gone. On the other – even if there are some people around, the water will give you privacy.

The minus is you cannot use a lubricant under the water. And it may wash away the natural juices woman produces during sex. You don’t have many options for the position, but the water makes the bodies lighter, so it’s going to be easier to move. The use of condoms is a bad idea, so it’s good if you’re with someone you know and trust.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how and where you decide to do it. Just have fun, enjoy the moment and be safe.

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