Solo Sex? Oh! Yes, Please! 5 Reasons It’s A Must!

We have to admit it – almost every woman masturbates.

If you don’t – you have to try it ASAP. You’ll love it. But while you’re on the self-pleasuring wave you don’t usually think why you do it, right?


The orgasm will produce endorphins which help to fight the stress and makes you feel much better. It relaxes the mussels and sends messages of pleasure and happiness to each part of your body.

Helps you getting to know yourself

solo-sex_ideas-your_sex_lifeMasturbating and touching yourself will give you the chance to find out what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Finding your trigger points is important for your sex life as it’s going to make you feel more confident in a way to reach orgasm with your partner.

Makes you feel sexy

Oh, yes! Being sexy makes you feel sexy, isn’t it? It’s almost like with the food – more you eat more you want to eat. Feeling that you’re able to give yourself, sexual pleasure builds up the self-esteem and confidence. Also, it’s healthy as it makes your heart beat raising and prevents you from heart attacks.

Helps you to sleep better

Do you have problems with the sleep? Probably because your head is full of the things that happened through the day. Or because you feel too stressed, tensioned and far away from relaxed.

solo_sex-your_sex_lifeMasturbating will do wonders for you. It’s going to take your thoughts away from the daily problems and focus them back on you. The orgasm will be like a pleasurable restart of your body system, and after that, you will feel calm and relaxed enough to fall asleep fast.

Helps your relationship 

As I said above, knowing what turns you on and off is significant not only for you but your partner as well. Intimacy and sex are an important part of every relationship, and the capability of giving and receiving pleasure from your partner may build up or destroy the relationship.

 Just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to masturbate. And if you do masturbate it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner or the sex with him is not enough to make you feel satisfied. It just means you have one more way to get to the big O. And you can always ask your partner, to join, the chance to say No is minimal.


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