Best Health Benefits Of Having Hot and Steamy Sex!

or more excuses to stay in the bed


Having fun between the sheets is incredible, and the fact that it’s healthy makes it even better. Many studies proved that having sex on a regular base can benefit your life on levels you haven’t even thought about.


One of the most important of the health benefits of sex reflects on your heart – sex is good for it. Studies made in 2010 show that having sex twice or more per week reduces the chance to be affected by heart disease. ting and raising your heart rate during sex is like you almost went to the gym. And it helps you to be less stressed. Less stressed means less chance of heart attacks as well.


health_benefits_of_sexAlong with the benefit of the heart, sex can help you boost your immune system. The wealth of our immune system depends on the levels of the immunoglobulin in the body.  Sex increases these levels and doing, so it helps the body to fight all those nasty germs, viruses and bad influences of the world around us.



“I have a headache” shouldn’t be a reason not to have sex anymore. Actually, it should be a start line before it because latest studies show that the endorphin your body releases during orgasm go with a bunch of other pain-relief hormones. And they help you get rid of an annoying headache. So… think of something else next time but before that…


Let’s  check out for more health benefits of sex


Almost every woman has some bad days before or during their period, but you can treat them with sex. The contractions during orgasm act like a massage for the lower area. Those contractions reduce the pain from the cramps. Another study showed that women with regular sex life (again – having sex two or more times per week), feel the first days of their period less painful and nasty…


… And is good for the mood, fights depression and boost up your self-esteem. I believe that this is a study everyone can make for himself. Healthy sex life, shared intimacy and satisfaction, release good-for-the-mood chemicals. They increase the levels of serotonin which is known as “the hormone of happiness”. Along with that, people that often have sex have better confidence in themselves and are more likely to feel happy “with no reason”.



Do you want to live longer? Guess what helps about that – making love! With all the benefits of having healthy and joyful intimate life, the chances to live longer are better. During this long life, you will look better as well because of all the sweating and chase in the bed helps for the circulation of the blood in our bodies. And that is the reason we “glow” after good fun.


If you have problems with sleep – making love can help you even with that. After having an orgasm, your body feels more relaxed and stress-free. If you feel calm and happy, that could prevent insomnia and would keep you longer in the dream-land.


So are you still reading or you already know the plans for tonight?



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