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The Law Of Attraction And Love! How I Manifested My Fiancé

Can you manifest love?

Is it possible to manifest love?

Is there a wish list that you could fill with specific characteristics and hand over to the Universe to make it true?

Do we get what we think about, what we fear of or we get what we deserve?

Is the Law Of Attraction a secret that everybody knows about but only a few are aware of how to use it?

So many questions and even more answers. Let’s dig into the Law Of Attraction and relationships, and find out if you could manifest love today.

Let me tell you a story that proves everything we wish for becomes a reality!


I’ve always longed for meeting the love of my life.

I was dreaming about it since I was 15 years old and you might think it was a teen’s dream.. it wasn’t! I had the same dreams when I turned 20 and I had the same dreams when I turned 29 (which was the age when I met the man I manifested).

I will get to the way I manifested him later, but just a short proof The Law of Attraction was working and I didn’t know anything about it.

Don’t laugh!

I had many unsuccessful relationships before I got to the point to meet my partner. But after every heartbreak, between the depression and the disappointment moments, I was always wishing the same thing “I want to see my future husband! I want to at least see him, just to see him!”

Who knew…

My partner is a friend of my brother-in-law. I didn’t meet him up until two years ago, but I’ve seen his photos many times on my sister’s computer. I saw my future husband five years before I met him and get into a relationship with him.

The Law was working from the very beginning and I didn’t know!

With that said…


That’s the first misunderstanding of the Law.

We live in a world where everything comes to us in instant form.

We want shoes – we go and buy them or even better – we purchase them online, and they come in a few days. We want food – we order it, and the doorbell rings in less than an hour. We want to speak to someone – we call him in the same second we want it to happen. We need information – we open the internet and in a matter of minutes, we get it.

We need, we want, we get! Today!


That is the 21st century. The “instant century” where everything happens the moment you wish for it to happen.

Then why it doesn’t work like that with the Law of Attraction? Why do we keep wishing that fulfilling relationship and we don’t get it? Is the Law of Attraction just a money-making-machine?

My answers? Yes! And no!

The Law of Attraction is a successful money-making machine. At the same time, it’s the most powerful making-dreams-come-true machine too.

How is that even possible?

At the end of 2014, I had a few consultations with a psychologist.

I needed to know what is my problem with men and why I was jumping from one life-sucking meaningless relationship to another. I knew I was the problem, but I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

At the end of one of the sessions, the psychologist asked me to write on a piece of paper what man I would like to meet one day, and what features he would have. I was supposed to write as many characteristics as possible.

On the next session I handed her the list, she read it, and then she just tore it into small pieces and threw them in the bin! I was shocked. I spent hours writing that list because I wanted to define “my future man’s personality”!

She told me that she just needed a proof I don’t want something that didn’t exist. The man I wanted lives somewhere out there, she said, but I was supposed to forget what I wrote and focus on making myself happy.

What happened next?

I was almost offended that she threw my perfect man in the bin but what she didn’t know was that I had the same list at home – the not-so-tidy-version of it, but I had it. So when I went back home, I took the small pieces of paper and pinned them on my cork board. I didn’t know I was creating a vision board. I was pinning on it everything that I liked, photos of my family, poems, etc.

Two years later after many, many personal struggles, after losing myself and not only myself, I met that man.

We are from different countries and we met in a third one. But last summer, when we went home, I saw that the board and the pieces of paper were still in my room.

I smiled… I read them and guess what! He matches everything and beyond.

The Law of Attraction works.


But there are some specifics that not many people tell us about.

Probably to be able to sell something, you have to make it look the easiest and most effortless thing ever!

The industry makes The Law of Attraction to look like an easy puzzle we have to solve. But it’s not.

To many people, life is a 5000-pieces puzzle and it takes almost forever to connect the pieces.

Grabbing only ten of those 5000 pieces and trying to make things work doesn’t do anything, right?

So, here’s what I found out about the Law of Attraction and manifesting love, and how it worked for me.

Manifesting love today!

Again back to the point about the instant results we expect.

The Universe is not a McDrive. We cannot go somewhere, shout out what we want, and wait for it to be prepared in a matter of minutes or days. Or even months.

It takes time. It takes time for the things to arrange so you could meet the right person, the one you dream of.

It takes time even to become that person the other is going to appreciate and love.

If I had met my partner back in 2014, I was going to love him and appreciate him, but I guarantee it wouldn’t be on the level I appreciate him now. My love expectations had changed so much but what I really did was to start loving and caring about myself more than before. Much more than before.

It doesn’t mean you will wait forever to happen. It simply means it will take as much time as needed! Not a minute more than needed!

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you have failed in the past.” Napoleon Hill

I like that quote from Napoleon Hill. If the idea is like a seed we conceive in our mind, then just like every other seed it will need care. We have to provide the conditions for it to grow and give us its fruits.

Once we have the dream, we need to create possibilities for it to happen.

Yes, we create them.

If we want to eat we have to cook first, isn’t it?

If we’re cold and want to feel warm – we have to put some more clothes or turn the heating on.

If we’re going to meet someone new, we have to go out, and that creates the possibility to meet him.

To get any result, we need to create an action before that.

No one is going to knock on the door claiming to be the person you dreamt of. You have to go out there and create the situations that may give you the chance to meet that one person.

Have faith


As a consequence of the fact we want everything ASAP, we tend to lose faith in The Law of Attraction too early.

Faith is a reliable and powerful weapon in the devastating situations life offers us. It’s stronger than hope but cannot live without it.

Faith is to know that the sun is somewhere there behind the clouds, even if we don’t see it.

Faith is waiting patiently for that sun to come out while preparing the sandals to wear them when it happens.

Not all the 100%

It’s not always exactly what we want. It’s more!

For example, when making that list, I imagined my partner and me to live in the flat I have in my country, walking out for work together from that particular flat. Coming back in the evening and having dinner in that specific kitchen.

It didn’t happen like that. Not only we don’t live in that flat – we don’t live in the country. And we don’t go to work together. But we wake up together every morning (at 4 a.m. in case you wonder…) and I am always home when he comes back to hug and kiss each other. And these are the best moments of every day…

Having the person who truly loves me gave me the chance to chase another dream – being a writer. Guess what I do now! I’ve already manifested a successful blog (few of them) and things seem to go in the right direction even there.

You have to find your way to manifest love

Almost all of the Law of Attraction preachers would tell you how important is to visualise the things you want. You have to sit on the sofa, close your eyes and spend 15 minutes every day envisioning romantic walks, kisses and passionate moments.

If it works for you – perfect, keep it going. But it didn’t work for me.

Some people feel their plans never work if they share them with someone. Others believe that they achieve everything only after they talk through it with a close friend or their partner. Some people make every dream come true the moment they start imagining that same situation over and over again.

And at the end – there are people like me and none of those tricks from above work for us.

We are all different. Therefore we cannot expect the same formula to work for everyone.

I’m going back to what worked for me – writing. How many times did I mention writing here? Too many?

Yes, because that’s just my thing. When I write, I feel the magic of leaving everything behind me and focusing on what I write. No matter if it’s an article, an email, in the diary or on a Christmas Card. I want it to be how I feel and believe it. Everything that comes onto the white sheet comes from the heart – good or bad.

They say the secret to making the Law of Attraction to work for you is To Feel.


We attract what we feel.

That’s why it works for me when I write.

I’ve spent months visualising this and that. I just don’t feel like it’s worth it to me. I need to sit on the chair, grab the pen and hear the scratch of the pen’s tip on the paper. That’s one of the most comforting sounds for me. In this way, I could focus on what I feel and stop thinking… just feeling and writing out these feelings.

That’s how it works for me.

So, if visualising is not your thing either – find what it is.

Is it writing?

Is it a vision board with vivid pictures?

Is it making an album full of photos, poems, stories?

Is it talking with someone that understands and supports you?

Or you may need a bucket of play-doh to create small scenes of you and your dream person in the park, on the plain, in a restaurant?

Be creative and dig until you find what it is.

And then be ready to pay the price

Nothing comes for free in this world. Not everything costs money, and probably that’s the sad part.

Be ready for the situations that will prepare you to be the person you see next to your perfect partner.

Be ready to wait while life connects your paths.

Be prepared to get lost in a foreign city, to go through the panic and meet your love when asking the first person to direct you to your hotel.

Be prepared to get divorced and to have to raise your child as a single parent. All that, so you could meet your partner while he or she is picking their child from the same nursery.

Be ready to get your heart broken so you can find the strength to say no to anything else but the best for you.

Be ready to pay the price – small or a big one. But I can guarantee – it’s worth it.

Please, let me know what you think about the Law of Attraction and if it works for you. Share experience no matter if you attracted to love or a motorcycle.

Also, if you got that far, take a look at my Monday Motivation articles – there’s an extra The Law of Attraction inspiration there as well.

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The Law Of Attraction And Love! How I Manifested My Fiancé

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