Top 5 Of The Things Men Always Want In Sex

What do you think men like and what they really do like in the bed

When we talk about man and woman in the bed, it’s easy to tell what would men like – action and more action. Women often see men as human beans that are quite easy to satisfy in bed. This is not so far from the truth, I agree.  But there are some things we forget about the stronger half of the relationship. A small online research showed that the following points are the most appreciated from men things women could do.

Talking about appreciation – this is one of the things we – women, often forget about. Let’s be honest – we like to be told if we are good at something. Especially in bed. It is the same with the other gender. A man likes to know when he is on the right way to make his woman happy between the sheets. So don’t be shy – share the emotion with you; he can’t read your mind.

Expressing yourself. Nobody tells you to scream as loud as like someone is trying to kill you. But to breathe heavily, moan and if it comes so right that you want to scream – to do it, is something that turns men on. And there is nothing that can make them less excited if you look bored and he’s not even sure if you see that he’s trying to do something down there.


Men like you to be…

.. open to new things. I think you would agree that sex life has to be spiced up from time to time.


 Some people are alright with using just three or four poses during sex. But most of us want something new and different once in a while.

That will keep the fire burning. Ask for your man’s fantasies and share yours. Be open-minded. Try not to judge as that would make the other person feel uncomfortable, and he may get even offended. Talk and create new scenarios from your fantasies.

Say what you want!  Imagine this– man and woman in the bed. He is trying to make her happy for the last 20 minutes. In the same time, she’s wondering why he doesn’t touch her like she wants. Well, as I mentioned above – he can’t read your mind. If you like something show it somehow. You can gently tell him every time he does something you like. You can do even better – take his hand and show him exactly how and where to touch.

Ask for it! That is one of the most common wishes men have. Your man wants to see and feel that you want him. It is exciting and turns him on when you initiate the evening fun in the bed. Your enthusiasm shows you’re into him, you like to be with him, and you’re enjoying sex with him as much as he enjoys it with you. So be brave and go for him. Now!


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