Motivation to Love

    • Are you ready to dive into the most romantic Christmas experience you’ve ever dreamt of? Imagine this Christmas:Cosy wintery white evening.The snowflakes are drawing their cool art on your window.The smell of burned wood tickles your nose and ...

      25 Days of Christmas Love – Romantic Challenge for Couples

      November 23, 2018
    • The man you look for… He will take your hand gently and hold it through every little bump on the road.He will smile when you smile and kiss your forehead every day.He is strong not so much on the outside, but on the inside. And you ...

      The Man You Look For… Monday Motivation

      September 10, 2018
    • Gratitude!     Do you feel stuck in life? Is it like nothing seems to work the way you want and need it to work? Do you feel the anxiety is eating your happiness? Is the depression stealing your smile ...

      Gratitude! Count Your Blessings Today

      June 11, 2018
    • I’ve always loved to write in a diary. Never went back to read something I wrote, though. The past is where it belongs - in the past, and my only task is to learn the lessons and to live in today. However, sometimes I go over my agendas, and I ...

      Everything Will Be Alright – A Birthday Message To Myself

      June 4, 2018
    • If you are growing an apple tree and expect its fruits to feed you during the next summer, would you think of the negative alternative “What if I don’t have a single apple to eat?” Yes?  My answer is No. And here’s why. It’s very simple ...

      Why I Never Think of the Negative Alternatives! Motivational!

      April 30, 2018
    • Stop procrastinating!   We procrastinate everything. We choose to start things tomorrow, not today. We choose to say I love you later, not now. We choose to believe in the future more than we believe in the present. But the present ...

      Stop Procrastinating! Monday Motivation to Start Today

      April 23, 2018
    • If you missed the first three parts of Once Upon A Time, you can find them by clicking the links below: Part I Part II Part III   It was a sunny morning with a clear sky and fresh smell of grass in the air. The flowers were all ...

      The Waterfall … (Once Upon A Time… IV)

      April 16, 2018
    • If you missed the first two parts of the story, make sure you check them first here:  Part I One Upon a Time there was a Dream Part II The right direction (Once upon a time...) - I've spent my whole life till now thinking that I don't ...

      Wisdom and Patience (Once Upon a Time…. part III)

      April 9, 2018

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