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Gratitude! Count Your Blessings Today





Gratitude: I am Grateful for being myself…

Do you feel stuck in life?

Is it like nothing seems to work the way you want and need it to work?

Do you feel the anxiety is eating your happiness?

Is the depression stealing your smile away?

Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!


I want to scream that so loud; it’s almost disturbing. 

If you want to change your world – start with gratitude.


Wonder how to do it?

Its power lifts you up above every single mind state that doesn’t serve you good.


Gratitude is an appreciation for what you have, no matter how small it is.

It makes you see how much more you have got but didn’t see until today.

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”


You’ve heard that, right?

That is what gratitude does. You realise you’ve got feet. It makes you understand you’ve got home, job, parents, siblings, health, light, opportunities, strength, love for yourself and the others… everything. 

Because how many times today did you realise you are not one of the 151 600 people that will die today?


Yes, 151 600 people will not make it through that day. 

Stop and think about this for a second.

Look out the window. 

What do you see?




Is it sunny or cloudy?

Is it cold or warm?

Whatever you see and feel with your skin – it’s a proof you’re alive.

You are alive!

Be grateful for that. Not everyone has this gift today…

So be grateful.

How could you do it?


It’s very easy and simple.

You could start every day with reminding yourself that you’re grateful for certain things in your life – people that are around you and love you, activities you do and make you happy… 

You could do it during the day, every time you think about gratitude just tell yourself how grateful you are for … (fill the gap with your words).

You may want to do it every evening, making a list in your head or on a paper, with things that happened today and you are grateful for them.

How I did it? 


I made myself small notebooks – it was important every part of it to be created by myself, and wrote in them every single evening. I was writing at least three pages, could be more but not less. Why? I wanted to force my brain to find the good things in my life as my mental health was questionable. So I would open the small notebook and would start like that: 

“I am grateful for today. I am grateful for the food I had. I am grateful for the sleep. I am grateful for getting better every day. I am grateful for my will to fight. I am grateful for feeling stronger and stronger….” You get the idea. I would start every sentence with the same line – “I am grateful for…” and will put only one thing. The power of the word “grateful” goes through your mind every time you say it, write it or think about it. 

And do it every single day. Find things you’re grateful for. Could be the air you breathe, the food you had, the smile of your sister, be thankful because you are grateful…

I still do that. Not every single day, but at least few times in the week. And it’s like magic to my life. It does not cost me anything but gives me everything.

So, count your blessings today! And choose Gratitude!

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Everything Will Be Alright – A Birthday Message To Myself

I’ve always loved to write in a diary. Never went back to read something I wrote, though. The past is where it belongs – in the past, and my only task is to learn the lessons and to live in today.

agenda-wish-birthday-diary-2However, sometimes I go over my agendas, and I often find some small writings that belong to the diary, but somehow end up somewhere else.

The other day I found this small message from myself, and while reading it, I realised it’s something I would like to share with you. It’s personal but somehow many people could see themselves in it.

It’s from last year, just a day before my 30th birthday. It’s a “Goodbye” to my 20s and a “Hello” to the 30s. I didn’t make any corrections, so if it sounds a little bit weird,  please forgive me.

“At the evening before my 30th birthday, I’d like to wish one thing for myself and to remind myself one more.

I’d like to learn how to find the good in the ordinary day and to focus on it; to let the pain, the negativity, the bitterness and the tears stay in the last decade.

It was hard, but if I have to chose to go through the same and meet the most amazing man in this world, I will do it again. And again. If he is the prize at the end of the horrible war, I will fight in it again.

And I want to remind myself that every difficulty was a lesson that ended with something good. It really did.

So, in the future, when I get into another rough moment, I want to remember just one thing:

Everything will be alright!


No matter how horrible everything looks like, and no matter the lack of logic in it – everything will be alright. The lesson will be over when I take my exam. Not a day before that and not a day after.

And I want to thank God and the Universe. I am grateful for every tear and every smile. I am grateful for every hardship and every trial. I am grateful for everything I went through. It was hard, but it was worth it.


I still have lots to learn, but I am more confident and happier than ever.

Goodbye to my 20s and let the future meets me with my dreams. Exactly in the way my present does it.

I live my dream.

I won my dream.

I am my dream.”

So, if you had to write a message to yourself, giving an advice based on what you’ve learnt in life so far, what would it be? Write it down and read it often. Because we forget our own lessons so easy… and we shouldn’t. Leave your message to yourself down in the comments.

Can you attract love? My Secret – The Law of Attraction and Finding Love


Nowadays the most popular topic everywhere is about the Law of Attraction and attracting everything we want. Couldn’t agree more with that as I am living my life the way I am because of the law of attraction. 


Oh, you as well, by the way. You live your life by the law of attraction every day!

Love is in the leading position, sharing the place with money, success, happiness, career and everything else that might cross your mind.

law-of-attraction-love-relationshipI know what everyone tells you how you have to sit in the chair, close your eyes and manifest whatever you desire. After you do that for few days or weeks, you should see how things slowly change in the direction you want.

However, attracting more money will not work if you don’t change your work schedule if you don’t find another job or start your own business. Chances someone to knock on your door with a case full of money are quite small. But chances someone to see you’re a hard worker and to offer you an extra project is bigger. And that’s what the Law of Attraction is.

That is exactly what happened to me just a few days ago. I work on that website by myself. Everything you see around is there because I put it there. Struggling for months to find the right ways to do everything thought me so much about blogging, SEO and web-design that’s almost unbelievable. So that was noticed, and I was asked if I can create a website for a local company. Law of attraction, guys!

I needed extra money this month as we are preparing for a long holiday. So I was trying to find these ways. And the way found me while I was looking for it… if that makes sense to you.

The Universe gives you what you ask for. Always! And realising that is one of the most amazing gifts you can gift yourself. It opens the doors in your mind to something better. You just have to start the journey.


So, attracting a better career might not appear soon if you don’t scan the new positions in your field.

And while all that looks logical about money, success and work, the question is how to apply that philosophy to Love. Because we talk about love on that website, right?

Well, making space in the wardrobe for someone new will not ring the bell for him to arrive.

I will tell you one little secret about attracting love.

Love is a state of mind. Love doesn’t come holding the hand of the new person you will date. Love is always around us and awaits its time to be seen.

Attracting love is spreading the love. 


I like to imagine it as a disease (I know, weird!) – once you catch it, it just spreads all over your life.

So, what happens usually is that people wait for the romantic love to appear in their life, after that, they spread it all over the place. Once you love the person next to you, you start appreciating your work; you like your friends more, you smile all the time and become a better person. It’s undeniable!


So what if…

What if instead of waiting for the romantic love to start the fire, you start it from somewhere else. It’s the same fire – just light up a different wood.

Start showing more appreciation towards your parents, help your friends, make people smile, respect yourself, love yourself and the others… 

And when you have it all together, the last wood will start burning as well. Love will enter your life from all the directions. The blessing you dream of today can happen sooner than you expect.

Give it a try. It doesn’t hurt.


Why I Never Think of the Negative Alternatives! Motivational!

If you are growing an apple tree and expect its fruits to feed you during the next summer, would you think of the negative alternative “What if I don’t have a single apple to eat?” Yes? 

My answer is No.

And here’s why.

It’s very simple actually.

If that apple tree needs my attention and care all year round, every day, and I decide to divide that time and energy between the tree and something else, chances are – the tree won’t grow. It just won’t get what it needs to grow and give fruits.

Let me transfer this into your life.

do-anything-motivational-successIf you dream of getting into a college to study medicine, you know that the clear path is only one. You should read, write and study almost from dusk till dawn to make it happen. Will you spear some time to prepare for the alternative to not get in? Will you choose to spend four hours daily on worrying what will happen if you’re not accepted? Will you waste your energy on the negatives? Most likely, no.

Well, that’s precisely what I say.

Everything you approach in your life is similar to getting into that college.

When you want something to happen and decide to go for it, do it with 100% of you believing it will happen. Any half or full percentage of disbelieve and consideration of “what if” will lead you exactly to the place you don’t want to end up in – failure.


If you have an idea for a business but struggle with the negative alternatives – forget about them. The only way to make things work is to know that there’s no other way but to make them work. The consideration of alternatives comes when they serve your desired outcome. 

If you want to change something in your life – never leave a door opened to go back. The security of the old will take your look away from the opportunities ahead of you.


If you love someone but think “what if I end up alone again?”, that will take precious moments to experience this love fully and to give it a proper evaluation.

Never think of the negative alternatives. 

As far as I’m concerned – they don’t exist.

All of this has nothing to do with taking risks. It’s all about believing that the risk will pay off. 

As Jonas Salk says: “There’s no such thing as failure. There’s just giving up too soon.”

Thomas Edison success with the light build comes after 10 000 failures. But he says “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10 000 ways that won’t work.”

If you cannot make that business work this year, try again the next one. If it doesn’t work again, change something, spear few hours daily to work on it, to make it happen. Never give up on it.

If you need a personal change, go fully for it. If it doesn’t happen for a day or two, try the day after that again. Next week as well. And then – the next one.

If you love someone – love him with all of your heart. Create together your happiness, laugh as much as you can, trust your guts and never think “what if”.

Nothing’s impossible in our lives.

The main difference between the people that make dreams come true and those that don’t is that the first ones never give up as the only way out for them is the success.

Whatever it is in your heart, if it resonates with who you are – keep doing it.

Never, ever give up.

I know, I won’t…

Stop Procrastinating! Monday Motivation to Start Today

Stop procrastinating!


stop-procrastinating-motivation-inspiration-2We procrastinate everything.

We choose to start things tomorrow, not today.

We choose to say I love you later, not now.

We choose to believe in the future more than we believe in the present.

But the present creates our future.

By delaying the start today, we delay the future tomorrow.

Day after day. 

So, my Monday Motivation for this week is to stop delaying.

Stop procrastinating!


Do you have to go to the doctor? Make the call now!

Do you have to start doing some sports? Start tonight!


You have to tell your partner you love them? Send the text or call them now! 

Do you have to visit your parents? Choose a day!

Tomorrow is going to be just another today! And if you delay today, you delay tomorrow!

Do it now!

The Waterfall … (Once Upon A Time… IV)

If you missed the first three parts of Once Upon A Time, you can find them by clicking the links below:

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It was a sunny morning with a clear sky and fresh smell of grass in the air. The flowers were all around the meadow. The Dream and Hope found it many, many days ago, and decided to stay here. To wait.

But The Heart didn’t come to find them so far.

How long do you think we’re going to wait? – The Dream scratched her hand and looked Hope.

– I have no idea…

– How does The Heart know where to find us?


– I have no idea… – Hope repeated

– I miss my tree. – The Dream was playing with the only leaf she had left from her Comfort Tree. It was still green, and its touch was comforting The Dream


– I know you do. – Hope touched her shoulder – But we’ve come so far, we cannot give up now. Please, don’t give up!

The Dream nodded and put the leaf back in her pocket. She looked at the sun and scratching her hand laid on the grass, although it was still wet. She closed her eyes and touched the pocket where the leaf was. A small tier fell on the grass. The Dream closed her eyes.waterfall dream once upon a time (1)

When she opened them again, Hope was gone. The Dream stood up and looked around for her friend. Hope would never just go somewhere without saying anything.

– Hope?! – The Dream looked around, but couldn’t see Hope

She went into the woods calling her friend’s name again and again. Nothing. Hope was gone, and The Dream had no idea where and why.

Hope, come back. I cannot go without you, Hope! – The Dream cried out and scratched her hand again.

The day was almost gone, but with the last sunbeam, The Dream saw that her both hands were covered in a rash. No! What was going on with her?

– Hope! I need you, Hope! – The Dream kept calling, but there was no answer.

She spent hours going through the woods with no success. Admitting that Hope was gone forever, The Dream sat on a pile of leaves. Her tears fell on the ground and burned few of them. The Dream gasped when she saw that. Her body was hot although she was feeling cold. She kept scratching her itchy hands until blood came out of the small wounds.

– Is this what happened to my sisters? – she asked with panic in her voice – Am I going to disappear like them, Hope? – the tears choked her for a second – I’m sorry I disappointed you, my dear friend.

She took the leaf out of her pocket and held it between her palms.

– And I’m sorry I disappointed you too, my dear tree. I shouldn’t have taken a piece of you with me. I thought I could make it to the waterfall.

The Dream made a small hall into the ground and placed the small green leaf there. A hot tear fell on it and burned a hole into it. The Dream gasped again when the leaf started burning.

– No! What’s happening?! – she cried out, but in the next moment, the last leaf from the comfort tree was turned into hot ash. -How is that even possible?! – she said

Cold wind touched her face and dried her tears. The rash was still torturing her bleeding hands.

– This cannot be true! – she whispered, and for that single second the rash disappeared. – This cannot be true! – she repeated and again felt the same short relief – I don’t believe that this is the end! – She said louder and even louder as someone could hear her – I don’t have where to go back, and even if I had, I am not going to. I will move forward and forward every single day! Step by step! And I will make it happen!

The wind almost blew her away, but she managed to hold herself on her feet. While talking she believed in every single word she said. She felt it, and she knew this what’s going to happen. Her only option was to keep moving. Her sisters, Hope, the lucky ladybird, Wisdom, all of them were working with her on the same goal – to reach the waterfall. And she was going to do it!

– That was very nice of you to say it. – A voice coming behind her made her jump. She quickly turned. A not very tall boy with a flat cap was standing there, playing with a slingshot between his fingers. His eyes were sassy and full of sparkles.

– Who are you? – The Dream asked softly

I am Courage. – said the boy with such pride in the intonation that The Dream smiled

– Have you seen my friend – Hope?

– I know Hope – Courage nodded and continued – We’ve met each other many times in the past. But I haven’t seen her lately.

– I lost her somewhere – The Dream sadly looked around – Have you seen any of my sisters?

– No, they didn’t make it so far, I’m afraid. How did you get here by the way? This is my territory!

– Oh, I’m sorry. – The Dream stepped back – I don’t know how I got here, to be honest. I was just trying to find Hope when my rash started to spread and burn…

– Can I see it? – the boy interrupted her fast

The Dream looked at her hands, but there only a few bruises left.

– It was here! – she was shocked – It was here, and my hands were burning, the wind was cold, and my tears burned my last leaf form my Comfort Tree…

Oh, I know what happened! – the boy laughed out loud and climbed the nearest tree so fast that The Dream almost forgot what they were talking about. – You had doubts!

– What are doubts? – She looked up at him. The Moon was so bright tonight that she could see almost everything around like it was daytime. The boy’s face was bright, and she felt like he was giving her from his bravery.

– The rash you had, girl! It’s called doubts. That’s what made your friend Hope disappear. Doubts come first just as a small pimple, and if you scratch it comes the second one, and then another one. And then it’s too late to stop them…

– But I did! – The Dream interrupted him – How did I manage?

– Your leaf was the reason for doubts to come. It was pulling you back to your Comfort Tree. It was stopping you from your last step. But then… you found yourself in my territory – the boy smiled and shot with the slingshot somewhere in the dark. The Dream followed the stone with her eyes, and a small light started burning from that direction.

A pulsation, like thunder, whispered in her ear. She looked at Courage who had a big smile on his face. Another pulsation, stronger, came from the same place where the light was coming from.

– What is this, Courage? – she asked

– You know better than me. – he smiled, jumped on the nearby tree, then on the next one, and The Dream lost him from her sight. – Come on! – he shouted, and she ran toward the light.

The ground was cold due to the lack of sunbeams to warm it. Mud was weighing her feet. The bushes around her were scratching her legs and arms, but she was running no matter what.

With every step, the bigger pain was entering her body, but this pain was bringing more and more power as well. A cold wind was hitting her face, and her hair was blinding her, but she ran. The pulsation was becoming stronger and stronger with every step. She knew what she was going to find after just a few more steps. And then another few steps… And another step…

When The Dream moved away from the last dark bushes, she shockingly froze in her place. The pulsation was gone…

A huge vivid waterfall was thundering the air, thousands, no, millions of small water diamonds were crashing in the most beautiful view that could exist.

– It was about time to come! – The Dream heard Hope’s voice and turned towards the direction.

– Hope!! – she hugged her strongly, and tears of joy started falling from her eyes. – How did you find that place, Hope?

– I didn’t! – Hope smiled softly – You found it. You found everyone!

– What do you mean everyone? – The Dream looked around and right there, next to the waterfall, on a shiny golden bench were sitting her sisters. – How did they…?

You… It was you! – Hope smiled, gently touched The Dream’s hand and left her to go and hug her sisters. While she was listening to their laughs, Hope turned around and left the waterfall behind her back.

– Let’s find another dream to bring here… – she said and entered the wood with a soft smile.

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