The year is 270 AC. A priest named Valentine is about to get executed. The reason? Love. The most popular story about Valentine’s life is telling us how the love cannot be stopped to spread. In the 3rd Century, Emperor Claudius II was a pagan and created laws about what Christians were allowed to do.


Why Men Pull Away at the Early Stages of the Relationship?

Why men pull away at early stages? What makes him turn his back to a relationship that starts like a fairytale – with sparkles and romantic evenings? Why would he pull away from your care and attention? Well, men usually walk away from women for two reasons…

How To Get Over A Breakup Fast – FREE E-Book Mend Your Broken Heart

Love does not always go according to our wishes. Moreover, finding out how to get over a breakup may be harder than we expect. It is like there’s no more sun outside and every single Instagram post or Facebook video is a knife in your heart, reminding you moments, promises and dreams…that didn’t happen.


How To Fight Fair In A Relationship and Still Stay Together

Is it possible a fight to be fair? Tricky question. Every relationship has its moments. It’s always normal and kind of logical if two people live together to have some arguments from time to time. Well, sometimes is more often than we want it to be. Or it’s louder than we imagined it to be.