7 Mini-Steps of Mastering the Art of Getting Things Done

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Here are the 7 steps I take to stop myself from procrastinating and get things done

It’s early Thursday afternoon.

I had a plan for today.

I had a To-Do list prepared the evening before.

I woke up at 2:30 a.m. as usual and got half of the tasks on the list done.

But not all of them. 

Actually, I procrastinate on the most important things – like writing and editing posts.

So, here’s the thing.

I have a confession to make…

Just because I preach about self-motivation and self-improvement now and then, it doesn’t mean I’m a master of it.

The Art of Getting Things Done When Feel Like Procrastinatng

In fact, I fight my laziness daily, and in the look for ways to win every day, I decide to share things with you.

Here’s my 7-step guide of fighting my laziness. It works 9 out of 10 times… ok, 8 out of 10. 

1. Realise I procrastinate

The very first step in fighting a problem is admitting I have one, right?

So here I am, admitting I procrastinate on yet-another-task.

But instead of ignoring the problem, I decided to experiment with it. 

Problem: I cannot make myself sit down and start writing a post I’m supposed to finish today.


2. Ask myself what would I rather do

Ok, if I don’t want to do that thing, what is the thing I want to do?


I prefer to open Youtube and binge watch some self-developing videos… (yes, I see the irony in the situation)

3. I evaluate the importance of the tasks

Two tasks: writing an article and watching self-development videos.

If I have to be honest, they are both parts of my job. Yes, I’m so blessed that watching Youtube videos is on my job description.

However, the question here is: How important is each task?

Writing a post: Highly important – 10/10 rate

Watching a video: Solid 4/10 right now… OK, you caught me, it’s 3/10. (shame on me)


4. Why not doing what I should do?

What’s the reason I procrastinate?

Writing is my dream, and I love doing it. I include it in my morning routine; I write even when I’m off and have the choice not to do it.

After giving it a thought, I realise that I am tired and that takes my motivation away.

5. Remember why I wanted to do it anyway

When dealing with procrastination and lack of motivation, it’s always nice to remember your Why.

Why do I want to write my post exactly today? What would happen if I just ignore it?

Well, I am working on a new project on my blog. I just had an amazing idea for creating a product that’s going to be extremely helpful to my readers and cannot wait to start work on it. My problem is that along with working on the product; I have to make sure I still have valuable new content coming up two or three times a week. That’s a lot of work for one person. Therefore, I decided to push myself today and create extra content so that I could focus on the new product for the rest of the month.

That’s my Why.

What is yours?

6. Give myself what I really want

Now, that’s the tricky part.

What I think I want is to spend the rest of the day watching Youtube videos.

What I really want is a break.

My brain has been on since the morning (2:30 remember?). I’ve already done so many stuff. I’m simply tired and need to respect my body and mind.

Our brains function on two things – oxygen and glucose.

So what did I do?

I went out in the garden for 10-15 minutes and left my phone in the house. Since I didn’t have any other distraction, I spent these minutes simply daydreaming, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun. 


7. Get things done anyway

Then, I grabbed some snack and came back to the office.

And I wrote the post you are reading right now 🙂

Getting things done is important, but more important is to find your way of sticking to the tasks. Even our greatest dreams can be achieved if we do the right steps.

Therefore, I decided to share with you how I do stuff. Maybe something clicked in your mind, and you decided to give it a go? I’m happy if it did.

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What is your strategy of getting things done?

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