Most Common Reasons for Divorce According to the Studies

However, for years and years, some of the most common reasons for divorce stay the same. Maybe there’s something crucial that the psychologists cannot identify yet.  Maybe we cannot be changed. Maybe we don’t want to change. Love and marriage are still considered a blessing, but …


The Main Keys To a Successful Marriage – Researchers’ Said It!

The keys to a happy marriage that everyone knows about: communication; respect; appreciation; kindness; fair fights; admiration; care; small gestures. All of those are the main keys to a successful marriage. And there’s nothing wrong with them…Unless that all of them are actions we do for the other.


Under $30 – Cheap Gift Ideas For Married Couples

To find a cheap gift for yourself and your spouse is quite easy nowadays. I spent some time on Amazon to explore what they offer. Let’s say I made you favour to pick what’s the best gifts for married couples. And the best part is that they’re all under $30.