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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him He Will Actually Love

St Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him He Will Love You For

Does choosing of Valentine’s Day gifts for him sounds like long hours of endless scrolling in the web in search of something he will actually like?

I know how you feel!

They say women are hard to understand, but try to find a present for a guy for St. Valentine’s Day.

Now, that’s a challenge.

Especially if he doesn’t really like teddy bears with a heart sign “I Love You”… which is something no man likes!

In this article, I will list the best 25 ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for him and I separate them into four categories:

  • Romantic Valentin’s Day Gifts for your romantic man;
  • Fun Gifts Every Man with a sense of humour would appreciate;
  • Hobby Related Valentine’s Gifts For Him;
  • DIY and Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for your guy he will enjoy.

Some of the products in this article are adults only. Therefore, by reading this, you agree you are at the age of 18 or above. Some of the links are affiliate which means I will get a small commission if you purchase at no extra cost for you.

Valentines Day Gifts For Him 2019
Fun, Romantic, Hobby Related Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

St. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. Therefore, I will start by listing some of the most romantic gifts I managed to find. I hope they give you the inspiration you need for the best Valentine’s Day ever.

  • Magic Love Box

This cute Love Magic Box is a great romantic gift for both of you on St. Valentine’s Day. It contains candles, milk chocolate, Love Potion (click the photo below for the secret ingredient), love beans, Love Dust, soap and a personalised Love Poem you could write to him. It sounds like a Magic Box, doesn’t it?

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him Magic Gift Box Etsy

  • Personalised Pencil Sketch

Last year my partner and I went to Edinburgh for a weekend. It wasn’t for Valentine’s Day, but while walking on the main street, we saw a man who was drawing sketches of the people. We decided to sit on his chairs as well, and as a result, we’ve got a beautiful sketch of the two of us. A wonderful memory for the years to come. So…

How about a beautiful romantic sketch of the two of you that you could hang on the wall in your bedroom? Every time you look at it, you will remember this Valentine’s Day, and it will bring smiles on your faces. Plus, it’s budget-friendly as it’s only $20.

  • Romantic Brackets Cheese Board

If you and your loved one like cheese… then this might be just for you. Add a bottle of your favourite wine, romantic music and your perfect Valentine’s Day sounds like a fairytale.

cheese board gift Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

  • Naughty Games For Couples

Let me tell you a secret…

Ever since I created this Amazon list of Naughty Games for Couples, it’s one of the most visited pages on the blog. Do you know why?

Because intimacy is something that comes along with love and relationship, it’s something we all do and always need extra inspiration to keep it unique and pleasurable.

Therefore, if you want to have a special Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, going for something romantic, naughty and kinky is always a great choice. Because let’s be honest – is there a man out there who wouldn’t get excited when things get steamy?

romantic kinky games Valentine's Day Gifts

  • Tonight/Not Tonight Pillow Cases

Matching couple’s t-shirts sounds too trivial to you?

I’ve got something more intimate for you then…

Ok, this one is probably for the “fun” section, but if you turn the pillow to “Tonight”, it goes into the romantic one. A creative and cute way to “promise” him some naughty moments. He will love it, and he might start making the bed in the mornings… just to be sure.

pillow cases

  • Q & A a Day

Ok, St. Valentine’s Day is about love chocolate and strawberries and cheesy moments with your partner.

This Q&A  a Day Journal for Two is the perfect gift to choose if you both like cheesy things. You have to answer questions every day. Even though I believe no one is serious enough to do it every single day, I still think that having a day of the wee you could sit down and fill the answers would give the chance to get to know each other better and better. Isn’t it that exactly what you want?

The little journal has a gorgeous cover and 368 pages, totally worth the price of $12.29 only.

  • Imperial Crown Bead Bracelet

If your partner wears bracelets, he will love this Crown Bead Bracelet from Amazon. You could choose a different colour, even though I think the black matte looks amazing. Are you willing to put the crown on your man’s… hand?

Fun Valentine’s Games For Him

  • Personalized Men’s Underwear

If you are looking for a personalised Valentine’s Day Gift for him that will make him smile and be proud of your choice, this one is for you. It’s personal, it’s fun, and he will actually wear them. Click to see the different messages you could choose from.

Valentine's Day underwear

  • I Love You With All My Boobs Keyring

Ok, hard to admit it, but I’m not sure if I could give this to my partner… However, you could do it and make him happy. It’s adorable little keyring I found on Etsy that says “I love you with all my boob. I’d say heart, but my boobs are bigger”. Great Fun Valentine’s Day gift for him that covers men’s favourite topic ever… boobs!

keyring I love you valentines day gift

  • I Love Your … Chocolate Box

This one is a little bit more special and goes into the Mature Content section. However, there is no doubt he will enjoy this box of chocolates and its message.

  • Fun Love Coupon Book

I’m not sure if there’s still a couple out there that haven’t tried Love Coupons. It’s so much fun, and it’s a perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift for both of you. If you’ve never exchanged Love Coupons, I think it’s time to up your game and do it on this Valentine’s Day.

valentines day love coupons

  • Romantic Kisses For You Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s fun, flirty, naughty and helps you exploring each other’s ability … to kiss… Anyway, you know what I mean. It’s one of those games you play and laugh but you cannot share the fun with anyone else out there, so it’s going to be your dirty little secret game on Friday Evening. It contains 30 Kiss Cards, and that makes me curious… 30 ways to kiss?! Let me know how it goes if that’s your choice of Valentine’s Day gift for you two.

kisses for you valentines day gift

  • Marriage Quote Mug

Ok, a Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas article wouldn’t be the same if I don’t include a mug in it… But just look at it. If my partner and I were married, I would’ve got him a mug on this Valentine’s Day. It’s all about the quote! I love to annoy him and weir enough, he loves it too. So, if you and your loved one had tied the knot, I would go for it right now.

mug valentines day gift mug


Hobby Related Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

This section s going to be the longest one. Every man has a hobby. It could be motorcycling, cooking or drinking beer. Therefore, I found great options for hobby related Valentine’s Day gifts for him he will love you for.

Let’s dive in.

  • I’m Hooked On You Keychain

Etsy offers plenty of hobby related gifts for a man for this Valentine’s Day. We know fishing is one of the most popular man’s hobby, so how about this cute keychain that says “I’m Hooked On You” on it?

keychain valentines day gift for him

  • I Love You More Than You Love Fishing

Fishing Lure. It’s that thing that does… the other thing! And every man who goes fishing knows it and needs it.

Although obviously, I have no idea what I’m talking about, it looks gorgeous, and it’s a great, thoughtful gift for your loved one on this Valentine’s Day.

fishing valentines day gift for him

  • T-Shirt for Gamers

It doesn’t matter if you are a big gamer as your partner. Showing respect for his hobby even if it drives you insane (which usually happens if he likes gaming and you don’t) will make him love you even more. Plus, it’s a fun and cute way to let you know if he’s having plans for the evening.

gaming valentines day gift ideas for him

  • PC Print For Gamers

However, if both of you like spending time in front of the computers and love gaming, then this PC Print is for you. You could personalise it with your names and hang it above the computer.

pc gaming valentines day gift ideas for him

  • Wooden Puzzle Motorcycle Gift

Men love solving problems and puzzles. Many of them love motorcycles. If your guy is one of the motorcycles’lovers, this puzzle is a great way to make him happy on this Valentine’s Day.

motorcycle valentines day gift ideas for him

  • Motorcycle Keychain

Obviously, keychains are popular nowadays. They are a thoughtful gift for a man, especially if you are unsure what to get him. A keychain with a love message will stay close to him forever, plus it’s hobby-related.

keyring valentines day gift ideas for him

  • Funny Motorcycle T-Shirt

Having fun of his snoring might be the last thing on your list early in the morning, but it’s a great way to have a different perspective on life. I bet he will sleep with it the very same evening on Valentine’s Day.

tshirt valentines day gift

  • BBQ Rub Set Gift Box For Him

It’s time to honour the meat-lovers. If your favourite thing to do on Sunday afternoon is barbeque, this Gif Box is your perfect choice of Valentine’s Day gift for him. It comes with four seasonings (your choice) and access to grilling recipe site. It looks gorgeous, and every BBQ lover will fall in love with you if you gift him with it.

  • Wooden Recipe Book Binder

Ok, should I admit that this is my favourite gift from all of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him I listed above? It’s not because of the cooking. It’s because of the idea of having a wooden book for recipes. It sounds so cosy and delicious… don’t ask me why. However, it looks gorgeous, and it comes with blank pages journal to set your guy in the right move to fill it. If your loved one likes to cook and collects recipes, this is The Best Gift for him.


  • This Sh*t Is Going To Be Delicious apron For Him

Should I say more? Actually, if you decide to get him an apron and make cooking as fun as possible, that’s a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift for you man.

  • King Beer Queen Wine Glasses Gift Set

This one is popular on Amazon, and I believe it deserves your attention too. You love wine, but your guy is a beer-person? These two glasses are a great gift for both of you on this Valentine’s Day.

  • Wall Mount Bottle Opener in Solid Wood

This is something every beer lover would appreciate. Solid wood turned into wall mount beer opener is going to be your man’s best friend in the evenings. I think it looks classy.


DIY Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

It’s time for our last section of gift ideas for him. It’s DIY and budget-friendly ideas I found on Youtube and decided to share with you.

  • DIY 5 Senses Gifts

This gift set is very popular around St/ Valentine’s Day. CreationsToInspire shows us only one of the ways to prepare your own gift set. You could straight away copy her ideas or make it naughty and replace some of the gifts with more intimate related products…

  • Gift Ideas from Charlotte Faraci

I like her journal idea for long-distance relationships, and I believe that you might find some of the other ideas interesting and worth thinking about them.  See the video below:

  • 10 DIY Craft Gift Ideas

If you like crafting and would like to be creative, check out the video below for some cute ideas.  Video by DIY Nikol & Alexandra.

These are all of the ideas I found so far for you, dear girls. Let me know if you liked any of them and if you had something different in mind, place the link below for more inspiration.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.