Early St. Valentine's Day Monday Motivation

St. Valentines Day Monday Motivation

There are only two things worth following – Dreams and Love.

And none of them is easy to follow.

And yet, we always do!

Do you follow your Dreams?

Did you follow Love?

If so, I have something special for you.

It’s 14  Days of beautiful little things you and your partner could do every morning in the 14 days before St. Valentine’s Day.

It’s one of the most popular challenges on my blog and fits perfectly even into the busiest schedule you might have.

A romantic relationship is an endless chain of little gestures that show the other he matters. His place is next to you, and your place is next to him. 

It starts with the first rose, evolves into a kiss on the forehead and reaches the deepest places in our souls just by holding the other’s hand. 

Respect, nurture and enjoy this Love. Hold it. Embrace it. Remember it. Keep it. 

I hope you like my 14 Mornings to a Perfectly Romantic Relationship Habits.

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