Unique 17 Merry Christmas Wishes For Your Loved Ones

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They say that people in our lives are either a lesson or a present. I know that you are my present. I love you. Merry Christmas!


I didn’t know what to wish for this Christmas because I already have my present in my life – you. Merry Christmas, sweetheart.


All the Christmas sparkles in the world are still not enough to mirror the sparkles in my eyes when I see you. Merry Christmas!


This Christmas I want to give you a present I can give only once – my heart. Look after it and never give it back to me! Merry Christmas my love.


While everyone else is waiting for presents, all I am looking forward is to share the most special days of the year with you. Merry Christmas.


Among the white sparkling snow outside and the warm colourful light of the Christmas tree, I feel the best magic in my heart – my love to you. Merry Christmas


Another Christmas with you means it’s been another year full of joy, laugh and love. Every day is another opportunity to love you more and more. Every night is another blessing to hold you in my heart. Merry Christmas my love.


Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year. Now I’ve got one more reason to love it – I got you as a present. Merry Christmas!


May our eyes always sparkle like the Christmas snow.

May our happiness warm us like the Christmas fire.

May our love be evergreen like the Christmas tree tonight.

Merry Christmas


I’ve always believed in the Christmas miracles and now I finally have one – you! Merry Christmas!



The magic of Christmas is in sharing the day with the most important people in our life. The magic of my Christmas is sharing the day with the most important person in my life. I love you!


Tonight I will put on my best dress, I will pour the wine and will wait for you under the mistletoe. That is my Christmas date with you. Merry Christmas!


If I could ask Santa for a present it would be to have the magic of tonight for every day till the rest of my life. And to share every second of it with you! Merry Christmas!


Even the coldest days are warmer with you. Even the rainiest weather is brighter with you. Even the saddest moments are better with you. Merry Christmas!


I wish we were Santa’s elves so we can make our beautiful love into presents and give to everyone in the world. It will never end and it will always sparkle. Merry Christmas!


The best Christmas doesn’t happen in the stores or even in our homes. The best Christmas happens in our hearts when you love me and I love you. Merry Christmas!


Last Christmas I made a special wish – to meet someone that will love me and I will love back. This Christmas I don’t want to make wishes because I already got my last one and there’s nothing more to ask for. Merry Christmas my love.

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