What To Get Him For Christmas? Things He Will Actually Like!

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13 ideas for presents for the man of your life


We love them so much. And it looks like it’s easier to make them happy than ourselves. We know exactly what they want… for every other day in the year but Christmas. “What to get him for Christmas?” is The Question of the month.

Because, let’s admit it – when it comes to presents – it’s almost a nightmare to find something that answers his needs … and satisfies us at the same time. I know it from my personal experience.

That’s why I would like to share with you 12 gift ideas in case you wonder what to get him for this Christmas.

Classic – A Perfume

gift for him perfume


Oh, come on!You know that most of the men don’t have the time or don’t like to go out to get a perfume for themselves. And for the women is very important that they love that perfume as well, isn’t it? So why not to spare him the walk to the shopping centre and get him something he would like. At the same time, he would love the way you sniff around him with a naughty smile… A good smelling man is always a desired treat, ladies.

Classic – Leather Belt or Wallet

belt wallet Christmas git

Again something that pops up in our heads when it’s about man’s presents. But it is entirely not our fault – they just love those things.

A nice leather belt or wallet (why not both together, matching) will make them gasp (inside, a man never allow themselves to gasp loud). Probably your man likes the small details – the manly type of accessories that show class. It’s one of the easiest things to get him for Christmas. That’s in case you don’t like to walk around the shops all day and to watch lovely things all around you… You know women like that don’t exist, right?


whiskey malt present christmas


If your guy likes quality alcohol, he will appreciate a nice bottle of malt whiskey for a Christmas gift. The golden liquid, presented in a set of the nice bottle with glasses for him and his friends will warm his heart.

A Watch


watch christmas gift

A man with attention to the details would love a watch as a Christmas present. Probably your loved one has at least 20 watches? Even better – another one added to the collection will make him happy. If his passion is watches – you would never be a mistake getting him more of them.

Hobby Pack

hobby gift christmas presents


Is he an adventure type of guy that likes bikes? Get him a colourful, fancy helmet or a jacket. What if he prefers the peace of fishing? A fishing set will make his mornings by the river even happier. Does he go to the fitness every few days? Probably a fitness bag or shaker mug with inspiring text on it will motivate him to keep going. What is his hobby? Find something that matches his hobby interests, and that would be a perfect Christmas present for him. No matter if he already has tons of things, there’s always room for more.


headphones gift christmas present


No man wouldn’t appreciate fancy headphones to listen to his favourite tunes. The bigger – the better. Remember – men like quality so be sure you consult with the guys in the shop to help you find the best headphones for your man.

Odd socks

socks gift christmas


The men like not only quality but craziness as well. Few pairs of odd socks can make his Christmas present colourful and bring the kid with him out. We often think that man’s socks should be boring black-grey-white-thingy, but what if we change it for once?! Make him smile and add some more excitement to his days at work.

A Board Game

board game gift ideas for man


All men like to play. They like to compete; they like to win, they like to have fun and feel kids again. So why not a board game that will add an extra laugh to his evenings with friends. Or you two can sometimes play as well, in the cold winter evenings. Who knows what the winner may get at the end of the night…Christmas wonders happen.

Retro Radio

retro radio gift ideas christmas


The image of him staying in the garage, listening to the radio while fixing the car or building new shelves for his tools is in every man’s head. It’s not only a beautiful scene from movies – it’s something he would enjoy. Encourage him to relax and enjoy life more with a nice retro radio. He will love you for that.

A cigars

cigar gift christmas


If you live with a smoker, guess what would make him happy? A nice box with cigars – expensive, with character. Why not in combination with a fancy ashtray as a Christmas gift set. He will enjoy them to the very last one of them.

A Robe

robe christmas gift ideas


Now add to the cigars a thick robe, and you almost got The Godfather himself in your home. I’m joking. But a robe that will keep him warm in the winter mornings is something every man needs. It’s practical, it’s fancy, and it’s thoughtful.

A Colour Changing Mug

mug gift christmas present


You probably have in mind what would make him smile. Is it a nice photo of you two, or a crazy photo with his friends? Probably embarrassing but funny moment from the past? Make it part of his mornings by ordering a colour changing mug with a picture. Or why not to write something on it – why you love him or how to stay positive through the long day at work. There’s a fantastic idea that will bring the creativity out of you.

A book

book gift christmas


If the man of your life loves to read? What’s better than a book he wanted to read but it’s probably a bit more expensive? Or an old classic book that will go to his book collection. Use his passion, and this Christmas get him a book for a present.

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