You Completely Forgot Your Husband Is A Hero! You Will Lose Him

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Your man is a hero – small things we forget about 

I often listen to women complaining about their husbands.

I am sick of it!

See, your man is a hero!

Your man is a hero because he goes to work every day to provide food for his family. And he actually doesn’t complain about it. Only women like to do it. He even may go on two jobs or to work more than 10 or 12 hours and still doesn’t says a word.

Your man is a hero because he can fight the monsters under your son’s bed. And he always wins. With a sense of humour… Or he reads bedtime stories to your little girl and kisses her good night. Every evening. And still, he has some more kisses for the women of his life – you.

Your man is a hero because he can repair almost everything in the house. He can open the lid of a jar, and he can install the washing machine. He would carry the bags all the way from the shop to your house and wouldn’t moan about it.

Your man is a hero because he can drive for hours on the motorway with the kids – screaming and fighting, at the back of the car. And he does it with a smile on his face. Even if your smile is packed somewhere with the shoes in the luggage.


Your man is a hero because he was not afraid to put a ring on your finger and to claim you as his partner. He was not afraid to go into a serious relationship. He proves to you every day he loves you, and he’s proud of his choice in life.

Your man is a hero because he supports you in your plans for the future. He encourages you to follow your dreams, motivates you and he’s your biggest fan in everything you do.

Your man is your hero because he’s your children’s hero. They have someone to spin them in the air while they’re laughing as loud as they can. They have someone to ask for things you said No about. And they have someone to show them what respect is.

Your man is your hero because he can coop with your moods every week. And he can kiss and hug you even when you feel like you’ve been hit by a train. And he loves to do it.

Your man is a hero because he’s really not into the romantic things in this world, but he’s trying. For you. Or he is romantic and brings tears of joy to your eyes with small gestures. And he remembers most of the important dates in your relationship.

Your man is a hero because he is your choice. Because you decided to spend your life with him. Because no matter what he is trying his best to make his family happy. Appreciate him and show off with him instead of complaining about the small meaningless things in life.

Do it before he becomes someone else’s hero.


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