Your Girl Will Love You Forever If You Do This! Can You Do It?

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The best way to win her heart for life

What do women want?  Well, as a woman I will tell you the truth – we don’t really know. You think we’re impossible to handle sometimes, hard to understand and almost never happy with the situation around us. And guess what – most of the time you’re right.

But if that is difficult for you, can you imagine how it is for us? We are actually trapped to deal with ourselves 24/7.

Now that is a challenge.

But there is a secret that even we don’t know. We realise it with the years.. if we’re lucky enough to meet someone that is going to show it to us.

Practical advice “been there, done that”

girl-love-forever-relationship_goalsI learned that secret with the help of my partner, and it was almost mind-blowing for me. But I have to warn you – it’s hard to do what you have to do.

The most challenging part for a man is to deal with the woman’s “moods”.

Either is the stress from work, too many tasks around us, “those days of the month” or just “I have no idea what’s wrong with me”, it is hard to live with so many different moods every day. And it’s even more difficult for the woman, believe me.

If your girl is like most of the girls on this earth, she doesn’t really know how to coop with the stress. And there comes the problem.

She may be very happy with you. You may have everything else in your relationship – respect, communication, understanding, support. But then there are those moments of stress, anger towards the world around and too many nerves at one place.

So when something like that happens most of the people react impulsively.

If someone hurt you, you feel the need to hurt as well.

If someone shouts at you, you feel the need to shout as well.

If you feel the other’s anger, you accumulate it and produce it as well.

It’s a typical human reaction. And we experience it in every type of relationship we have – with our parents, friends, colleagues, even people we don’t know.

And that’s absolutely normal.. almost 

What do you think it happens when someone is nervous around you and start moaning about everything? Following the method above you will go on the same page, won’t you? And getting there you start an endless circle of angry emotions going around the two of you.

You get to a point where you tell yourself: “If you’re upset, I can be too.”; “If you act like that, I can do it too.”; “If you think you can shout without reason, that’s a good reason for me to yell as well.

What you really feel and what your subconscious thinks is: “I feel hurt that you shout at me or you’re unreasonably nervous. I don’t deserve that, and I take it personally. That’s why I feel the need to protest against it and to show you you’re wrong. And the best way to defend me is by reacting the same way as you, so you can see how it feels.

Or if you’re the usually calm person you may say as well: “You know what, when you feel better come, and we’ll talk”; “I don’t have time for these, deal with that/deal with yourself.”; “Tell me when I can communicate with you again.” And you walk out of the room.

But what if…?

relationship_goals-love_foreverWhat if you make her tea or coffee? What if you kiss and hug her? What if you say a joke, make her laugh a few times? What if you ask her what she prefers to do now and let her do it? Or if she needs some time alone to give it to her. What if..?

What if you answer with … love?

You may think – I’m not going to look for a way to please her when she’s almost impossible to speak to.

But that is not you looking for a way to please her. That is you looking for a way to take her out of that mood, to release the pressure, to show care and love.

And you know what? Nobody can resist love.

In the beginning, she will be suspicious. She will wonder how is possible for you to react like that when she knows (and believe me – she knows), she’s on edge, upset and irrational. She may think something’s wrong with you. But she knows she’s the one that acts up.

And with the time she will get to the point “that man is doing something different than the others.” “He is different.”

You cut the chain of anger and stress, and show that there is another way as well. And she will appreciate it.

Once that happens she will know you’re different, you’re more than the others, you are worth it. And that’s the sweetest moment ever. Because that’s the moment, she will become yours fully – in love, ready to give all of her love to you.

If you want her to see that you’re different, you have to be different

It is the most common thing to see a man answering to the anger with anger. That is not normal, and it is not different.

To act like no one else, to do things that other men don’t – that is the challenge.

But once you get there you will be the winner. And the price is fantastic. You will see the change in her.

relationship_goals-love-understandingOnce she understands that you’re capable of transforming the bad emotions and stress into love, she will feel that transformation the moment she sees you. And you will be one of the few people around her that don’t make her feel guilty that she’s not in a mood.

Because we actually feel guilty that we’re moody.

We don’t like it. We just cannot control it all the time.

The world has fewer expectations for us than we think. The biggest expectations come from ourselves. And we don’t always like or coop with ourselves.

But if you manage to do it, that makes you high in our eyes.

That makes you our hero.

And I’m not overreacting. That makes you the real man we look for. To be a real man is not about the charm you have, the money, the body.

It’s about how you can handle the woman next to you, her emotions, her being.

To help her to be the best version of herself, to be lovable, to be appreciated and give everything in return for the person that makes her feel like that.

So be different. Just be different.

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  1. Abhishek Shilwant

    Why always men needs to do all those things. We have anger too. We never found girls who can do those things for us. But still we put efforts from our side in the way u said. I think efforts should be from both sides.

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