Huge List of 77 Positive Affirmations for Happiness and Inner Peace

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Does repeating the same words over and over again bring you joy and happiness?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Repeating affirmations that have a specific meaning for you, putting your heart and soul into every word and breathing with the thought of that affirmation – that will bring you joy, happiness, love, abundance, inner peace and everything else you wish to enter your life.

Have you read my post about how to build self-confidence from scratch?

I talk a little bit about the power of positive affirmations there. One of these positive lines of words changed my life years ago, and since then I use affirmations as a housewife uses the grocery shop – I take what I need and bring it home (into my life).

Take a deep breath, my friend. Read the following 77 affirmations for inner peace, joy and happiness, and choose only what you really need.


Positive Affirmations For Happy Life and Inner Peace

That’s the secret to making affirmations work

If you struggle with low self-esteem but repeat yourself “I am happy. I am happy.” nothing will happen.


That’s not what you need right now.

Right now, you need to boost your self-esteem. Finding which area of your life lowers your self-confidence and working with that specific area – that’s the secret to achieving happiness and inner peace.

So, go shopping for your perfect affirmation and attract happiness back into your right life.

Positive affirmations

1. I am blessed to be here.

2. I am powerful.

3. My possibilities are endless.

4. Today is another great day.

5. I am strong.

6. I attract good people.

7. Love surrounds me everywhere I go.

8. I am lucky.

9. I am doing my best at any point of the day.

10. Whatever I do, I do it well.

11. I feel amazing.

12. Peace and happiness are in me at any time.

13. I am grateful for being who I am.

14. I love the way I treat myself.

15. I am loved.

16. I am respected.

17. I am cherished.

18. Positivity flows through me.

19. My presence makes people happy.

20. I am kind.

21. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

22. I naturally attract abundance.

23. Everything I put my mind into grows.

24. I am mindful and present in every moment of the day.

Positive affirmation for happines and mindfulness peace
I am mindful and present in every moment of the day…

25. I trust the Universe.

26. My mind is clear and peaceful.

27. My life is beautiful, and I appreciate it.

28. I do what makes me happy.

29. Being happy and positive is my natural state of mind.

30. Everything around brings me joy.

31. I appreciate my family and send them love.

32. I welcome Inspiration in my heart.

33. My happiness and joy lay within me.

34. Today is the brightest day of my life.

35. My heart is open, and I attract health, love and happiness.

36. Every day I become happier and more mindful.


37. I walk in a sweet bubble of bright bliss.

38. With every breath I take, I raise my vibration and calm my mind.

39. I am guided to create the best version of myself.

40. I inhale, and light and warmth enter my body.

41. I love my life.

42. I speak with kindness and love.

43. My smile is my best asset.

44. This day brings me happiness and fulfilment.

45. I love how optimistic I am.

46. Happiness comes easily into my life.

47. I am the love of my life.

48. I feel powerful, and greatness enters my life right now.


49. Today I am the best I could be.

gratitude and peace positive affirmation
Every breath I take is a silent prayer of gratitude for everything I am.

50. I share my happiness with everyone around me, and they answer with joy.

51. I am inspired to keep developing myself.

52. Every breath I take is a silent prayer of gratitude for everything I am.

53. I understand and forgive myself.

54. Every day brings me new opportunities to find happiness within me.

55. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learnt throughout my life.

56. I am Joy. I am Peace. I am Happiness.

57. I am a co-creator of my life.

58. Every minute of my life is a gift I deeply appreciate.

59. I am all I need to be happy.

60. The light of the day reminds me to be happy; the darkness of the night reminds me to be peaceful. I need them both.

61.  I feel the warm energy as it flows through my being and enlightens my soul.

62. I embrace love.


63. I am relaxed. I am energised. I am peaceful.

64. My life is at peace.

65. My mind is a pool of positive thoughts and creator of blissful events.

66. I always focus on the good in life.

67. I find pleasure in the simple things in life.

68. My calm and happy state of mind help my friends and family.

69. Life is a wonderful and beautiful experience.

70. The power of my positivity is unbeatable.

71. I attract joyful people in my life.

72. I start each day with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart.

73. I let go of everything that holds me back and choose to be free and joyful.

74. My optimism is a magnet for happiness.

75. I am worthy of abundance.

76. I choose to live in peace with myself and the world around me.

77. I willingly choose to be happy.

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Powerful Affirmations for Happiness and Inner Peace

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