7 Habits Of People Who Are Always Happy. #7 Is Their Favourite.

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How can I become extremely happy?

If you are in the search for an answer to that question, I have a very important short message for you today. It’s about the top 7 habits of happy people.


But first, I have an easy task for you.

Step 1: I want you to think of one happy person you know. It doesn’t matter if he or she is someone from your family, a friend, or none of these. You just have to know them briefly. That’s all you need.

Step 2 of the task is to think of this happy person while reading the 7 habits below. Does he do all of the things listed? I bet he does.

Did you think of that happy person? No?

I’ll wait.

Ok, now when you have someone on the mind, let’s dive into the daily habits of happiness.

Want to be happy? Even happier? What does a happy person do to maintain his happiness? It's simple. See these 7 habits every happy person has developed. Master them .

1. True To Themselves

One very common thing happy people have is that they are true to themselves. They don’t change to please the others; they aren’t ashamed of who they are but accept themselves – just as they are.

And if that upsets the others?

Happy people respect everyone, but they don’t risk their true self to not upset whoever is around.

Let me give you a personal example, for more clarity. I am a blogger. I am a writer. I write every day, and that’s my true self. That’s what makes me happy and that’s how I want to spend my life – doing exactly what I do now – writing. However, that’s not something that resonates well with most of the people in my life. Many family members have mentioned more than once that chasing a career as a writer is a waste of time. They demand I start a “proper job” and live “normal“. But how to explain that “normal” for me is exactly what I do now? And spending my working days doing anything else is unnatural…

So I don’t!

I don’t explain myself. I don’t allow their opinion to change my decisions and dreams. I know who I am and don’t intend to waste the few years I have on this Earth doing anything else than what makes me happy.

I am true to myself, and that makes me happy.


2. Happy People Practise Gratitude

Let me guess…

If that’s not the first article you read on the subject, you’ve already heard about gratitude zillion times.

Because it’s zillion times more important than most of the other habits.

Happy people are grateful for the little they have. They may not be rich; they may not win beauty contests or even have a hugely successful career.

However… Every single one of them is grateful for what they have.

Gratitude is the base of happiness, and you probably know it too.


3. They Talk With Positivity

One of the hardest things to learn in this life is to change our negative thoughts into positive.

But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

“I am poor. My husband doesn’t love me enough. The kids are rude, and my boss hates me, so I hate him back.” aren’t thoughts that will appear in a happy person’s mind.

They don’t think of unicorns and butterflies all day long either. But they try to stick to the good in life and work with facts instead of suspicions.

They don’t badmouth nor judge. They are focused on making things work instead of worrying that they don’t.


4. Happy People Focus On The Journey

The result could be the goal that keeps them focused, but happy people know that only by enjoying the journey they could actually appreciate its end.

I can hear you: “What if the goal is to find my future husband, but the journey means that I have to date toxic and selfish weird guys for years before that happen?”

Actually, that’s a question I used to ask myself too. And I’ve dated many weird toxic guys, trust me. Did I “enjoy” them? Hell, No!

But I appreciated the lessons and improved my expectation from men. And that’s what led me to meet my future husband.


5. Happy People Are Mindful People

I don’t remember who said that worrying about the future gives us anxiety and regrets about the past causes our depression, but I completely agree with him.

Eckhart Tolle wrote the international bestseller “The Power of Now” in 2001 and in his book he explains the power of being here and now in an extremely easy way. He says that in 99 % of the time the inner pain we feel isn’t something we experience at the moment. It’s caused by thoughts – memories or projections for the future, but not from an actual event we are part of at the moment.

Let’s say you are laying in the bed in the middle of the night and have deep regrets regarding your ex-partner. You think about all the things you did wrong, every little way you both hurt each other, etc. You are depressed, feel lonely and slowly lose yourself in the dark pit of suffocating anxiety about your unknown future.

If you reread it, you will see that the inner pain you might be experiencing isn’t caused by where you are or what you do right at this moment – you are in your bed, at home – you are safe. However, the pain that rushes through your veins comes from you actively visualising things from the past. Your body is in bed, but your mind is in the past. Right here and right now pain doesn’t exist. Why do you hurt then?

Listen to The Power of Now for FREE with Audible.

A simple way to fight that pain

Happy people are mindful people. They live mostly in the present. Yes, I said mostly, because happy people aren’t perfect people. They often meditate so they could train their brains to stick with the present instead of wandering in the past or flying into the future.

6. They Create

We are born to create. Either they will write, paint, sing, dance, cook or fix things around the house, happy people always try to create.

Creativity is a must-have habit they know will release dopamine in their brain and dopamine is the happiness hormone.

Do you like to create? Create more of it?

7. Happy People Give

The most important habit of happy people is giving.

Giving is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to beat depression and anxiety.

To tell you more about the importance and the beauty of giving, I found a TEDx talk I’d like you to listen carefully. Jacqueline Way tells you the magical story of what happened after she decided to teach her 3-year old son to give. I promise you won’t be able to predict the results. This TEDx talk has over 3 million views, so that must tell you that the message is important. Enjoy.

What to do next?

Liked these 7 habits of happy people? Here are some useful resources on this website that might help you get even further in your self-development.

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