77 Mindful Daily Habits. Your New Favourite Daily Routine for Mindfulness

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Best Daily Routine and Mindful Daily Habits

Is it possible to create your best daily routine and find mindfulness at the same time?

In this post, I will list 77 different ways to implement a healthy dose of self-love into your daily routine, develop good habits and mindset, achieve mindfulness and do it all with a huge smile on your face.

Am I right about this:

You often ask yourself “How can I improve my daily routine? What should I be doing every day that helps me be the best version of myself?”.

I’ve been there. Actually, I often jump to that place again and keep asking myself the same questions. And that’s alright. We should do that. It means we strive for success and a better, healthy life that reflects our inner strength and positive self-image.

But let me be deadly honest with you…

You wouldn’t practice all of the habits you will see below. They are so many. No one could do it.

But the best part is that to love yourself and implement this powerful mindset into your life you need just a handful of these tips.

Choose only what suits you best and enjoy yourself while practising them.

Let’s begin.

Ways to practice self-love and build healthy daily routine to develop yourself and be better version of yourself. / self-love/ self-esteem/ daily good habits/ change your life/ change your mindset

How Do You Start a Healthy Morning Routine Focused on Yourself

1. Don’t strive for results; focus on the journey first.

2. Change the ringtone of your alarm to something gentle and less stressful.

3. Wake up earlier than usual to practice self-love first.

4. Stay in bed for 5 minutes actively repeating in your mind “I love myself and I feel happy with who I am.”

5. Develop a morning skincare routine, even if that means to wash your face with cold water only.

6. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

7. Choose healthy nutritious breakfast to start your day.

8. Don’t do anything else while eating – no phone, no Social Media, no TV. Be mindful.

9. Read a motivational paragraph or a short chapter of a book.

10. List 10 things you are grateful for. List 3 things you want to focus on today.

11. Don’t rush; take your time with everything you do.

12. Stay away from your phone as long as possible.


Practising Self-Love With Mindful Good Daily Habits

13. Once you are out, take a few deep breaths until you feel energised and positive.

14. Spend the time to get to work repeating a self-loving affirmation.

15. Walk with straightened shoulders and try not to look at your feet. Instead, focus on the world around you – the nature, the people, the morning magic.

16. Smile more throughout the day.

17. Eath healthy lunch.

18. Focus on your tasks and tick them off your list.


19. Take breaks often.

20. Every time you are in an uncomfortable situation ask yourself ” What would a self-loving and a confident person do in this situation?”

21. Express love for your family.

22. Try to help at least one person every day.

23. Empathise more.

24. Don’t allow to be mistreated by anyone.

25. Take 5-10 minutes for yourself in your lunch break. Read a book or simply observe the world around you while staying still.

26. Don’t worry about things that might never happen.

27. Say “Thank you!” with a genuine smile and watching the other person in the eyes.

28. Don’t think about things you cannot change.

29. Positively release any anger – take a deep breath and put yourself in the other’s shoes. Don’t justify them, but understand them.

30. Don’t give up on things that are important to you.


31. Listen to music that touches your soul.

32. Dream often.

33. Walk every day. Walk with someone to create a deeper connection with them. Walk alone to create a deeper connection with yourself.

34. Exercise a few times a week.

35. Don’t badmouth anyone.

36. Try to provide constructive criticism instead and do it in front of the person.

37. Every day remembers something nice from your past (a holiday, a successful event, someone who told you nice words, etc.).

38. Work on improving your most valuable skills every day.

39. Revise your day-to-day habits and replace the bad ones with good.

40. Every time you see yourself in the mirror – smile and straighten your shoulders.


41. Avoid negative people like plaque.

42. Stop bad/negative self-talk.

Best daily routine self-love and good habits

43. Instead, change every negative self-talk to its positive version.

44. If you have to choose between taking action or staying away, ask yourself “Which one would bring me more peace with myself and less regret in the long term?”

45. Declutter a space in your home – even if it’s something small.

46. Devote yourself to your hobby as often as possible.

47. Show care for your family.

48. Drink water instead of juice or alcohol. Push your creativity – write, draw, dance, sing or handmake something.

49. Hug someone at least once a day.

50. Honour your commitments.


51. Accept your fears and be realistic about their power over your life.

52. Often spend time with people you love.

53. Listen to other people.

54. Listen to yourself.

55. Respect your time for yourself and treat it as an undeniable commitment.

56. Meal plan to guarantee yourself healthy food.

Evening Daily Routine for A Healthy Life Full of Self-Love

57. Have a warm drink every evening.

58. Go to bed earlier than usual.

59. Read a novel or a positive and calming book.

60. Every evening list 5 things of the day you are grateful for.

61. List 3 things you’d improve if you could (with love, no criticism).

62. Stay away from your phone or other devices.

63. Spend quality time with your family.

64. Show appreciation to the people around you.

65. Spend time in front of your vision board – create one if you don’t have.

66. Eat without distractions and be mindful with every bite.

67. Tell someone you love them.

68. Have a long and relaxing evening self-care routine in the bathroom. Clean your face, soak into a nice bath or treat yourself with aromatherapy.

69. Find something to improve in your home every day.

70. Try not to worry about tomorrow.

71. Ask God (or the Universe) for guidance on a problem.

72. Visualise the perfect outcome of a difficult situation.

73. Every once in a while try to develop a new skill.

74. Spend 5 minutes before sleep repeatedly telling yourself “I love myself and feel happy with who I am.”

75. Take a few deep breaths.

76. Express one last gratitude “I am grateful for this wonderful day.”

77. Promise yourself tomorrow to be another amazing day full of self-love and self-care.

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