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365 Self Development Ideas For Your Personal Development Plan | Part 1

Self-Development Ideas That Change Lives

What are the best self-development ideas that could help you organize yourself and work on your personal growth and personal development?

How do you change your life through daily habits and routines?

Where should you start, and what is the best first step to self-develop yourself?

So many questions, I know! But we’ll answer them all.

Even better!

I will give 365 self-development ideas to keep you motivated. 

You can’t say you don’t know what to do because you’ll never run out of personal improvement ideas.

Here’s the deal…

Creating a self-development plan isn’t easy, and I’ve got a surprise for you:

It’s even harder to stick to it.

We always have awesome ideas, but when it comes to giving up bad habits and developing new ones… the challenge is getting even bigger.


I’ll help you get there.

I’ll help you challenge yourself, push your limits, and create life plans and goals.

On top of that, I will make you confident in yourself that yes, you can get things done, you can get your life together, and you can improve yourself. Start today! Right here!


How am I going to help you work on your personal development?

I’m glad you asked.

I offer you 365 different self-development activities, habits, tips, ideas, and pieces of advice.

They all work, and they are all practiced by the top leaders and the most successful people in the world.

Keep in mind that these aren’t 365 different things to do every day.

These are ideas – some of them you could turn into daily habits, and some of them you could add to your morning, daily, weekly or monthly routines. Other ideas you could try them once and see how you feel about them. What if an idea doesn’t resonate with you? You might ignore it or tweak it as you wish.

The point is to find your own way to use them. They must serve you and lead you in the right direction – self-improvement and personal growth.

Actually, some of them you might be already practicing, and that’s going to be a pleasant self-motivating surprise.

self-development plan for better you

This isn’t a 30-day challenge to do every month!

Robin Sharma, a motivational speaker, successful writer, and a life-coach to many successful leaders all over the world, says this:

“Small daily improvements, when done consistently over time, lead to stunning results.”

It’s not the things we do on a monthly or yearly basis that give us results, but the little things we do every day change our lives.

If you clean your house once, it is clean for a while, but it won’t stay like that forever. Only if you create a cleaning routine and stick to the habit of being tidy will you enjoy a nice home.

It’s the same with these self-help tips.

Therefore, this isn’t a 30-day challenge to do something different every day. 

Instead, look at it as 30 self-growth ideas that you could pick from and install in your daily routines and way of life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have a free printable with all of the 30 self-improvement activities waiting for you to explore, and pin on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Having the paper in front of you daily will drastically increase your chances of sticking to the self-development plan.

download printable for free - self-development plan creation

June – 30 Days of Self-Development – A Plan For Better You

1. Redefine your goals in life and find your Why.

Why do you want to achieve these goals? What would the outcome give you?

The only way to get to your final destination is if you have such. Enjoy the journey, but have a goal at the end of the journey. That goal is going to be like a shining star that guides your decisions every day.

2. Start reading a new book.

No matter if it’s a paperback book, kindle book, or audiobook (this is my new favourite self-help book).

Decide what fits you and start reading.

I have a list of best inspirational books for women here if you’re wondering what to read next.

And if you prefer something more specific, here are my suggestions to start:

You could choose any of these books to listen to for free with Audible by clicking here.

3. Choose a charity organization and join with as much (or as little) as possible.

Give to the world, and the world will give back to you. Here are a few other ways to give back to the world:

  • Help a homeless person with food or a warm drink.
  • Let someone in front of you when in the queue in the supermarket.
  • Compliment a colleague.

4. Spend some time finding your mentor.

He/She could be a historical character, a famous writer, an activist, a businessman/woman, or a monk. The only condition is to be a person you genuinely admire, someone who makes the world a better place. Explore his ideas, habits, rules he/she lived by, values, goals, etc.

5. List a few good habits you want to implement and your Why.

Why these habits? What would they give you? How would they benefit you, and what would you be able to achieve if you applied them to your life?

Having a list of good habits to develop isn’t enough. You need to know in which way that new habit s going to help you. What is the area you will grow? Is it helping you to be more productive? Are you going to become more focused on your goals? Is it implementing more self-care and self-love into your life?

6. List bad habits you’d like to remove from your life.

Opposite each habit, write, “If I didn’t have this habit, I would be able to…”

How can you implement new good habits if you don’t free some space in your life for them? The best way is by giving up bad habits. Write what you would gain if you gave it up.

For example, if you give up on watching TV shows, you will gain more free time to work on a home project, spend more time with a loved one, or have a side hustle.

7. Drink more water and give up on all fizzy and sugary drinks.

We might be tired of listening to this everywhere, but water is life. More importantly, it’s your life. Over 60% of our body is water. Your blood needs water to flow easily through your veins. Water improves your metabolism, cleans the oxidants, helps you be more focused, and improves your overall health.

There’s no reason for you to skip drinking water every day.

8. Start every day with honest gratitude in your heart.

One of the things that have changed my life over the last few years is the fact that I started gratitude journaling.

I manifested my fiance (see full story here), got rid of my anxiety and depression (read the full story here), and I still manifest better present and future through it.

Get that journal out of your drawer and count your blessings. It’s worth reminding yourself that you are luckier than you thought.

9. One day in the week (or even more) don’t watch any TV.

Did you know that we spend over 78 000 hours of our lives watching TV?

Did you know that 78 000 hours are 9 years?

Can you come up with ideas about how many other things you could do in these 9 years?

You could get a master’s degree (or a few) in any desired field. You could read over 16000 books; you could spend them even sleeping… a better way to spend 78 000 hours of your life.


10. Exercise. As often as you can.

I know you’ve got hundreds of reasons not to exercise.

But I challenge you to get out there and stretch your body despite all those excuses.

exercise as part of self development planning

11. Drink one cup of coffee less per day.

For example, give up on the afternoon coffee and replace it with a smoothy or water.

Coffee is good for you only if you drink it mindfully. Never underestimate the power of freshly brewed coffee, but know that it could mess with your digestive system and make you a bit cranky.

However, see these 20 ways to enjoy coffee and be healthy simultaneously.

12. Stop multitasking.

Instead, focus on one task at a time and see the results.

In fact, scientists proved that multitasking doesn’t exist.  What we call multitasking is simply switching between tasks very fast.

The result? We exhaust our brains, and we get tired faster.

However, if you try to focus on one task at a time, you will be able to do your work faster and better.

13. Spend time exploring the toxic emotions that are present in your life.

We all have toxic emotions, and we all search for ways to fight them.

One of the best ways to face your negative emotions is by treating them with love. Understand that love cannot create negative emotions. Therefore, whatever you feel is the opposite of love. By choosing love instead of fear and negativity, you automatically smash those negative emotions.

14. Quit sweets and reduce the spoons of sugar in your coffee/tea.

Well, as simple as that. Self-development and personal improvement aren’t just about having habits.

In fact, maintaining good health is at the base of creating a life you’re proud of.

Sorry to say that, but eating an excessive amount of sugar (through drinks, sweets, and many salty foods) isn’t part of staying healthy.

15. Spend 1 hour daily learning something new in the field you’d like to grow.

It could be for work, school, or a personal relationship.

If you still wonder what to do with those 78 000 hours you gave up watching TV, here’s an idea – spend them in learning something helpful for your work, school, or personal development.

16. Put the phone down and go to see your parents. They won’t be around forever.

I don’t think there’s much more to say on that point.

17. Be kind to people.

Kindness is free, and we all have it, no matter the situation we’re in. It’s all about the choice to be kind to the people around us.

So be kind to the people around you – those you know and the new people you meet. You’ll never regret being kind, but you will regret it if you’re not.

18. Don’t think about the past. It won’t change.

Stop living in Yesterday. It won’t come back. Ever.

19. Don’t worry about the future. It’s going to come anyway.

Worrying about Tomorrow isn’t helpful, either. Yesterday is gone, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Tomorrow is going to come, and there’s nothing you can do about it either.

Instead, choose to live today. Be your best self today even if Yesterday you weren’t. Every day presents you with a new opportunity to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Focus on Now because that’s the only time that truly exists at any point.

How to Create Self-Development Plan

20. Change one thing in your diet to make it healthier.

If you’re looking for one way to be better today than you were yesterday, start with nourishing your body in a better way. Change something in your diet – just one thing, and see how it feels.

Here’s a bonus self-development idea – start small. Instead of changing your diet, change just one thing in it. The chances are you will adjust to the change better and faster.

21. Make time for your hobby. 

When it comes to self-development, having a hobby is as important as having a goal. When doing what you love, you get into a state of Flow – you forget about time, worries, weather, and problems. Future and past stop existing. That’s what we also call mindfulness.

Bonus self-help tip: If you struggle with meditation and cannot imagine yourself staying for half an hour and doing nothing, having a hobby that gets you into your Flow moment is the next best thing to do.

22. Spend an hour under the sun (as often as you can) without talking to anyone and without watching your phone.

The sun will cure your depression, improve your mood, charge you with Vitamin D and make you happier. Just get out there and enjoy it.

23. Practise mindfulness while eating.

Pay attention to the taste, the color, the smell, the crunchiness, the softness, the texture…

Being mindful while eating and staying in the present moment is also a type of meditation.

24. Write down five encouraging sentences to keep moving forward in life. Read them every day.

25. Go the extra mile at doing your job. Every. Day.

We are so used to getting what we paid for that every time you outdo ourselves; we will be rewarded for it.

Do your job with the idea of actually making people happy. This will make you happier instantly.

26. Make someone laugh.

Don’t skip a day in this one.

Make people around you laugh. A smile is the universal sign of happiness, and it’s up to us to keep spreading it. It’s contagious, so don’t worry – the world will smile back at you.

27. Help a stranger.

Whenever possible – help a stranger.

Your personal growth depends on the way you treat others. Self-focusing is good, just to some extent. It’s always better to help people around you, even if you don’t know them.

28. Write your short-term goals for the next month.

Start every month with a list of short-term goals. That list will help you focus your attention on the things that lead you to achieving your goals. Your personal development plan should always include long-term and short-term goals.

When creating your list of goals, keep it minimal. There’s no need to write 20 goals when realistically, you will achieve not more than 5.

However, if you stick to 5 and you achieve them by the middle of the month, just get ahead with your plans and keep that smashing attitude.

29. Meditate for more than 10 minutes at least three times weekly.

30. List the five most important things you learned this month.

Of course, you learn something every day of your life.

What did you learn so far? What are the lessons you’d like to take with you in the next month?

Thank you for taking the time to go through this list of 30self-development ideas that will help you create the best personal growth and personal development plan for a Better You.

Download the free printable and work on it — Scratch off the things you don’t want to do or are already part of your daily routine. Underline or highlight the ones you love and will integrate into your life.

Here are a few more tips you want to keep in mind about this journey you just stepped into:

Give yourself time

be patient to grow and develop yourself

Have you ever decided to start something new and exciting that could change your life forever?

Do you get frustrated and angry at yourself that you cannot stick to the plan, follow the procedure, or develop the habit?

That’s normal, and I kindly advise you not to be angry and beat yourself down because you stop in the middle of the process. It takes time to change yourself. If it weren’t hard, everyone would’ve done it so far, and it wouldn’t be as rewarding as it is.

Remember that you could only fail if you stop trying. Don’t stop trying. With every time it gets easier, and you go further.

Allow me to place another quote from Robin Sharma here:

“Just because you couldn’t do it yesterday, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it today.”

Find a buddy

One of the great things in life will always be the opportunity to share with others. You share the same blood with your family, the same vision of life with your friends, you share your deepest secrets, hopes, and fears with your partner in life…

Share this self-developing journey with someone. Who is it going to be? Who could motivate you, and could you motivate them? Share this article with them and offer them to join you. Your chances to make the change double by simply going through the process with someone else by your side.

Download the working sheets now.

Get the monthly tips straight in your inbox

Good things never come alone.

I know that the Internet is a huge place with many websites just like mine (or similar, I like to believe I’m unique).

Therefore, if you’d like to see what I’ve got prepared for the next month, subscribe to the series, and I will send the self-development plan ideas straight into your inbox. In this way, you can be sure you never miss anything.

How to Create Self-Development Plan

Self-development ideas – Final Thoughts

Before I leave you to go ahead with your day, I would like you to take a moment and decide if the time to change your life has come.

Here’s why!

Sometimes we really want to change our life, improve ourselves, and grow.

But it isn’t time to do so.

Often just wanting something doesn’t make it the best thing for you.

This time you will do something for yourself.

This time you will put in the work, the sweat and the will to make things happen.

This time is Your Time.

I am so happy to see you joining the family through these 365 self-development ideas. Keep doing your best every day. It’s worth it!

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36 Self-development ideas for your personal development plan

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