365 Fresh Ideas For Your Self-Development Plan | Part 1

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How to create a stunning self-development plan that will not only inspire you but keep you active on the task and give you results?

Creating a self-development plan isn’t easy and I’ve got a surprise for you:

It’s even harder to stick to it.


I’ll help you get there. 


I have 365 different self-development activities, habits, tips, ideas and pieces of advice for you. They all work, and they are all practised by the top leaders and the most successful people in the world. 

This doesn’t mean that they or you have to do 365 different things every day. Instead, it means that you should implement the ones your body, mind and soul tell you that you need in your life.

In fact, some of them you might be already practising, and that’s going to be a pleasant self-motivating surprise.


At the end of every month, I will release 30 or 31 self-development tips for the next one, and it’s going to be a year-long journey for you and me. 

self-development plan for better you

This isn’t a 30-day challenge to do every month!

Robin Sharma, a motivational speaker, successful writer and life-coach to many successful leaders all over the world, says this: 

“Small daily improvements when done consistently over time, lead to stunning results.”

It’s not the things we do on a monthly or yearly basis that give us results, but the little things we do every day change our lives.

Therefore, this isn’t a 30-day challenge to do something different every day. 

Instead, look at it as 30 self-growth ideas that you could pick from and install in your daily routines and way of life.

With that said, let’s dive into the first 30 self-development habits that will lead you to master the art of Better You.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have a free printable with all of the 30 self-improvement activities waiting for you to explore, pin on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Having the paper in front of you every day will drastically increase your chances of sticking to the self-development plan.

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June – 30 Days of Self-Development – A Plan For Better You

1. Redefine your goals in life and find your Why. Why do you want to achieve these goals? What would the outcome give you?

2. Start reading a new book. No matter if it’s a paperback book, kindle book or an audiobook. Decide what fits you and start reading.

3. Choose a charity organisation and join with as much (or as little) as possible. Give to the world and the world will give back to you.

4. Spend some time to find your mentor. He/She could be history character, a famous writer, activist, businessman/woman or a monk. The only condition is to be a person you genuinely admire, someone who makes the world a better place. Explore his ideas, habits, rules he/she lived by, values, goals, etc.

5. List a few good habits you want to implement and your Why. Why these habits? What would they give you? How would they benefit you, and what would you be able to achieve if you apply them into your life?

6. List bad habits you’d like to remove from your life. Opposite each habit write “If I didn’t have this habit I would be able to…”

7. Drink more water and give up on all fizzy and sugary drinks.

8. Start every day with honest gratitude in your heart.

9. One day in the week (or even more) don’t watch any TV.


10. Exercise. As often as you can.

exercise as part of self development planning

11. Drink one cup of coffee less per day. For example, give up on the afternoon coffee and replace it with a smoothy or water.

12. Stop multitasking. Instead, focus on one task at a time and see the results.

13. Spend time exploring the toxic emotions that are present in your life.

14. Quit sweets and reduce the spoons of sugar in your coffee/tea.

15. Spend 1 hour daily learning something new in the field you’d like to grow. It could be for work, school or personal relationship.

16. Put the phone down and go to see your parents. They won’t be around forever.

17. Be kind to people.

18. Don’t think about the past. It won’t change.

19. Don’t worry about the future. It’s going to come anyway.


How to Create Self-Development Plan

20. Change one thing in your diet to make it healthier.

21. Make time for your hobby. 

22. Spend an hour under the sun (as often as you can) without talking to anyone and without watching your phone.

23. Practise mindfulness while eating. Pay attention to the taste, the colour, the smell, the crunchiness, the softness, the texture…

24. Write down five encouraging sentences to keep moving forward in life (don’t copy them from the Internet, create your own). Read them every day.

25. Go the extra mile at doing your job. Every. Day.

26. Make someone laugh.

27. Help a stranger.

28. Write your short term goals for the next month.

29. Meditate for more than 10 minutes at least three times weekly.

30. List the five most important things you learnt this month.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this list of 30 little activities and practices that will help you create the best personal growth and self-development plan for a Better You.

Download the free printable and work on it. Scratch off the things you don’t want to do or are already part of your daily routine. Underline or highlight the ones you love and will integrate into your life.

Give yourself time

be patient to grow and develop yourself

Have you ever decided to start something new and exciting that could change your life forever?

Do you get frustrated and angry at yourself that you cannot stick to the plan, follow the procedure, develop the habit?

That’s normal, and I kindly advise you not to be angry and beat yourself down because you stop in the middle of the process. It takes time to change yourself. If it weren’t hard everyone would’ve done it so far, and it wouldn’t be as rewarding as it is. 

Remember that you could only fail if you stop trying. Don’t stop trying. With every time it gets easier, and you go further.

Allow me to place another quote from Robin Sharma here:

“Just because you couldn’t do it yesterday, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it today.”

Find a buddy

One of the great things in life will always be the opportunity to share life with others. You share the same blood with your family, the same vision of life with your friends, you share your deepest secrets, hopes and fears with your partner in life…

Share this self-developing journey with someone. Who is going to be? Who could motivate you and you could motivate him/her? Share this article with them and offer them to join you. Your chances to make the change double by simply going through the process with someone else by your side. 

Download the working sheets now.

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Good things never come alone.

I know that the Internet is a huge place with many websites just like mine (or similar, I like to believe I’m unique).

Therefore, if you’d like to see what I’ve got prepared for the next month, subscribe for the series, and I will send the self-development plan ideas straight into your inbox. In this way, you could be sure you never miss anything.

How to Create Self-Development Plan

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