365 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Instantly | Self-Development Plan 2

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Powerful Tips for Self-Developing The Best Version of Yourself

It’s another awesome day to start your self-developing process, isn’t it?

That’s the second part of the 365 simple ideas on how to improve your life and create your best self-developing plan. The first part of the mindful project was so successful and so many people joined the tribe, I’m amazed.

Let’s live our best lives, people!

In case you are new, here’s what we do every month here.

I release simple monthly ideas on how to live better, and you could implement them in your everyday routines. There will be 365 ideas as total.

The path to self-development starts now

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This month’s topic

This month I decided to focus on other people and mainly – the way we interact with them. Not all, but many of the self-care ideas you will see, are related to how we live our lives around others and how they affect us (or not).

Let’s dive in.

July’s 31 Simple Ideas to Personal Development

1. Spend 15 minutes every day alone. Have you noticed that spending time alone is a thing we constantly avoid? Why are we afraid of being with ourselves? That’s when beauty happens.

2. Discover your most helpful affirmation. I’ve talked a little bit about this in my article about building your self-confidence from scratch. However, to summarise it, your perfect affirmation doesn’t exist online. You must create it in a way that every word will mean something to you, and every phrase of it will express your dreams and goals.

3. Learn that your mind needs a rest. Your brain is the most powerful thing ever known in this world. Using only 5% of it, humanity has done so much (good or bad – that’s a topic for another day). But just like every other powerful machine, it needs maintenance. It needs a break. “Switch it off” every day. Give it a break. Get your 6-7 hours of sleep, avoid overthinking, worrying and negativity.

Climbing to your dreams and better life

4. Stop reacting to other people’s opinion of you.

We cannot control what others think of us, and that’s not a secret at all. Remember, we see only things we know and have inside ourselves. Every person around us sees us a reflection of him. So, if someone has a negative opinion of you, it’s because they see something they don’t like about themselves.

5. Don’t judge people. Like we don’t know that. Easier said than done, though… However, we only fail once we stop trying. Keep trying not to judge people around you. Choose something self-evolving instead. Every time you “catch” yourself judging the people around you, find something you like about them and focus on it. 

6. Start planning your days ahead. I know we don’t have tomorrow and we must live in the present, blah blah. That’s true. But planning your days ahead is planning your success. Don’t move according to the mood you wake up with. Create your days in a way that they serve you.

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How to Create Self-Development Plan July

7. Revise your 5 most important people in your life.

We are the 5 people we spend our time with. Look at them and you’ll see who you are. Can’t escape from negative people? Maybe they are your family or just share your home? Mentally separate yourself from them and keep that distance. Don’t ignore them; just choose not to allow them to affect you negatively.

8. Organise your morning in a way to serve you. Your mornings are the start of your days. And if our days are miniatures of our lives (Robin Sharma), imagine the first hours of your day as the first years of your life. A good start in life is a great base to build a good self. And it is like that with the mornings. Here’s what I do every morning before 7 a.m.

9. Make sure you sleep well. Having 6-7 or even 8 hours of sleep is great. But the quality of your sleep is what matters the most. We typically go through four stages of sleep, and they all have a specific role in developing our physical and mental health. Avoid bright lights, exercising, alcohol coffee before sleep. Give yourself a chance to relax before going to bed, and that will drastically improve the quality of it.

10. Help the Planet be a cleaner place. Reduce the use of plastic, clean after yourself, and if you have a chance – pick trash from the ground and place it in a bin nearby. Small things matter.

11. Listen to classical music. It’s been proven that listening to classical music 20 minutes daily enhances gene activity, releases dopamine (the hormone of happiness), improves the learning and the memory, and synuclein-alpha gene which is the gene responsible for developing Parkinson disease. (Source)

How to Create Self-Development Plan July

12. Spend quality time with your family. You know you want to.

13. Call at least one friend weekly just to ask them how they are. It’s so rear to receive a phone call from someone who just wanted to check how you are. And it’s so precious. Be that friend.

14. Be careful what you say Yes to. Every small decision we do either brings us closer to the person we’d want to be, or it drifts us away from that person. Be careful about the things you agree to do… Are they going to help your self-improvement or not?

15. Always keep your promises. That’s a small addition to the previous one. Once you’ve said Yes to something – stick to it.

16. Overdeliver in your close relationships. I know I mentioned something similar in June’s self-developing plan, but it was all about work. Your personal relationships – the ones with your partner, your parents, friends and strangers… Overdeliver kindness, attention, love. Make people feel special around you, and you will feel special around them too.

17. If you are angry at someone – walk away and come back after you’ve calmed down. That’s so hard to do. Yet, it could save your relationships with people. Count to 10 or to 100 might not do the work, but a walk outside, a cup of green tea or 15 minutes meditation will work. Reach people back when you are ready to act respectful and with love.

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18. Say “Thank you” with a smile on your face.

19. Say “I’m sorry” only when you look in the other’s eyes.

20. Between texting or a phone call, choose the latter.

21. Read something inspirational every day. It doesn’t even have to a self-help book. Just inspirational. Take a look at these 5 inspirational non-self-help books for ladies I recommend.

22. Always try to maintain peace in your conversation with others. If someone is grumpy, they probably have a bad day or a personal problem. I understand it isn’t your fault and it isn’t fair to put up with their attitude. At the same time, remember – there isn’t any need for you to copy their behaviour and ruin your day.

23. Learn to respect other people’s opinion. We tend to reject people if they don’t share our views on life. Why? Seriously, Why? 

Stay focus, slay your goals, be happy


24. If something scares you, find out why.

25. And then do it anyway.

26. Be mindful in your conversations with people. Listen, engage in a conversation, notice their feelings, body language, eye movement, explore them. 

27. Before you tell someone something – ask yourself if this thing will lift them up and make them happy. If the answer is negative, reconsider sharing the information.

28. Stop checking your phone while working. Should I say more?

29. Eliminate negative words from your vocabulary. I have a dear friend who told me that she tries to replace the expression “I need” (which brings the vibe “I don’t have”) with a positive expression “I prefer” (which has the vibe of “I choose”). That’s so smart! Follow the example with the negative words you use every day.

30. Stop procrastinating. If something takes you 5 or fewer minutes to do – do it now. If something’s important – do it now. If a thing should be done – do it now.

31. Spend time visualising your perfect life. Every day. Feel it. Be there. Every great achievement has started as a thought.

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How to Create Self-Development Plan July


There aren’t any rules. Choose the best that fits you. Some of them could be already part of your daily life, and that’s absolutely great. Please, share with me if you already do any of them.

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  1. 3. Using only 5% if our brain is a misconception that has been debunked by neuroscience. We pretty much use 100%. The things we manage to accomplish are a great achievement nevertheless ?

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