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Want your proposal to be the perfect one ever?

Details you may need to know before you Pop The Question

The perfect proposal means you found the perfect match and want to spend the rest of your life with her.

That’s amazing, and I congratulate you.

But once you take the decision, you want her in your life forever you might find yourself confused on how to make it memorable and create the perfect proposal ever, right?

Well, worry no more! I will point out the main things you should keep in mind. Also, I will share some photos of me and my partner’s sweet engagement moment – yes, it was the perfect proposal for the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.

Your perfect proposal is your first marriage decision..?

Marriage is not because you’re in the “right age” or you two are together since forever. The only reason you should ask your loved one to marry you is that you feel your life fulfilled since she’s in it and she’s the same way. You don’t just see the future together but you love the present with her, and you don’t want it to end.

Don’t think if it’s too early either. Sometimes people just know they found each other for a reason so why wait? A dear friend of mine met a guy; he asked her to marry him four months after that. Their wedding was three months after the engagement, and almost five years later they are raising their first child are happier than ever.

My partner proposed to me only eight months after we met and we recently celebrated our second anniversary. Every day my love for him grows, and I know time is something irrelevant to love. It just doesn’t exist. Every proposal is perfect if made out of love.


Keep it quite before you pop the question.

perfect proposal

You don’t want to spoil it, right? It doesn’t matter how big and romantic proposal you have planned. The greatest and memorable part of it will always be how surprised she is.

If you intend something on your own, do it carefully and if you need help from her friends – choose wisely. If they can’t keep it a secret, you better change the plan… or friends.

The perfect proposal has to be romantic

Sounds logical but not everyone does it. Throwing the question over a beef meal will make her happy, but you could do better. And I am not saying that dinner proposals are wrong.

But you can be more creative than that.

You could add musicians playing her favourite song for instance.

You could take her out on a trip to the highest point around you and she’ll always remember the view at this moment.

Here’s the view we had when my man asked to marry him just over a year ago:

our perfect proposal moments

I was recording a video with my phone while we were driving through a beautiful Transfagarashan in Romana. My partner told me to keep recording, no matter what. I thought he wanted to have the views on a video so he could watch it later. We stopped on the side of the road. While I was trying to film every tree on the heels, he took out the ring and went down on his neese, behind me. When I turned to film him, I saw him, and that was the best moment ever in my life. Perfect proposal.

There are many ways to be romantic, and it’s good yours to be as unique as your relationship.

Here are 58 romantic ways to ask her to marry you by The Knot.

Think about her

Think about her and what she likes. Many girls believe that the proposal should be an intimate moment between her and her loved one. Our perfect engagement was an intimate moment, and although we’ve got a video, I still don’t like to share it with others, it’s so close to my heart.

That’s why, in some cases, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pop the question at the middle of a family dinner, sports event or a restaurant full of people.

Other girls feel free and confident enough to show strong emotions in front of many people. So they wouldn’t mind a perfect public proposal. If she has a favourite musician, writer or dancer, you could find a way to involve those people as well. And don’t be shy to try something like that – you will be surprised how helpful people could be when it’s about something as beautiful as a proposal.

Choose the right time and words

To pick the right time needs preparation. If one of you is in a stressful period of their life, maybe it’s a good idea to wait. The focus should be on your love, and you will need time to celebrate your engagement.

Say something. I know, women often want men to talk in a certain way and it’s not possible… nor fair. And that’s absolutely fine.

I’m sure you probably show your love in many other ways which are more important, but when it comes to the shining moment of proposing your amazing girlfriend to become your wife, you have to open your mouth and say something more than just the final question. Your speech shouldn’t be long and creative but has to be unique and personal. Remind her why you love her and why you want her in your life, tell her a phrase from a favourite poem or a quote from a favourite book.

The perfect ring for your perfect proposal

You know, once you got engaged, everyone asks for two things: to see the ring and to know the date of the wedding. Dealing with the second part is up to the bride (in case you didn’t know, now you do). The ring is your responsibility. 

Many men go crazy over the fact they have to pay an enormous amount of money for a ring, and they even delay their perfect proposal because of it. But that’s not necessary and certainly shouldn’t stop you from asking your girl to marry you.

Keep it simple, elegant and beautiful. Jewellery that will bring tears of happiness in your loved one’s eyes shouldn’t leave you broke (the wedding will do that 😉 ). You could always pay with a credit card and here are some tips on how to use a credit card to buy an engagement ring if you decide to do so. It’s always good to be prepared for the good things in life.

Final point

As a girl, who loves her fiance more and more… life gives us way too many things to worry about. We stress over work, money and health. But at the end of the day, we love placing our heads on our men’s strong shoulders. Knowing we have your support and love encourages us to get up in the morning and do it all over again – whatever comes.

Woman’s love is unconditional and special and if you have it – keep it, nourish it and water it like a rare plant. Ask her to marry you and never let go of her – that’s your shortest way to internal happiness.

No matter how you make your perfect proposal – show her your love, and she will remember and appreciate it forever.

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