Packed Q & A Guide with Steps to Planning a Magical Wedding

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In my opinion, to plan a wedding should be one of the most selfish things we do in our lives.

I said it! 

When taking steps to plan a wedding, you should remember only that!

Your wedding is for you two!

Yes, for you only! It’s not for your guests; it’s not even for your parents so much. It is for you and your future spouse. 

And, let’s be honest, it’s mostly for the bride… (you know I’m right!)

Of course, planning a wedding that’s for you and your future husband doesn’t mean you will ignore your guests’ preferences, and make it uncomfortable in any way for them. It’s quite the opposite, and you’ll see how. 


Make it magical. Make it fabulous. Make it Yours!


Do you need more details?

I’ve created a vast guide in the form of Q&A to help you find answers to your most urgent questions right now. This is the first part. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to see the next one when it’s out.

Here we go!

1. How long does it take to plan a wedding?


It mainly depends on the time you’d want to have the wedding.

If you crave for an outdoor wedding, you are looking for late spring, summer and early fall time of the year. If indoors wedding is your way to go, the time really doesn’t matter so much. 

Every season has its magic and could bring you the satisfaction you look for on your wedding day. 

With that said, it’s really easy to count how long you have left until your “wedding season”. Usually, the perfect planning time for a wedding takes around one year.plan a wedding

This would guarantee you fairly good prices of the food and the venue, enough time to choose your dress, the decoration, the photographer and videographer, the music and to organise the whole evening with almost no stress (I said “almost!”).

Also, if you got engaged at the end of the year and you demand a late-spring wedding – of course, it’s possible. The best part is that you won’t have time to go out of the soon-to-be-bride mood.

Stay focused, get a wedding planner book and start answering the questions in it now!

2. What is the very first thing to do to start the process of planning?


I know that to plan a wedding happens once in the life (usually). That’s why it is entirely normal to have no idea what to do first and where to go next.

And that’s fine!

The very first thing I’d recommend for you is to pick a date.

Not a venue! Not a dress! 

Yes, right after you picked the groom, the next thing should be the date. (All the important decisions in life, huh?)



Because this is the date, you will celebrate every single year of your life from now on. Do you see how important is this?

Don’t make the wedding on a convenient for everyone else day, don’t look if it’s during the week or at the middle of the sport-season – pick a date you will love to celebrate on for the rest of your life.

The next best thing to do? 

Get a wedding planner book!

When you don’t want or cannot afford a professional to do most of the job for you, there are many cheaper options to help you on the way to the Big Day.

The very first thing you must do is to go on Etsy and chose a wedding planner. Etsy is the best place to get something useful, creative and beautiful. I love all of the designs there, and I’m obsessed to look for wedding planners. And everything wedding-related as a matter of fact.

After that…

Storm all the websites and get every single magazine out there to stuff yourself with a solid dosage of inspiration and ideas.

Did you know you could ask for free samples from websites like

Create an Ideas’ book


As we said, this is Your wedding. You must have tons of ideas already.

Gosh, only opening the first few pages of the latest wedding’s magazine will give you a blast of ideas. 

Don’t let them disappear.

Pick an agenda or a simple notebook and write them down. It’s all part of planning a wedding. Print the images from the websites, cut the pages from the magazine and grab the glue. It’s craft-time. 

3. Should we have an engagement party?


Having an engagement party is nice and kind of part of the process to plan a wedding. You invite the closest ones to you and celebrate an amazing event from your life. 

However, don’t feel obligated to have an engagement party if you don’t want to, or don’t have the money to pay for it. It is much more fun to have the bridal shower.

4. When should I book the wedding venue?


As soon as possible actually.

Don’t wait for the last months (yes, some couples do that) as you might have to make more compromises than needed. Also, if you book the venue early enough, it will be cheaper, or at least at an acceptable price.

5. What is the most important thing for the guests at my wedding?


Many things are necessary for your guests, so let me list them one by one.



It is crucial your wedding venue to be easy to find and to be not too far from the hotel your guests will sleep in.

Organised wedding!


It’s essential for you to inform your guests about the program on the wedding day. What time is the ceremony, when does the dinner get served, the cake cutting, etc…

Clear expectations!


What is the dress code for the evening? Are children allowed at the wedding? If yes, are there any food options for them? Do you prefer wedding gifts or money? All of these questions have to have their answers many months before the Big Day.

Good food!


One of the crucial things at the wedding is the food. People care about the things that affect them the most. Yes, every aspect is important, but even the best dress, ceremony and music won’t be remembered if your guests leave the venue hungry or with a bad taste in their mouth.



Your attention towards the guests makes them feel special. They want to have a few minutes with you so they could congratulate you, drink a sip of sparkling wine with you, and feel your gratitude they came to share this day with you. Everyone loves a little bit of appreciation.

To have fun!


After all, this is a party, isn’t it? Make it look like it! Short ceremony, good music easy to dance to, cheap drinks if an open bar is not an option, fewer rituals that bore the people and lots of fun.

6. How could I get the most out of my wedding day without breaking the bank?


Yep, I hear you!

Weddings are an expensive pleasure.

And your wedding will cost you money. 

However, it shouldn’t cost you more than you could afford, right?

So, that’s your starting point. Sit down with your partner and figure out how much you can afford to pay for your wedding. 

Don’t think of what you want to do or have to do, but how much you can pay as a total. 

Write it down.

Once you have that amount, it will be easier for you to plan a wedding that fits this budget. You could always amend it a little bit, but at least you start with a clear vision of your budget.

To give you a rough idea, in the UK the average cost of a wedding is £30 355 (source). However, I’m sure any bride could go with less if needed.

The wedding day in the US will cost you differently depending on the state you live in. Moreover, the numbers are somewhere between $19 323 and £32 205. Many couples spend as less as $15 000 which I’d say is more than amazing. (Source)

The secret behind all these numbers when you plan a wedding?

The organisation and the clear vision of what you want.

7. When and how to ask for money instead of presents?


Every couple decides for themselves if they prefer money for their wedding or gifts.

However, the trend is to receive money on this day. And honestly, after answering the previous question, is more than clear why.

State in your wedding invitations what you prefer.

In that way, it will be easy for your guests to get you a lovely card and stuck in its envelope money. You could find many cute messages you could implement in the wedding invitations to make it sound elegant and not cheeky at all.

A piece of advice: Don’t state your guests’ presence is the only gift you need! No one feels comfortable attending a wedding without bringing anything. If you don’t want your guests to give you money then stick to the gifts. Like that you give them the freedom to gift you with something they can afford.

Stay tuned for the next Q&Aon how to plan a wedding.

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