Stunning Wedding On a Budget. Is Cheap Wedding Mission Impossible?

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Stunning Wedding On a Budget.
Is Cheap Wedding Mission Impossible?

Cheap Wedding would make you look cheap in the eyes of your guests?

These cheap wedding tips could save you up to $5000! 

How does that feel?

Do you know how many people secretly search for ways to have a cheap wedding or wedding on a budget every month?

More than 25 000!


You are not the only one who is trying to find out the most common wedding money wasters.

And that is ok.

Even better…

That is smart!

Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy a beautiful honeymoon in a sunny place rather than staying home and hustle to pay off all of your debts from your wedding day?

In fact…

None of that means you will have to compromise with your beautiful dress, with the food or the venue.

There’s only one thing you want to know:

How to reduce the price for each one of the things you would want to have on this day?

Let’s get to work then!

cheap wedding on a budget

12 Wedding Money Wasters That Ruin Your Cheap Wedding

1. Wedding Planner – $1831 or $3998

Planning a wedding with the help of a professional wedding planner could cost you up to $3998.

It would be great if you could afford it, but if you are unable to spear such an amount, then you will have to take control over your own special day.

This might sound scary at first, but I do know a couple who got married just a few months ago, and they both prepared everything for The Day. The wedding was gorgeous, and nothing led me to think that there was no wedding planner involved in it.

All you will need is a big file folder, internet connection and lots of coffee.

That’s how you save almost $4000 at the very beginning.

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2. Inviting Everyone on Your Special Day

Of course, you want to surround yourselves with the people who love and support you the most.

However, with an average $60 per person for catering, you might want to reconsider how many people you’d want to invite on your wedding.

In fact, if you are looking for wedding on a budget…

I suggest you make a list of everyone you must have on this day – parents, closest friends, etc. Scratch off the list everyone you speak to around holidays and on birthdays only. Skip the people you feel like you should invite but don’t really enjoy their company. Keep the list as small as possible.

3. Too Many Flowers

I understand you cannot skip the flowers.

And you shouldn’t!

After all, they create almost half of the impression on this day along with the venue.

But do you really need flowers as a centrepiece on every table? 

Do you need flowers hanging from all the weird places around the venue?

The average price of wedding flowers is $ 2061.

That’s $2061 on flowers that will die two days after you give the money. It’s so sad that I want to cry when thinking about this.


Have them, but set up a strict budget, before you enter the flower shop.

4. Expensive Wedding Dress

flower wedding cheap budget friendly

Did you know that brides are comfortable paying around $800 for a wedding dress?

Did you know that they usually end up paying $1259 for it?

Why this gap?

Well, I assume, the first price is the one a bride would think of before entering the shop… while the second price happens to appear right after she walks out of the fitting room.

Let’s face it, girls!

We are weak!

Once we like clothing, especially if it’s a wedding dress… we’re doomed to follow our own urge to get it right here and right now.

If you expect me to give you a way out of it… of course I will… right after I find it for myself.

Well, maybe some people would call it self-control, while others would just shrug their shoulders and accept their faith.

5. The Delicious Wedding Cake


Should I say more about the prices of wedding cakes?

Last summer I went to a friend’s wedding.

They had the best solution I’ve seen so far for a wedding cake that doesn’t break the bank.

They had a small wedding cake for the cutting, and separate mini cakes for each one of the guests. Should I say that we were more than 120 guests and if the couple would have had to pay for a big cake, it would have been way more expensive than this option?

If you are aiming for a cheap wedding with just 20-30 guests, maybe this option is not for you. But if you have more guests and don’t want to compromise with quality taste, than getting mini cakes for each one of the guests might be the best you could do.

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6. Wedding Guests Book

I am shocked!

The average price of the Wedding Guests Book is $62!

Ok, before you say I am way too cheap, let me defend myself.

I agree to pay lots of money for high-quality things that will benefit my guests and me.

A Wedding Guests Book is a white agenda with beautiful writing on it! That’s it!

I don’t see a reason to pay more than $10-15 for it. 

Actually, I could design it by myself using Canva and pay for the printing. Youtube gives me many tutorials on how to bind the papers together…

It makes it personal, beautiful, and even more precious than if I’d bought it from the shop.

The fact it will be cheaper is actually just a bonus.

7. Wedding Invitations and Programs – Money Wasters

We spend around $411 on wedding invitations. The price of the wedding programs is not included in this money.

Wedding on a budget means there’s a little bit more work for you to do than usual. 

The money you would pay to someone else for designing your wedding invitations and put the Wedding Program together is something you could save for your honeymoon.

Many platforms will allow you to design your wedding invitations for free. It will take you an hour or two, but all you pay for is the printing. I doubt it will cost you $400 to print them.

Here is one idea on how you could do it all by yourselves: 

Also,  there’s an almost-free-option to all that!

It got so popular, that very soon the paper invitations and Programs will be part of the history.

8. A Wedding Website

Many platforms allow you to create your own wedding website, where you could regularly update the information for the event, you could send wedding invitations via email, along with the RSVP option.

I would say that this is a very modern and planet-friendly way to save money and still have everything you want. On top of that, you could go wild with the design and create a stunning mini-wedding-world for you and your partner. Your guests will love it.

9. Wedding Centrepiece

Would you like to know what is one of the biggest wedding wasters that no one really cares about?

The table centrepieces!

They are beautiful, a necessity, but… useless.

And cost you $272 on an average.

On top of that, if you lack ideas, you could pay up to $985 for the designer to … design them.

Could you reduce the cost of it? Of course!

Check out this video below for 4 inexpensive ideas for your wedding tables’ centrepieces.


10. Wedding Favors – The Best You Could Save On

Yes, it is charming to gift each one of your guests with a souvenir with your faces on it… but let’s be honest:

How many of them will actually look at it every single day of their life? How many of them will remember they got one a year after your wedding? Less than you think (and hope).

Replace an expensive printing of you and your partner on spoons, plastic bags or wooden mini-boxes with something they could actually enjoy in the nearest time.

Check on Etsy for beautiful and unique options to give something useful to your guests. Here’s what I found after researching for less than a minute.

11. Does Cheap Wedding Entertainment Exist?

Entertainment is one of the most unsurprisingly costly details for your wedding day.

Of course, you would enjoy a live band to play on the event, maybe having a dance formation to entertain your guests, or even inviting a comedian to make them laugh until they spill the champagne on the tables.

However, if you are on a budget and looking for ways to save money here and there, this is one of the things you should pay attention to.

Having a DJ is probably the cheapest option of all. According to WeddingWire, the prices are between $750 to $1400 per event. It all depends on the area you live in and the DJ’s rates. They usually charge extra if you want them to bring their own lighting.

My advice?

The food and the music are the two main things that “communicate” with your guests all the time and will leave them with the main impression of the wedding (besides how gorgeous you two look).

Therefore, I wouldn’t compromise with the excellent music and delicious food. Ask the local DJs for their prices, ask them for samples of their services and choose the best that benefits your guests and is at a reasonable price.

12. Bride’s Wedding Shoes

wedding on a budget shoes

Would you like me to tell you a little-known secret?

Your wedding shoes will be covered by your dress 99% of the time.

That’s one of the best things you could save on for your wedding.

Wedding shoes could cost you $10 or $150. There’s no difference in the way they will appear on your wedding… because they won’t.

Aim for the most comfortable ones, unless you want to get your ballerinas with you and change in the middle of your first dance.

My source on for the average price number is BBB and their research on wedding prices.

Which one of these 12 pieces of advice answers your needs the most and can’t wait to save from it? Comment below to let me know.

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