15 Wedding Details to Implement Into You Wedding

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wedding details

I’m fully wedding-obsessed lately. All of the wedding details you will see listed below are here because I spend way too much time daydreaming about my wedding (hopefully coming soon).

Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to share with you these 15 unique and special wedding details that will make your wedding day magical and beautiful.

1. Your photographer

wedding photo

After you make sure you chose the best photographer you could find out there, arrange a meeting with him. Go to the wedding venue and take a walk around to talk over the best places for the photoshoot.  

Don’t be shy to share your ideas; it’s your wedding. Your photographer will be grateful you have a vision and don’t expect him to do everything. Listen to his ideas too, and stay open-minded.  

2. Arrive with style for your wedding

arrive with style wedding details

This would be one of your most special moments on this day. Add style to this wedding detail.  

Some of the best ideas on how to arrive with style on your wedding are listed below:

– by limo;

– by classic car;

– by sports car;

– by carriage;

– by helicopter – I know it’s not on everyone’s budget, but it’s worth to mention it

3. Wedding Invitations

invitations wedding

Be creative with this little wedding detail.  

Do you know why?

Maybe your guests will lose the favours you I’ve them, but most people will save the wedding invitation you send them. They will place it along with the Christmas cards and the Thanksgiving cards, but they’ll keep it almost forever.

With that said, don’t miss on your chance to be creative, sweet and romantic – it’s wedding after all!

Have a look at the invitations that minted.com have – they are the absolute leader in the industry and the coolest part ever? They will send you a free sample kit from any product you chose, so you could see it suits you.

Claim your free sample here.

4. Thank You Cards

thank you cards

As crucial as the invitations, the Thank You cards will be a gesture from you towards your guests. A deep appreciation they are coming to your wedding which will make them feel even more special.

5. Wedding website

website wedding

A wedding website is a detail that becomes more and more popular lately.  

Everyone has a social media account or at least a smartphone and access to the internet.  

Creating a website with all the wedding details your guests need to know will save you money and time. You don’t have to explain yourself to all of the 98 guests on your list. You could just redirect them to your website, and they will be blown away by your creativity, style and packed information.

As a blogger, that’s one of the details I can’t wait to put my hands on. I plan to do huge research with the most easy-to-do and budget-friendly websites on the net. Subscribe to our blog to find out when I’m ready with it.

If you’d like to have a sneak peak what I mean, click here. Pst, they are ALL FREE!

6. Upcycling the wedding

upcycle wedding


Yes, you need centrepieces on the tables. You need favours as well. And you probably need something special for the chairs… and more, and more.

It costs you money. And it’s not nature-friendly.

Have you thought of upcycling see of the wedding details? You could DIY if you have the time, the idea and the basic skills. If you don’t, the web is full of ladies who create wonders from a little fabric and Masson jar.

7. Wedding cake topper

wedding cake topper

This wedding detail is very often overlooked.

However, it will stay forever in your photo-album and why not even save it as a souvenir if possible.  

Take a look at some of the best wedding toppers I found after little research.

I know, they are lovely!

8. Wedding dance

first dance

Mhm, I see what you mean when you say you don’t want anything special. Just a simple dance.

I know you want it to be special. Maybe your dream is not to end up as a YouTube wedding dancer, but you’d love it to be beautiful and romantic.

Don’t overlook this little wedding detail. Years ago, I was dancing salsa, and in the group, we had a sweet couple who were attending the salsa lessons only to create their wedding dance. How amazing is that!

9. Centrepieces

table centrepieces

Less is more, they say.  

Stick to this rule when the time to chose your centrepieces to come. There are many fabulous designs you will see, but remember that it’s the aspect you could save money on, and still have it romantic and stylish.

10. Photo booth/ Instagram

photo booth

How many time did I mention the social media in this post, huh?

If you want to add a unique wedding detail, this is your time to do it.  

An Instagram Hashtag for your wedding and a place that’s arranged to be photo-friendly is modern, sweet and romantic.

Just look at the photos.

11. Kids entertainment

kids entertainment

Unless your wedding is  “no children allowed” there will be at least a dozen of them.

Organise something special for the – kids’ play area, drawing contest and a person to entertain them will be a blessing for their parents.

12. Timeline of your wedding day

planning a wedding

I’ve been to a few weddings where I didn’t know what’s going on next, what time the dinner was going to be served, etc.  

It’s annoying.

Don’t be annoying!

You could create your Wedding Day Timeline for freon places like canva.com.  

After that,  you could print it and give each guest a copy. It saves you time to answer questions, and it’s less stressful.

Also, do a detailed timeline for your bridal party. They need to know everything as well as you. Their job is to help you have the time of your life. Help them help you.

13. Vow Books

vow wedding

An amazing way to tell your loved one how much you love him, a beautiful tradition to promote understanding, support and unconditional love. All that in one thing – your wedding vow.

Make it as memorable as possible and treat yourselves with a wedding vow book.

14. Guestbook/Memory Box

wedding guests book

The options are endless when it comes to this one. I will dedicate a separate post on how many creative guest books or memory boxes you could choose.

One of my favourites is this one. – an wooden puzzle pieces your guests could write their wishes on.

15. Have fun and be stress-free

have fun wedding

All of the other wedding details are meaningless if you forget the most important one – have fun. It’s a wedding. The planning is stressful and exhausting. You are getting more panicked and more miserable with every day planning this wedding.

And yet, all of that will go away. Your memories of the day itself will stay forever in your heart.    Enjoy every little bit of the process and remember why you do it – Love.

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