7 (FREE) Romantically Sweet Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend For No Reason

How do you spoil your man to the point he gets obsessed with you?

Let me guess.

You are looking for sweet ways to surprise your boyfriend (or husband) because you just know he deserves it.

In fact…

You are in the middle of an in-love bubble you don’t want to go out of. You want to keep the warmth and closeness between the two of you for as long as possible.

But how do you do that?

Quite simply.

You shower him with love specially selected for him. By you.


They say a woman cannot resist constant attention, but trust me – men make no difference.

Who doesn’t like to be loved?

So stick with me here.

I have 7 free and sweet ways to surprise your boyfriend, melt his manly tough heart and make him obsessed with you.

And they won’t cost you a dime.

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1. Romantic Challenge for Couples

Are you ready for a couples challenge?

Here’s a clue.

Can you love him unconditionally for 14 days in a row

Truth to be told.

This romantic challenge has proved to be one of the best couples’ challenges ever.

Instead of running here and there doing stuff, you dedicate the next 14 mornings to your relationship with small 5 minutes rituals especially designed to boost your romance.

Despite the fact they take only 5 minutes away from your morning rush, these small rituals will smoothly bring you two closer to each other.

So smooth, you won’t even realise it.

They are all:

  • free
  • no need for preparation (with small exceptions)
  • they are gorgeously romantic and sweet (I guarantee your man will be pleasantly surprised)
  • they work like magic and will bond you even stronger

Click here to check these 14 mornings to your perfect relationship rituals.



2. 50 Romantic Messages For Your Partner to Surprise Him Every Day

This is the part where most women back off.


They think that it’s their man’s job to send them a mile-long message and melt their hearts.

Good news.

You are from the type of women who don’t believe in man’s job/woman’s job.

You aren’t afraid to tell your guy you love him and you appreciate him.

Even better.

You know that by doing that he will return the gesture. In his own sweet way.

Therefore, you decide to go with these 50  love messages that will sweep him off his feet.

How many days in a row can you send him one message a day?

Considering the amount of time we spend on our phones every single day, its a matter of you taking the decision to do it. And having a reminder for the first week to give you the extra push (but he doesn’t have to know about this).

I promise you.

After the first few days, he will be looking forward to your messages every single day.

Side note:

If you’ve ever heard of The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, you might know that men’s most common love language is appreciation.

In fact, let me tell you a personal story to show you how vital appreciation is to men.

Recently I wrote this post on how a woman could find out if her man truly loves her and how to know if he’s The One.

The inspiration for the post came from my man.

All I did was listing all the ways he captured my heart and adding nothing to it. My partner read the post and admitted he was extremely emotional after it.

A few days later it was The International Women’s Day (8th of March). I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and on the way out my heart was going to explode. I saw something purple running towards me (here’s the time to mention I wear glasses and I was without them at this point, so my vision was limited). It took me a second to realise that this was my handsome man holding a purple orchid. He got up to give it to me in the middle of the night because he knew we wouldn’t be able to see each other in the morning before he goes to work. I don’t know about you, but when I saw my loved one getting up from the bed at 2 a.m. to give me a flower, my heart melted.

I know that part of his decision to do it was the fact he knew I would appreciate it.

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This is what appreciation does to men. They melt and do stuff you don’t expect them to do.


They want to be noticed just as much as we – women, like to be noticed.

Knowing that…

Can you imagine what a month or 50 days of daily appreciation could do for your relationship?

I can.

Click here to access the free 50 messages for your man and start surprising him today!

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3. 18 Love Coupons for Him to Spice Up Your Love Life


No matter how many messages you plan to send him in the next 100 days…

He is a man and men are famous for their explicit excitement when it comes to… bed-time activities.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Try giving him these adorable love coupons.

Don’t worry, they are free.

And you don’t have to enter emails to get them (instant download).

They are catchy and give your man the right to choose what type of love he needs today.

Who wouldn’t like that?

A few of them have the option to be modified by him.

Want something for yourself too?

They start with a beautiful quote as an introduction to the love coupons. My man loved them. I know yours will do as well.

Wanna know more about them?

Here are some of the things included in the love coupons:

  • Breakfast in Bed
  • “You Could Leave Your Hat On” Striptease Time
  • A Back Massage
  • Reuse One of The Coupons

Go on and check them out from here.

7 Amazing Ideas To Surprise Your Man and Melt His Heart Instantly


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