30 things to do on a first date night

When you have to think of first date ideas, usually it all comes to the perfect coffee/dinner/restaurant circle. And even if they’re classic choices for a reason, there are many more things you could do on your first date.

Actually at least 30 other first date ideas! Apparently, on Reddit, you could find many opinions on everything. Including what to do on a first date. Besides the restaurant and the local bar, there are tons of other things you could choose or just add to the restaurant and the bar.


Why should you choose one of those places for a first date?


• most of them won’t cost you more than the dinner and the movie together

• you get to do something while talking, so if you run out of topics at some point you could always bring the attention back to the activity

• you see the other person in a different light – doing something that may be challenging

• there’s a good chance the person you date to remember for life this date, just because you made an effort to think of something different

• the previous point leads to the fact the other will be impressed – you’re different. Brings you extra points.

So here they are.

30 first date ideas – things to do on a first date


They are in alphabetical order as all of them are so amazing that I didn’t know how to categorise them.



first date ideas for two from redditToo weird way to start a relationship? Not really. Playing arcade games is just a fun way to try your luck, and you can always make flirty jokes how both of you are working your chance – with the game and each other, of course. That is a fun activity for a first date or just something added to the drinks or coffee you have.



Go to a ballet. It’s classy, and it’s soul-touching. An amazingly smart way to make a remarkable first impression. Every girl wanted to be a ballerina back in the days, so going to a ballet show will impress her more than you think. Also, it’s so classy.

Behind the scene tour in the local zoo


That is a fantastic way to spend the day out, get to know each other and experience something entirely different. You have a chance to feed the animals (not the tigers, of course) and to bring different emotions between the two of you. Besides that, it’s very challenging and melts the heart at the same time.




Out with a boat. If the weather is beautiful and warm, going out with a boat would be such a pleasure for both of you. You could hire a small boat for the two of you, have a light snack in the middle of the lake, and enjoy the sun. You could, as well, go on a mini cruise with a big boat. Most activities offer food and drinks so that you can enjoy yourselves. The approximate time is one and a half up to two hours. What a perfect first date!



I bet you know about that one. Believe it or not, many people haven’t been on a bowling as a first date. So, if you have, it doesn’t mean the person you will date had as well. Bowling allows you to do something while you talk, you bring the challenge side of the other out, and there’s a lot of jokes as well.

Breakfast Together


first date ideas reddit
Breakfast – Lovely first date ideas

Who said that the first date should always be in the evening or the late afternoon? An early breakfast in a small café, the smell of fresh coffee beans, the foam on the top of the hot coffee, some orange juice and freshly baked pastries… A calm, peaceful way to start the day – relaxed and ready to discover a new love.

Brewery Visit


The brewery could be a fun place to visit on a first date. If you get a brewery tour, it usually includes much more than just a few talks about beer and a pint or two of it. You could learn new things about beer making, have a taste of the fresh liquid, grab a bite in the restaurant and chat a lot. It’s different, it’s fun, and brings smiles on the face. Just be sure your date likes beer!



Carting is an entertaining way to spend your first date. It adds adrenalin, it’s challenging and guys, have mercy if you want a second date, and don’t get offended if you lose. If you think you cannot really talk when carting – you’re right. But it’s an unexpected way to start the first date. At the same time, it will bring a few new topics to the drink after that.






Nope, that’s not a weird place in the shape of a coin. It means you could flip a coin. Tails – left, heads – right. After that, you just go in the direction the coin shows you and see where you’ll end up. It is a bit risky as there’s always a chance to end at some boring place. But it’s different and could bring something new to your lives.

Comedy Show


Another fun way to laugh. The best part – it’s not you the person that makes the jokes. A comedy show in a local club is innovative first date idea, although you cannot really talk too much. But when the show is over, you’ll be relaxed and ready to get to know each other.

Cooking Lesson


What a better way to impress her with your food… or the food someone else is telling you how to cook. Anyway, a cooking lesson would be a very fun way to do something different; you get to eat what you’ve just cooked and compared skills. It’s a finger-licking good first date idea.



Going to dance on a first date would be a very close-to-each-other experience. However, it’s fun and please, stay away from the local clubs. You could go to swing dancing, salsa lesson, or anything else you know the other would enjoy. Shake it, baby!

Drive-in movie


I know I said “no movie” but you’ll love this first date idea. The attractive part of that first date idea is that you’re in the car. You could bring food with you, chat without disturbing the other around, and even make out if the things get too good. If it did get too personal – share the movie you watched!

Escape Room


That one could be enjoyable if you do it right.

An escape room is a game. You two are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and play different games to be able to get out. Approximate time – 90 minutes. The biggest catch about that choice for a first date is that you have to be 100% sure you date is into such things. Ask them if they would like that game at least the day before your date, if not even earlier. Don’t make it as a surprise, because you may end up surprisingly alone… in less than 90 minutes.

Food Festival


food_festival-first-date-ideasA delicious way to spend a few hours out. It will be interesting for both of you as you’ll get to taste lots of different dishes. A bonus if it’s an international kitchen you’ve never tried before. You will share a first time experience for the first time together, on your first date. You get the point, right?



If the weather allows it, hiking is a great way to spend a few hours out. Clean air, a nice walk, fresh water, a picnic and sweet talk. Tell me that it doesn’t sound romantic.

Ice Skating


I think that one could go to the traditional first date ideas. But anyway, it’s romantic and happens not very often, so there’s still a big chance to impress with that idea. It could be one of the best first date ideas if it’s winter time and you add some hot chocolate after that. Almost like a Christmas fairytale.

Local Event


Unless you leave in a really small town, there’s always some local event happening near you. Could it a festival, a concert, a showroom or something else. Check your local event website to pick something.



Finding a nice mini-golf place is so easy nowadays. They are almost everywhere and offer a different experience. It could be a Jungle themed, Jurassic type, Pirate themed, cosmic themed and many more.



Now, that one is not for everyone. The reason is that many people wouldn’t feel interested in a walk in the museum unless it’s connected to their hobby or passion. But there are even more people that will enjoy it and believe that’s a fabulous first date idea. Make sure you know at least a little bit of the topic though. It would be nice to mention two or three facts somewhere there. Nothing too much.



picnic-first_date_ideasI know I already said it a few times, while combining with other activities. But a picnic is something you could add to almost everything. Even if you decide just to have some cheese and wine under the sun, it’s still impressive and different.




One of the best and impressive first date ideas is to visit a Planetarium. Even you’ve been there before – it will be as amazing as the first time. Stars, mesmerising views, photos, recreations and lots of information. Of course, you will enjoy it. And that’s an excellent choice for a first date if both of you wouldn’t enjoy the high levels of adrenalin from the other ideas.



Did you know that there are dog shelters that you could go and play with the puppies or even walk with them? Once you know your date is a dog lover and is not allergic, that will be the most heart melting experience you could choose.

Rock Climbing


Challenging. Lots of adrenalin. Fun. You want to make sure you know how to climb, and you’re able to help your date in they can’t. Otherwise, you risk climbing by yourself while the instructor is busy moving your date’s hands and legs.

Safari Park Trip


You could just jump in the car and go to a safari park nearby. A drive among predators would be an impressive way to spend the day. You’ll have many topics to go through, or you could choose to enjoy the views.



If you love adventures and high adrenalin experiences – there’s nothing better than that. But you want to make sure your date would love it as well. No matter if you’ve done it before – it will still be scary and exciting. Enjoy the views!


Walk on the beach and picnic – great first date ideas

walk-beach-couple-first-dateIf the weather allows it and you live near the seaside – have a walk on the beach. Make a small fire (nothing risky though), share a bottle of wine or just warm coffee. You could chat and snack for hours, and the sound of the waves will be the most romantic music for the evening.

Wine Tasting


I have no idea why I didn’t put this on the top of the list… Wine tasting. Should I repeat it? Wine tasting… Yes, I love wine. As well as almost everyone else. So, tasting the wine, the aroma and the dark or golden colours… add some cheese and grape… wine tasting!!!

Quiz Night


In almost every bar or pub there’s a Trivia night with quizzes and prizes. Going on quiz night at your first date could bring the best out of you, it’s a chance to see how smart you two are, and you get to have the drink and some food as well. Enjoy!

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